Country Club Of Ocala Ocala FL

January 13, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Country Club Of Ocala Ocala FL

The Country Club at Ocala lies in Ocala, Florida. It is located in the north central region of Florida and is located just north of Gainesville. The club is situated close to the I-75 as well as I-95 interstate highways, which makes it easy to access from any point in the state or the adjacent regions. Its address for The club’s location is 6823 SE 12th Circle, Ocala, FL 34480. The club is situated in a gorgeous golf course community, with stunning views of green rolling hills that are typical of Central Florida, its location offers members access to numerous facilities and activities for everyone’s interests. Just a few minutes will take you into downtown Ocala where you can go for eating, shopping, and entertainment. In the vicinity, you’ll be able to discover the state park, natural springs, and a myriad of other places that are worth a visit for hours of exploration of Ocala’s natural beauty.

Best Neighborhoods in Ocala - Country Club of Ocala History

Country Club Of Ocala History

Country Club of Ocala is a neighborhood that is located in the middle of Ocala, Florida. It was founded by the city in 1974, as a golf course community, and has since evolved into among the top luxurious neighborhoods within the town. Country Club of Ocala offers stunning panoramas of hills and rolling terrain, spacious fairways, and lush landscaping that provides a perfect environment for residents to unwind and take in the scenery.

The Country Club of Ocala encompasses more than 800 homes spread across 1,400 acres. It also has many of the most luxurious facilities available. Residents are able to use two championship golf courses of 18 holes (the Pete Dye Course and the Bob Cupp Course), tennis courts, swimming pools as well as fitness centers, and even restaurants. There are also a variety of other activities for residents, which include events like The annually held Fourth of July Parade, monthly luncheons, live music, and even a bar.

Over the years, the Country Club of Ocala has grown into an extremely sought after area in the region thanks to its luxurious amenities and warm, welcoming atmosphere. It is an essential element of Ocala’s history and offers an array of amenities for every person. If you’re searching for an area to retire to with your loved ones or simply want to spend an afternoon playing golf, Country Club Of Ocala will fit into both! Residents can rest assured knowing that their investments are secure thanks to the frequent security patrols as well as the active neighborhood watch programs. The Country Club at Ocala offers something for all ages, which makes it among the most desirable locations to reside in Ocala, Florida. It truly is a place where members can create lasting memories!

Country Club Of Ocala Today:

Country Club Of Ocala Today:

In the present, the Country Club of Ocala remains one of the most sought after communities in the region due to its array of luxurious amenities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It has two championship golf courses of 18 holes (the Pete Dye Course and the Bob Cupp Course), tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness centers as well as a restaurant and much more. Residents are also able to take advantage of events that are special, such as every year’s Fourth of July Parade, monthly luncheons, and live music.

Country Club Of Ocala-Cost Of Living

Cost of Living

A life in Ocala’s Country Club comes with a cost. The community also boasts low crime rates and top schools which makes it a perfect area to raise a family or to retire in peace and comfort. It is also within walking distance of everything you need, from restaurants to shopping malls and entertainment venues. Living in this neighborhood lets you make the most of everything Ocala offers, and still, have your own personal oasis in your own home!


The average price for a home in the area is $350,000 with luxury properties being sold for upwards of 1 million dollars. Renters pay a median rental for one bedroom apartments is $1,100, and it can increase from the point of $1,100.


It is easy to travel for those living in the Country Club of Ocala because it is near the highway, which makes it easy to commute to nearby cities or towns. You can drive your car yourself or use public transportation, such as taxis, buses, or shuttles. It also depends on how far from your destination is as well as whether you’re using a taxi, shuttle, or bus. In general, the fares for public transportation are fairly affordable.

General Goods & Services:

The cost of utilities can vary according to how much they are used. Electric bills are typically less expensive than in other parts of Florida due to the cooler temps and efficient AC systems in homes that are more modern. On average, an electric bill can be anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on how big your house is and how often you’re using appliances such as air conditioning and heaters.

The cost of groceries is generally higher within the Country Club of Ocala than in other areas of Florida. But you can save money by purchasing items in bulk or at discount stores such as Walmart as well as Target. The price of food will depend on the kinds of food items you’re buying and the location you’re shopping.

Country Club of Ocala, Ocala FL-Local Economy

Local Economy

The economy of the Country Club of Ocala, Ocala FL is an active and flourishing one with plenty of opportunities for job seeking.

Job Opportunities

The area offers a range of jobs that range from hospitality to retail as well as professional and technical services. There’s also a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the area, which allow individuals to create their own businesses. Because of the proximity to the University of Florida Health Sciences Center Ocala, there are many opportunities for career advancement in areas like health and medicine.

Household Income

As for household revenue, Country Club Of Ocala offers residents an average household income that is higher than the median for the nation at $46,394 annually. This is a testament to the potential for residents here to secure security in their finances for themselves and their family members.

Local Investment

There are a variety of companies and organizations engaged with the economy of Ocala and provide products and services to the people living in the Country Club of Ocala as well as in other communities nearby. This includes restaurants and retail stores and credit unions, banks and other financial institutions and health care centers, car dealerships, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, and many others. It ensures that the cash earned within the community remains within the local community for economic growth.

In the end, the economy is strong. Country Club Of Ocala FL is one that provides people looking for jobs a lot of opportunities to develop their careers or even begin their own businesses. With a robust median household income and numerous local investments, this community is well-placed to guarantee long-term economic security for the residents.

Country Club of Ocala- Tasnportation Options for the Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

The Country Club of Ocala boasts an incredible transportation system for members and residents. The on-site shuttle service gives members an efficient means of traveling throughout the sprawling estate of the Club. The shuttle service runs between 7 am and 11 pm every day of the week that take you between and within the major buildings within the complex, such as the clubhouse golf course, the spa, and the pool areas.

If you are traveling long distances there is also an office for transportation in the Country Club of Ocala that can assist with transportation to airports or car rentals. Car rental services include pick-up and drop-off at airports in the local area, such as Orlando International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport.

Country Club of Ocala-Public Tansport

Public Transportation:

Ocala, Florida is a city that has a lot to offer. Ocala, Florida offers an extensive public transportation system that can bring visitors and residents from all over Ocala. It’s Marion Transit System (MTS) offers bus services across the county, and is an easy way to discover all the things Ocala offers. The system consists of seven regular routes that have a variety of stops, in addition to an urban circulator route. Customers can purchase single-ride tickets and day passes online or in specific retail outlets within the city. Furthermore, MTS also offers special services for veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities who might require help in moving around the town.

Country Club of Ocala- Taxi


There are a variety of taxi services in Ocala that provide door to door services within the city boundaries. Taxis can be hired in the street or requested in advance. Prices are based on distance and time and include extra charges for baggage and passengers. Most taxi companies accept major credit cards.

Country Club of Ocala-Bicycles


Another excellent way to discover Ocala is to cycle. Ocala has a number of bicycle lanes and tourists can hire a bicycle at one of the numerous rental stores in town for a reasonable cost. It’s essential to comply with all traffic laws in Ocala riding around Ocala because safety is always the first priority. In addition, it is advised that cyclists always wear helmets for extra security. Bicycles are an enjoyable and green way to experience the sights of cities!

Country Club of Ocala-Cars


Car rental is an excellent alternative if you are planning to travel beyond Ocala city boundaries. There are numerous car rental firms in the region that offer daily or weekly rates for all kinds of vehicles, from basic automobiles to luxurious vans and SUVs. Prices vary based on the season, so it is recommended to check prices prior to making a reservation. Additionally, travelers must check with their own insurance company regarding coverage when driving within Florida because some policies might not offer full coverage outside the state.

In the end, Ocala has an excellent transportation system that is able to accommodate the needs of everyone staying or visiting the region. It doesn’t matter if you opt to use a taxi service or rent a car or bike around there’s something for anyone!

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Country Club Of Ocala provides an enjoyable and mild climate all year round, making it an ideal location for those who like outdoor activities. The summer months are humid and hot and winters may bring some light snowfall. The months of spring and autumn offer cool temperatures and blooming flowers in spring and vibrant autumn foliage. It also provides lots of sunshine all year round, making it an ideal destination regardless of the time of the year you are there!

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Summer


The summer at the Country Club of Ocala, Florida is humid and hot temperatures can often reach the mid to upper 90s (Fahrenheit). The rainfall during this time of year averages between 4 and 7 inches every month. The summer months bring heavy storms, lightning storms, lightning storms and even hurricanes, which can cause significant damage if they are not treated seriously.

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Winter


The winter weather at the Country Club of Ocala is moderate, but it is still cool in comparison to summertime. The temperatures range in the range of a low average of 44°F (7 Celsius) to an average high of 63 ° Fahrenheit (17 Celsius). The region could see as much as 4 inches of snow per winter, however, it rarely exceeds just a few inches at one time.

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Fall


The autumn weather at Country Club of Ocala is cool and pleasant and pleasant, with temperatures that range between 57-75 degrees Fahrenheit (14 and 24 Celsius). The amount of rain that falls during this time of the year typically ranges from 2 to 4 inches per month. The autumn season brings vibrant leaves that make for fun outdoor activities. This is also a great time to participate in the numerous celebrations and festivals that take place in Ocala.

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Spring


The spring at the Country Club of Ocala has generally humid and warm temperatures, ranging from 62-80 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 27 Celsius). The average rainfall is 4-7 inches in a month. The season is the perfect time to relax in the outdoors, as flowers bring color and beauty to the region.

Overall, the Country Club of Ocala offers pleasant weather all year round, making it a perfect spot for outdoor activities like tennis, golf cycling, horseback riding, and cycling. The region has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Florida with plenty of sunshine during all seasons. With its pleasant climate and stunning landscape, the Country Club of Ocala is a wonderful destination to visit at any time of the year!

Country Club of Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Local Tip

Local Tip:

If you plan to visit the Country Club of Ocala, it is important to keep in mind that the region is subject to frequent rainstorms in all seasons. Be sure to bring an umbrella along with a raincoat and other things to ensure your visit is a breeze!

Country Club of Education System Of Country Club Of Ocala

Education System Of Country Club Of Ocala

The Country Club of Ocala is dedicated to offering its members high quality education. The opportunities for education offered by the Country Club are designed to assist people to achieve their academic and professional goals and provide them with the abilities and information required to be successful in the current world.

Public Schools:

Public schools located in Ocala, FL. are part of the Marion County Public School System. They are accredited by the Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools Council for Accreditation Improvement (SACS CCSI). The district offers a wide range of education options, including five elementary schools and four middle schools. There are also two high schools with eight special centers, programs, as well as alternative education. There are also numerous extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams and orchestra or band courses, the National Honor Society for high school students, after school childcare programs, and many others.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are part of the Florida Charter School System. They operate separately from local district schools, and they are able to design the curriculum they want and curriculum programs. Charter schools must fulfill the requirements of the state before they can be approved by the government of the state. This includes offering a full education program. There are numerous charter schools that are available in the region that offer different levels of education, including elementary, middle, and high schools.

Private Schools:

Private schools located in Country Club Of Ocala, FL offer alternatives to traditional schooling for those seeking the most specialized or religious education learning experience for their children. Private schools usually provide a more individualized learning environment, with smaller class sizes, which allows students to spend more one on one time with their teachers. Private schools may have various religions, for instance, Catholic as well as Christian schools in addition to offering special academic programs like Montessori or language immersion.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools at Ocala, FL. Country Club of Ocala, FL offers students of various religions and faiths. These schools are focused on giving students an education that is built around their values and beliefs. Many of these schools are affiliated with local churches and other associations and offer students an environment that encourages spiritual growth and growth alongside their academic pursuits.


Homeschooling at the Country Club Of Ocala, FL is becoming more popular. It is a method of schooling where children are taught at their homes by their parents or guardians instead of attending a traditional school. It offers greater freedom and flexibility for families that want to customize their child’s education to meet their specific preferences. Homeschooling is an option that is legal for residents of Florida provided that the children are educated for at least four hours a day and have the right program.

In the end, Country Club Of Ocala, FL offers a variety of education options, ranging from homeschooling to public schools. With its wide range of education options, families are able to pick the ideal educational environment for their children and for themselves. Whatever school they pick, children are guaranteed a rich and rewarding education, while also enhancing their beliefs and values in an environment that is safe and secure.

Country Club Of Ocala Local Government And Infrastructure

Country Club Of Ocala Local Government And Infrastructure

The county government of the Country Club of Ocala is the municipal government that is part of Marion County. It is made up of five commissioners, who are chosen from their districts to serve for four years. It also houses an executive office as well as several departments that provide services for its citizens. This includes public works as well as fire and rescue services, parks and recreation, animal control recycling, economic growth development and planning, as well as community development.

Country Club Of Orlando’s infrastructure comprises several roads that link it with the rest of Marion County. There are three main roads that connect the city: Interstate 75 (which runs through the middle of Ocala) and U.S. Highway 27, 441 (which creates an arc around Ocala’s town) along with SR 200 (which runs from east to west). These highways offer an easy route to the city’s numerous attractions. Additionally, there are numerous secondary roads that connect the various communities in the Country Club Of Ocala.

Police Department

The City of Ocala Police Department is accountable for providing police protection in the country club of Ocala and the surrounding region. The police department is led by law enforcement officers who are sworn and other support personnel like dispatchers and records clerks and administrative staff. The police department has an impressive presence in the local community and is a leader in the prevention of crime and its response. Police officers are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and honesty while ensuring the safety of property and living within the city’s limits.

Fire Department

Ocala Fire Rescue provides fire protection services to residents from Ocala’s Country Club. This includes the suppression of fires in addition to emergency medical assistance. The department comprises both employees and volunteers. It is supported by a range of dedicated resources like fire station apparatus, apparatus personnel, as well as other support personnel. They also participate in education and public programs to ensure the safety of communities.


The Country Club Of Ocala is located within The Marion County Public School System. It includes middle, elementary, and high schools, in order to give students an education that is tailored to their specific requirements. There are also a number of private schools in the area that provide extra educational opportunities for students of all ages.


Ocala Public Library gives the Country Club Of Ocala members easy access to magazines, books, and audio recordings, as well as digital media, and information services. The library has a vast collection of books, reference books as well as periodicals, newspapers, and audiovisual material. The library also provides various classes, programs, and services like access to the internet and computer.

Ocala offers its residents many public services ranging from water treatment facilities to trash removal and snow plowing. The city also runs health plans, housing assistance programs, and leisure activities for residents. Additionally, the city is working hard to ensure that residents have access to top-quality public transportation. Ocala Transit System Ocala Transit System operates over 25 buses across the city and provides passengers with regular transportation options.

Country Club Of Ocala also is situated close to the Marion County Fire Rescue, which provides fire suppression for a vast area around the community. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, assistance is readily available. Additionally, the county manages various parks and recreation facilities for residents to enjoy all year round activities like swimming pools, hiking trails, and golf courses as well as others. All of these amenities are combined to create Country Club Of Ocala a comfortable and safe living space.

Country Club Of Ocala-Things To Do

Things To Do

Country Club Of Ocala offers an array of activities and facilities. Golfers can take advantage of the 18-hole championship course designed by world renowned architectural genius Ron Garl. The club also has the following facilities: four tennis courts; three pools as well as a fitness center, a clubhouse, and a pro shop for every need in sports. Other amenities for recreational use in the facility include courts for pickleball, two courts for bocce the horseshoe pits, and shuffleboard courts.

Country Club of Ocala is home to a variety of outstanding restaurants. The main dining area offers delicious American cuisine, which includes a buffet and a la carte choices. If you’re seeking to enjoy dining outdoors, this restaurant has two patios for outdoor dining.


Country Club of Ocala is one of the top golf clubs, with an 18-hole championship golf course designed by the renowned designer Rees Jones. The course has a variety of tee boxes, allowing you to adjust your game to the different levels of play. Five sets of tees are available, ranging between 5,955 and 7179 yards. Golfers are able to test their abilities while enjoying stunning panoramas of the nearby lakes as well as lush greenery. The Golf Shop is filled with the latest golf equipment and clubs for rent or sale.

Tennis: Do you love playing tennis?  Country Club of Ocala offers members eight Har Tru courts that are lighted that are open all year for tennis day and evening. The club also provides an all inclusive pro shop that offers expert tennis instruction and gear, as well as clothing and accessories.

Swimming: Swim at the pool that is heated at the Country Club of Ocala or simply relax on one of the comfy chaises and enjoy stunning views over the course. Take advantage of swimming lessons and aqua classes to stay in shape or simply have fun!

The nearby Lake Weir is a popular fishing area for both visitors and members alike. Cast your line into the water for largemouth catfish, bass, panfish, and other species like carp, sunfish, and crappie.

Hiking: Get out and explore nature by exploring miles of trails that surround Ocala’s Country Club of Ocala. The trails are great for relaxing strolls or energetic hikes.


Food: Get a taste of delicious meals and impeccable service at the fine dining restaurant at the bar. From seafood to steaks There’s plenty to please every taste. They also serve fantastic cocktails in their gorgeous lounge and lighter meals in the cafe.

Spa Services Relax and unwind in the spa with full service facilities located inside the grounds of the country club. The spa can provide treatments like massages as well as body treatments, manicures and pedicures, facials, and much more!

Socializing: Get together with your friends in the bar or lounge area situated within the Country Club of Ocala grounds for unwinding over a drink or informal dining.

Entertainment: Take in Live entertainment at their theater which hosts a variety of occasions throughout the year, including musical shows.

Fitness Center: Stay in shape with the latest fitness facilities including cardiovascular machines, a weight room, and basketball court, a pool, and much more! They also offer individual fitness programs that are tailored to meet your needs for fitness.

Country Club hosts various events throughout the year like special Christmas dinners and dances, golf tournaments, as well as many more. There’s always something new and exciting to experience at Ocala’s Country Club!

Country Club Of Ocala-Restaurants

Restaurants In Country Club Of Ocala

Country Club of Ocala offers an array of high-end dining options for guests and members alike, to please all tastes and have a blast visiting these wonderful places.

Country Club Of Ocala-Restaurants-Carrabba`s Italian Grill

Carrabba`s Italian Grill:

The most well known Italian restaurant within the Country Club Of Ocala is well known for its bold and delicious food items. The menu features classic Italian classics like ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine Alfredo, meatballs, and much more. The restaurant also offers a range of pizzas and calzones made in-house. In addition to the traditional Italian food the menu of specialties includes the grilled chicken marsala, as well as fresh fish choices like the calamari fritti or salmon piccata.

Country Club Of Ocala-Restaurants-Bob Evans

Bob Evans:

Bob Evans is a home style restaurant serving hearty meals, breakfasts, and lunches. For breakfast, diners can pick from omelets, waffles, pancakes, French toast, and many more. Lunch choices include soups, sandwiches, and salads. Popular dinner dishes vary from pot roast to macaroni and cheese with bacon, to crispy chicken fried.

Country Club Of Ocala-Restaurants-Ipanema Brazilian Steack House

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House:

This Brazilian steakhouse has a large assortment of skewered meats served at tables on skewers shaped like swords. You can grill your choice of top sirloin, bacon wrapped filet mignon and garlic pork loin. The side meals include beans served with smoking sausages and yuca fries served with garlic butter sauce.

Country Club Of Ocala has numerous restaurants to pick from, meaning you’ll discover something that will satisfy anyone! If you’re looking for Italian or home cooked meals as well as Brazilian beef, Country Club Of Ocala offers everything.

Country Club Of Ocala-Parks


The Country Club of Ocala in Ocala, Florida offers a variety of outdoor activities and facilities for both visitors and residents. Ocala, Florida’s Country Club has several beautiful parks which offer numerous outdoor recreational opportunities.

Country Club Of Ocala-Parks-Lake Rousseau RV Park

Lake Rousseau RV Park

Lake Rousseau RV Park is situated on the gorgeous coastline of Lake Rousseau in Ocala, Florida. The park has a range of facilities, including complete hookups for campers and boats as well as boat ramp access. There are a beach area, a swimming pool and fishing pier, a picnic area, and playgrounds. People who visit Lake Rousseau RV Park can take part in activities like kayaking, swimming, canoeing, jet skiing, or simply enjoying a relaxing time in the lake.

Country Club Of Ocala-Parks-Sholom Park

Sholom Park

Sholom Park is a beautiful natural park situated in the middle of Ocala, Florida. The park covers 20 acres of woodland trails, playgrounds, the courts of tennis, basketball, and walking trails. Nature lovers can stroll around the area as they look out for wildlife, including egrets, herons, owls, and hawks. Bird watching is very popular due to the many bird species which are known to call Sholom Park home.

Country Club Of Ocala-Parks-Clyatt Park

Clyatt Park

The park offers a range of facilities, including softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, and picnic spaces complete with tables and grills as well as playgrounds and walking trails. Clyatt Park offers a great spot for families to engage in outdoor activities such as biking or running on the paths that are paved.

Country Club Of Ocala-Parks-Ritterhoff Park

Ritterhoff Park

This secret park offers something for everybody, with two playgrounds, a basketball court, and a picnic area with BBQs. It’s the ideal spot to unwind after a tiring day, or just to spend an enjoyable time outside with your loved ones and family. The park also has different sports leagues, including soccer and football that kids are able to join.

Country Club Of Ocala, Florida is home to a variety of local parks to visit and explore. The range of parks includes Lake Rousseau RV Park Sholom Park, Clyatt Park, and Ritterhoff Park, there is something for all in the Country Club of Ocala. No matter if you’re seeking an ideal spot to relax or exercise. These parks are the perfect opportunity to be outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

 Is Country Club Of Ocala Safe To Live In

Is Country Club Of Ocala Safe To Live In

The Country Club of Ocala in Ocala, FL is a secure and safe place to reside. The community is gated 24 hours a day. There are security and a guard station in addition to additional surveillance cameras in the community. The streets are well lit in the evening, providing plenty of visibility for residents and guests alike. In addition, the neighborhood is within close proximity to the police and fire departments in the area in the event of an emergency.

Country Club of Ocala offers its members various facilities that help to ensure the overall security of the region. They include a fitness center, tennis courts, a heated pool, a library/media center, a games room, and many others. There are numerous eateries and shops close to the neighborhood.

The Country Club of Ocala also offers a variety of options for homeowner associations to help residents with any issues they encounter. It has a 24-hour emergency hotline, as well as regular neighborhood watch programs, in addition to other things. Additionally, the community can be part of a larger project which provides access to other sources like health facilities, schools, parks, and recreation centers.

Overall, it is clear that the Country Club of Ocala in Ocala, FL is a safe and secure area to reside. There are many amenities for residents to use as well as a variety of services offered by homeowner associations to help ensure that the community is secure and well maintained. It is also close to the fire and police departments, as well as other vital resources in the greater area, so residents can rest at ease knowing that they live in an environment that is safe and secure.

Country Club of Ocala-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Country Club Of Ocala is one of the most sought after communities. It is home to a wide array of amenities which makes it a great location to live in. One of the main attractions is the beautiful golf course that provides an idyllic background for numerous coordinated events such as golf tournaments, special occasions, and even weddings.

The neighborhood is also home to many dining establishments, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and other leisure opportunities. With activities for all the family members to enjoy at the Country Club Of Ocala! Residents can enjoy the nearby trails for cycling or run, and parks that have playgrounds and picnic areas. There are numerous swimming pools in the vicinity as well.

The safety and security that is Ocala’s Country Club Of Ocala neighborhood is an additional benefit for residents. It has the lowest crime rate and an overall sense of community, which makes it a great location to settle or have children. With its many amenities, excellent location, and a strong sense of community that it has, Country Club Of Ocala is, without doubt, one of the top communities in the Country Club Of Ocala!

In addition to the wonderful amenities what really distinguishes Country Club Of Ocala apart from other communities in the region is the exceptional standard of living. Residents can enjoy a wide range of natural beauty, with the lush landscape and mature trees that create tranquility all around the community.