Buffington Estates Ocala FL

January 17, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Buffington Estates Ocala FL

Buffington Estates Ocala FL is situated in the middle of Central Florida. It is located just 20 minutes to the west of Gainesville as well as 45 mins to the north of Orlando and is an ideal spot for people who want to be close to the action but yet able to be away from the bustle and noise of urban life. The community is easily accessible to major highways, including I-75 as well as US 441, allowing residents to travel wherever they want to go in a short time and with ease. The neighborhood around Buffington Estates offers a wide range of dining, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and other things to do that create a great location for families. 

Residents can take advantage of the numerous places within this lively neighborhood, including Silver Springs State Park which has a range of options for outdoor pursuits, Rainbow Springs State Park for fishing and swimming as well as The Ocala National Forest for outdoor activities. Because of its proximity to major cities like Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa, Buffington Estates truly is the perfect place to live in.

Buffington Estates History

Buffington Estates History

Buffington Estates is an area of the city of Ocala, Florida. The area has a rich and rich story that began just following the American Civil War. In 1867 captain William L. Buffington purchased the land of 240 acres for cotton plantations. Through the decades Buffington’s family developed the Buffington and ran the property into an extensive farm, where they planted oranges and kept cattle. Due to their success on the farm, they then purchased more property in the surrounding areas and constructed a substantial estate that spans many acres.

The community was known as Buffington’s Mill before it was included as an element of Ocala in 1891. At that time the name was changed to Buffington Estates. The community prospered while it was a place where the Buffingtons continued to increase their land holdings and invested in local businesses.

The 1950s saw a lot of the first homes demolished to create space for new developments. The area went through a time of suburbanization, as more people moved into the area in search of affordable housing near everything the amenities Ocala offered. In the process, a large number of single family homes started popping up all over Buffington Estates.

Buffington Estates Ocala FL- Today

Buffington Estates Today

Nowadays, Buffington Estates remains a flourishing community with numerous amenities for residents such as nearby restaurants, shops, parks, and recreation facilities. It includes numerous schools and churches and also a post office and library. Furthermore, the value of the property has steadily increased within the past few years and it has become a popular and desirable area to live in.

In general, Buffington Estates is an active and diverse community filled with heritage and alive. It is continuing to grow with new communities being created and homes being renovated. Residents of Buffington Estates are proud of their sentiment of pride for their neighborhood and love being part of the distinctive Ocala living experience.

Buffington Estates Ocala FL- Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

Living within Buffington Estates is extremely affordable and it provides an excellent standard of living for the residents. With prices for housing being less than average for the state and electric bills that are reasonable, prices for groceries being affordable, and transportation options abundant, it’s not surprising that the majority of people make this Ocala neighborhood their home.


Buffington Estates is a great location to reside in Ocala Florida. The cost of a home in the area ranges from 125,000-$275,000. Renting ranges from $800 to $1500 each month for an apartment, or condo.


Moving around Buffington Estates situated in Ocala FL is a breeze due to the numerous roads which traverse the area. Major thoroughfares, like US 27, I-75, Florida’s Turnpike, and SR 200 are all within only a few miles of each other. Public transportation is also accessible through the Marion County Transit Authority (MCTA). MCTA offers paratransit and bus services at reasonable prices for people who want to move around easily and efficiently. There are also a number of car rental companies in all of the town for those who require an automobile during their stay or visit Buffington Estates.

General Goods & Services

The typical electric bill in Florida ranges from $128 to $200 per month, based on the amount of usage and the size of the house. Buffington Estates residents might find that their bill is slightly higher because of the huge amount of trees and other trees that surround the region.

Shopping for groceries in Ocala Florida can be extremely inexpensive with stores like Publix, Walmart and Winn-Dixie located close by. Prices are typically affordable, and locals may get good discounts on foodstuffs.

Buffington Estates Ocala FL- Local Economy

Local Economy

Buffington Estates Ocala FL provides residents with numerous employment opportunities, affordable household incomes, as well as a variety of local investments that will assist in building wealth for people looking to start a financial journey or expand their portfolios. The region is home to a diversifying economy that offers various opportunities for investment and employment which makes it a desirable place for business and for individuals who want to make it their home.

Job Opportunities

Buffington Estates in Ocala, FL provides a variety of employment opportunities for its residents. The major employers in the region include hospitals, schools, universities, tech companies and retail stores, financial institutions and restaurants, as well as corporate offices. A majority of these companies are within walking distance or a few minutes to Buffington Estates. Locally, the economy is diverse, with jobs that range from customer service jobs at entry level to management positions of a higher level. In addition to these standard work opportunities, there’s an abundance of work as a freelancer readily available for people looking for flexibility in employment.

Household Income

A median income for a household in Buffington Estates Ocala FL is estimated to be $47,664 per annum. This is slightly more than the average household earnings for Florida. Florida and slightly less than the median family income which is $60,293. Living expenses within Buffington Estates Ocala are just below the national average. This is a fantastic area to live in and work in.

Local Investments

Buffington Estates Ocala offers an array of local investments that could aid residents in building wealth. The region has witnessed an increase in property investment possibilities in the last 10 years along with various other types of investments including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, stocks, and much more. Additionally, the local economy provides numerous small scale businesses and new ventures that provide opportunities to invest. Many of these local investments have seen returns in excess of 20% year over year, making them attractive to investors looking for high risk/high reward options. Furthermore, the region is home to numerous venture capital firms that are investing heavily in new technology and companies. These investments have aided in accelerating the growth of Buffington Estates Ocala, FL by creating jobs and improving the quality of living for residents.

Buffington Estates Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

Whatever method you decide to use to travel to Buffington Estates Ocala, FL There’s a solution for all. From taxis to public buses, bikes, cars, and taxis it’s simple to find the mode of transport that is best suited to your needs. With its easy access and a variety of options, Buffington Estates Ocala provides an efficient and reliable transport solution for its visitors and residents alike.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Transportation Options For The Commute

Public Transportation

Buffington Estates Ocala FL is served by a public transportation system operated by The Marion County Transit Authority (MTA). MTA provides city buses and community shuttles in the region. The routes are available to all major shopping malls as well as hospitals and schools throughout the area. Additionally, MTA offers commuter bus services to the rural areas of Ocala and other cities within two hours.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


Taxi service is also provided within Buffington Estates in Ocala for those in need of access to transportation from the door of their home. There are numerous taxi firms that operate in the region, offering various levels of services, such as basic pickups and drop-offs, to more luxurious options, like limousines.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


If you’re searching for an eco friendly method of getting around, cycling trails have been created on some of the roads that make up Buffington Estates in Ocala. These bike paths offer accessibility to schools as well as other attractions within the region while giving the riders a safe space to escape the throngs of traffic. There are a variety of bicycle rental stores in the town, too, for those who don’t own. There is also an extensive set of mountain biking trails off-road that meander through nearby hills and forests.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


If you decide to own a vehicle within Buffington Estates, Ocala will find lots of parking options in the region. There are many street side and lot spaces for those who do not want to utilize taxis or public transportation. Additionally, there are many car rental businesses located in town, which offer affordable rates for vehicles of all sizes and types.

Buffington Estates Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Buffington Estates Ocala FL has four distinct seasons which offer plenty of enjoyable weather for residents. Summers can be hot and humid sometimes with heat waves and more rain. In winter, more temperate rainfall is more uncommon and spring is quite refreshing, however, be aware of potential tornadoes. Fall is generally considered to be the most relaxing season. Whatever the season, Buffington Estates Ocala FL provides plenty of pleasant weather for residents

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Average Annual Weather


The summer In Buffington Estates Ocala FL is generally hot and humid. The average temperature ranges from the mid-80s up to the low 90s with heat waves occasionally that can push temperatures to triple digits. It can get uncomfortable at times and the amount of rain can be significant at this time of the year. The frequency of storms increases however, they generally don’t last long enough before they pass through the region.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Average Annual Weather


The winter In Buffington Estates Ocala FL tends to be milder than in other areas of Florida. The average temperature ranges from the mid-50s to the low-60s sometimes dropping to below freezing during the most frigid nights of the year. The likelihood of rain diminishes in this period, but it is not unusual. There are always storms to be expected however they usually pass through swiftly and don’t do any damage.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Average Annual Weather


The autumn within Buffington Estates Ocala FL tends to be fairly mild. Average temperatures vary from the mid-60s to the low 70s, sometimes dropping to below freezing on cold evenings. The likelihood of rain diminishes at this time of the year, but severe storms remain an option. The humidity decreases as the days grow shorter and cooler. It is widely believed that fall is to be one of the most enjoyable seasons to be within Buffington Estates Ocala Florida.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Average Annual Weather


The springtime in Buffington Estates Ocala, FL is often quite enjoyable. The average temperatures vary from the mid-70s to the low 80s occasionally reaching into the 90s. The humidity increases when rainstorms are more frequent throughout the region. Tornadoes and severe storms could be a possibility at this time of the year too, making it vital to be informed of the weather’s changing conditions.

In general, Buffington Estates Ocala FL has four distinct seasons every calendar year. Temperatures between the mid-50s and the low 90s. The chance of storms and rain is more frequent in certain seasons however they are not likely to cause much damage.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Local Tip

Local Tip

Make sure to look up the forecast before you go out because weather conditions can quickly change in Buffington Estates in Ocala, Florida. It is generally recommended to schedule your outdoor adventures for the early mornings or in the late afternoons/early nights when temperatures are cooler which makes it less probable to be excessive. In any season Buffington Estates Ocala FL provides an abundance of pleasant conditions for its residents all year round. Be sure to plan in advance and be alert to weather changes! Enjoy your time in this stunning region!

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-Education System Of Buffington Estates

Education System Of Buffington Estates

Buffington Estates Ocala FL provides its residents with many education options, ranging between public and private religious institutions. With so many options available parents can choose the ideal fit for their child’s needs and preferences. In the end, regardless of what kind of education they pick, each student will get the best instruction that Buffington Estates Ocala FL has to provide.

Public Schools

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL is serviced by the Marion County Public Schools system. The schools within the region comprise Belleview Elementary, Dr. N.H Jones Elementary, Harbour View Elementary, Lake Weir Middle School, Liberty Middle School, and Vanguard High School. The schools provide a range of learning opportunities, including music classes, art classes, and teams of physical education and sports to help students improve their skills and abilities.

Charter Schools

The district also has several charter schools within the region which include Imagine South Tuscawilla Charter School, Legacy Academy Charter School, and Spencer Westport Academy for Science & Technology (SWAST). These charter schools offer an alternative to the traditional public school curriculum by employing personnel who have been certified in their subject areas and allowing students to design their own learning plans.

Private Schools

If you’re looking for a more private schooling experience, Buffington Estates Ocala FL offers a variety of private schools you can choose from like St. John Vianney Catholic School and Cornerstone Academy of the Arts & Sciences. They focus on offering an individualized educational experience that is characterized by smaller class sizes with a specific curriculum, as well as religious-based education.

Religious Schools

Buffington Estates Ocala FL also provides a number of religious-based schools including Logos Christian Academy and St. John Lutheran School. Both schools provide high academic standards and incorporate spiritual principles into their educational curriculum.


If you prefer to have your children educated outside of traditional schools, homeschooling is an alternative. Florida is a state that offers a wide range of sources for parents who are interested in homeschooling, with online courses as well as support groups. In addition, Marion County Public Schools provide a home Education Program which provides instructional tools, guidance, and assessment support for students who are taught at home.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Local Government And Infrastructure

Buffington Estates Local Government And Infrastructure

Buffington Estates in Ocala FL is a great infrastructure that ensures its residents are able to access high-quality public services. The city has a strong police and fire department and libraries, schools as well as parks, trails, and other amenities that create a safe and enjoyable setting for those who live there. Apart from these amenities private companies and organizations also offer services and goods for the residents of the area which make it a more desirable location to live in. With all these assets in place, Buffington Estates is well-positioned for ongoing growth in the coming years.


The safety of the public in Buffington Estates is handled by the Ocala Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Both police departments work to ensure 24-hour security of Buffington Estates, taking requests for assistance and offering diverse services and programs for residents.

Fire Department

Ocala Fire Rescue Department Ocala Fire Department offers emergency services, fire suppression, hazardous materials response inspection services, water safety programs, medical assistance, as well as other educational programs for the community across Ocala.


Buffington Estates is served by the Marion County Public Schools system which provides students with access to a high-quality public education. The primary schools for Buffington Estates include Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary, which provides an array of educational opportunities for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. For students who are older, Howard Middle School and Vanguard High School are located close to the school and offer excellent academic programs for middle-high school and middle school students, respectively.


The main library in Buffington Estates is situated in downtown Ocala.  It provides patrons with media, books, computers, computers, free Wi-Fi, and digital sources. Ocala has three branches of libraries in the city. They offer easier access to these sources for those living within Buffington Estates.

The City of Ocala offers the residents of Buffington Estates a wide range of services that range from trash recycling and pickup to recreation and parks. In addition, the city organizes free events that celebrate culture all year long, such as the annual art festival and holidays that are intended to bring the entire community together to celebrate the unique culture of the city. It is also home to the City of Ocala and offers residents access to many places to play, recreational facilities, and trails that are scattered throughout the city, offering plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities.

In addition to these services provided by the government, Buffington Estates is served by a variety of private organizations and businesses that offer goods and services for residents in the region. They include supermarkets, retail stores as well as restaurants and health facilities, banks and automotive repair shops, and much more. Each of these businesses helps to make Buffington Estates an active community where people can reside and work.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Things To Do

Things To Do

Whatever you decide to do, Buffington Estates Ocala FL offers plenty of choices for both outdoor and indoor activities. With its many activities, there’s bound to be something for all that will be a pleasure in this charming town.


Buffington Estates Ocala FL offers many outdoor activities for everyone of all ages and interests. If you like cycling, hiking, or playing golf there’s something for all to do in the region.

Horseback Riding: There are a variety of horse riding centers in the area providing horseback riding experiences for novice to experienced riders. Horse lovers can enjoy trails and viewpoints of interest that wind through forests and open fields.

It is the home of a number of freshwater fishing spots like rivers, lakes, and creeks. Cast your line for bluegill, largemouth bass catfish, or sunfish, or simply spend time enjoying the edge of the lake.

Golf: Ocala’s various golf courses offer numerous opportunities for an enjoyable round of golf, no matter if you’re looking to play nine or 18 holes. These courses have challenging layouts as well as beautiful landscapes to get sure you get the maximum enjoyment from your golf.

Hiking: The area has numerous trails that vary in degrees of difficulty, from simple strolls to strenuous hikes. Nature preserves can be explored as well as state parks and forests filled with nature and attractions worth exploring.


Although Buffington Estates Ocala FL is popular for its outdoor pursuits, there are numerous indoor activities within the region. If you’re seeking something to do with the family or a romantic night out there’s something for all to enjoy.

Museums Ocala hosts numerous museums worth visiting during your visit. There are historical locations, art galleries as well as interactive exhibits that give an insight into the region’s culture and history.

Aquarium: The marine life center at Buffington Estates in Ocala Florida gives visitors the chance to experience deep sea habitats with more than 100 species of marine mammals, fish, and other aquatic creatures.

Arcade: If you’re looking for fun for the whole family go to the arcade in Buffington Estates Ocala FL. It has more than 40 modern and classic games like pinball machines, and virtual real-world experiences There’s something for all ages to enjoy.

Movie Theater: Watch the latest blockbuster or an old-fashioned classic in some of your local cinemas. There is also the option of catching an event or live show in some of the nearby locations.

Shopping: Explore the variety of specialty shops and boutiques that are in town, offering everything from home and clothing furniture to souvenirs and gifts. If you’re looking for an original gift idea or just want to browse it’s bound to be an enjoyable time!

Food and Drink: Get some tasty drinks and food at one of the numerous eateries, cafes, and bars throughout Buffington Estates Ocala Florida. From casual eateries to more upscale eating establishments, you’ll be able to find something that will satisfy your appetite. Take your time enjoying a relaxing meal or grab a snack as you explore the surrounding area.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-  Restaurants

 Restaurants In Buffington Estates

Buffington Estates, Ocala FL offers a variety of excellent eateries to pick from in your search for an enjoyable meal. No matter what kind of food you’re in desire you’ll find food that is sure to satisfy your desires. From traditional American dishes in the soul food category to steakhouse and soul dishes There’s something for all tastes at Buffington Estates, Ocala FL.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-  Restaurants

Huddle House

Huddle House is a family-friendly restaurant located in Buffington Estates Ocala FL. It serves traditional American breakfast meals, and lunch and dinner dishes including omelets, burgers, and sandwiches. The menu also includes fresh salads, side dishes, and desserts. The ambiance is relaxed and casual, with a spacious dining area.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-  Restaurants

Outback Steakhouse:

Outback Steakhouse is a popular restaurant located in Buffington Estates Ocala FL. It serves seafood, steaks, and pasta dishes as well as salads, desserts, and appetizers. The decor is a traditional steakhouse featuring warm light and a welcoming ambiance. They also have a large wine selection and a fully stocked bar.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL-  Restaurants

Celebrity’s Soul Food Ocala

Celebrity’s Soul Food Ocala is an excellent place to enjoy some tasty soul food in Buffington Estates, Ocala FL. They have a selection of Southern-style traditional meals like fried chicken as well as ribs, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese. The sides comprise cornbread and hush puppy and sweet potato pie. It is also possible to order traditional desserts such as sweet potato cobbler, peach, and pie. The ambiance is relaxed and the staff is friendly.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Parks


Buffington Estates Ocala offers a range of parks that have the perfect activities for everyone. From playgrounds and athletic fields to walking trails along with fishing piers, picnic areas, and grills, there are plenty of things to do in these parks. If you’re seeking an area to unwind or a place to engage in sports or just go on a nature hike Buffington Estates Ocala offers something for all.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Parks-Florence Moore Turnipseed Park

Florence Moore Turnipseed Park

The park is situated within Buffington Estates Ocala Florida and provides visitors with a wide range of activities for all age groups. The park is home to two soccer fields with lights and a playground as well as a picnic pavilion, as well as a walking path that has exercise stations. The park also features tennis courts, as well as softball fields with dugouts. For those who want to relax, there’s a gazebo as well as plenty of shade trees.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Parks-Ritterhoff Park

Ritterhoff Park

In Buffington Estates, Ocala FL Ritterhoff Park offers visitors a serene and natural environment. The park is full of wildlife and flora making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll. There are numerous trails for you that you can explore. There are picnic tables scattered throughout the park and plenty of free space for recreation and sports.

Buffington Estates Ocala, FL- Parks-Fisher Park

Fisher Park

Fisher Park is located in Buffington Estates in Ocala, FL, and offers many things for every person. The park is home to a variety of amenities like playgrounds, basketball courts as well as a soccer field with lights and a sand volleyball court, and a variety of picnic pavilions. There are two pavilions with covered roofs that are available for hire for special occasions or for gatherings.

 Buffington Estates in Ocala-Parks

Coeheadjoe Park

Coeheadjoe Park is located in Buffington Estates Ocala FL and offers visitors a chance to get out on the water. The park features a lighted fishing pier, as well as boat ramps with access to Lake Weir. There are also grills and picnic tables situated along the shoreline so visitors can enjoy a relaxing meal while taking in the scenery. In addition, there is a walking path with several exercise stations.

Is Buffington Estates Safe To Live In

Is Buffington Estates Safe To Live In

Being a resident of Buffington Estates Ocala FL is secure and safe. The community has a guarded neighborhood, with 24-hour security and on-site security personnel. The majority of homes have alarm systems equipped with doors that lock with motion sensors and cameras that provide additional security when required. The streets are well-lit and frequently patrolled. They are also monitored by local law enforcement. Furthermore, the neighborhood has a watchdog program for the neighborhood to ensure security. There are numerous parks that have play areas, trails for walking, and sporting fields that are close by, giving ample opportunities for children-friendly activities in a safe setting. In the end, Buffington Estates Ocala FL is a safe area to live, with a lively community that is concerned for the safety of each other.

It is vital to keep in mind that, regardless, the community can be affected by the threat of crime. If you live in Buffington Estates Ocala Florida It is a great decision to keep yourself informed and take preventive measures like making sure that windows and doors are locked before leaving your home. If you ever feel insecure or notice something that seems suspicious, call the authorities in the area immediately. By being vigilant and watching out for fellow members and the entire community, it will be safe and safe for all.

Buffington Estates-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Buffington Estates is one of the gorgeous neighborhoods that is located within the town of Buffington. The area provides a wonderful combination of suburban living and near proximity to Buffington’s city center for convenience in shopping, entertainment, and eating. The neighborhood is home to a great school system with top-rated schools located within walking distance. The neighborhood also has gorgeous green spaces and parks all over, ideal for leisurely outdoor activities as well as relaxing walks.

The local economy is full of employment opportunities, which makes Buffington Estates the perfect place to reside for people looking for work or starting their careers. From medical facilities to tech related startup companies, there are businesses of all sorts that are located nearby. Furthermore, the public transportation system runs through the neighborhood, meaning that regardless of where you want to go, you’ll be able to reach it quickly and conveniently.

The neighborhood of Buffington Estates is welcoming. It is multicultural. The residents are enthusiastic about their community and strive to keep the area safe and flourishing. Many organizations offer a wide selection of activities for people of all different ages, like sporting leagues, trivia night film screenings, and many more. In addition, local events bring people together all through the year, with parades and festivals, block parties, and other events. From its gorgeous houses to its lively lifestyle to its deep feeling of community The Buffington Estates neighborhood is an exceptional lifestyle that isn’t available elsewhere.