Oak Run Ocala FL

January 24, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Oak Run Ocala FL

Oak Run Ocala FL is located about 10 miles to the north of downtown Ocala and 20 miles to the south of Gainesville. It is easily accessible to many local places of interest, stores restaurants, as well as medical facilities. The community provides luxurious options for homes for its residents, including single-family townhomes, villas, maintenance-free apartments, and condos. Residents can enjoy resort-style amenities like two 18-hole course championships, pools (including one indoor pool), tennis courts, and trails for biking or walking throughout the neighborhood. Oak Run also has its private country club that has its own restaurant serving breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. It is also close to cities such as Gainesville as well as Orlando, Oak Run Ocala FL is the ideal place to make your home for people who want a serene and relaxing retirement.


Oak Run History

It is believed that the Oak Run neighborhood in Ocala, Florida has a long and fascinating background. In the 1800s, residents began homesteading in the region by raising cattle and cultivating citrus and other crops.

Over the years, the neighborhood started expanding and a lot of new developments and businesses started to appear. Its most popular amenities included two courses of championship quality, tennis courts, pools, as well as recreation centers.

Oak Run Today:

At the present, Oak Run is home to a lot of families. It’s still a favorite location for retirees due to its vast range of leisure options, including pickleball, golf, tennis, swimming, and aerobics lessons. Residents can also participate in community activities like the annual holiday parade, or just enjoy the peace of living in an older-friendly neighborhood. There are also excellent restaurants and shopping malls catering to its residents’ desires.

The distinctive combination of nature’s beauty and lifestyle amenities makes Oak Run one of Ocala’s most popular communities. It’s a wonderful location to live in for people searching for peace and security. With its rich history, stunning surroundings, and wide range of activities, it’s evident why many have decided to choose Oak Run as their home.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Oak Run neighborhood in Ocala, FL is quite affordable. The overall cost of living in Oak Run is quite competitive when compared with other neighborhoods located in Ocala, FL, and even in areas across the state. With the savings it offers on utilities, housing, transport, and groceries, it’s clear why families are drawn to this area as their new home.


Costs for housing are less than the national average and can range between $324,000 for an individual family home up to $550,000 for more luxurious houses. The median cost for three bedrooms is about $250,000. In terms of utility expenses, electricity is the most expensive with an average monthly cost that ranges from $105 to $180 dependent on the usage. 


Transport costs are also affordable, with gas averaging about $2.75 per gallon, with bus fares that range between $1.50 to $2, depending on the zone

General Goods & Services

The cost of groceries varies based on each individual’s preference, but they tend as being significantly lower than averages for the country as most people conduct their grocery shopping in local shops. 

In the end, the cost of living within Oak Run is quite affordable and is worth considering when deciding on a place to settle in. The low cost of housing coupled with the competitive costs for transportation, utilities, and groceries makes this neighborhood an excellent alternative for people looking to reduce costs while enjoying all the amenities Ocala offers.


Local Economy

Oak Run Ocala FL is an active community that is situated in the middle of Central Florida. Oak Run has seen a remarkable expansion in the past few years. With a jobless rate of 3.2% in the year 2018. 

Job Opportunities

The majority of jobs available in Oak Run are within the healthcare sector, especially in nursing homes and hospitals and retail stores like Walmart or Target. There are also plenty of construction jobs to be found due to the constant growth within the city. Numerous cafes and restaurants have recently opened which gives people more opportunities for employment to pick from.

Household Income

The average annual household earnings are about $55,838, the town has offered a variety of opportunities for employment for its citizens.

Local Investment

Oak Run also serves as one of the main centers in Florida for business development and investments. There are numerous banks within the city, offering access to mortgages as well as additional banking options that permit both businesses and individuals to invest in real estate or create their own companies. Many local companies have received capital investment in the beginning from venture capitalists and private equity firms in recent years, which has allowed them to grow and help our local economy.

All in all, Oak Run Ocala FL is an ideal location for people seeking jobs or for businesses looking for new capital to invest. With its steady growth in household income as well as its strong economic growth, the city offers numerous opportunities for success. The area has also witnessed an increase in residents over the past few years due to its proximity to Orlando, Tampa, and other cities nearby. 


Transportation Options For The Commute

Oak Run Ocala FL has an excellent transportation system that meets every need local to the area. 


Public Transportation

Public transportation is also available in Oak Run Ocala FL, which includes buses and trains. These services offer convenient access to many popular places within the town and are able to provide daily schedules that are updated throughout the day.



Taxis are readily available within the vicinity and are available for either long or short-distance journeys. They are a safe and reliable mode of transport and have experienced drivers who are familiar with the roads in the area very well. 



Cycling is becoming more well-known as a green method of transportation throughout Oak Run Ocala FL. This is mostly because of the numerous trails and pathways that make biking around town comfortable and enjoyable. There are bicycle lanes in the majority of the city’s center which makes it much easier for cyclists to move around without fear of injury. There are bike racks all over the city, and those who do not own bikes can hire one from local businesses or through online service. 



If you prefer driving your own vehicle. there is plenty of parking options within the region. Cars are among the most well-known types of transport available in the region of Florida since they allow people to explore the region more easily. Renting a car is also an excellent option for those who would like to go further and roads are generally secure and well-maintained.

All in all, Oak Run Ocala FL has a variety of transportation options for people who reside in or visit the Ocala area. Taxis, public transportation automobiles, bikes, and cars are all accessible for convenient access to town as well as further. No matter what method you’d like to travel, you’ll have many options to choose from!


Average Annual Weather

Oak Run Ocala FL experiences hot humid, humid summers and mild winters as well as warm springs and autumns.



The summers at Oak Run Ocala FL are generally hot and humid with temperatures ranging from lower 70°F to the mid 90°F). The weather is typically accompanied by rainy showers that cool the area in the middle of the daytime. The nighttime temperatures can be very cold due to the high humidity levels that are above the average



The winters at Oak Run Ocala FL are generally pleasant with temperatures in the range of 45-65°F. It is uncommon to see snow, however, winter storms may bring rain, sleet, or snow.



The autumn at Oak Run Ocala FL is cool and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from mid-60°F to low the 80°F. The rain can be intense in the event of the passing of hurricanes, which is why it’s crucial to pay attention to the weather forecast when you visit. 



Spring in Oak Run Ocala FL is generally warm with temperatures typically around 70-80°F. The region is frequently struck with afternoon thunderstorms during this time of the year.


Local Tip

Make sure to dress warmly in the winter months as temperatures can swiftly fluctuate between day and night timings. Be aware that rain can strike at any time of the year It’s an ideal idea to carry an umbrella or a light raincoat to take outdoors. Have fun exploring Oak Run Ocala FL!


Education System of Oak Run

Oak Run Ocala FL offers various educational opportunities for families. 

Public Schools

The district of public schools, Marion County Public Schools serves the region and offers students free education starting in kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade. There are several elementary schools as well as middle schools, high schools, and alternative centers. 

Charter Schools

Charter schools are another education option available in Oak Run Ocala FL. They are public schools but are independent of schools in the district. They are in charge of their own plans, budgeting, and hiring choices. They might particularly focus on science, and performing arts or be more general in their focus.

Private Schools

Private schools can be another option for families living in the region. These schools can be religious or secular, and usually offer benefits, such as smaller classes and greater student-teacher ratios. They typically also provide more sophisticated curriculums than public schools and generally place a greater concentration on extracurricular programs.

Religious Schools

Religious schools are offered for parents who want to incorporate their faith into the education of their children. These schools are private or parochial. This means they receive funds from the church or religious group. They concentrate on teaching students the fundamentals of this particular faith and also provide education in areas like math, science, and history.


Additionally, homeschooling can be an alternative for families who want to educate their children in the comfort of their homes. Parents or guardians have to assume the responsibility of instructing their children and providing them with a curriculum that is compliant with the state’s requirements. Students who are homeschooled may also be involved in extracurricular activities such as local teams of sports and music classes, as well as other community-based programs.

Whichever option Oak Run Ocala FL families pick, there are a variety of options to provide students with the education and abilities they require to succeed in their lives. The community offers a variety of resources that permit families and parents to personalize the education of their children according to specific requirements and preferences.


Oak Run Local Government and Infrastructure

Oak Run Ocala FL is blessed to have a robust and well-functioning local administration, with numerous infrastructure, public services, and facilities for the residents. Ocala is a city with a strong and vibrant government. 


The city of Ocala offers protection for police through Ocala Police Department. Ocala Police Department includes a Chief of police as well as Deputy Chiefs, and Patrol Officers to ensure the safety of their communities. 

Fire Department

The Ocala’s Fire Department provides fire protection as well as emergency medical services across Ocala.


A variety of educational opportunities are provided by Marion County Public Schools. Furthermore, several institutions of higher education like Central Florida College also offer classes.


Residents living in Oak Run Ocala FL are being offered numerous libraries, primarily served by the Ocala Public Library.

These services are in place to ensure that residents are able to access high-quality educational and recreational options and safe communities with lots of infrastructure and amenities. Local government in Oak Run Ocala FL works to ensure that residents are able to access the top public services, infrastructure, and facilities to create an ideal location to live in.


Things To Do

Oak Run Ocala FL is an ideal location for anyone who wants to experience numerous activities, both outdoors and indoors.


If you’re looking to relax in the sunshine, the area has many outdoor recreation activities. Fish for a few hours on one of the sparkling lakes or participate in a round of golf at one of the numerous famous golf course championships. For the more adventurous travelers, there are numerous trails for cycling and horseback riding, as well as boating and kayaking.


If you’re seeking an indoor activity, Oak Run Ocala FL is also a great place to go. People who love shopping can visit the town’s downtown, which is packed with exclusive stores, galleries, and boutiques. Cinephiles can watch the latest movies at local cinemas. There are plenty of art galleries, museums, and historic sites to visit.

If you’re looking for the perfect night out with friends, Oak Run Ocala FL offers a variety of great bars and restaurants to pick from. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic meal or drinks with friends this region has something for every person. If you’d rather remain in and not go out, there are many delivery services that will deliver delicious food directly to your doorstep.

Whatever activities you’re searching for, Oak Run Ocala FL is certain to have something that will amuse and please you! From outdoor activities to indoor adventures This area truly offers something for all. So, come and explore Oak Run Ocala FL and discover something interesting and new to experience now!


Restaurants in Oak Run

Whatever your desires are for your taste buds, you’re bound to find something tasty at any of these amazing eateries within Oak Run Ocala FL! From delicious steaks and savory pub fare to delectable Mexican food, they’ve got everything. Therefore, take a break and treat yourself to an experience you’ll never ever forget!


Johnny’s Pizzeria

Johnny’s Pizzeria brings a true flavor from Italy with a modern twist in Oak Run Ocala FL with its menu of traditional Italian dishes like lasagna, pizza and calzone and more American options like sandwiches, and wings. The thin-crust pizzas are created with homemade dough and are filled with fresh ingredients.


Darrell’s Dog Gone Good Diner

Darrell’s Dog Gone Good Diner is another excellent option for dining out in Oak Run Ocala FL. The charming place serves traditional diner food like fries and burgers, mashed potatoes, salads and also some original specialties. There is also an assortment of desserts to try.


Los Magueyes Mex

Los Magueyes Mex is a Mexican restaurant located in Oak Run Ocala FL that serves authentic Mexican food. Its menu features favorites such as tacos, burritos Fajitas, tacos, and much more. They also have a variety of tequilas to pick from, along with house-made margaritas. For dessert, there is the option of traditional Mexican desserts such as churros and Tres leches cake.



The parks in Oak Run Ocala FL offer numerous recreational activities that anyone can take advantage of. If you’re seeking an outdoor workout or desire to enjoy nature there’s something for all ages at these parks. Come on out into Oak Run Ocala FL and enjoy all the great parks that it offers!


Jervey Gantt Park

Jervey Gantt Park is a large community park at Oak Run Ocala FL. It has playgrounds, sports fields and picnic areas, a trail for walking as well as the fishing lake. It also features soccer fields and courts to practice many sports. Apart from the recreation facilities, Sholom Park includes an amphitheater for performances and other events.

parks-oak run

Silver Springs Shores Park

Silver Springs Shores Park is another local park located in Oak Run Ocala FL that has a wide range of facilities. The park has hiking trails that wind through wooded areas and boasts plenty of stunning views. There are many places to watch the local fauna within the park and ponds to refresh while exploring. 


Liberty Community Park

Liberty Community Park is one of the biggest parks located in Oak Run Ocala FL and includes a range of recreation areas. The park has a number of courts and sports fields. Liberty Community Park also includes playgrounds that are filled with games and equipment for youngsters to play on. 


Ralph Russell Park

Ralph Russell Park is another well-known local park at Oak Run Ocala FL that offers a variety of sports facilities for anyone of any age to take advantage of. The park is home to soccer fields as well as baseball courts. Furthermore, there’s also a cafe on site that serves meals and beverages all day long.


Is Oak Run Safe To Live In

Oak Run Ocala FL is an ideal location to live. It offers residents and visitors security. It has an extremely low rate of crime and is regarded as one of the most secure neighborhoods in Florida. There are a variety of security measures within the neighborhood, such as street lighting, security cameras, and access gates which help to safeguard residents from any injury. Furthermore, on-site police officers offer additional security for people who be worried or feel unsafe regarding their safety.

The area also offers many recreational opportunities for everyone. There are numerous parks, golf courses, trails, and other outdoor activities that are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. In addition, there are several shopping centers and restaurants in the neighborhood that create a sense of community.

In the end, Oak Run Ocala FL is a safe and excellent area to live in for those who are looking for an enviable and peaceful area to be a part of. With its low rate of crime and recreational activities as well as facilities, it’s an ideal location for individuals of all ages. In addition, the community provides numerous other advantages, including affordable housing options and quality schools that make it more attractive to prospective residents. 


Why Should I Live Here

Oak Run is a beautiful neighborhood that is located in the center of Ocala, Florida. It’s located in close proximity to numerous attractions and amenities that make it a perfect place to make your home. It is easy to get to major highways as well as public transportation, which makes it easy to travel around town or make the day trip to nearby destinations.

The neighborhood is safe, clean, and well-maintained, with ample green areas for peaceful walks or afternoons in the sun on the patio. There are plenty of options for shopping nearby, and you’ll find almost everything you’re looking for within a short distance.

For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, Oak Run has plenty of options, such as fishing, golfing boating, and much many more. There are numerous nature trails and parks that you can explore in the region. In addition, this neighborhood is situated near some of Ocala’s most popular bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

In the end, Oak Run is an ideal spot to live for people looking for convenience in lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. With its proximity to amenities in town, top schools, and an abundance of options for activities outdoors, this is bound to make anyone who is new feel at ease. If you’re looking for the perfect location to call home, Oak Run might just be the right place for you.