Sherwood Hills Ocala FL

January 13, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Sherwood Hills Ocala FL

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is located in the middle of Marion County, Florida. The area is about five miles to the south of downtown Ocala located near I-75 along with Highway 200. Sherwood Hills offers easy access to a variety of recreation opportunities, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and restaurants. Residents can take advantage of outdoor activities such as fishing or boating, kayaking, golfing, and camping in nearby parks. Residents are also only a short distance away from the well known Appleton Museum of Art and Rainbow River State Park. Due to its close access to major highways and central position within the Sunshine State, Sherwood Hills offers residents accessibility, but also a wealth of beautiful natural surroundings.

Alongside its central area, Sherwood Hills offers an array of amenities to its residents. They have two swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball, and swimming courts, in addition to the clubhouse for gatherings there’s the park that has playgrounds for kids and trails for people who wish to enjoy the great outdoors. With a variety of activities to choose from within Sherwood Hills, it’s no surprise that so many residents live in this neighborhood.

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 Sherwood Hills History

Sherwood Hills is a neighborhood located in Ocala, Florida with a long and rich background. The area was first settled by the inhabitants around 1869. Sherwood Hills was originally an agricultural community that mostly cultivated tobacco and cotton. As time passed the area transformed into a town of a few hundred people with churches, restaurants, stores, and other local companies.

The Great Depression had a significant impact on the region, as many people were forced to move out due to economic hardship. But, it wasn’t too long until World War II brought about new possibilities for growth and employment for people living in the area. A lot of people worked in nearby military bases or moved to cities nearby like Orlando or Gainesville for better employment prospects.

In the latter half of the 40s and early 1950s Sherwood Hills saw a revival in growth as families of all kinds were beginning to move into the neighborhood. The neighborhood was renowned for its stunning houses and lush lawns, which earned it the name “The Garden Spot of Ocala”. This time of rapid growth continued to grow until the 1970s, when the city began to experience an economic slump due to the decline of industrialization.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Today

Sherwood Hills Today:

In the present, Sherwood Hills is a flourishing community that is home to many different inhabitants from every walk of life. There have been many homes restored and modernized over time and there are numerous stores, restaurants and parks close by. People enjoy being outdoors in the parks and enjoying the many local events that are organized through the association of the communities throughout the season. The area is an active and inviting area for families to work, live and play.

Sherwood Hills is a neighborhood that is rich in history, and has a unique combination of old fashioned charm with modern conveniences. From its beginnings as an agricultural community to its present status as a flourishing residential district. It has endured numerous ups and downs through the years, but its spirit of community and perseverance is still resilient. No matter if you’re seeking for an idyllic spot to live or a fun place to visit, Sherwood Hills is sure to offer something unique that makes it stand out from the other neighborhoods in Ocala.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

Sherwood Hills is an established and well maintained neighborhood within Ocala, FL. It’s a neighborhood that is family friendly with numerous play areas and parks for youngsters to play at. Living costs within Sherwood Hills are slightly below the average for the country, making it a reasonable place to live in.


The median price of a home for homes in Sherwood Hills is around $227,500. This is slightly higher than the national average, yet quite inexpensive for an area located just out of Ocala. Renting is also an economical option, with rents ranging from $1,200 to 2200 dollars per month.


There aren’t many public transportation options in the region, so many people use their own vehicles to travel around town or commute. The typical cost for owning and operating an automobile within Ocala costs $766 per month. This includes fuel, insurance repairs, as well as parking costs.

General Goods & Services:

Electric bills can vary from household to household according to the usage and size of the house. However, the typical cost of electricity in Florida is about $94 per month, with Ocala residents generally paying a little more due to the warmer temperatures.

Prices for groceries are quite affordable In Sherwood Hills and surrounding areas making it simple to find a bargain. The typical cost for grocery shopping for Ocala amounts to $325.44 per month. This includes fresh produce, as well as foods, along with essential household items like cleaners and toiletries.

The overall cost of living within Sherwood Hills is slightly higher than the national average, but nevertheless, it is still a reasonable price for suburban areas near a city such as Ocala. By focusing on budgeting and shopping for bargains for discounts, it’s feasible to afford a comfortable lifestyle without spending too much on the necessities.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Local Economy

Local Economy

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL has an economic boom with a variety of industries, businesses, and job opportunities. It is one of the best businesses in North Central Florida including the University of Florida, Munroe Regional Medical Center, Wal Mart, Publix Super Markets, and Honda of Ocala. The residents of the area are able to access top-quality healthcare and education options and a variety of shopping options.

Job Opportunities

Sherwood Hills Ocala, Florida provides a variety of employment opportunities throughout the region, from small scale businesses to corporate companies. The major employers are universities, hospitals as well as government agencies. Retail establishments as well as tourism related companies are also growing in the region. A majority of these jobs pay decent wages and provide benefits like retirement plans and health insurance.

Household Income

Median household earnings in Sherwood Hills Ocala are $50,856. This is slightly more than the state wide standard of $49,246. Most households make between $25k and $100k per year, whereas those with the highest incomes typically earn more than $100k per year. This is due to the increase in education and advanced degrees for Sherwood Hills Ocala citizens.

Local Investments

Sherwood Hills Ocala has seen an increase in investment in recent years, with local companies and corporate companies investing heavily in the region. Businesses like Amazon have invested heavily in infrastructure projects, and other businesses such as Walmart are opening new locations. These investments have proved advantageous for both businesses and residents alike, creating jobs and spurring the economy. In addition, the city recently constructed a brand new marina, which will increase tourism revenue in the area. In the end, these investments show how Sherwood Hills Ocala is a desirable location for businesses and residents alike.

Sherwood Hills Ocala is an active and expanding community with plenty of employment opportunities and household income opportunities for residents as well as local investments which are helping the region. With its vibrant economy, as well as accessibility to infrastructure and resources, Sherwood Hills Ocala is an ideal spot to live in.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

The transport system in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is extremely extensive. The region has excellent highways and roads that make it easy to travel within the city and its suburbs.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Transportation Options For The Commute

Public Transportation:

The local bus system offers regular services all over the city and includes stops at important shopping centers, tourist landmarks, and downtown spots. In addition, the regional train system links Sherwood Hills to other cities in Florida for longer excursions.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


Taxis are readily available at Sherwood Hills Ocala FL for those in need of a quick taxi. The city is serviced by a variety of taxi services which can be contacted ahead to schedule pick up and drop off locations at both downtown and residential locations.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


Bicycling is a popular and practical way to travel around Sherwood Hills Ocala FL. The city has bicycle lanes along many roads, which makes it simple for cyclists to travel safely. There are also a variety of trails for cycling in close proximity to parks and forests which offer scenic routes for easy rides. If you are looking for an economical method of transport, cycling can be a good alternative.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Transportation Options For The Commute


Sherwood Hills Ocala FL has several car rental services that are situated throughout the city. If you’re looking for a chance to discover the region further, hiring a car could be the best choice. There are also numerous public parking spaces situated in downtown areas and near major tourist attractions, making it simple to find a suitable place to park your car.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL offers numerous transport options, such as taxis, public buses, bikes, cars, and taxis. Whatever your requirements are, there’s an affordable and convenient option to move across the city. If you’re looking to travel for work or just explore for pleasure, Sherwood Hills Ocala FL offers something for every person.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Sherwood Hills in Ocala, Florida generally experiences mild winters as well as long, hot summers. From December to February, temperatures typically remain between the mid-60s in the morning but drop to the 30s in the evening. The chance of rain is high in these months, however, nothing like the occasional showers of rain that are common between March and June. In the summer, weather conditions are marked by high temperatures that can reach 90-90 degrees with a chance of storms and humidity levels of at least 80 percent. The months of July and August are typically thought to be the hottest seasons in Ocala.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Summer


Sherwood Hills in Ocala, Florida is known for its humid, hot summers. The average temperature in the summer is 90 degrees (32degC). Sometimes temperatures can go up 100degF (38degC). The high humidity levels are typical and there are regular afternoon storms. There is plenty of daylight hours and sunshine all through the year.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Winter


The winters in Sherwood Hills are mild with temperatures typically between 50 and 70 degF (10-21degC). The amount of precipitation and humidity tend to be lower when compared to other seasons however it’s not unusual for snow storms in winter to develop. The typical daily maximum temperature is generally approximately 65 (18 degC) degrees Fahrenheit.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Fall


The autumn conditions In Sherwood Hills usually begin in the latter part of September and last through early December. The temperatures during this time of the season are typically between 50 and 75degF (10-24degC) and the average temperature for a day of 70 degrees (21degC). The amount of rain falls decreases in comparison to summer however, there is the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon. The days get shorter, and the nights are warmer than the daytime temperatures.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Spring


The springtime within Sherwood Hills is mild and enjoyable with temperatures that range from the mid-60s to lower eighties (18-27degC). The average temperature for a day is generally about 75degF (24degC) degrees Fahrenheit. The levels of humidity are typically higher than during other seasons as well as rainy showers that are not uncommon.

In general, Sherwood hills in Ocala, Florida experiences hot humid summers and mild winters. It also has pleasant springs and mild falls all through the year. This makes it a great spot for outdoor activities throughout the year!

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Local Tip

Local Tip:

If you’re planning to visit Sherwood Hills, make sure you bring sunblock as well as rainwear! Remember that the temperatures can be extremely hot during the summer months. Make sure to carry plenty of water when you are planning to explore the region. Also, don’t forget to pack your insect repellent for the pesky mosquitoes!

Education System Of Sherwood Hills

Education System Of Sherwood Hills

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL offers an entire education program that is designed to prepare every pupil for the near future.

Public Schools:

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is covered by the Marion County Public School System which is among the top in Florida. The school district has an academically rigorous program that has produced remarkable results for student performance on state wide tests. The district includes 33 elementary schools and 11 middle schools and seven high schools. There are also 3 special education centers as well as two career centers that serve more than 46,000 students. Students can take advantage of numerous specialized courses which include Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college level dual enrollment opportunities.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools operate as private school programs which operate with greater flexibility than traditional public school systems. They are located in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL there are numerous charter schools that offer enrichment programs for students from grades K-12. Charter schools provide students with exposure to innovative ideas, and creative strategies and focus on helping students achieve their full potential. Students have access to programs such as that of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in addition to special classes in engineering, technology, and various other fields.

Private Schools:

The private schools at Sherwood Hills Ocala FL cater to families from a variety of backgrounds that are searching for alternatives to the traditional public school system. Private schools have smaller classes, a more individualized approach to learning and frequently are affiliated with a religious institution. A lot of private schools offer an advanced curriculum that helps educate students for college success or for highly competitive career options.

Religious Schools:

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is the home of a variety of religious schools that provide students with religious education. They provide a place where the importance of spiritual values is emphasized and students are taught to incorporate their faith into every day daily life. With high academic standards, these schools prepare their pupils for college success and/or for a career path that aligns with their religious beliefs.


Homeschooling is an alternative method of learning that is available in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL that is gaining popularity as parents want greater control over the educational surroundings of their kids. The homeschooling option allows parents to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of their children and their desires while offering them quality education. Families must sign up with their local school district to legally homeschool in Florida.

It’s clear that Sherwood Hills Ocala FL offers a range of education choices for families to select from. It doesn’t matter if it’s charter, public-private, religious, or homeschooling, there’s an option to accommodate the needs of every family and child within the region. It is important to investigate the various options available before making a decision about which one is suitable for your child’s educational needs.

Sherwood Hills Local Government And Infrastructure

Sherwood Hills Local Government And Infrastructure

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is an unincorporated town located within Marion County, Florida. The local government for the region is administered through the Marion County Board of County Commissioners composed of five members elected by the county. They are responsible for making policies and establishing laws and regulations for the entire county to provide efficient services to the residents from Sherwood Hills Ocala FL.

Infrastructure in the region includes utilities like water, electricity, sewer and gas, as well as telephone and cable TV services that are provided for residents through private firms. There are also public schools for students at Sherwood Hills Ocala FL including middle, elementary and even high schools. In addition, there are numerous parks in the community, which offer recreation opportunities such as basketball, tennis, and soccer. It also has access to public transportation such as taxis and bus routes. In addition the town is situated close to major airports and highways, which makes it much easier for residents living in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL to travel within the United States and also out of state.


Sherwood Hills Ocala, FL is supervised by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff in charge and the office is staffed by more than 800 sworn police officers and over 400 civil staff who provide law enforcement assistance in the county. The department operates from two principal sites that are situated in the city of Ocala and in Belleview. They also have a range of substations scattered across the county for greater service delivery.

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24-hour patrol coverage for Sherwood Hills with an emphasis on traffic enforcement as well as community-policing initiatives such as Neighborhood Watch programs. They also provide specific services such as SWAT teams as well as K9 units, bomb squads, Marine patrols, searches and air rescue, aircraft, and much more.

Fire Department

Sherwood Hills Ocala Fire Rescue is a full service fire station that serves all of Marion County. Marion. It is run with a mixture of career firefighters and volunteers that respond to emergency calls as well as non-emergency issues such as home safety inspections, and smoke detectors installation. The department is home to more than 40 pieces of apparatus, including ladders, engines, rescues, tankers boats, brush truck ambulances, UTVs as well as command vehicles, and many more.

They also have a Technical Rescue Team trained in rope rescue techniques as well as the hazardous material capability for a response. They also include a Volunteer Section, which can provide additional assistance in more extensive emergency situations.


Sherwood Hills Ocala is served by the Marion County School District which manages 44 elementary schools, eleven middle schools, 8 high schools, as well as an alternative high school. The district also hosts three technical centers offering vocational courses for students from grades 9-12. There are also a number of charter and private schools in the region as well.

The goal of the district is to ensure that each student receives an excellent education with strict instruction, relevant resources, and the right support services. In order to accomplish this, they provide a wide range of extracurricular activities like sports and the performing arts and music programs as well as clubs and others.


Sherwood Hills Ocala is served by the Marion County Public Library System with 11 branches in the county. The central library in downtown Ocala provides a wide range of resources and services, including the largest collection of movies, books, music, periodicals, and much more. The library offers free computer access as well as free wireless internet access and gathering rooms for public use as well as storytime for children, and a variety of other programs for education.

The library also has online resources like audiobooks and eBooks including genealogy databases, and research tools. They also have mobile libraries that visit 27 locations across Marion County each month offering programming and books for those not able to get to an office or technology.

Sherwood Hills Ocala provides various public services to its citizens including garbage collection water, sewer, and trash services. The city also has many parks and recreation centers, public libraries, community centers, and other amenities such as trails for bikes as well as open space. There are also several local government departments that provide other services like building inspections, planning, enforcement of codes, and much more.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Things To Do

Things To Do

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL has many things to provide for anyone. In the heart of Central Florida, it is the perfect place to experience nature, outdoor adventures, and relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking an escape for a weekend or a longer stay, there’s plenty of excitement to be having at Sherwood Hills.


Sherwood Hills provides a variety of outdoor activities for all age groups. For those who are adventurous, there are many possibilities for biking and hiking on miles of trails that traverse the beautiful Florida landscape. You can also take a kayak or canoe on numerous lakes that are located in the area such as Lake Weir, Lake Griffin, and Rainbow Springs State Park. Fishing is another favorite activity as catfish and bass are eager to get caught.

If you’re looking for unwinding time outdoors Many visitors love eating picnics in the park’s wide spaces or strolling around the ponds that are full of wildlife. It’s a popular hobby for birdwatchers. A horseback ride is an option in nearby stables and farms offering all inclusive riding instruction as well as guided tours.


If the weather gets cold or wet, indoor things to do in Sherwood Hills add to its appeal. There are numerous museums within the vicinity such as those the Appleton Museum of Art, which has impressive collections of decorative and fine art as well as touring exhibitions. It is also home to the Marion County Historical Society and also offers an interactive museum as well as archives that provide visitors with insights into the history of the area.

Those looking for more action can bowl in Galaxy West Lanes or catch the latest movie at one of the theaters in the Paddock Mall. With its many restaurants, shops, and other activities, it’s possible to explore the popular spot. If you’re seeking an indoor activity that isn’t as active, there are plenty of bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops that are perfect for reading or relaxing with a book.

Whatever the time, Sherwood Hills is sure to provide something for anyone who is looking for exciting things to do. You can choose to go for excitement or tranquility, this place offers it all. Enjoy the outdoors, or take a look inside at one of its numerous attractions there’s something for anyone!

Restaurants In Sherwood Hills

Restaurants In Sherwood Hills

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is an area that is known for its excellent food. If you’re seeking the best eating experience or just a relaxed spot for lunch, the eateries within Sherwood Hills have something to give to anyone. Here are a few most popular eateries that are located within Sherwood Hills Ocala FL:

Restaurants In Sherwood Hills-Miller`s Ale House

Miller`s Ale House:

Miller`s Ale House is a casual restaurant located in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL that serves American food. The menu features appetizers, salads, burgers, salads, and sandwiches, as well as wings as well as seafood and steak main dishes. They also offer a wide beer menu to pair with every food.

Restaurants In Sherwood Hills-Morevino


Morevino can be described as an Italian restaurant that is located at Sherwood Hills Ocala FL. They offer pizzas, pastas and salads, and a variety of premium wines. The menu is filled with specialties like Lasagna Bolognese, Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, Veal Marsala, Eggplant Parmesan, and many other dishes.

Restaurants In Sherwood Hills-Graffiti Seafood & More

Graffiti Seafood & More :

Graffiti Seafood & More is an eatery that serves seafood located in Sherwood Hills Ocala FL. The menu includes fresh seafood including crab cakes as well as fish and chips, shrimp cocktail, scallops, and Fried calamari. There are also salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos. Special drinks can be enjoyed during any meal.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is the home of a range of eateries for every occasion. No matter if you’re seeking classic American meals, Italian cuisine, or fresh seafood, Sherwood Hills has something for every person. Visit Miller’s Ale House, Morevino as well as Graffiti Seafood & More to have a great dinner.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Parks


Sherwood Hills Ocala FL is the home of many stunning parks, which are an ideal spot for recreation and relaxation in the outdoors.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Parks-Fisher Park

Fisher Park

One of the most well known places to play is located at Sherwood Hills Ocala FL. It has the courts for three tennis courts, as well as a huge playground, and lots of space for gatherings and relaxing. There’s an additional boat ramp that leads towards Lake Weir, which allows guests to fish and boat or swim. The park also offers stunning walking trails with breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Parks-Letty Towles Dog Park

Letty Towles Dog Park

This fenced-in area is a wonderful place for pets or their owner to get fresh air. There are many agility courses, as well as plenty of room for playing around and playing games. There’s also a big covered pavilion that makes it the ideal place to chill out and meet other pet owners or enjoy an informal picnic outside.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Parks-George Bailey Park

George Bailey Park

This park is a favored place for people who want to engage in leisure activities. It has softball and baseball fields as well as two soccer fields, basketball courts, as well as a playground. There’s also a secure pet park for the pet owner to take their furry friends.

Sherwood Hills Ocala FL-Parks-Sherwood Forest RV Resort

Sherwood Forest RV Resort

This is an excellent location for those who wish to live within one of the region’s most sought after RV resorts. There are more than 100 waterfront campsites available in addition to a wide range of amenities like the pool, hot tub clubhouse, and much more. The resort also offers its own marina, complete with fishing piers and boat slips.

Is Sherwood Hills Safe To Live In

Is Sherwood Hills Safe To Live In

Sherwood Hills Ocala, FL is a secure place to reside. The city has an average crime rate lower than that of the average for cities that are similar in size. In addition, the area is supervised by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and is adequately protected by police. Residents can also avail of programs for citizen’s watches and neighborhood patrols to feel more at ease in their homes.

The neighborhood in Sherwood Hills Ocala features several features that make it attractive for families looking to make it their home. This includes parks and recreational areas that have trails and playgrounds as well as restaurants, shopping centers, and other establishments as well as a pool for the community, schools, churches, and medical facilities close by. The traffic flow is generally minimal due to the fact that it is near the outskirts of Ocala which means that commuters don’t have to fret about long delays.

All in all, Sherwood Hills Ocala is an unsecured and secure community with a wealth of advantages for residents. With numerous amenities, low rates of crime, and easy transportation to nearby cities It’s a great spot for families seeking to settle in a tranquil residential region. If you’re seeking for parks, museums, or shopping malls the neighborhood offers something for all who call it home.

Sherwood Hills-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Sherwood Hills is an ideal community for people who appreciate peace and tranquility and are still near to urban life. The neighborhood is unique and has an inviting and welcoming atmosphere which is perfect for couples, families, retired people, young professionals, and retirees alike. The community offers a range of amenities, including food stores as well as restaurants, parks, and shopping malls. It’s located only 10 minutes from downtown Portland and has easy access to public transport.

The houses in Sherwood Hills are beautifully designed with traditional Northwest architectural style. There are single-family homes or townhomes that have large yards or decks. The homes are equipped with modern amenities like energy-efficient appliances and flooring made of hardwood. The streets are well lit at night, ensuring security and safety.

The town also takes pride in its parks and green areas which include a municipal park along with numerous walking trails, as well as an 18-hole golf course. There are numerous play areas, picnic spots and even an exercise center outdoors for people who prefer to be active. Homeowners can participate in the many leisure activities offered all year long, including tennis lessons, swimming lessons, and yoga lessons.

Sherwood Hills is a great location to live due to its central location near Portland’s cities and the tranquil atmosphere which creates the perfect balance of city life and a peaceful lifestyle. If you’re seeking an enjoyable, secure neighborhood that has numerous amenities, Sherwood Hills should be your perfect choice!