Ocala Preserve Ocala FL

January 19, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Ocala Preserve Ocala FL

Ocala Preserve is situated in the center of Marion County, Florida. It’s nestled in between Ocala National Forest as well as Silver Springs State Park, giving you access to the most picturesque natural areas located in Central Florida. The area is comprised of an uneven terrain that is dotted with thick forests as well as open fields, wetlands, and lakes. There’re activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming. In the vicinity are a variety of other activities like Horse Country Carriage tours and Rainbow Springs State Park where guests can hike through nature trails and view wildlife close up. Some other towns nearby are Dunnellon and Belleview with shopping malls as well as restaurants. 

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Ocala Preserve History

Ocala Preserve can be described as a gorgeous luxury neighborhood that is located in the center of Ocala, Florida. Ocala Preserve has since evolved into one of the top places to reside in Ocala. Apart from its central location close to downtown Ocala and other tourist attractions, The neighborhood is also known for its stunning scenery and huge houses.

The story of Ocala Preserve started with a master plan for the development, which comprised several acres of natural conservation land, as well as a number of smaller residential communities that would be linked by walkways lined with trees that would provide residents with quick access to adjacent areas.

Ocala Preserve Today:

Presently, Ocala Preserve is home to a lot of families who take pleasure in its tranquil atmosphere surrounded by stunning scenery and plenty of leisure activities. The sprawling homes are set on huge lots and offer lavish amenities, including private pools, gourmet kitchens, and outdoor living areas. Nature lovers can enjoy the natural surroundings on foot or by bike, while golfers can enjoy the numerous nearby courses which are scattered throughout the neighborhood. The convenient location of the neighborhood is near entertainment places, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, and much more, Ocala Preserve is the ideal spot to make your home.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Ocala Preserve area in Ocala Florida is quite affordable compared to other areas across the country. 


The median cost for one-family homes in the area is $314,900, which makes Ocala Preserve one of the more affordable locations to reside in Florida. The area is also filled with excellent amenities and entertainment options that will ensure that any family is comfortable. Electricity bills in this area of Florida are generally lower than national averages and usually vary from $90-$125 per month. 


The transportation costs in Ocala Preserve are extremely affordable as a month-long bus pass for about $50, and Uber or Lyft rides within city limits generally range between $5-$20 based on distance. If you prefer driving your own vehicle the price of gas is typically approximately $2.20 per gallon.

General Goods & Services

The grocery store is also cheap and many items are available for less than $10 per item on average. There are a variety of grocery stores that are within walking distance or an easy drive away, making it easy to buy all the essential items you’ll need.

Living in the Ocala Preserve community in Ocala Florida is quite affordable for people looking to make a home. With affordable housing costs along with low electric bills and food items, as well as reasonable transportation options, it’s easy to comprehend why the area is becoming increasingly sought-after for families seeking to buy an investment in Florida.

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Local Economy

Ocala Preserve’s economy in Ocala FL is one that is growing. It has an unemployment rate of about 4.4%. 

Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities In Ocala Preserve, and there are various industries represented such as healthcare, manufacturing tourism, retail, and hospitality. There are many small-scale businesses as well as large corporations based in this area as well as agriculture operations. Apart from these sectors, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the field of transportation which makes it convenient for those who travel and commute from Tampa and Orlando to get jobs.

Household Income

The household incomes of the residents of Ocala Preserve are greater than average for the area. Median household earnings are around $50,321. This income level provides residents in this region with more purchasing power as well as financial security.

Local Investment

The local economy benefits from the investment by companies in their local communities, such as opening new stores and expanding existing ones, as well as making investments in projects that generate jobs and spur economic growth. The results of these investments are often tax incentives for companies to stay in the community and attract new businesses in their ranks to become part of them. 

The overall economic activity that is the Ocala preserve is robust and steadily growing. It’s likely to grow in both size and wealth as companies are investing in the communities they serve, and residents enjoy increased employment opportunities and a substantial income. This vibrant community offers an ideal place to live and work for people who want to make it their home.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Ocala Preserve located in Ocala, Florida provides many alternatives for moving around the city. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for simple transportation using taxis, prefer to explore at your own pace by using a bike or car rental, or simply need to enjoy a leisurely stroll to discover something new, Ocala Preserve has something to offer for anyone.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation is an excellent option for exploring the region as bus routes run between major tourist destinations and neighborhoods. 

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-transportation


Taxis are accessible throughout the city and are an easy and efficient option to travel around.

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly method of transportation, bicycles are available for rent from a variety of locations in the region or taken on excursions by using car racks or bicycle trailers. In addition, walking is an alternative for those looking to see all the sounds, and sights of Ocala Preserve in person! 

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-transportation


Car rental services are offered and allow visitors access to Ocala Reserve at the pace they prefer. 

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Average Annual Weather

Ocala, Florida boasts a pleasant and sunny climate throughout the year. 

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The summers in Ocala are extremely humid and hot with temperatures that can reach 90°F. The rainy season is a common season, typically ranging from 6 to 7 inches per month. However, afternoon storms can be expected almost all week long.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-average-annual-weather


The winters in Ocala are typically mild, but occasionally cold snaps can bring overnight temperatures in the middle 40°F. The region also experiences strong winds in this time of year which could cause damage to tree branches and electric lines.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-average-annual-weather


The fall season brings a dramatic drop in temperatures. They can range from between 50°F and low to mid 80°F. The chance of rain is lower at this time of year, but storms will still occur at any time.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-average-annual-weather


Springtime brings more sunshine and more rain than cold winter days, and temperatures often being in the mid-70°F. The area is also vulnerable to severe weather this time, like hail and tornadoes.

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Local Tip

Ocala’s mild climate is ideal for outdoor activities all year long. So make sure to take your sunglasses and sunscreen! Be ready for afternoon thunderstorms during summer but be aware that they can come quickly!

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Education System of Ocala Preserve

The educational system that is offered in Ocala Preserve FL offers both private and public schools. Whichever option parents pick for the education of their children, the Ocala Preserve region offers numerous possibilities and resources for students to achieve their maximum potential. With so many choices in education, parents are certain to find the ideal option for the individual needs of their child.

Public Schools

Marion County Public School System manages the majority of schools in this region and provides a high-quality educational experience for students. This school district is considered one of the best-performing districts in Florida with a rate of graduation that is higher than 87% They have a wide range of activities and programs designed to meet the needs of each student’s requirements, such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses and a broad arts curriculum as well as after-school sports teams, clubs and much more.

Charter Schools

Handful Charter schools opened within Ocala Preserve, giving parents an option to avoid the traditional public school system. They are run by independent schools and are funded by tuition or a mix of state and tuition. They provide students with an exceptional learning experience that is characterized by smaller class sizes, personalized care, and a strong emphasis on being career-ready.

Private Schools

Private schools in Ocala Preserve vary from high-end boarding schools, and smaller, independent preparatory academy schools. The majority of private schools offer an enriching academic environment that includes rigorous coursework and extracurricular activities, such as arts, music, and sports, among others. 

Religious Schools

For parents who want their children to be taught about religion in addition to their regular education, there are plenty that offers Christian, Jewish and Islamic schools within the Ocala Preserve region. They typically focus on the fundamental values of loyalty, honesty, and integrity and provide a comprehensive education.


Family members who want to educate their children at home may take advantage of programs for homeschooling at Ocala Preserve. These programs give parents advice when it comes to choosing the right curriculum and educational materials in addition to accessibility to classes online as well as academic assistance services. 

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Ocala Preserve Local Government and Infrastructure

Ocala Preserve located in Ocala Florida is a vibrant neighborhood with top-quality services and infrastructure. The local administration of Ocala Preserve is responsible for the security, safety, and health of its residents via various departments within the city.


The Police Department provides round-the-clock protection to ensure that the city is secure. 

Fire Department

Firefighters are highly skilled professionals who can respond quickly to emergencies of any kind. They offer valuable services to protect citizens from the dangers of fire and hazardous substances. They also offer classes to educate citizens on how to prepare themselves in the event of an emergency.


The school system in the local area is well-maintained by highly skilled teachers and administrators to ensure that children receive an excellent education. The district has primary schools, middle schools, and high schools within the district that provide an excellent education base for the children of Ocala Preserve.


Ocala Preserve has the Marion County Public Library – which provides educational resources for everyone in the community. Libraries also organize community events and activities like book clubs and reading groups, study groups, and more.

In general, Ocala Preserve provides its residents with top infrastructure and services to provide the safety and comfort of their atmosphere. With a lively community and well-maintained assets, Ocala Preserve is the ideal spot for people to relax and enjoy their lives.

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Things To Do

Ocala, Florida is an excellent place for outdoor fans and nature enthusiasts alike. From hiking to kayaking There is a myriad of opportunities to experience nature’s beauty in the region. If you prefer indoor things to do, Ocala offers unique experiences like museums, art galleries, and shopping malls. Here are some amazing activities to enjoy in the Ocala Preserve:


1. Canoeing or kayaking at Lake Weir – Rent a kayak or a canoe from one of the local rental firms and spend your time on the lake. Make sure to bring along your fishing rod if are looking to catch a fish!

2. Hiking in the Rainbow Springs State Park – with more than 25 miles of trail that range from easy to challenging, Rainbow Springs State Park is the perfect place for an afternoon or morning hike. Enjoy the spectacular views and experience the beauty of nature!

3. Horseback riding – Take to the trails on horseback at any of Ocala’s stables and enjoy all the sounds and sights of Ocala Preserve.

4. Ziplining Get your adrenaline pumping across Lake Weir with one of Ocala’s zipline tours.


1. Explore art galleries and museums – Explore the stunning art galleries located in Ocala which include NOMA Gallery and 8th. Ave. Gallery both situated in downtown Ocala close to Lake Square Mall.

2. The Shopping Experience – From the well-known Paddock Mall to boutique shops and farmers’ markets, Ocala has plenty of shopping opportunities.

3. Visit museums to learn about the rich history of the area at any of the many local museums, like the Appleton Museum of Art or Don Garlits Museum. 

4. Take a tour and experience the beauty of this historical city on one of the numerous guided tours available in the Ocala Preserve. You can select from canoe kayak, walking, and Segway tours to discover the many things Ocala offers!

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Restaurants in Ocala Preserve

Whatever you choose for a meal in Ocala Preserve FL you’ll find something tasty to enjoy! Each restaurant offers distinct interpretations of classic tastes that are sure to please everyone’s palate! So, come down for an appetizer and taste the flavor that is the hallmark of Ocala Preserve FL. Bonne appetite!

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-restaurants

Tokyo Sushi 

It serves various delicious Japanese dishes. The menu offers a variety of sushi options, including maki, nigiri, and sushi and other classic Japanese dishes like tempura and teriyaki, as well as bento boxes. There’s also a variety of specialties and roles such as the Ocala Roll made with eel, avocado, and cream cheese.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-restaurants

Taqueria My Ranchito 

This is a Mexican restaurant serving authentic tastes from the south across the border. Tacos are traditional and made with tortillas made by the restaurant and served with the choice of meats or vegetables, burritos stuffed with cheese, beans, and Sour cream, enchiladas, which are served with cheese sauce melted and fajitas made with onions and peppers, and quesadillas that are filled with melted cheese.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-restaurants

Sazon King 

Is a restaurant that serves Latin-Caribbean Fusion and serves delicious dishes from across Latin America. The menu includes items such as Arepas and empanadas, typical Venezuelan dishes. They also offer burgers, burritos, and even desserts.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-parks


The four stunning parks offer something different that is sure to be a hit with all types of people seeking an ideal outdoor activity to enjoy with friends and family on the beautiful Ocala Preserve. If you’re searching for peace and quiet to unwind or an active day of activities and games, each of these four parks is sure to offer you an unforgettable experience that you’ll not soon forget.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-parks

Lillian Bryant Park 

Is a gorgeous community park within Ocala, Florida that offers numerous recreational opportunities for all the family members to take part in. It has a vast playground and walkways, picnic pavilions, and courts. Other amenities in Lillian Bryant Park include restrooms equipped with changing rooms that you can use if you want to try the amazing pool, especially during the summer months. There are also many special events like celebrations of holidays and festivals throughout the year.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-parks

Tom’s Park 

Is another great spot to enjoy a day at Ocala Preserve. The park has enough space to play sports, as well as various other amenities such as swingsets, a fishing pier, and playgrounds. Alongside all the recreational activities, there are lots of shaded areas to sit and relax or take walks through the natural beauty.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-parks

Legacy Park 

Is a great spot for families to gather and enjoy time with each other in the Ocala Preserve. The park offers a huge space for you to run, play and even enjoy time with your pet. In addition, if you’re seeking to enjoy a day outside without being too active, Legacy Park has that covered as well with its boating facilities, you will be able to see the local fauna.

Ocala-Preserve -ocala-parks

Ocala Wetland Recharge Park

It offers visitors the chance to view the wildlife in their natural surroundings and take part in many recreational activities. The park also offers facilities like grills, picnic tables restrooms, and other facilities for guests to use during their time there. One of the highlights for visitors to Ocala Wetland Park Recharge is the boardwalk, which lets visitors be in close contact with the wildlife that roams the park.

Ocala-Preserve -is-it-safe-to-live

Is Ocala Preserve Safe To Live In

Ocala Preserve located in Ocala, Florida is a secure and safe area to live in. The community features many gathering spaces, complete with conference rooms as well as an area for lounges that are the perfect spot to spend time with friends or host private parties. The development also includes numerous miles of natural trails for cycling, walking, or just strolling around the land that makes up this gorgeous tranquil neighborhood.

Alongside its security attributes, Ocala Preserve is conveniently located close to numerous shops, schools, and leisure activities such as golf courses, parks lakes, and Silver Springs State Park. Additionally, many major highways are within reach for convenient access to bigger cities in Florida like Jacksonville and Orlando.

In general, Ocala Preserve is a secure and safe community that offers the residents peace of mind as they take advantage of all the facilities the community offers. With convenient access to local attractions and well-maintained homes, you’ll feel comfortable settling in this lively neighborhood. Take advantage of the numerous amenities in Ocala Preserve, and make your move now!

Ocala-Preserve -why-should-i-live-here

Why Should I Live Here

Ocala Preserve is an ideal area to settle down. It is located in the middle of Ocala, Florida, this neighborhood offers a lively life and all the amenities you would expect from living in a vibrant city. Residents can enjoy various outdoor activities while being able to access the local restaurants, shops, and other places of interest.

The area is home to top schools, healthcare facilities, and recreation areas which makes it a desirable choice for families that want to be in close proximity to high-quality educational and recreational activities. The neighborhood is well maintained with lush natural landscaping all over its parks and walking trails, making it the perfect place for those who are looking for peace and tranquility, free of the hustle of the city.

Ocala Preserve is the ideal location for those looking for an ideal home in a lively but serene environment. No matter if you’re single or married and have children. This neighborhood will provide all the amenities you’ll need for your brand new residence. Discover the reason Ocala Preserve is a great new home!