Devonshire Ocala Florida

January 17, 2023 | Yamilet Timaure
Devonshire Ocala Florida

Devonshire Ocala Florida is one of the neighborhoods within Ocala. It is located in the northern part of Ocala, which is located just to the south of Highway 40. The neighborhood is bordered by Southwest 20th Avenue to the north, Southwest 27th Avenue to the south, Southwest 49th Street to the east along with Southwest 60th Street to the west.

The majority of houses in Devonshire were built during the 1970s and the 1980s. There are however some modern construction houses available. The average size of homes in Devonshire is around 1700 sq ft. The majority of homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms as well as two bathrooms.

Devonshire residents can avail numerous amenities. There are numerous parks and playgrounds that are located in the area. There’s also a retail center in the vicinity with restaurants, food stores, and various retail establishments.

Devonshire belongs to Marion County Public Schools, which has a long track record of excellence in the field of education. They are highly rated with many parents opting to send their children to the school for the high-quality education they provide. It also has quick accessibility via Interstate 75 which allows residents to easily access downtown Ocala or further out. Overall, Devonshire offers its residents the perfect combination in terms of amenities and convenience, making it one of the most sought-after Ocala communities.

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Devonshire Ocala Florida History

Devonshire Ocala, located in Marion County, Florida has an interesting history that goes to the 19th century. The region was initially established as an agricultural community and is known for its green hills and rolling hills. The city of over 8,000 inhabitants has grown rapidly since its establishment on the 18th of May, 1895. William H. Devonshire and his wife Margaret.

The first thing that visitors observe upon arrival is the wide range of people that make up the city’s population. These five elementary schools are within reach as well as two middle schools as well as a high school, all of which have received high academic scores in recent times. In addition, there’s an array of recreation opportunities such as parks, golf courses, and outdoor activities which makes it an ideal location to raise a family.

Its economic activity in Devonshire Ocala is primarily dependent on agriculture and local business. The majority of residents work in the cattle ranching industry as well as vegetable farming and citrus farming. There are also small manufacturing facilities and a variety of shops and stores that cater to the requirements of the inhabitants.

Nowadays, Devonshire Ocala is still well-known for its rustic charm and friendly atmosphere. With ongoing investments in education and infrastructure, the town will continue to flourish by providing beautiful and safe areas to reside and work for generations to be. There are many festivals that are held throughout the year, including the annual festival in the fall that showcases local artisans from the region, as well as food and music. Devonshire Ocala is a unique location to live in thanks to its strong sense of community and its deep roots in the past. It’s a wonderful area to live, work, or just visit.

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Devonshire Ocala Florida Today

Devonshire Ocala still retains its rustic charm, however, the city has been modernized and expanded with a number of new developments. There are a variety of recreation options in the region that range from golf courses to trails and parks for cycling and walking. Restaurants, shopping centers, and other businesses offer many choices for residents. Education is a top priority in the area as there are 5 elementary schools with two middle schools, and one high school easily accessible.

Its economy in Devonshire Ocala is driven by manufacturing, agriculture retail stores, and other small business. The population continues to increase steadily manner as more and more residents move into the area in search of affordable housing and easy access to community facilities. There are numerous annual events held throughout the year, such as the fall festival which features food, music, and craftsmen.

Devonshire Ocala has come far since it was first established in 1895 but the small-town vibe remains. With the continued investment in education and infrastructure, this area will continue to be an appealing location to live and to work for generations to be. In addition, there are numerous occasions for cultural celebrations throughout the year, which draw visitors from near and far. Devonshire Ocala is truly a unique community that has an enduring sense of tradition and pride in the community.

Devonshire Ocala has been an important aspect of Marion County’s history for more than 120 years. It has seen steady growth since it was established and is still an attractive location to live in. With its rustic charm as well as a variety of recreational opportunities as well as excellent educational opportunities and a vibrant economy, Devonshire Ocala is an ideal place to reside. The town has strong roots in the past, yet is embracing the latest developments and growth.

From festivals to outdoor activities, there are many things to do that make this an ideal place to live or visit. If you’re seeking an environment that is family-friendly or simply a great spot to enjoy your time, Devonshire Ocala has something unique for every person.

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Cost Of Living

The cost of life in Ocala’s Devonshire Ocala FL neighborhood is affordable compared to other neighborhoods. The rent for two bedrooms is around $900, which makes it affordable for young professionals or families looking to build their homes in this wonderful neighborhood. There are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity, with eateries that range from fast food to fine culinary establishments. The majority of the essentials and groceries are available in local stores and markets that provide residents with everything they require without needing to go far from their homes.

Housing And Utilities

The market for real estate in Devonshire Ocala FL is favorable which makes it an ideal location to purchase or rent an apartment. The median price of a house in the area is $175,000 and offers many options for people looking to purchase their own piece in the suburbs of their dreams. Apartments units are available for rental, with one-bedroom units starting at just $850 per month to three-bedroom apartments at about $1,200 per month.

Water and power are supplied by local businesses which have outstanding ratings for customer care. On average, people can expect to pay about $150 per month for their utility bills. Furthermore, prices on the internet differ based on the service company and the package selected however, most are priced competitively.

General Goods & Services:

Its Devonshire Ocala FL neighborhood is filled with stores and services that cater to the needs of the local population. There are plenty of groceries to be found in nearby markets, whereas furniture, clothing, and other things can be purchased at retail stores located in the area. There are a variety of eateries that offer a variety of menus, from fast food to gourmet dining options. The prices are reasonable in general and numerous establishments offer discounts or discounts on certain dates or at certain times. There are also numerous spas and salons which offer cosmetic treatments, and medical facilities for any health concerns which may occur.


It is located in the Devonshire Ocala FL neighborhood and is situated right next to major highways that make it easy to travel around town or connect to other areas within the state. Transportation options are available within the vicinity, as well as buses that run throughout the day frequently during the entire day. Taxis and ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are also frequent in the region. People who own cars will have ample parking options close to their homes, though the traffic may get crowded in peak hours on weekdays.

The overall cost of living within Devonshire Ocala FL is favorable in comparison to other neighborhoods. Its location is convenient and a wide range of amenities makes it a great location for couples or younger professionals who want to establish their homes in this amazing community.

The cost of living within Devonshire Ocala FL will be affordable, which makes it an ideal option for those living on a tight budget. If you’re looking to buy or lease a house There are many options with reasonable costs. You’ll also find shops and eateries close by that offer different services and goods along with public transportation that makes moving around town an easy process. This, in combination with the friendly atmosphere, makes Devonshire Ocala FL an attractive area that is worth a look should you be considering moving to the area.

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Local Economy

The economic activity of Devonshire Ocala, Florida is growing. The region offers a range of employment opportunities that range from service and retail industries to professions that require a professional within the field of medicine and more. Due to the increasing availability of employment, more people are moving into the area and boosting economic growth.

The city has seen an increase in growth in recent years, as new housing developments appear throughout the region. The constant growth has led to a diverse variety of new businesses opening and providing greater opportunities for employment for residents. These include grocery stores, restaurants as well as banks as well as other institutions of finance as well as a variety of services for the increasing population.

Job Opportunities

Devonshire Ocala also offers many jobs. The city is home to a flourishing service industry that offers opportunities in a variety of areas, such as retail hospitality, hospitality, healthcare manufacturing, education, and many numerous others. There’s also a wide array of tourist attractions that attract tourists from all over the world to the area. The increased tourist activity adds another level of job opportunities for tourists and locals alike.

Household Income

The household income for Devonshire Ocala is estimated at $48,951 annually. This figure represents a growth of 3.7 percent over the last five years and is a sign of economic growth. The city has also seen an improvement in the rate of unemployment too, dropping from 5.6 percent to 4.3 percent, indicating that more people are finding work opportunities in this region.

Local Investment

In general, Devonshire Ocala has become an active center for jobs and economic growth opportunities in recent years. With the continued investments from residents and external sources, the trend is likely to continue in the coming years. This means that Devonshire Ocala is a great place for people looking for work or looking to put their funds into something that is sustainable and promising

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Devonshire Ocala has multiple transportation choices for those who require a commute. The public transportation system of the city is managed through Ocala Transit Authority. Ocala Transit Authority, which provides bus service across the city. In addition, there are numerous taxi and rideshare firms that can be accessed from various areas of town, Uber and Lyft.

While the economic situation continues to expand throughout Devonshire Ocala, so do the possibilities for local investment. The area is witnessing an increase in new entrepreneurs and businesses, providing potential investors with a vast selection of opportunities to invest in. From large corporations to smaller family-owned businesses There are investment opportunities that can yield great returns and also help boost the local economy more.

The area also has an extensive road network that spans major highways and smaller residential streets. This makes traveling through Devonshire Ocala easy for both tourists and commuters alike. If you’re seeking an alternative method to travel there are bike routes that are scattered all over the city, allowing cyclists to get through the bustling city without difficulty.

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Taxi services are easily accessible within Devonshire Ocala. Many companies are accessible via phone or through apps such as Uber and Lyft which provide quick and comfortable transportation around the town. The rates vary according to the business and the distance and some have discount rates for larger groups or for longer trips that are scheduled during off-peak hours.

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Public Transportation

Ocala Transit Authority Ocala Transit Authority is the primary service provider for public transportation for Devonshire Ocala. The bus system is in operation all over the city, offering regular and reliable service to various parts of town. There are express routes for people who want to go quickly to their destination and can avoid some stops on their travel.

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People who prefer driving can benefit from the extensive roadways in the city. Major highways like I-75 as well as US Route 441, along with small residential roads, give the ability to access many regions in Devonshire Ocala. There are also numerous garages for parking within the city’s downtown region, making it simple to locate an area to park when you need. In general, Devonshire Ocala offers plenty of choices for travelers and commuters alike. It is simple to move around the bustling city.

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly method of getting around cycling is an excellent alternative. Devonshire Ocala has multiple bike routes throughout the city. They make it simple to move between various parts of town without worrying about parking or traffic. There are also numerous public parks and spaces to explore by bicycle, making it a perfect spot for cyclists of all levels.

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Average Annual Weather

Devonshire Ocala, Florida is famous for its gorgeous weather all year. From May through September, temperatures usually are between the 80s and 90s with bright skies and afternoon thunderstorms. The humidity can be very high in these months, however, rain is a great way to keep things cool. Winter temperatures fall to the mid-50s, with temperatures in the 40s by evening. The days are mostly dry and sunny, with cool nights giving the way to pleasant mornings. Spring brings warm air in Devonshire Ocala and temperatures hover between 75 and 75 degrees during March and April.

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Summer months in Devonshire Ocala are considered hot and sunny, with temperatures regularly reaching the high 80s in the daytime. A few thunderstorms could reduce the heat however, humidity remains quite high during this time of year. People living in Devonshire Ocala should be sure to drink plenty of water and shield themselves from the sun’s UV rays by wearing sunglasses and hats as well as other suitable clothing.

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The weather for autumn within Devonshire Ocala is also mild and pleasant, with temperatures remaining pleasant from September to October. This time of year is known for its stunning hues and pleasantly cool evenings, which are characterized by lows reaching the 50s and peak temperatures in the 70s. The leaves begin changing to a different color around the same time and it is a wonderful season to discover the beauty of Devonshire’s Ocala’s nature.

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The winter months at Devonshire Ocala can get quite cold, typically dropping to the 50s in the middle of the daytime and dropping to down to forty degrees in the evening. The sun is plentiful during this season, which makes it a perfect time for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, or skating on ice. The residents should make sure to dress warmly the temperatures could be quite cold, dependent on the moment that the cold front comes into.

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The springtime In Devonshire Ocala is usually warm and enjoyable with temperatures ranging from 75 degrees on average. It is not as rainy at this time of year, however, there’s still plenty of suns to soak up. The season is bringing freshness to the region after a winter that was long, which makes it a great time for outdoor pursuits such as cycling and hiking. Birds are singing when flowers are blooming to signal that warmer days are on the way.

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Local Tip

When you plan a trip for a trip to Devonshire Ocala, remember that the weather is unpredictable. Make sure you be aware of the forecast before you go and plan for cold or rainy evenings. Be sure to put on layers. You don’t know when you’ll require the extra coat or sweater! With a little planning, the trip to Devonshire Ocala is bound to be a memorable one.

In taking full advantage of all the different seasons that are available in Devonshire Ocala, FL, tourists and residents alike will be able to enjoy the best offerings of nature. The unusual combination of warm summers and mild winters allows for year-round outdoor pursuits like fishing and boating, hiking, biking, and much more. While soaking in the sun or cozying to a warm blanket visiting Devonshire Ocala can be worthwhile.

Devonshire Ocala awaits visitors throughout the year thanks to its gorgeous climate and numerous outdoor pursuits to enjoy throughout the four seasons. Summers are hot and sun-kissed The fall season brings beautiful colors and warm temperatures. Winter is cold and full of sunshine. spring is warm, wet, and full of birdsong. If you are prepared, you are able to enjoy going to Devonshire Ocala at any time of the year!

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Education System Of Devonshire Ocala FL

Devonshire Ocala FL is home to an outstanding education system. The schools in Devonshire are highly regarded with a range of opportunities for learning for students from kindergarten to college. A lot of parents opt to enroll their children in schools in Devonshire due to the high standard of education offered and the variety of resources readily available.

A solid primary school system is in place for students from the age of four through full-day kindergarten programs that continue until the fifth grade. In addition to the standard programs in science, math literature, and social studies classes in music and art are also available. Schools emphasize the development of the ability to think and be creative as well as academics by offering educational excursions as well as activities that promote active learning.

In general, the education structure that is in Devonshire Ocala FL provides a wide range of choices for both students and parents looking for high-quality instruction and resources. From the primary school experience that encourages creativity, to special learning facilities within higher education institutions There are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to make use of these opportunities. Through this array of top-of-the-line education options, children’s minds are nurtured to their full potential, acquiring the knowledge required for success.

Public Schools

The public schools of Devonshire are run under the Ocala County Public Schools system. It comprises six high schools and three middle schools. There are also twenty-one elementary schools five schools for students with special needs as well as seven centers for alternative education. The district also provides new programs, such as that of the Environmental Science Academy and International Baccalaureate program.

Private Schools

If you’re looking for families who are looking for an individualized educational education, they have many private schools within Devonshire. They offer pre-K through 12th grade, which emphasizes giving students individualized education which is tailored to their requirements. Private schools typically employ experienced faculty members who are skilled in small-sized classes. They also strive to encourage students’ creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are another option for education option for Devonshire parents. These schools provide a distinct curriculum that is tailored to the specific requirements of students and typically contains STEM as well as other special education programs. Charter schools also concentrate on project-based learning, which allows students to get experience in practical problem-solving and a variety of subjects that are fundamental to the curriculum.

Religious Schools

Devonshire is also home to a range of religious schools, which include Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish institutions. These schools provide both traditional and spiritual studies, providing the ideal environment for faith-based learning as well as academic excellence. Apart from providing fundamental courses in science, math, language arts, and the social sciences, these schools offer a variety of clubs and activities which makes them a popular option for families looking for a place that encourages spiritual as well as academic growth.


For families who want an individual approach to their education, it is also an alternative in Devonshire. Homeschoolers are able to design their own curriculum as well as have access to sources like tuition online or other tutoring. There are also support groups and networks for homeschoolers from the community, which provide guidance as well as social activities. With the right tools, students can be provided with an education that is customized to their particular requirements and preferences.

All in all, Devonshire Ocala FL offers an array of opportunities for education for students of all kinds. From public schools that offer innovative programs, to private schools catering to specific student groups and options for homeschooling for those who prefer an approach that is more individualized There are plenty of opportunities for families to offer the best educational experience for their children of theirs. With a view to the achievement of academics as well as personal growth, Devonshire is an ideal starting point for your process of becoming an adult.

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Devonshire Ocala FL Local Government And Infrastructure

The local administration that is in Devonshire Ocala FL is based on the city manager model of government that has five members on the City Council. The mayor and council members are elected for two-year terms The City Manager is chosen by the Mayor, and then confirmed through the Council. The main function of the Council serves to give general legal direction to the City Manager, and the staff The City Manager is accountable for running the day-to-day activities of the city.


The Devonshire Ocala FL Police Department is a police department that assists the residents of Devonshire by providing high-quality police services. The department’s focus is on the prevention of crime police work, community policing, as well as proactive solutions to issues of public safety.

Fire Department

The Devonshire Ocala FL Fire Department offers fire protection, emergency medical services, as well as hazardous materials response to the local community. The department is home to three fire stations that are manned by full-time firefighters certified in all aspects that modern firefighters must tackle.


Devonshire Ocala FL is served by the Marion County School District, which runs several K-12 schools across the city. The district also provides various educational programs and services that are designed to meet the requirements of students of all levels.


The Devonshire Ocala FL Public Library is part of the library system in the state. It gives access to periodicals, books CDs, and DVDs, along with digital and physical media for all age groups. The library also provides programs like story time classes, story times, and book clubs that promote reading and education in the local community.

In general, Devonshire Ocala FL offers many amenities and services for residents. From top-quality fire, police, and educational facilities to libraries for public use and recreation spaces, The city is equipped to meet the demands of its residents. With its active local administration as well as infrastructure Devonshire Ocala FL is an ideal spot to live and work.

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Things To Do

In the historic downtown area of Ocala Florida, visitors can discover a variety of interesting stores and eateries. From clothing boutiques as well as home decor products to stores that specialize in antiques as well as books and collectibles you’ll find something distinctive to bring home. Foodies will appreciate the numerous restaurants that offer regional favorites such as fried green tomatoes and a variety of southern cuisines. Go to any of the local breweries and wineries and try the best Florida beer and wine.


If you’re seeking something more casual there are plenty of options to keep you entertained inside. You can enjoy a show at Ocala Civic Theatre. Ocala Civic Theatre or go to the latest film in one of the local theaters. Go to the historical Market Street square and explore the distinctive art and shops that surround the square. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to one of the gorgeous wildlife reserves or state parks in Ocala Florida for the chance to get a closer look at the natural world.

Whatever your passions are there’s something for everybody to do in Ocala Florida. With its welcoming people, distinctive culture, and enjoyable activities, it’s the perfect place for the perfect weekend getaway. Take an excursion to Ocala FL now! It’s a trip you won’t forget.


For those who love the outdoors, There are plenty of things to do within Ocala Florida. Go on a horseback trip through these rolling hills in Silver Springs State Park or enjoy a trip on a canoe along the Rainbow River. Visit the Appleton Museum of Art for an afternoon of art and culture or visit some of the golf clubs nearby to play a few rounds. If you’re seeking an exciting adventure, you can try zip-lining across the forest or taking an airboat ride over the lake.

In the evening, Ocala FL is transformed into a vibrant city of entertainment and music. Visit one of the numerous entertainment venues and enjoy some blues or jazz.

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Restaurants In Devonshire Ocala FL

Devonshire Ocala FL is home to numerous eateries for tourists and locals alike. From casual eateries to exquisite dining there’s something for all tastes here. The main street in Devonshire Ocala FL offers a variety of local eateries, including pizza restaurants subs shops, pizza places, and Mexican restaurants that are great places for people seeking an easy bite or takeaway meal. For those who prefer a more sophisticated palate, there are steakhouses that serve the finest cuts and seafood restaurants that offer diverse menus of freshly caught seafood caught of seafood restaurants that are located in the Atlantic Ocean. There’s also a renowned restaurant serving delicious patties and all the fixings.

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Braised Onion

Braised Onion is a popular restaurant that is located in the middle of downtown Devonshire Ocala FL. This casual restaurant serves traditional Southern dishes like Mac and Cheese, collard greens, and grits, in addition to other popular dishes. It also offers full buffet choices for both dinner and lunch. Along with their homemade meals, they also offer daily specials sure to satisfy all your desire.

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Big Lee´s – Serious About Barbecue

If you’re serious about barbecue, then Big Lee’s is the spot for you. This local favorite has been serving up authentic slow-smoked BBQ since it opened in 2019. All of their meats are smoked over a hickory wood fire and served with traditional sides like coleslaw and potato salad. They also offer special dishes such as smoked pork ribs, beef brisket sandwiches, and pulled pork plates. Big Lee’s is well-known for their unique sauces that are made in-house with local ingredients.

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Wendy´s – Ocala

Wendy’s is a fast-food joint located in Devonshire Ocala FL. This restaurant offers up all the classic favorites like burgers, fries, and shakes as well as a rotating selection of limited-time sandwiches and salads. Wendy’s also has a full breakfast menu with both breakfast sandwiches and breakfast meals.

Whatever your tastes may be, Devonshire Ocala FL has something for all with regard to food options. If you’re searching for fast food or an unforgettable dining experience, it’s all there. With its variety of eateries, Devonshire Ocala FL is certain to please any palate.

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Devonshire Ocala FL is home to some of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences available in the region. One of these activities is visiting local parks. The Devonshire Ocala parks are maintained well and provide various activities suitable for anyone of any age.

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Lillian Bryant Park

Lillian Bryant Park is a favorite place for parents and their friends to spend time together. It has a vast playground and picnic areas along with walking trails and lots areas of grass for playing sports or simply taking a break. It also offers an amazing view from the hilly terrain of the vicinity. There are two play areas that are wet with water jets, which are ideal for cooling off on hot days.

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Heritage Nature Conservancy

It has something for everybody. The park has a vast playground, disc golf track, horseshoe pits, and plenty of room for engaging in activities or taking picnics. There’s also an observation deck on which you can admire the breathtaking surroundings. This park is especially popular among dog owners since it offers plenty of open space as well as a few designated places for canines to run around.

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Tuscawilla Art Park

The Tuscawilla Art Park is a great spot for art lovers in the area. The park features a variety of sculptures, murals, and other pieces of artwork created by local artists. There are also plenty of benches to sit on and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Visitors can also take part in an array of activities such as painting classes or workshops.

The park also features a lake with paddle boats, kayaks, and even fishing opportunities. There is a playground for children as well as picnic tables and grills for family gatherings. The park also offers plenty of walking trails that meander through the woods providing fantastic views of nature.

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Ocala Downtown Square

Ocala Downtown Square is located in the center of town and is a wonderful destination for both locals and visitors. The square features plenty of restaurants, shops, galleries, and other attractions. Visitors can take part in shopping, dining, or simply stroll around. The park also features a beautiful fountain that makes it a great spot to relax on hot days.

Whatever your passions for outdoor recreation could include, Devonshire Ocala FL has an area that is able to accommodate you. The parks are maintained and offer ample opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation. If you’re seeking an active time or simply want to relax in peace and tranquility in the natural surroundings The parks at Devonshire Ocala are sure to please.

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Is Devonshire Ocala FL Safe To Live In

Devonshire Ocala FL is an ideal location for people looking for the security of a secure and safe community. It is home to a low level of crime with well-maintained neighborhoods and plenty of leisure activities. Residents are able to walk around the neighborhood, knowing that their safety is taken very seriously by the local law enforcement agencies.

Devonshire Ocala FL also offers fantastic schools with excellent academic programs. A majority of schools in the area have received top rankings in both public education as well as private institutions rankings. Parents can be confident that their children receive the highest quality education that is available in this area.

Locally, the economy growing within Devonshire Ocala FL making it one of the top areas to live in. The region has a robust job market, relatively low unemployment rates, and lots of businesses seeking talented workers to be employed for them.

Finally, the community is full of welcoming people which makes Devonshire Ocala FL and welcoming place to live. Residents are frequently observed having conversations with neighbors and taking part in community activities like block parties or festivals. This fosters a sense of community in which everyone looks out for each other and enjoys living together. In the end, Devonshire Ocala FL is an ideal area to call home with possibilities for those who are looking for an enviable and safe area to settle down.

Devonshire Ocala FL is an excellent place to live for those who are looking for an enviable and safe atmosphere. It has low rates of crime, strong schools, a thriving job market, and friendly residents, making it the ideal location to raise a family or spend time with your friends. With its plethora of security protections Devonshire, Ocala FL is certainly one of the most secure locations in Florida to reside.

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Why Should I Live Here

Devonshire Ocala FL is an ideal spot for people who want to live in an environment that is comfortable and convenient. The community offers residents access to the many facilities required for modern life including shopping centers as well as schools, recreation centers, and many more. With close accessibility to major highways and routes, getting to and from Devonshire is no longer a hassle. In addition, the neighborhood is set in lush greenery and mature trees that provide an inviting space for residents to relax.

Devonshire Ocala FL also boasts many housing choices for people looking for an inviting home to call their own. With a variety of townhomes, single family homes condos, townhomes, and other all in a thriving community, there are plenty of choices for new residents to look into. In addition, the area is a great place to walk with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on the streets.

Devonshire Ocala FL also offers its residents an array of leisure facilities close by. Two golf courses are close by and a variety of public swimming pools and parks and pools, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Residents can also access the community clubhouse along with a huge fitness center equipped with the latest technology.

The last but not least, Devonshire Ocala FL is located close to the vibrant downtown area of the city. The residents here have access to a myriad of restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. There are numerous entertainment options to visit which include Ocala Civic Theatre, Ocala Civic Theatre as well as Silver Springs Nature Park. With all of these activities only a few minutes away, Devonshire Ocala FL is an ideal location for people who want a life that is comfortable and convenient.