Bellechase Ocala FL

January 19, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Bellechase Ocala FL

Bellechase Ocala FL is located in the middle of Marion County, Florida. It is located to the south of Downtown Ocala. The gated community is luxurious and has residents enjoying a wide range of amenities like top golf courses and an equestrian center with a pool, courts for tennis, parks, restaurants, and many more. With its beautiful landscapes and peaceful environment, Bellechase Ocala FL is the perfect location to reside in. 

Residents are able to enjoy the privacy of the neighborhood while being able to access everything downtown Ocala offers. Nearby parks provide many opportunities for recreation for those who love the outdoors and also stunning views. Bellechase Ocala FL is the ideal spot to sit down and relax while enjoying life!


Bellechase History

Bellechase is a residential area located in Ocala, Florida that has been around since the 1990s. The community was created to create a luxurious living experience with homes that range from huge estates built on large lot sizes to smaller single-family townhouses and homes.

The land was once an agricultural area before being transformed to become one of the city’s most sought-after communities. The master plan was developed through a real estate development company that determined to design something truly unique for their customers. The result is that Bellechase has a series of winding roads that are lined with oak trees in their prime and many lakes and ponds across the neighborhood.

Bellechase Today:

The present-day Bellechase comprises more than 700 houses that are spread across the area. The homes within Bellechase vary from villas and townhomes as well as large estates with breathtaking views of the waterfront. The community also has golf courses, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, and an exclusive Country Club offering state-of-the-art amenities including a swimming pool and much more.

Bellechase has a convenient location close to dining and shopping entertainment, hospitals, as well as educational establishments. With its lavish lifestyle and nearness to all Ocala offers It is not surprising that Bellechase is among the top desired areas in the region. It truly is a spot where families can reside and play while relaxing. This is why Bellechase is now an extremely sought-after community in Ocala. 


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bellechase appears to be increasing however, with an amount of planning financial and smart decision-making, you’ll still be able to enjoy your life in this gorgeous neighborhood.


The cost of living in the Bellechase community in Ocala FL varies based on the lifestyle of an individual. The median house price is $450,000 while the average rent is $1400 per month. The cost of electricity is based on the usage however typically they range from $100 to $150 per month. 


Costs for transportation vary depending on whether you own a car, as well as the kind of vehicle you use. It’s estimated that operating your own vehicle could cost about $800 per month after taking into consideration gasoline costs along with insurance and maintenance expenses. Public transportation is readily available in the region for a cost of around $2 per journey.

General Goods & Services:

Food prices are also influenced by the type of food you buy and where you shop. However, you should expect to spend between $300 and $600 per month for common grocery items.


Local Economy

Bellechase Ocala offers its residents many job opportunities, excellent income levels, and numerous investment options that help the economy’s growth. This is a great area for those looking to find work or aspiring to launch their own business. With its economic growth and financial outlook, Bellechase Ocala is an ideal location to reside and work.

Job Opportunities

Bellechase Ocala, FL offers many jobs for those who live there. This city houses the College of Central Florida, both of which provide great career and educational opportunities. There are also a variety of local businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and others. Additionally, Bellechase Ocala boasts an array of healthcare facilities that offer high-quality care for patients and jobs for medical professionals as well as other personnel.

Household Income

Median household earnings of Bellechase Ocala were reported at $46,841 in the latest data released by the US Census Bureau. In addition, the city has seen an increase in its economy over the last few years since more businesses have been established and more jobs have opened up.

Local Investment

Bellechase Ocala also offers ample opportunities to invest for residents looking to increase their wealth. It is also home to numerous banks offering a range of commercial banking options including personal loans, mortgages, as well as other financial products. There are many real estate companies located in the region, which specialize in the purchase and sale of properties. Investors also have access to the stock market in the region which provides investors with access to various bonds, stocks, and mutual funds as well as other types of securities.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Bellechase Ocala FL offers an efficient and safe method of transport for people who live in or visit the region. With its easy access and extensive transportation system, Bellechase Ocala FL is an ideal location for moving around. If you’re seeking an easy taxi ride or a leisurely bicycle ride, there’s an option to meet your requirements. 


Public Transportation:

Public transportation is accessible with a consistent schedule of buses that run all day, offering accessibility to the main locations of Bellechase Ocala FL. 



Taxis are readily available for hire throughout the region offering a low-cost method to travel quickly. 



Bicycles are increasingly in demand in the city, and many cyclists take advantage of the smooth road and smooth terrain for long rides or for commuting to work. 



Cars can be used well, although parking can be challenging at times due to their limited dimensions.


Average Annual Weather

Bellechase Ocala, Florida is located in central Florida and is a place that experiences pleasant temperatures throughout the year. 



In the summertime temperatures generally, reach 85-90°F and lows of 70°F. At this time, humidity levels are significantly higher and precipitation is often experienced in the form of afternoon thunderstorms.



The winter season is the coldest season for Bellechase Ocala and temperatures usually fluctuate between 50 and 70°F. It is rare to see snow however, a frost may occur on cold nights.



In the autumn temperatures begin to cool but remain fairly mild, ranging between 77 and 82°F for temperatures and between 55-60°F for lows. The season also brings lots of rain as a result of tropical storms and hurricanes coming from the Gulf of Mexico that can influence Bellechase Ocala’s weather.



Then the spring season brings mild temperatures in Bellechase Ocala with temperatures ranging from 72 to 80°F. The weather in this season tends to bring more rain and thunderstorms which are common during the months of April, May, and June.


Local Tip: 

Make sure to pack umbrellas or raincoats during Bellechase’s wetter seasons and always be ready for unexpected storms during sunny days. Remember to pack sunscreen all year round since Bellechase Ocala is located in the sun-filled central region of Florida!


Education System of Bellechase

Bellechase Ocala FL has numerous education choices for families, ranging from public schools as well as charter schools, privately-owned schools, and religious schools, even homeschooling. 

Public Schools:

There is a public system of schools in Bellechase comprised of elementary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools. The public schools provide numerous classes and other extracurricular events for students to take part in. Furthermore, the district houses numerous charter and magnet schools that offer special opportunities for learning.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are an alternative for families who live in Bellechase. They have no tuition and operate out of the traditional scope of public schools while adhering to the guidelines of the state. Some charter schools have an exclusive curriculum or focus on specific areas like technology or science.

Private Schools:

These private schools are typically tuition-based and provide smaller classes and the chance for higher-quality education.

Religious Schools:

If you’re seeking private schools, Bellechase boasts a variety of religious schools, including Catholic and Christian alternatives. 


The option of homeschooling is also available for families living in Bellechase Ocala FL. Parents can pick from a range of educational sources, such as tutors and online courses, or even outside organizations to customize the learning experiences of their children. Homeschooling lets parents are involved directly in their children’s academic activities with the flexibility that is hard to attain in traditional classrooms.


Bellechase Local Government and Infrastructure

Bellechase Ocala, FL is an unassuming, suburban town situated within Marion County. Bellechase is a small, suburban community in Marion County. 


Bellechase community is serviced by Marion County Sheriff’s Office for security for the police. They offer a 24-hour security patrol for the area and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies local to the area to ensure the safety of the public. 

Fire Department

They are the Bellechase Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical assistance for the region, with top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained firefighters who are committed to ensuring the safety of people and property within their communities.


The educational requirements of the area are being met by schools that form an integral part of Marion County Public Schools. Marion County Public Schools system offers students many opportunities for education and support.


Bellechase is a neighborhood serviced by a variety of public libraries that include the Marion County Public Library System. The libraries offer access to millions of DVDs, books newspapers, magazines, newspapers, and other media products for residents to take advantage of.


Things To Do

Bellechase Ocala FL offers a diverse range of entertainment for all age groups. For sure you will have a blast with all the things that you can do in this vibrant neighborhood.


For fun family days out, there are plenty of parks and playgrounds all over Bellechase Ocala FL with a large park and picnic area, as well as tennis courts and basketball courts. Visitors can also enjoy some of the wildlife that lives locally. If you’re looking for something different, tourists who come to Bellechase Ocala FL can check out Zip Zone Adventures for a zip line adventure through the Florida woodlands.


Bowling indoors is a popular activity, as is Galaxy Lanes, which is located nearby Galaxy Lanes, and going to the Appleton Museum of Art, or attending performances and shows in the Reilly Arts Center. There are numerous shops and restaurants in Bellechase Ocala FL for those who want to get away from the endless outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an adventure in the outdoors or simply want to unwind and spend time with your loved ones, there’s something for all within Bellechase Ocala FL.


Restaurants in Bellechase

Whatever type of cuisine you’d like to try, or the kind of ambiance you’re searching for, Bellechase Ocala FL offers something for every person! Everything from Italian pizzas, to American bistro food to Cuban sandwiches there’s something for every person. Bring your appetite and discover all this beautiful Florida town offers!


Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza – 42nd St 

This is a popular Italian restaurant located in Bellechase Ocala, Florida. The restaurant serves delicious wood-fired pizzas made from traditional Italian ingredients and then cooked to the highest standards. They also serve an impressive variety of traditional pasta dishes including Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti Carbonara. If you’re seeking an option that is lighter in weight, they offer a variety of salads and snacks.


Arthur’s An American Bistro 

This is yet another excellent eating spot located in Bellechase Ocala FL. The stylish restaurant is a specialist in all sorts of American food items, including sandwiches and burgers, steak entrees, and much more. The menu includes innovative versions of traditional dishes like macaroni and cheese fish and chips, or shepherd’s pie.


The Cuban Stop 

Is the perfect spot for those who are looking for a flavor that is reminiscent of Cuba at Bellechase Ocala FL. The restaurant serves mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches made from slow-cooked pork as well as ham, Swiss cheese and pickles served on freshly-baked bread. In addition, they serve classic dishes like ropa vieja, marinated chicken, and plantains. They also have a selection of traditional desserts, including flan and tres leches cakes.



Bellechase Ocala FL offers numerous local parks that have things for all ages to take pleasure in. From Fisher Park’s playground to the Brick City Adventure Park’s carnival rides, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained for the duration of the Polly Palmer Park has an amphitheater, as well as fishing ponds to enjoy the natural world on the many walking trails. No matter what kind of outdoor pursuits your family enjoys you will find things to do within Bellechase Ocala FL.


Fisher Park 

is located in the middle of Bellechase Ocala FL and offers an array of activities that make it a great place for excursions with the family. The park has a playground that includes slides, swings, and monkey bars along with an outdoor pavilion that has tables for picnics. There are tennis courts and basketball courts, making the park ideal for family members who are active. 


Brick City Adventure Park 

This is another top attraction located in Bellechase Ocala FL. The park is a large space of beautiful nature where you can play, spend time with your loved ones, or exercise. 


Polly Palmer Park 

This is another fantastic place located in Bellechase Ocala FL that has many things to provide. The park is home to play areas and picnic spots for families to make use of. Furthermore, Polly Palmer Park also has a boat launch area and a variety of fishing ponds where people can cast their lines and try to catch a few of the local bass.


Scott Springs Park 

This is a well-known spot located in Bellechase Ocala FL. The park has a huge open field that is perfect for playing sports or for having picnics with friends and family. There are numerous walking trails and visitors can take in an outdoor adventure while exploring the surrounding area. Scott Springs Park is an ideal spot to get the fresh air and take in the outdoors.


Is Bellechase Safe To Live In

The lifestyle of Bellechase Ocala FL is a safe and secure choice for families and those searching for the perfect place to live. In Bellechase, the crime level is low and the homes are fitted with security systems for their homes which can alert law enforcement when needed. Additionally, there is a wide range of leisure activities within the vicinity including lakes, parks, and golf courses that offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Schools in this area are highly rated and there are plenty of options for dining and shopping for those who want to go out. Overall staying at Bellechase Ocala FL is a good choice for people looking for an idyllic place to reside in.


Why Should I Live Here

The Bellechase neighborhood of Ocala is an excellent area to live in for numerous reasons. It is located in the middle of Marion County, which offers many activities and places to discover. There are excellent schools, a wide range of restaurants and shopping options, and accessibility to medical services. There are also a number of parks and recreation facilities in the area that offer plenty of possibilities for recreation in the outdoors.

Bellechase hosts a range of local businesses offering employment opportunities for residents. Because of its central location to major highways, getting around the region is simple. Bellechase neighborhood also provides a wide range of choices for housing, from townhomes and condos, and single-family houses. There is a wide range of styles, including traditional brick homes, modern farmhouses, and even mid-century contemporary homes, giving homeowners the choice of many styles when searching for the perfect house. If you’re looking for the perfect place to live, one that provides everything your family requires such as excellent schooling and malls, to parks and recreation facilities, take a look at Bellechase located in Ocala.