Fore Acres Ocala FL

January 17, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Fore Acres Ocala FL

Fore Acres is situated in the center of Marion County, Florida. It is located near where I-75 meets SR 200 which gives easy access to many local places of interest like Silver Springs State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park, Ocala National Forest, and a myriad of others. In addition, it allows for easy commute access to Gainesville (home to the University of Florida) which is just 15 minutes drive away. Because of its proximity to nature preserves and great recreation opportunities, Fore Acres provides an ideal spot to unwind and take in all the amenities central Florida offers. Additionally, it’s a perfect location for those who are looking for peace and quiet away from the bustle of the everyday. From shopping malls in the vicinity to the best golf courses in the world or swimming pools, Fore Acres has something for every person.

Fore Acres History

Fore Acres History

Fore Acres is a small neighborhood that is located in Ocala, Florida. The neighborhood was founded in the early 1950s. At first, Fore Acres was mainly used as farmland, and there were a few residential neighborhoods. In the latter half of the 1960s however, there were more residential areas to be constructed and the town began to expand. In the course of time Fore Acres’ population was steadily increasing until by the year 1980, the population had reached close to 500 people.

In recent times, Fore Acres has seen an increase in the number of new residents drawn by its tranquil streets and its proximity to facilities like shopping malls and eateries. There are also old homes that are preserved from the time the neighborhood was founded.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Today

Fore Acres Today:

Presently, Fore Acres is a lively community with lots of events and activities for residents to participate in. There are numerous churches in the area that provide services. There are numerous organizations such as Fore Acres Civic Club that host various events throughout the year, including block celebrations, movie nights, and holiday celebrations. Other services include public transportation along with several parks, as well as recreation centers.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the Fore Acres neighborhood in Ocala Florida is fairly affordable when in comparison to other areas of town. The cost of housing, electricity as well as transportation, and groceries are typically less expensive than the typical. The neighborhood is affordable and has easy accessibility to restaurants, stores, and parks which makes it an ideal choice for anyone searching for an affordable home.


The cost of housing in the Fore Acres neighborhood is relatively inexpensive compared to other communities located in Ocala Florida. The median value of homes is $166,400. While the average rent is approximately 1,000 per month. Furthermore, the cost of the real estate tax, as well as homeowners insurance, are less expensive than those in other areas of town.


If you are planning to explore Ocala or other areas in the State, a vehicle is suggested. Prices for gas tend to be less expensive for residents of Fore Acres than elsewhere in town. There are also a number of garages and parking spaces all over the neighborhood for those with vehicles.

General Goods & Services:

The typical electric cost for an apartment in the Fore Acres neighborhood is around $125 per month. The cost could vary based on the amount of usage and the season. Prices for groceries in Fore Acres are generally lower than the prices found in more metropolitan areas. There are numerous grocery stores within a 10-mile distance, with competitive prices and high-quality items.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Local Economy

Local Economy

The economic situation in Fore Acres Ocala FL is robust with a variety of job opportunities and an extremely high average household income. Local government officials have made major investments to stimulate the growth of the economy, which will bring about further improvement over the next few years. With its low rate of unemployment as well as a good standard of living and a thriving business environment the region is an excellent opportunity for people who wish to work and live in a region with a lot of opportunities for prosperity.

Job Opportunities:

The economy of Fore Acres Ocala FL is mostly based on the services industry. The major employers in the region comprise hospitals and health centers, government offices as well as restaurants, retail stores as well as educational institutions. The biggest company of workers in Ocala is Munroe Regional Medical Center, which offers a variety of medical services for patients across the region. There are also a lot of small companies that provide specific services in various fields like finance, IT, and engineering.

Ocala also has numerous industrial parks, with businesses located within them, which have provided many opportunities for employment for Ocala residents. Businesses like Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation Systems, and DRS Technologies have established large campuses in the region, creating thousands of positions for Ocala residents. The government also offers local jobs by having offices like that of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Social Security Administration (SSA), and the United States Postal Service (USPS) situated in Ocala.

Household Income:

In the median, household revenue in Fore Acres Ocala, Florida is $45,895 as per census figures from 2018. This is slightly more than the average national income of $61,937 for the household in which it is. Its poverty percentage for residents in the area is 11 percent, which is less than the nation’s average of 12.5%. Furthermore, unemployment remains fairly low at only 5 percent. This suggests that the economy is excellent in the region, providing residents with an excellent standard of living.

Local Investments:

It has also made substantial investments in the region to boost economic expansion. The Ocala/Marion county Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is an entity that works to encourage employment and business development. They have offered financial aid along with tax incentives, as well as other assistance to draw companies to the area. In addition, they have collaborated with local universities, such as Central Florida Community College and the University of Florida Ocala Campus to offer educational opportunities for local residents.

The EDC also provides technical assistance programs designed to support small enterprises as they seek to expand as well as expand operations. They are also developing initiatives like “Smart City” which will bring the latest technologies, such as intelligent lighting, modern infrastructure, and upgraded infrastructure for transportation to the region. The investments will increase employment opportunities and increase the income of households for residents of Fore Acres Ocala FL.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

Fore Acres Ocala FL offers an array of options for transportation for its residents. These include taxis, public transportation as well as cars and bicycles. Each of these options provides a safe method to move to the city and discover everything this vibrant city offers!

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute-Public Transportation

Public Transportation:

Fore Acres Ocala FL has an extensive public transportation network, operated through the Marion County Public Transportation Department. The department runs a variety of bus routes that traverse the city, offering convenient access to major locations like shopping centers as well as hospitals and schools. In addition, there is a free shuttle service that operates across Fore Acres’ downtown Fore Acres around every 30 minutes in peak hours and makes additional stops at selected park and ride destinations.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute-Taxi


Taxis are also accessible at Fore Acres Ocala FL for people who want to move to the city’s main attractions easily and efficiently. There are numerous taxi firms operating within the city’s limits, offering affordable prices for excursions around town or to cities nearby like Gainesville as well as St Augustine. The majority of taxis can be contacted directly or through apps on the internet and usually accept cash as well as major credit cards for payment options.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute-Bicycles


Cycling is a fantastic method of getting around Fore Acres in Ocala FL because of its flat terrain and the vast trail and bike trails. The city is home to numerous designated bike lanes on its streets, offering an easy and safe way to travel across the town. In addition, the city has recently put up a number of bike racks in several locations across Fore Acres for those looking to park their bikes when exploring different areas within the city.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Transportation Options For The Commute-Cars


The most used mode of transport in Fore Acres, is Ocala, FL because of their convenience as well as their affordability and reliability. There are numerous highways and roads that run through it, allowing convenient access to other destinations. Furthermore, there’s an ample parking network, with several parking lots scattered in the city for people who want to park their vehicles when exploring various parts of Fore Acres.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Fore Acres Ocala FL enjoys warm weather all year round, with distinct seasonal changes. The summer months are often hot and humid and winter brings cool temperatures however, there isn’t much rainfall. The seasons of spring and fall are pleasant with mild temperatures during the day, as well as more rainfall over other seasons.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather-Summer


In summer, Fore Acres Ocala FL (May through September) typically brings temperatures that exceed the mid-90s. In summer, the temperatures become uncomfortably hot and humid, with humid levels that can be high. The nights are cool and pleasant, usually falling to 70 degrees, storms are common at this time, with average totals of rainfall ranging from 3 to 5 inches every month.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather-Winter


Winter months at Fore Acres Ocala FL (December until March) generally have cool temperatures with daytime highs of the mid-60s at night, with lows falling into the upper 40s or 50s. The amount of rainfall is generally less than in the other months and with monthly amounts ranging from 1 and 2 inches per month. Although snow isn’t common, it can happen in this region of Florida.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather-Fall


It is a mild time that is prevalent in Fore Acres Ocala FL, usually lasting from late October until the beginning of December. Temperatures are generally warm, but then cool off as the season gets more intense. The days in the early fall months can be sunny and enjoyable but the late fall weather is more unpredictable and could be accompanied by occasional rain showers. The average high temperatures vary from the mid-70s to low 80s, while the lows fall into the 60s to 60s.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Average Annual Weather-Spring


The springtime season in Fore Acres Ocala FL (April through June) offers sunny, warm days, as temperatures slowly increase. Highs during the day typically rise to mid-80s by the end of spring, and nights when temperatures rarely dip lower than 65 °F. The amount of rainfall is higher this time than in winter, with a range of between 3 and 5 inches per month. Light showers and thunderstorms are frequent during afternoon hours during the springtime.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Local Tip

Local Tip:

Make sure you bring sunscreen and insect repellents if you are planning to visit Fore Acres Ocala Florida in the summer season! The sun is extremely strong in this area of Florida and you should make sure you take steps to protect yourself against harmful UV Rays. Also, mosquitoes are a common sight in this area during these seasons, which is why it’s recommended to keep spray for mosquitoes on hand.

Fore Acres Ocala FL- Education System Of Fore Acres

Education System Of Fore Acres

Fore Acres Ocala offers a large selection of educational options to meet the requirements of every child. If you decide to go with either private, public or charter schools, religious or homeschooling alternatives parents in this region can rest assured that their children receive the best education possible.

Public Schools:

Fore Acres Ocala is served by the Marion County Public School System comprising 54 schools, which include 34 elementary schools and 10 middle schools. There are also Six high schools, two special centers, and two alternative education centers. All students in public schools are required to be tested on a statewide standardized test, known as the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) to assess their academic progress. The county also has an honors program in certain middle and elementary high schools for high achieving students.

Charter Schools:

Marion County Public School System offers parents a variety of choices for charter schools. There are currently seven charter or specialized programs that are scattered across the county, spanning districts run and independent campuses. They are Science & Technology Magnet Programs as well as Math and Science Magnet Programs, International Baccalaureate (IB) Magnet Programs as well as others.

Private Schools:

Private schools are educational centers that aren’t run by public bodies like the school district Fore Acres is home to a number of these. Private schools in the county vary from Catholic schools to those that offer an excellent Montessori education for students aged three to twelve. Some of the best school privates in the region are Circle Christian School, St. John Lutheran School, and Maranatha Christian Academy.

Religious Schools:

There are many religious institutions that offer different types of education within Fore Acres Ocala. Many of the schools in this area are associated with Christian religious denominations and offer students an education based on faith. For instance, St. Paul Catholic School, Calvary Chapel Academy, and Celebration Lutheran School.


For parents that would prefer to educate their children in the comfort of their homes, homeschooling is possible in the Fore Acres area of Ocala. Local sources for homeschoolers include the Marion County Home Education Association (MCHEA) which offers assistance to families who choose this option of education along with events and classes for free all throughout the year. In addition, there are a variety of local cooperatives that provide special classes, such as laboratory science or foreign language courses.

Fore Acres Local Government And Infrastructure

Fore Acres Local Government And Infrastructure

Fore Acres Ocala provides a wide range of services for its residents, with dedicated staff and clean facilities that ensure the security and well-being of everyone. From security for police to public works and schools this small town is prepared to meet the demands of its residents.

Police Department:

Fore Acres Ocala Police Department has been charged with the task of ensuring safety and security for the residents in Fore Acres. The department is composed of a number of dedicated staff, which includes plainclothes and uniformed police officers, in addition to the administrative staff. The officers are available all hours of the day and are on the streets to respond to emergencies regularly, and keep the public safe. In addition to the general police tasks. The Fore Acres Ocala Police Department also offers programs to prevent crime and educational activities, as well as fingerprinting services and other special youth initiatives.

Fire Departments:

Fore Acres Ocala Fire Department is a full service agency for firefighting that serves the community by safeguarding property, life as well as the environment. The department is made up of a skilled group of officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other personnel. Fore Acres Ocala Fire Department provides services that include wildland and structural firefighting, hazardous materials intervention, technical rescue, aid to disaster relief as well as air operations support. ambulance transportation.


Fore Acres Ocala has one public school district, which serves the children of the region in grades K-8. The school system comprises seven elementary schools as well as two middle schools, and a high school. The schools all offer an intensive program for every student, along with extracurricular activities such as sports and arts. Technology is accessible via computer labs at all of the campuses and the teachers employ innovative methods of instruction in order to make sure that the students are well prepared for the success they will achieve.


Fore Acres Ocala library system comprises two libraries for public use, both located inside central Ocala as well on the eastern end of town. Both branches have a large collection of books, magazines, and periodicals, as well as other resources for reference for adults and children alike. Computers with internet connectivity are available in both branches to offer electronic resources like online databases or digital libraries. In addition to the traditional library services, libraries also have regular programs, such as story time or book clubs as well as author visits.

Alongside police, fire libraries, and schools, Fore Acres Ocala provides an array of other services offered by the public to its residents. The public works department of the city is accountable for maintaining the infrastructure and roads, as well as the park and recreation department provides numerous recreational activities for both adults and children. Other services offered by Ocala include water utilities, waste management, and control of animals. There are also a variety of volunteer groups that offer extra resources for residents who are in need.

Fore Acres Ocala- Things To Do

Things To Do

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL is an ideal area to explore, regardless of whether you’re seeking outdoor activities or indoor recreation. With its many things to do and places to go, there is something for all the family members to take pleasure in. If you’re seeking an enjoyable getaway, Fore Acres can be the ideal location!


Fore Acres offers many outdoor activities for those who wish to explore the lush surroundings. Most popular are fishing, horseback riding, and camping. Horseback riding is possible in the nearby ranches and trails, fishing is possible at Lake Kathryn or any of the waterways and lakes in the area. Camping is permitted in the majority of places around Fore Acres as long as you possess an approved permit issued by the Marion County Parks & Recreation Department. Additionally, the abundant natural springs make it a perfect place for kayaking and swimming.


If you prefer activities indoors, Fore Acres also has lots to provide. It has a variety of museums, like the Silver River Museum & Environmental Education Center and the Appleton Museum of Art. Additionally, it offers a wide range of shopping options, including Paddock Mall. If you’re looking to unwind and relax, Fore Acres has plenty of spas that provide facials, massages, and other treatments. Additionally, there are a variety of wonderful restaurants located within the region that serve delicious cuisine from around the globe. Whatever your passions might be, there’s something for all at Fore Acres Ocala FL!

Restaurants In Fore Acres

Restaurants In Fore Acres

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL is where you can find a variety of dining and eating establishments. From casual eateries to more upscale bistros there’s something for all.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Salted Brick At Ocala Preserve

Salted Brick At Ocala Preserve:

The restaurant is renowned for its fresh from the farm cuisine and stunning presentation of seasonal dishes created using local ingredients. Salted Brick serves a range of dishes prepared in distinctive and innovative ways, ranging from fresh seafood as well as succulent and tender steaks. Some of their dishes include Grilled filet mignon that is garnished with truffle butter and bacon jam as well as their crispy duck confit topped with honey and lavender sauce. The menu also features small plates, such as aged cheeses and cured meats, and a variety of cocktails that are specialized.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-The Crazy Cucumber Eatery and Bar

The Crazy Cucumber Eatery and Bar:

This hidden in the wall restaurant is situated within Fore Acres Ocala, Florida, and is known for its quirky ambiance and tasty farm to table meals. Its restaurant serves up a range of tasty dishes such as burgers that are flavored with unique ingredients, such as blue cheese and bacon jam tacos made from slow cooked brisket and a house made vegan chili. The Crazy Cucumber also serves a range of wine and craft beers to accompany the food.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Formaggio Pizza and Italian Restaurant

Formaggio Pizza and Italian Restaurant:

They are renowned for their hand crafted Neapolitan pizzas that are made from fresh ingredients. The menu also features classic pasta dishes, such as spaghetti carbonara and lasagna, together with chicken marsala, and parmesan from veal. Also, diners can have a choice of desserts like cannoli and tiramisu and Italian wines that go with the food.

In general, Fore Acres Ocala, Florida provides a range of restaurants that focus on the farm to table style of cooking. From Salted Brick’s delectable dishes to Crazy Cucumber’s distinctive small plates, there’s something for all to take pleasure in. Finally, Formaggio Pizza and Italian Restaurant is sure to satisfy anyone’s desire for authentic Italian food.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Parks


Fore Acres Ocala FL is located in a range of gorgeous parks that provide something for all. If you’re seeking an outdoor getaway as well as recreational activities or simply some tranquil greenery there are plenty of choices to pick from.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Parks-Legacy Park

Legacy Park:

Legacy Park is the perfect location for an array of outdoor activities. It has a huge playground with slides, swings as well as other fun equipment for kids. Basketball courts are also available as four sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits for groups of players to play as well as two tennis courts as well as an in-line skating court. For those who want to get active, Legacy Park has more than the two-mile trail for running, walking, and biking. Legacy Park also offers picnic areas that have grills and pavilions that are perfect for celebrations with the family or birthday celebrations.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Parks-Jervey Gantt Park

Jervey Gantt Park:

Jervey Gantt Park can be described as a tranquil oasis situated in the middle of Ocala. It is home to an amazing lake, which offers visitors kayaking, canoeing, and fishing options. It also has lovely spots for picnics to enjoy meals or lunch and take in the beautiful views. Visitors who are active will appreciate the running track along with the court for basketball. In addition, Jervey Gantt Park contains an outdoor playground that includes slides as well as swings, tunnels, and much more.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Parks-Polly Palmer Park

Polly Palmer Park:

Polly Palmer Park is a community park that provides lots of entertainment for all the family. The vast park has two playgrounds that include slides, swings, and other play equipment for kids to explore. There are two tennis courts as well as an expansive open field ideal for games of touch football or soccer. Also, Polly Palmer Park has an area for picnics with barbeques and pavilions for large gatherings.

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL-Parks-Ritterhoff Park

Ritterhoff Park:

Ritterhoff Park is the perfect location for playing pick-up basketball. The park is home to two courts that are open to the public and ample seating for players to enjoy a break between games. The park also has an area for children to play with slides, swings, and other toys for kids to explore. In addition, Ritterhoff Park features two pavilions for people who want to hold larger gatherings and an ideal walking path for an evening walk.

If you’re seeking an area to have a picnic, enjoy games, or simply relax, the parks in the area offer lots of outdoor activities as well as breathtaking landscapes. Go to any of them and experience everything the city has to provide!

Is Fore Acres Safe To Live In

Is Fore Acres Safe To Live In

Fore Acres in Ocala, FL is a secure and secure area to live in. The city takes security seriously and has a vigilant police force that patrols the area around the clock. The streets are well lit in the evening, making it much easier for citizens to feel at ease whether running or walking at night. Security cameras have been strategically located all over the place and any suspicious activity could be easily identified and identified.

The neighborhood is served by numerous services, including a variety of schools as well as restaurants, shopping centers, and parks. This contributes to the feeling of security that many residents have throughout Fore Acres. In addition, there are a lot of medical facilities in the region which makes it simple for any person to receive assistance in case of an emergency.

All in all, Fore Acres is a safe and secure area to reside, with a wealth of amenities available, including security and CCTV cameras offering extra surveillance. This all contributes to creating a relaxing living space that residents are able to enjoy living in.

Fore Acres Ocala, FL-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Fore Acres neighborhood in Fore Acres is a great place to reside for people seeking peace and beauty in their homes. It is an undeveloped area with lush green fields, lush fields, and majestic forests. This creates a tranquil ambiance that makes it ideal for tranquility. Also, it has a small number of automobiles, which makes it perfect for those who enjoy an unpretentious lifestyle.

Furthermore, the neighborhood is located near a range of amenities and shops including banks, grocery stores, and eateries. This allows you to procure all the essential items without having to go far away from home. In addition, there are plenty of parks close by for recreational activities like cycling and hiking.

The residents in Fore Acres are friendly and warm, with a tight-knit community that is perfect for developing relationships with your neighbors. The region is also known for the excellent schools it has and is the ideal location to raise your children.

All in all, the Fore Acres neighborhood is the ideal area to live in for people looking for an idyllic, peaceful home. The rural setting, tranquil environment, and access to amenities make it the ideal place for anyone looking for an escape from urban life. It’s a fantastic option for people with families or who wish to experience the benefits of peace and convenience.