Summerton South Ocala FL

January 24, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Summerton South Ocala FL

Summerton South Ocala FL is situated in the middle of Central Florida. This neighborhood is just an easy drive from I-75, which makes it ideal for commuters heading south or north. Summerton South’s location offers the convenience of having access to a number of attractions nearby, including Silver Springs State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park, and the Appleton Museum of Art. In addition, its proximity to downtown Ocala means that dining and shopping options are easily accessible. With its gorgeous houses, lush landscaping, and well-equipped recreation center, South Ocala FL is the perfect place to live!

Summerton South

Summerton South History

The Summerton South neighborhood in Ocala, Florida has a rich heritage that goes back to the latter part of the 1800s. In the early years, it was an agricultural hub where farmers could grow fruits and vegetables for market in the local area. It was a popular destination for summer vacations too.

In the 1950s, Summerton South had grown into a residential area with new houses built on larger plots and roads lined by trees. In time the properties were split into smaller parcels and then sold off to developers who constructed condominiums and apartment complexes in the entire neighborhood.

Summerton South Today:

In recent times there has been an increase in new companies and development projects that are bringing new residents to the area. Summerton South has become a well-known place for seniors, families, and young professionals searching for an affordable, yet lively location to live in. There are numerous modern amenities in the area, such as restaurants, shopping centers, and schools. The neighborhood is home to maintained parks and trails that provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Summerton South is a diverse mix of cultures and the traditional values are maintained in harmony with modern fashions. It’s a secure neighborhood with low rates of crime due to the close-knit residents who cherish their neighborhood. Residents of Summerton South enjoy easy access to the nearby entertainment venues in addition to all the wonderful things Ocala offers. 

Summerton South

Cost of Living

Living costs in Ocala’s Summerton South neighborhood of Ocala, FL can vary depending on your personal desires and lifestyle choices.


The median home price in Summerton is about $335,000 which makes it an affordable place to live. Renting in the area is likely to cost between $1200 and $1400 per month for the average two-bedroom apartment. Electric charges for residents are typically quite low because of Florida’s mild climate the entire year. In the summer, electricity costs vary from $120-$145 per month, based on the amount of usage.


Costs for transportation may be different based on personal preferences, but public transportation is accessible and the costs are reasonable. The cost of gasoline is approximately $2.60 per gallon.

General Goods & Services:

Costs for groceries depend on each person’s preferences and the size of the family However, the price of food items in the region is generally lower than the national averages.

In general, Summerton South offers a lower cost of living in comparison to other areas of Florida and throughout the United States. With affordable housing options, a mild climate, and ease of access to amenities such as supermarkets and public transportation is a perfect spot for people looking for an ideal home without breaking the cost of living.

Summerton South

Local Economy

Summerton South Ocala, FL is a tiny, rural town within Marion County. The economic activity that is Summerton South Ocala is largely dependent on agriculture and farming and the town’s bustling commercial district comprises local nurseries, farms, and food processing plants.

Job Opportunities

Opportunities for employment in the region are available on farms as well as in related industries for example, harvesting crops, packaging food items for retail and markets, or directing the operations of agribusiness. Local businesses also have opportunities in customer service as well as retail sales, hotel services, and many more.

Household Income

The household income levels of households vary across the region due to factors like the age of residents and the cost of daily living. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income for Summerton South Ocala was around $56,104 in 2019.

Local Investment

Its economy is sustained by a myriad of investments that draw businesses and residents to the region. These include improvements to infrastructure like connectivity and improved water systems, in addition to incentives for companies in the region to move or grow their operations in the area.

In the end, Summerton South Ocala’s economy Summerton South Ocala is supported by a variety of local companies and investments that will position it for expansion in the future.

Summerton South

Transportation Options For The Commute

Summerton South Ocala, FL is home to an extensive transport system that allows quick access to the city as well as its numerous tourist attractions. 

Summerton South

Public Transportation:

There is public transportation available via the Lynx bus service. The bus line connects the majority of major locations within Summerton South Ocala with regular schedules all day long which makes it a great alternative for tourists who want a trip around the town or travel quickly.

Summerton South


Taxis can be a useful mode of transportation for travelers who require fast and efficient transportation around the city. There are many taxi firms working throughout Summerton South Ocala, offering affordable rates.

Summerton South


The sport of cycling is also a preferred method to travel around Summerton South Ocala as there are many bike paths and trails that offer beautiful routes that take you through the city’s parks as well as other tourist attractions. There are a variety of bike rental services where people are able to rent bikes for shorter trips or for longer trips.

Summerton South


The roads of Summerton South Ocala are easily accessible and there’s plenty of parking throughout the area. If you have your car this is a good alternative for moving around town without the stress of finding parking spots.

Whatever your method of transport is, Summerton South Ocala provides easy access to numerous attractions and activities. With public transportation, taxis as well as bicycles, and cars all at your disposal, you can explore the city in a breeze!

Summerton South

Average Annual Weather

Summerton South Ocala FL enjoys a mild climate all year round, which makes outdoor activities possible all the time. With lots of sunshine and occasional rain, this is a great spot for people who want to experience the natural world.

Summerton South


The summer is a hot and humid time in Summerton South Ocala FL is hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching low 90°F from June to August. Afternoon thunderstorms are common and it is not uncommon to experience instances that bring heavy rainfall. 

Summerton South


The winter in Summerton South Ocala FL is moderate compared to other areas of Florida. It is typically between 50°F and 60°F throughout the season with morning chills averaging less than 40°F at times. The rainy season is not atypical through the winter months, but snow is virtually impossible to find in this region.

Summerton South


The autumn of Summerton South Ocala FL is cool and pleasant, with temperatures usually reaching the upper 70°F during the months of September through October. November typically sees cool days with temperatures dropping to the 60°F, while December tends to be a bit cooler. The rainfall is consistent throughout the month, but it is significantly less than in other seasons.

Summerton South


The spring season begins earlier in Summerton South Ocala FL and brings pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine. Highs in the daytime can reach 70°F in March and by May, they can surpass 80°F for more. Rainfall is typically light during the spring season, but occasionally storms can occur.

Summerton South

Local Tip: 

Just like the majority of Florida the most ideal time to travel or relocate to Summerton South Ocala FL is in those cooler times. The area is humid and hot in the summer months, so make sure to prepare for the weather in case you’re planning to travel there! Be sure to apply sunblock and drink lots of fluids as you explore all the beautiful outdoors can offer. 

Summerton South

Education System of Summerton South

There are many educational options that are available in Summerton South Ocala FL including private tutoring, distance-learning programs, and enrichment classes after school. Students are also able to participate in various extracurricular activities like arts, music, sports, and even art. With a variety of educational options available in all grade levels students in the region are certain to find a program that is suited to their interests and needs.

Public Schools:

Summerton South Ocala FL is part of the Marion County Public School District which comprises several schools across the region. The district offers extensive educational programs for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. They offer diverse courses that range from the most fundamental subjects such as the language arts and math to specific disciplines like art, music, or physical education. Many schools provide advanced placement programs too.

Charter Schools:

There are numerous charter schools within Summerton South Ocala FL that offer alternatives school to the traditional ones. These schools operate as semi-public organizations, independent from local districts, and have fewer restrictions than traditional public schools. The majority of charter schools in this region are focused on a particular academic discipline or education philosophy, such as Montessori.

Private Schools:

Private schools offer a different education from traditional public schools and generally require fees for the duration of their attendance. There are a variety of religious communities that operate their own private schools within the city, which include Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, faith-based groups. Private secular alternatives are offered with programs that concentrate on college preparatory studies, special courses in academics, and many more.

Religious Schools:

Summerton South Ocala FL is home to a range of different private religious schools a majority of which are associated with local synagogues or churches. These schools provide an education based on the principles of faith that aren’t available at public schools. Religious schools generally have a smaller education than public or private secular schools and tend to be geared towards religious studies, including Bible study, memorization of scriptures, and other theological disciplines in addition to the traditional fundamental subjects such as math languages, language arts, and sciences.


This option is also available to families living in the Summerton South Ocala FL area who would like to give their children an education that is not part of the traditional educational system. Homeschooling gives parents more freedom over their children’s education experience and allows parents to design the curriculum and schedule to best satisfy their family’s requirements. 

Summerton South

Summerton South Local Government and Infrastructure

Summerton South Ocala, FL is managed by a local government dedicated to providing top-quality infrastructure and services for the residents of the area. 


The police department is able to protect the security and safety of the residents by responding to calls for help and enforcing the law and conducting investigations, delivering community outreach programs, and much more. 

Fire Department

The fire department provides training in fire prevention in addition to emergency medical assistance and transportation. 


The public schools in Summerton are open to all students starting from pre-kindergarten up to the 12th grade, with a range of schools that are specialized for students with advanced academics or for those with students with special needs. There are two major universities in the city, each offering an array of degrees.


Summerton has numerous public libraries, which provide free access to computers, books, and Wi-Fi Internet connection, education classes, as well as other library programs.

In addition to the government services, Summerton is also home to a variety of community groups and resources to encourage healthy growth and progress. This includes the Chamber of Commerce, various local business associations as well as neighborhood watch groups. Civic clubs, and volunteering opportunities like tutoring and mentoring programs. The town is extremely accommodating to local companies and is encouraging entrepreneurs to set up shops in the area.

Summerton’s infrastructure is extensive, with a road network that connects the town’s neighborhoods with other areas of Ocala. A well-planned bus system allows residents to move to and from town easily. There are also two major airports in the vicinity for travelers looking to fly outside of the state or across the world. With all these amenities as well as services Summerton South Ocala FL is a great location to reside in.

Summerton South

Things To Do

Summerton South Ocala FL offers many activities for both outdoor and indoor activities. 


If you’re looking to take pleasure in the outdoors, there are plenty of possibilities ranging such as kayaking at or visiting one of the numerous state parks, like Silver River State Park. The visitors can also visit nearby natural wonders like Rainbow Springs State Park.

There are a variety of annual events and festivals which take place within Summerton South Ocala FL throughout the time of the year. These include the which features live music as well as art and food vendors, trucks, and many other events.


If you prefer to stay in indoors, there are plenty of things that you could do during Summerton South Ocala FL. This area offers many great shopping options which include a flea marketplace filled with collectibles, antiques as well as other interesting items. There are numerous museums that preserve the past of the region like The Appleton Museum of Art. Movie theaters, arcades, and bowling are great sources of entertainment for all ages. If you’re looking for something that is a little more original There are also excellent escape rooms to pick out of within Summerton South Ocala FL.

Whatever your passions are, there’s bound to be something exciting and exciting to experience during your stay in Summerton South Ocala FL. From outdoor activities to indoor pursuits, this charming location offers something for all. Come and explore the amazing attractions and experiences that Summerton South Ocala, Florida offers!

Summerton South

Restaurants in Summerton South

Whatever kind of food you’re looking for, Summerton South Ocala FL is sure to satisfy every craving! It doesn’t matter if it’s Mexican, Italian, or Spanish food you’re craving, there are many excellent restaurants to pick from. Each restaurant has its own unique flavor and ambiance, so don’t miss the chance to discover the delicious tastes from Summerton South Ocala FL.

Summerton South

Los Magueyes Mexican Restaurant

Los Magueyes Mexican Restaurant – Ocala is a well-known place for authentic Mexican food. Their menu features burritos tacos and fajitas as well as enchiladas, and much more. They also provide a large assortment of cocktails and margaritas to accompany your dinner. The vibe is casual but colorful with vibrant colors and striking art decorating the walls.

Summerton South

Mesa de Notte

Mesa de Notte serves up Italian favorites like pizza, pasta dishes, risotto, and calzones with a welcoming ambiance that is decorated in a traditional style. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine menu that features wines that hail from all over Italy. 

Summerton South

Taverna Berrocal 

Taverna Berrocal is a family-owned restaurant serving Spanish food in a relaxing and comfortable setting. The menu is filled with traditional Spanish meals like paella or tapas, chorizo, and croquettes. The menu also includes a variety of home-cooked desserts such as the crema Catalana and tarta of Santiago. 

Summerton South


The gorgeous parks in Summerton South Ocala FL provide numerous outdoor activities for everyone of any age to discover. No matter if you’re seeking running trails or a relaxing nature walk, there’s something to meet any outdoors enthusiast’s requirements. So, come on out and take in the many amazing parks provide!

Summerton South

Baseline Trailhead Park

Baseline Trailhead Park is nestled in the middle of Summerton South Ocala FL, providing stunning panoramic views over the countryside. Visitors can pick from two different trailheads. A four-mile loop that follows Baseline Road and a seven-mile loop that winds through lush forests and along soft streams. On the way, hikers will be able to enjoy stunning views of native wildlife, such as wild turkeys, foxes, and deer while they explore this tranquil reserve. The park also provides many other leisure options like bird watching, fishing, biking, and picnicking!

Summerton South

Banyan Road Trailhead

Banyan Road Trailhead – Cross Florida Greenway is an hour’s drive from Summerton South Ocala FL. The park is home to the Cross Florida Greenway, a linear state park that runs over Central Florida. The park is home to more than 150 miles of hiking trails and 12 backcountry camping sites. The terrain varies from flat prairies, rolling hills, and rugged scrub oak forests providing the ideal background for all outdoor adventures!

Summerton South

Brick City Adventure Park

Brick City Adventure Park offers an experience for all ages within Summerton South Ocala FL! If you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure or want to enjoy an easy stroll in nature, this family-friendly park offers all. 

Summerton South

Ocala Nature Park

Ocala Nature Park offers visitors the chance to see the beauty of nature in close-up within Summerton South Ocala FL. The park has a range of trails including boardwalks and bird-watching options along with an interactive butterfly garden and pond. Visitors can walk the more than 2 miles of paths that are brimming with native wildlife and native plants and take part in any of the park’s numerous educational programs covering topics such as Florida plants the history of the area, as well as the environment!


Is Summerton South Safe To Live In

The area of Summerton South Ocala FL is thought to be a secure place to live. It has a low rate of crime and the police department frequently monitors the area, which makes it among the most secure locations to reside in Florida. There are also community watch programs that keep an eye on for any possible threats or suspicious activities. In addition, many homes are equipped with security systems that provide security for homeowners.

The neighborhood also offers a wide range of leisure activities and amenities like walking trails and restaurants, parks as well as shopping centers, and entertainment venues. There are numerous schools in the area that offer education options for youngsters. With easy connections to the major roads, residents can easily travel around Central Florida and beyond.

Summerton South Ocala FL is an excellent area to reside in and provides the ideal balance of convenience and security. Because of its lower crime rates, and a wealth of amenities, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to settle in this stunning area.


Why Should I Live Here

Summerton South is an ideal place to live located in Ocala, Florida. The neighborhood is close to downtown and the communities surrounding have easy access to a range of facilities. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities like cycling trails, hiking trails, playgrounds, swimming pools, and parks. The housing in the area is reasonable with a variety of single-family houses available for rental or purchase. 

The streets are well-maintained and there is an overall sense of belonging. There are several schools within the vicinity that provide excellent educational options for parents with kids. Shopping malls are easily accessible and there are easy access points to the highway that permit easy commutes. 

Summerton South exemplifies what living in Ocala could be like: a family-friendly atmosphere coupled with modern conveniences and accessibility to convenient areas. This is the reason Summerton South should be considered a desirable community in Ocala to reside in.