Carriage Hill Ocala FL

January 20, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Carriage Hill Ocala FL

Carriage Hill Ocala FL is situated in gorgeous Ocala, Florida. It is conveniently located close to major tourist attractions like Silver Springs State Park and downtown Ocala. Carriage Hill is located just 10 minutes from the nearby shops eating, entertainment, as well as outdoor pursuits. The community is surrounded by lush greenery with mature oaks, offering stunning landscapes of nature’s beauty. There are several communities within Carriage Hill which offer single-family residences as well as townhomes to suit every style of life. 

People who live in Carriage Hill are able to benefit from a range of resort-style facilities, including pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers. With easy access to highways as well as airports, this is a wonderful location to live in.


Carriage Hill History

Carriage Hill has been around for years and is comprised of a majority of single-family homes constructed throughout the 1900s. The community was first built by two homebuilders from the area. Both builders were focused on building high-quality homes with appealing designs that blended nicely with the surrounding area.

Carriage Hill Today:

The Carriage Hill neighborhood is mostly ranch-style homes that range from up to four bedrooms. In recent times, there are a few larger estate-style houses popping up and several condos scattered along the streetscape. Apart from the houses, there’s a retail center, churches, and a country club in the center of Carriage Hill.

The people who live in Carriage Hill are warm and tight-knit, frequently arranging social gatherings or events. The streets around the neighborhood are quiet and wide and lined with trees that are mature and a lush landscape which adds an additional aesthetic to the area. 

Carriage Hill is one of Ocala’s most sought-after neighborhoods because of its well-established community vibe and its contemporary facilities. It offers something for everyone, from people looking for peace and quiet to retire in their golden years to families with young children that are just starting their journey. 


Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Carriage Hill neighborhood in Ocala Florida is fairly affordable.


The typical housing cost for a 3 bedroom, two-bathroom house in this region ranges between $230,000 and $410,000 based on the dimensions as well as the condition of your home. The cost of electricity can be from $100 to $200 per month, based on the amount of usage and occupancy. 


Costs for transportation vary widely as Ocala has a wide range of alternatives to transportation, such as public bus services, carpools, transit buses, bicycling routes, or some Uber rides. In order to get around town, it could cost about $10 per day if you were to use Uber and other services for ride-sharing. If you prefer driving, the price of gas and maintenance could range between $50 and $100 per month, based on the type of car and how many miles it is driven. 

General Goods & Services: 

The cost of groceries can vary from $50-$150 per week, based on your lifestyle and dietary requirements. 

In general, the cost of living in Carriage Hill is reasonably priced and there are plenty of alternatives for transportation, making it simple for any person to move to and from the city. The neighborhood offers plenty of amenities and an excellent lifestyle without spending a fortune. People who are looking for the most affordable living in Ocala must definitely look into Carriage Hill as a possibility.


Local Economy

Carriage Hill Ocala FL is an active community that provides its residents with numerous employment and income opportunities. All in all, Carriage Hill Ocala FL has an economic boom with a wide range of possibilities for employment and earning. Diverse industries and affordable housing prices which is the reason that this area is so well-known. 

Job Opportunities

The economy in Carriage Hill Ocala, FL offers various career opportunities. A lot of local businesses provide the services of hospitality, retail as well as education and health services, technology services, as well as other opportunities for employment. There are large employers like Amazon as well as Home Depot located nearby providing more jobs.

Household Income

The median household income in the region is believed to be at least $62,000. This estimate is based on the most recent census.

Local Investment

The local investments made in Carriage Hill Ocala FL are essential to economic activity in the area. A lot of entrepreneurs and investors invest in businesses, property stocks, and other investments to build their wealth. This type of investment boosts economic activity in the area by offering employment opportunities and increasing earnings for those involved. 


Transportation Options For The Commute

Carriage Hill Ocala FL offers various transport choices for both visitors and residents. 


Public Transportation:

Transportation for public use is also readily accessible, with buses operating regularly throughout the city. 



Taxis are accessible all over the city, offering an easy way to travel to and from the town. 



Bicycles can also be used for moving around the town. Numerous streets are designated as bicycle paths and there’s even a bicycle path that connects downtown Ocala. 



Car rentals are offered by large companies operating in the region and by private car owners who have private automobiles for hire. 

In addition to these conventional modes of transportation rides, rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft can be utilized to travel within the city boundaries. With these options available making it easier to travel all the way to Carriage Hill Ocala FL has never been simpler.


Average Annual Weather

Carriage Hill Ocala FL experiences humid and hot warm summers and mild winters cool springs and warm falls.



The summers in Carriage Hill, Ocala, Florida typically begin dry and hot in the month of June, and temperatures reach high 90°F. At the end of July, the humidity starts to increase because of more frequent rain storms. August is generally the most humid month with temperatures reaching mid-90°F during the day, and seldom dropping below 75°F in the evening. 



The winter months are cold and colder. Beginning around November and continuing until the end of February or the beginning of March, temperatures vary from 40°F up to lows 70°F. The weather is usually rainy and snowfall is also common at times.



Autumn arrives, with temperatures ranging from low 50°F up to the high 70°F. The rainfall is less frequent and days are warmer as summer comes to an end and winter gets closer. 



The spring temperatures at Carriage Hill Ocala FL reach close to 80°F by the end of May. The rainy season is a common sight in the spring however they tend to be swiftly over with no interruption.


Local Tip:

The conditions in Carriage Hills Ocala FL are usually pleasant and warm all of the time. If you plan your trip well, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the region without being caught in an intense summer storm or having to deal with extreme temperatures. 


Education System of Carriage Hill

Carriage Hill Ocala, FL is located in the Marion County Public Schools.

Public Schools:

Marion County Public Schools provide educational services to Carriage Hill residents, starting pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The district runs a variety of elementary schools including middle schools, and high schools, as well as alternative education centers for different disciplines such as science and math magnet programs as well as career technical training programs.

Charter Schools:

Carriage Hill has two charter schools: Ocala Charter Middle School and Cornerstone School. Both are public charter schools that have no tuition and offer a variety of learning opportunities like classes in the core as well as special education services. 

Private Schools:

Carriage Hill also has several private schools to choose from, such as Ambleside Ocala and Ocala Preparatory Academy. The schools offer a range of academic classes and enrichment opportunities like music classes, sports teams, and student groups.

Religious Schools:

For those who are looking for an alternative to a religious-based educational program in Carriage Hill, there are many churches that have religious schools that offer kindergarten to 8th-grade classes. They comprise Ocala Christian Academy, First Assembly Christian School, and Shiloh SDA Church School.


The option of homeschooling is also available to families within Carriage Hills. Families have the option of choosing from a range of curriculums and instructional styles that allow them to personalize the education of their children according to their individual needs and goals.


Carriage Hill Local Government and Infrastructure

It is a city in Carriage Hill Ocala FL is serviced by a range of local government bodies that offer vital public services. In addition, the City of Ocala is the main governing entity for the town and is responsible for providing municipal services like police protection, fire services sewer and water systems, as well as the collection of solid waste.


The Marion County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services for all residents and visitors who reside in Carriage Hill Ocala FL. The department also runs K-9 teams, dive teams, mounted patrol units, and SWAT teams.

Fire Department

The fire protection services are offered by Ocala Fire Rescue, which comprises numerous fire stations spread across Carriage Hill Ocala FL. The department provides a wide array of rescue options such as high-angle rope rescue, hazardous material emergency response, and vehicle rescue.


Schools in Carriage Hill are run through Marion County Public Schools. Marion County Public Schools system includes elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools like South Ocala Elementary School, Dr. NH Jones Elementary School, and Wyomina Park Elementary School.


The Ocala Public Library is a community resource that serves as a research and education library that has multiple branches across Carriage Hill Ocala FL. The library has reading clubs and book clubs including computer classes, social programs, and film screenings.


Things To Do

Carriage Hill Ocala FL offers many activities for every taste. In addition to outdoor activities, there are relaxing indoor activities to enjoy with friends and family.


For thrill-seekers and nature lovers Carriage Hill, Ocala FL is home to numerous amazing outdoor activities that range between horseback rides and camping, to river rafting and cycling. Its Silver River State Park provides miles of trails and many chances for boats and fishing. The forest trails nearby are a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors and explore the outdoors while getting exercise. If you prefer the more relaxed outdoor lifestyle, Golf courses are plentiful in the region along with parks and other spaces that are suitable for picnics and gatherings with the family.


If the weather doesn’t cooperate there are many indoor activities available at Carriage Hill Ocala FL as well. Shopping is a very popular pastime that includes a variety of antique stores and boutiques in the town. There are a number of museums to see, including the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing where visitors can find out about the past of this thrilling sport. Another great indoor activity is visiting local cinemas or bowling alleys for the evening or visiting the art galleries located downtown for the chance to experience some cultural enrichment.

Whatever it is that brings you here to Carriage Hill in Ocala FL There’s something for all ages to enjoy both indoors and out. It’s simple to find something fun to take part in in this Florida town! No matter if you’re searching for a relaxing vacation or a fun-filled weekend, Carriage Hill Ocala FL offers something for all.


Restaurants in Carriage Hill

Whatever type of food you’re looking for, Carriage Hill Ocala FL offers something for all. There is everything from Mexican and French food to tacos and burritos, these eateries offer delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite. Go to one of them today to experience the finest meals available in the city!


El Toreo

El Toreo is a Mexican restaurant in Carriage Hill Ocala Florida. This restaurant is a favorite and serves traditional Mexican food items like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas as well as chili Rellenos. There is also a selection of dishes that are special, such as the hot chilaquiles rojos and spicy chilaquiles. El Toreo is known for its large portions and delectable flavor that gives guests the authentic experience of eating.


La Cuisine Restaurant

La Cuisine Restaurant is another good option in Carriage Hills Ocala Florida. The French bistro is a great place to bring the flavors from Paris to Florida by offering classic French dishes such as steak fries, coq au vin, and Bouillabaisse. La Cuisine is the perfect place for romantic evenings or an evening with family and friends.


Taco N Madre

Taco N Madre is a well-known Mexican restaurant located in Ocala, FL in Carriage Hill which serves fast and fresh food. Tacos are the main focus of the restaurant burritos, quesadillas, and Nachos, as well as special items such as the carne asada fry and Chiles Rellenos. The salsas are made in-house and provide each dish with its unique taste style. 


With all these wonderful parks, it’s not surprising why so many come to Carriage Hill Ocala for some sunshine and fun! If you’re looking to swim in the pool or play soccer with your loved ones, there’s something for all. Take the time to visit every park in the neighborhood at Carriage Hill Ocala. 

Polly Palmer Park-carriage hill

Polly Palmer Park

Located in the middle of Carriage Hill, this park will bring plenty of enjoyment to families. Enjoy a day at the swimming pool and play tennis on one of the courts. The playground is also equipped with slides and swings, monkey bars, and much more! The playground areas are separated from the other areas of the park and provide a secure environment for children. In addition, there are hiking trails and picnic areas are also available.

Scott Springs Park-carriage hill

Scott Springs Park

Scott Springs Park is a great choice for people who want to escape from everything. The park is home to spring which allows you to sit on its shores and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The park also has ample space for games and sports and includes an athletic track and a basketball court. 

Fisher Park-carriage hill

Fisher Park

This park is perfect for people who want to get away from the bustle and noise of the urban environment. Fisher Park has something for all. If you’re looking to take an easy stroll on its trails or spend time playing with your kids, the park can offer several amenities for an enjoyable day out.

Ritterhoff Park-carriage hill

Ritterhoff Park

Ritterhoff Park is a great choice for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but are not too far from their homes. This park is home to many miles of hiking trails that meander through the beautiful landscape. There are plenty of places to sit and relax and take in the views such as a huge pavilion. In addition, there are a number of barbecues and picnic benches available for the perfect family picnic.


Is Carriage Hill Safe To Live In

Carriage Hill Ocala FL is an area that is safe to live in. The neighborhood is secured and monitored making sure that any activity that is suspicious is investigated and addressed promptly. The community itself has an extremely low rate of crime which makes it one of the safest communities in Ocala Florida. It also has a variety of amenities like an outdoor pool, tennis courts, fitness centers, playgrounds, and more.

In addition to this impressive array of amenities that ensure security, Carriage Hill Ocala FL utilizes the latest technology to increase security. The community is equipped with cameras with motion-activated lighting as well as keyless entry systems in the neighborhood. These security features do not just increase security for homeowners, they also give an extra level of convenience.


Why Should I Live Here

Carriage Hill is the ideal community for those who are looking for an idyllic, peaceful area to live in. Carriage Hill gives residents access to the ideal of both worlds the rural lifestyle with urban amenities. There are numerous amenities such as schools and churches, shopping centers restaurants, and parks which make it an ideal option for families.

The homes in this area are mostly single-family homes that range from small starter homes to large luxury homes. Some have recently been constructed or renovated with modern amenities like open floor plans, large spaces and big yards that are beautifully landscaped. There are several condominiums that are available in the region with low maintenance and a reasonable price.

If you enjoy spending time in outdoors, there are numerous activities to enjoy within Carriage Hill. The area is home to numerous lakes and ponds offering excellent fishing and recreation opportunities. There is also a range of parks close by for outdoor recreation like hiking, camping, and biking. Security is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a location to live in. People who live in Carriage Hill can rest assured being aware that the crime rate is minimal and the area is monitored by local law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, many houses have security systems already integrated.

If you’re just beginning your journey or searching for an area to relax and retire, the warm and welcoming environment and the abundance of amenities are what make Carriage Hill an ideal place to make your home. Move in now to experience everything this lovely neighborhood offers!