Hawks Landing Ocala Florida

January 19, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Hawks Landing Ocala Florida

Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is located in the center of Central Florida, just south of Silver Springs Village. Silver Springs.  The community has lush forests with natural springs and crystal-clear lakes, which create an idyllic setting that is perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating. It is also close to the many attractions in the area that have made Marion County so popular – Silver River State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park, and Appleton Museum of Art are close by.

 Residents can enjoy eating, shopping, and entertainment in local venues like Paddock Mall or even downtown Ocala’s Historic District. Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is the ideal place to live. It doesn’t matter if you want a quiet place to relax in the forest or a central location to the action, Hawks Landing has something for all. Discover why we’re one of the fastest-growing communities located in Central Florida. We are looking at welcoming you to our community!


Hawks Landing History

Hawks Landing is a well-established neighborhood located in Ocala, Florida. The neighborhood was established around the 1900s and rapidly grew in popularity because of its central location and close accessibility to amenities like eating, shopping, and entertainment choices. At first, the community was mostly single-family homes set on vast lot sizes, which has changed a little over time. 

Hawks Landing Today:

At the present, Hawks Landing contains a mixture of single-family homes as well as townhomes, condominiums as well as apartments, and other multi-family residences. This beautiful neighborhood is home to numerous desirable amenities such as sidewalks and streetlights across the entire subdivision. This makes it much easier for residents to bike or walk around their homes or even further into a nearby neighborhood. 

Additionally, a variety of parks are in the area, offering plenty of green space for children to play or for adults to relax in the open air. Hawks Landing is a true neighborhood where neighbors meet and get to know one another well. 


Cost of Living

The cost of living within the Hawks Landing neighborhood in Ocala, FL is relatively low and reasonable. 


Costs for housing in the area are reasonable in comparison to the majority of towns in Florida. A typical two-bedroom house can be bought for around $300,000-$400,000. Electric bills typically hover between $100 and $150 per month, depending on how much you use them and what season it is. 


The cost of transportation is largely dependent on the person but is relatively affordable. The prices for gas in Ocala’s Hawks Landing area tend to be less expensive than in other cities in Florida, an unleaded gallon is priced at about $2.50-$3.00 on average. There is public transportation readily available throughout Ocala and is typically inexpensive, depending on the distance one must travel.

General Goods & Services:

Food prices are also relatively affordable and many stores offer specials and promotions all year long. The near Walmart Supercenter often has weekly specials that can lower the cost of grocery shopping significantly.

In the end, the price of life in Hawks Landing is quite reasonable and offers plenty of possibilities for people on a budget who wish to be in a safe and friendly community. With its many services, affordable housing costs and affordable grocery costs It’s not surprising that thousands of people opt to make the neighborhood their home.


Local Economy

Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is well-known for its robust economy and numerous jobs. It is home to a vast variety of highly rated employers, these businesses offer local employment in fields that range from technology to healthcare and energy.

Job Opportunities

Along with large corporations, Hawks Landing features numerous small businesses, including restaurants, shops, stores, and service providers, which offer additional jobs to the area. 

Household Income

In terms of income, the median for households in Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is estimated at $43,337 annually. 

Local Investment

With a concentration on economic development Hawks Landing has made investments in infrastructure improvements, such as sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike trails to improve the quality of living for residents. The city also has developed an Emerging Technologies District, which provides tax incentives to lure entrepreneurs and start-ups to the region. The idea is to create jobs in new areas such as artificial intelligence, software development, and robotics.


Transportation Options For The Commute

There are a variety of choices of transportation options in Hawks landing, ranging from taxis to ride-sharing applications as well as public transportation systems bikes, and cars. Getting around town shouldn’t be an issue regardless of what kind of transport you choose. With these options to choose from, traveling throughout Hawks Landing is easy and comfortable.


Public Transportation:

The public transportation system is run through Marion County Transit (MCT) which runs fixed routes in Ocala. MCT also provides an access-a-ride program for people with disabilities and for those who cannot access the fixed route system.



Taxis can take passengers around town or towards the airport. Major ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft also offer services within Hawks Landing. 



Cycling is an excellent method of getting around. Hawks Landing has plenty of trails and bike paths that are great for easy rides or quick commutes. There are several bicycle rental businesses in the area that provide bikes, helmets and other safety gear for you to ride around without the need to purchase your own bicycle.



Car ownership is another alternative within Hawks Landing. The traffic volume is minimal throughout the whole region, so getting around town is easy and effortless. There are parking spaces at various locations like restaurants and stores.


Average Annual Weather

In the end, Hawks Landing is an excellent spot for those who are searching for every season, without the extreme temperatures found in other areas of the country. There are plenty of beautiful scenery and outdoor activities which makes it a perfect location for everyone who travels. The weather can be mild in winter, but scorching summers and everything between Hawks Landing is sure to delight!



The summer In Hawks Landing, Ocala Florida is generally hot and humid, with the temperatures going up to an average of 92°F in the months of July, June, and August. The summer months are characterized by rain and average 8-9 inches in a month. The sun shines almost every day with occasional scattered storms or showers. The summer evenings are usually enjoyable for relaxing outside and taking in the cool breeze that blows from nearby rivers and lakes.



The winter season within Hawks Landing is typically mild with temperatures that don’t dip to the point that is below freezing. Average lows are about 51°F and the highs stay in the mid 70°F. Rain is also very scarce in the winter months although drizzles and even light rain do occasionally occur.



The fall season of Hawks Landing usually signals a cooling down of temperatures that have an average low of the 68°F and a maximum of 85°F. The rainfall has also reached its highest during this time with between 8 and 9 inches happening every month. It’s still sunny on most days, however, scattered thunderstorms and showers are frequent throughout the fall months. 



The springtime season In Hawks Landing brings warmer weather and more sunshine as temperatures climb to the mid-80°F. Sunshine is plentiful throughout the year, and rain averages about 5 inches per month. The frequency of storms increases as the days get hotter, and it’s vital to be alert for possible storms when making plans for outdoor activities.


Local Tip: 

Fall is the best time to visit Hawks Landing! The leaves are beautiful and the weather is sufficient to enjoy outdoor activities without getting too cold or hot. 


Education System of Hawks Landing

Hawks Landing Ocala, Florida has a comprehensive education system, which includes charter schools private schools, religious schools, and homeschooling.

Public Schools:

Ocala is served by the Marion County Public Schools District. The district is comprised of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and Special Centers and Programs. The district’s educational program provides students with a variety of subjects and to extracurricular activities like clubs and sports teams.

Charter Schools:

There’s a variety of charter schools within the city boundaries for families looking to look at alternatives to teaching and learning that do not fall within the traditional public school system. 

Private Schools:

Private Schools within the city boundaries include St. John Lutheran School, New Horizon Academy for Exceptional Students, Inc., The Cornerstone School, and Grace Christian School. 

Religious Schools:

Faith-based education is an alternative for families living in the region. This includes Ocala Christian Academy, Redeemer Christian School, and Ocala Christian Learning Academy.


Homeschooling is a well-liked option for families living in the region. Marion County Public Schools District offers support and resources for those who homeschool in their county with information on educational curriculum, legal guidelines, and the management of student records.


Hawks Landing Local Government and Infrastructure

Hawks Landing, Ocala Florida has a large infrastructure and local government.


The safety of the public in Hawks Landing is managed by both the Ocala Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The police department offers several programs that keep the community safe, such as neighborhood watch groups as well as online crime reporting, and even bicycle patrols for additional security. 

Fire Department

Safety is assured by a fire department serving the community. They are outfitted with the latest equipment, including respirators, hazardous material handling as well as medical response vehicles. They participate in regularly scheduled training sessions to ensure that they are ready for any situation.


There are numerous schools at Hawks Landing Ocala Florida that cater to students up to 12th grade. These schools offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs as well as extracurricular activities like arts, sports, or music courses. They also provide various after-school programs in order to help students advance their education and explore their passions.


Hawks Landing community is also supported by a range of services offered by the public, including libraries, parks, recreation centers, museums, and others. The library system provides a variety of magazines, books CD’s, DVD’s and books for children and adults to take advantage of while visiting. 

In general, Hawks Landing Ocala Florida gives its residents access to vast local government and infrastructure that is designed to ensure that the community is safe and to provide access to the essential services they need. 


Things To Do

Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is an excellent place for those looking to escape the bustle and hustle of daily life. With its natural beauty, accessibility to amazing outdoor activities, as well as a variety of leisure activities there’s something for all types of people in this area. No matter if you’re seeking an enjoyable day of relaxation at the pool or an adrenaline-inducing adventure by mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding, Hawks Landing has it all for you.


For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep them entertained. Hawks Landing’s extensive trail network includes a wide range of trails for running as well as mountain biking trails, and horseback riding trails, all within the same distance. There are numerous lakes in which guests can go fishing, boating, or even swimming. If you are looking for tougher outdoor pursuits There is an 18-hole course of golf and an entire Zip Line course.


If you prefer more indoor activities like eating out and shopping, Hawks Landing offers plenty of possibilities to explore this trendy town. The historic downtown district has numerous antique shops and boutiques that are ideal for buying individual gifts or personal objects. There are numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes to pick from. The area also boasts an active nightlife scene that includes live entertainment, comedy shows, and many other entertainment alternatives.

In the end, Hawks Landing is home to some of the most beautiful parks in Florida with a large amount of grassy open space that is perfect for picnicking, camping, or simply taking a break. Furthermore, the region is home to a variety of local attractions, including botanical gardens museums, and art galleries which are open throughout the year. Whatever event you’re seeking for Hawks Landing offers something for anyone!


Restaurants in Hawks Landing

Hawks Landing serves a variety of restaurants to choose from, including fancy restaurants, chains, food trucks, or casual dining. With delicious food and a welcoming ambiance, Hawks Landing is the perfect spot to experience a memorable dining experience in Ocala Florida.


Latinos y Mas Restaurant

This is an authentic Latin American restaurant that is located in Hawks Landing Ocala Florida offering traditional cuisine that originates from Mexico, Peru, and Cuba. The incredible menu includes tacos, burritos and quesadillas, enchiladas, Tamales, fajitas, and many more. There are also Peruvian dishes such as ceviche and Cuban-inspired sandwiches made with Swiss cheese and smoked Ham.


Miller’s Ale House

This is an American restaurant that is located at Hawks Landing Ocala Florida. It serves traditional pub food as wings served with a variety of sauces, burgers that are served on pretzel buns, potato skins, and potato buns garnished with bacon pieces and cheese. The restaurant’s guests can sip signature cocktails as well as a selection of beers available on the tap.


Ipanema Brazilian Steak House

This is an elegant churrascaria that is located in Hawks Landing Ocala Florida. They serve traditional Brazilian meals made with meat, chicken, and sausages cooked on an open flame inside the Rotisserie oven. The guests are welcome to sample everything-you-can-eat dishes such as black beans, mashed potatoes, and cooked vegetables. 



The parks listed below are only a few of the numerous local parks located in Hawks Landing Ocala Florida that provide their own distinctive events and activities. Each park has something unique that makes your outdoor adventure unforgettable and enjoyable! No matter if you’re seeking the perfect spot to take your kids, or just want to take a break and enjoy nature’s splendor. Explore the many things Hawks Landing Ocala Florida has to provide!


Jervey Gantt Park 

The park has courts for basketball, and tennis, an amphitheater, walking trails, and a fishing pier people can enjoy. The park also offers picnic areas for families to enjoy a peaceful day or host an event for the entire family, such as a reunion or other special occasion. Jervey Gantt Park offers plenty of fun activities for all ages.


M.O.M.S. Park 

It offers a recreational outdoor space situated in Ocala close to the University of Florida campus and Hawks Landing’s Downtown area. It has playgrounds for kids, picnic areas as well as an easy walking path. 


Ocala Nature Park

Is one of the most well-known parks in Hawks Landing Ocala Florida, with a variety of trails for cycling and hiking. The park also has numerous bird-watching spots and a play area for kids and many benches to sit at during your visit. The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, including turtles, ducks, and many more!


Clyatt Park

Is adjacent to Jervey Gantt Park, and is another well-known neighborhood park within the vicinity. It has two play structures, picnic pavilions with basketball courts, as well as an outdoor walking path. Apart from these facilities, Clyatt Park also has numerous grills, as well as lots of open space for guests to relax.


Is Hawks Landing Safe To Live In

Hawks Landing Ocala Florida is an extremely safe area to live. There are no crime rates and safety measures have been put in place in order to make sure that the residents are able to comfortably enjoy the region. The roads are well-lit and maintained for ease of navigation within the neighborhood. All properties in Hawks Landing are protected by an active Neighborhood Watch program that includes surveillance cameras and regular patrols at important locations throughout the property.

Residents also have peace of mind knowing that local police officers are in constant patrol of the area and are quick to respond to any situation that requires immediate attention or incidents. There are public transportation options accessible near Hawks Landing, making it simple to travel around town without having a car.


Why Should I Live Here

Hawks Landing is a desirable neighborhood that is located within Ocala, FL. It’s the ideal location for people who have to travel but want to enjoy an enviable and peaceful environment. The area offers a variety of amenities making it ideal for every type of lifestyle including active people looking to make use of the nearby recreational opportunities, such as biking trails, golfing as well as fishing spots, and many more, as well as to families looking for schools that have award-winning educational programs, and excellent student/teacher ratios.

The area also has a wide range of thrilling cultural activities and events throughout the year with outdoor performances at the Amphitheater of Citizens’ Circle as well as weekly food truck rallies held at an assortment of farmers’ markets. Its location is conveniently close to supermarkets, shopping centers pharmacies, and other services that are essential. All in all, Hawks Landing offers the ideal combination of convenience, ambiance, comfort, and facilities for those looking for a comprehensive life in Ocala, FL. If you’re searching for an ideal location to raise a family, or simply want to experience the advantages associated with Florida life, Hawks Landing is sure to offer a fun and satisfying experience.

If you’re looking to have everything from amenities, and location to convenience and comfort, check out Hawks Landing in Ocala, FL! This is where you can construct your ideal home within one of the region’s most sought-after areas without breaking the budget. It is a fantastic location with easy access, breathtaking landscapes, and legendary tourist attractions, Hawks Landing truly has something for all. Explore why this community is fast becoming the most popular option for Floridians looking for an area to reside in.