Sun Tree Ocala FL

January 17, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Sun Tree Ocala FL

Sun Tree Ocala FL is located in central Florida, at 2475 SW 27th Ave, close to the intersection between the I75 highway and SR 200. The complex’s apartments are only a few minutes from downtown Ocala as well as Ocala’s Paddock Mall. Sun Tree Ocala is located close to a range of eateries, shops, and entertainment places, making it simple for residents to get access to everything that Ocala offers. Its prime position in one of the most picturesque cities Sun Tree Ocala provides residents with easy access to outdoor recreational possibilities like fishing and hiking trails. The close Lake Weir is perfect for an enjoyable day in the water. Other facilities worth mentioning include sparkling pools and fitness centers for community members. Sun Tree Ocala is the ideal place to live!

Sun Tree History

Sun Tree History

Sun Tree is a neighborhood situated within Ocala, Florida. It was founded in the late 1950s, as housing developers began to acquire and develop areas in the region. In the 1960s Sun Tree’s population increased quickly, with newcomers arriving from all over the nation who were searching for affordable homes they could call their own. A lot of these families are still here today and feel grateful to have settled in such a welcoming area with so many things to provide.

As time passed, more companies began to establish themselves in the area, leading to the growth of the community. These included small boutiques as well as restaurants and convenience stores that soon became popular with residents and tourists alike. The region also saw an increase in the number of parks, schools and recreation facilities that made it an ideal area to live in and have children.

Sun Tree Ocala-Today

Sun Tree Today:

At the present, Sun Tree is home to more than 4,000 people and is growing. The community is well maintained by many early businesses still flourishing in the locality. Sun Tree has also become a sought after location for outdoor pursuits like camping and fishing due to its proximity to Ocala National Forest. With its lively tradition and community spirit, Sun Tree is an ideal location for those looking for an identity in Florida. Since its humble beginnings during the 50s, the neighborhood has been an extremely sought-after community in the state.

Sun Tree continues to be a secure, friendly, and warm community. The citizens are proud of their community’s heritage and continue to collaborate to ensure its continued success. If you’re looking for an area to call home or simply going to visit, Sun Tree is sure to make you feel at the heart of the home.

Sun Tree Ocala-Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

Sun Tree is a great place to live. Sun Tree is very affordable and the costs for electricity, housing food, transportation, and other necessities are reasonably priced. Sun Tree is a great place to live with easy public transport access and a friendly community.


Sun Tree is a very affordable place to reside in. The median cost of a home in Sun Tree is $137,000 that’s less than half the national median cost of houses ($285,700). This is a great opportunity for a more affordable budget when purchasing a home or leasing an apartment. There are also many local real estate agents which offer excellent deals as well as lease contracts.


Sun Tree is well connected by public transportation, with a variety of bus routes operating through the area. A single ride costs you around $2, while an all day pass starts at only $4. Rideshare and taxi services like Uber or Lyft are also accessible in the region, but prices can vary based on the location and the route you choose. Furthermore, Sun Tree is located near major interstates and highways If you have an automobile, it’ll be accessible to other areas in the town.

General Goods & Services:

The cost of electricity for electricity in Sun Tree can range from $90-190 per month, based on the usage. However, the cost can be reduced in the event that you are using energy efficient appliances or register for any of the numerous available incentives and rebates offered by Ocala Electric Utility (OEU) including OEU’s Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP). The costs for groceries in Sun Tree are also very affordable. It is possible to spend about $50 to $60 for one week’s worth of food items, based on your needs and budget. There are numerous local supermarkets and farmers’ markets that sell fresh food items at reasonable prices.

Sun Tree Ocala-Local Economy

Local Economy

Sun Tree Ocala FL is an economically flourishing city with numerous job opportunities and appealing household incomes. Furthermore, with the increase in investments from private investors as well as venture capitalists,  the local economy appears promising for an increase in expansion in the near future. This is why Sun Tree Ocala FL is the ideal spot for those who wish to profit from an expanding business and the benefits that it brings.

Job Opportunities:

Sun Tree Ocala FL is the home of a diverse economy that provides numerous jobs for residents. There are major industries in the area, including tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing. For healthcare, the two major hospitals   Munroe Regional Medical Center as well as Ocala Regional Medical Center offer employment opportunities in both nonclinical and clinical jobs. Tourism plays a significant part in this Sun Tree economy, as Sun Tree is the home of many tourist attractions like Silver Springs State Park and Wild Waters water park. Additionally, Sun Tree is a city of light manufacturing thanks to a large number of light industrial businesses like Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Siemens Automation Corporation (SAC).

Household Income:

The household income of Sun Tree is relatively high when compared to other parts across the entire state. Median household earnings for Ocala is $51,290 in the year 2019, which is more than that of the average national income, $57,652 as well as an average Florida median of $53,267. In addition, 25 percent of households earn more than $60,000 a year and 10 percent of households earn over $80,000 annually. This means that the majority of people in the Sun Tree area are well financially.

Local Investment:

Sun Tree Ocala FL has witnessed an increase in investments locally in recent years because of its favorable economic climate. Private investors have been investing heavily in the commercial real estate market, specifically through the development of properties like strip malls as well as shopping malls. Furthermore, the area is now a hub for technological startups due to its proximity to large research institutions as well as government resources. In the end, Sun Tree Ocala FL has witnessed an increase in venture capital investments into local tech firms. All of these factors have made Sun Tree Ocala FL an attractive location for numerous investors and businesses.

Sun Tree Ocala-Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

Sun Tree Ocala FL is the perfect place to travel around in any method of transport you’re looking for. With a vast transport system for public use, several taxi services, plenty of parking options, and biking trail trails that are bike friendly Sun Tree Ocala FL offer something for all.

Sun Tree Ocala-Transportation Options For The Commute-Public Transportation

Public Transportation:

Sun Tree Ocala FL has an outstanding transport system for public use. The city is served through the Ocala Transit System (OTS). Ocala Transit System (OTS) which offers fixed route and paratransit service within the city’s boundaries. The fixed route service is available every day of the week with five routes that serve major destinations across Sun Tree Ocala FL, including the central business district hospital, local malls, hospitals, and shopping centers. Buses operate from early morning until late at night on regular schedules throughout the day.

Sun Tree Ocala-Transportation Options For The Commute-Taxi


Sun Tree Ocala also offers an extensive taxi service for those looking for more individualized transportation. There are numerous taxi services that offer door to door transportation across Sun Tree Ocala FL and the surroundings. Taxis can be hired from designated taxi stands, or they can be reserved in advance.

Sun Tree Ocala-Transportation Options For The Commute-Bicycles


Sun Tree Ocala FL is an excellent location to cycle around on bicycles! They have dedicated bike lanes along major roads and an extensive network of trails that span the city. The Sun Tree Ocala, FL Bike Share system lets you hire bicycles from a variety of kiosks that are located in various areas within the city for a very low cost. It is a fantastic option to move to the city and discover nature all at once. There are a lot of bike shops that offer repairs and rentals, so you can ensure that your bike is in good condition prior to launching your adventure.

Sun Tree Ocala-Transportation Options For The Commute-Cars


Sun Tree Ocala FL is an ideal location to drive your car, particularly when you enjoy the mobility to move about freely and aren’t averse to paying for parking charges. There are numerous garages and lots throughout the city that offer affordable prices that allow making reservations online or using an application. The streets of Sun Tree Ocala FL are well maintained and clearly marked which means that navigation shouldn’t be an issue.

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Sun Tree Ocala has four distinct seasons, including mild winters, humid and hot summers, mild springs, and cooler falls. The temperature can vary all through the year but generally remains pleasant all every day of the year. The most frequent rain storms occur in the spring, while autumn is generally the driest season. Each season has its own unique experience to enjoy within The Sun Tree in Ocala!

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Summer


Sun Tree Ocala, FL is known for its humid and hot summers, with temperatures that range from the mid-80s to the low 90s. The humidity can be intense at this time of year, which makes it seem like it’s hotter than it is. Thunderstorms are frequent and can cause severe rain, lightning, or even hail. July is typically the hottest month of the year in Sun Tree Ocala with an average temperature of 92 degrees (33degC).

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Winter


The winters within Sun Tree Ocala are mild and refreshing. Temperatures usually range from the mid-50s to the upper 60s at this time of the year. A light snowfall is likely, but uncommon since the majority of precipitation occurs as rain. January is generally the coldest month with an average temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7degC).

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Fall


The fall season In Sun Tree Ocala brings cooling temperatures and comfortable levels of humidity. Daytime temperatures are typically between 75-85degF (24-29degC) and nighttime lows can range from the upper 50s to the mid-60s. The month of October is generally the driest month, with an average in the range of two millimeters (5 centimeters).

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Spring


The spring season with Sun Tree Ocala brings warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. Highs during the day are usually in the mid-70s to the upper 80s and lows are in the mid-50s to low-60s. April is typically the wettest month, with an average rainfall that is 5 inches (13 centimeters).

Sun Tree Ocala-Average Annual Weather- Local Tip

Local Tip:

Make sure you pack light clothes for the hot summer months and have an umbrella ready in case of rain! Any time you go to Sun Tree Ocala you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Come on to enjoy everything it has to offer! Sun Tree Ocala has to provide!

Education System Of Sun Tree

Education System Of Sun Tree

Sun Tree Ocala offers a wide range of educational options for families, ranging from traditional public schools to private schools for religious purposes and homeschooling. All programs must adhere to the requirements set by FDOE for students to be sure they receive high-quality instruction and are properly prepared for further education or job opportunities. Each program comes with its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is crucial for families to assess their requirements before making a choice. After careful consideration and thorough research parents can determine the most suitable educational program for their children at Sun Tree Ocala FL.

Public Schools:

Sun Tree Ocala is part of The Marion County Public Schools system. There are about 50 public schools within the county, from the elementary level to the high school level. The public schools located in Ocala are governed and funded through the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) which establishes standards and requirements for curriculum, resources, and teacher qualifications. The district has certified teachers with advanced degrees. They also have an extremely rigorous academic curriculum which includes the core subjects, along with specific electives. Additional services like after school and before school care, art classes, physical education, music classes programs, labs for technology counseling services for students, and foreign language classes and special education courses are available at several of these schools.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are funded by the public and run by an independent company, however, they must adhere to FDOE standards. There are numerous charter schools that provide children with an alternative education to the traditional public school system. They offer affordable or free tuition. They may offer a particular education focus or learning style that is Montessori like or arts integrated curriculum. Teachers at charter schools must get certified through the FDOE However, they typically hold advanced degrees above what is required by states’ certification procedure.

Private Schools:

In addition to the public or charter school, Sun Tree Ocala also offers a variety of private schools for students who want the most personalized education experience. The majority of these schools provide an education based on faith, which makes them the perfect choice for families with strong religious convictions. Private schools tend to be more expensive than public and charter schools, however, they can offer some financial aid for students who are in need. Teachers at private schools must meet the same requirements for certification as their charter and public school counterparts.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools are educational establishments that are affiliated with a specific religion or religious denomination. At Sun Tree Ocala the city, there are several schools of religion that are available to students from various religions. They usually place an emphasis on scripture study, prayer, and various other aspects of spiritual development as well as traditional academic classes. All teachers who qualify in these schools are required to be certified by the FDOE However, many of them hold advanced degrees.


At Sun Tree Ocala it is possible to homeschool families seeking an education that is more customized. Families can choose to utilize online courses, textbooks, or other printed material to develop a bespoke curriculum that best suits the requirements that their kids have. Students have to be registered with FDOE and must adhere to the state’s regulations and requirements. Parents are accountable for making sure their children fulfill the academic standards and receive the necessary instruction for earning a High School diploma or similar recognition.

Sun Tree Local Government And Infrastructure

Sun Tree Local Government And Infrastructure

Sun Tree Ocala is a community that is committed to meeting its residents ‘ needs and providing high-quality public infrastructure and services for the residents. From fire protection, police protection, prevention library access, and education opportunities to transport options for public use, medical treatment as well as animal management, Sun Tree Ocala has all the essential elements put in place to offer its residents safe and comfortable living spaces. The services offered, in conjunction with the great recreation facilities provided by the parks in the city create Sun Tree Ocala an ideal place to live, work, or visit.


Sun Tree Ocala is serviced by Marion County Sheriff’s Office which provides law enforcement assistance across the county. The sheriff’s office is composed of multiple patrolling units as well as K-9 dogs that aid in the conduct of criminal investigations, searches for drugs, searches, and outreach to the community. In addition to their regular patrolling duties, the officers are also accountable for responding to burglaries in homes as well as vehicle accidents, traffic violations, as well as other incidents.

Fire Department:

The City of Sun Tree Ocala is serviced by Marion County Fire Rescue (MCFR). MCFR is a full-time fire department, with a team of more than 500 employees spread all over the county. They are committed to providing high-quality service and meeting the security needs of the people they serve through prevention, education, and response. MCFR is able to respond to a broad range of medical and fire emergency situations, such as structure fires and hazardous material incidents, automobile accidents, and medical emergencies.


Sun Tree Ocala is a part of the Marion County Public School District. Sun Tree Ocala area is part of the Marion County Public School District which runs more than 50 schools in the county. The middle, elementary and high schools are well-funded and provide a range of opportunities for learning for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. There are also private schools in the region, including Trinity Catholic High School, St. John Lutheran School as well as Legacy Christian Academy.


Ocala Public Library is situated at Sun Tree Ocala and serves as the main library for the public. The library was founded in 1895 and is among the oldest libraries in Florida. It has more than 150,000 volumes and provides various services like free Wi-Fi connectivity and computer access to books, book clubs, and special activities for both children and adults. The library has multiple branches across Marion County which offer additional facilities like study rooms, meeting rooms, and after-school programs.

Sun Tree Ocala offers a wide range of public services available to residents, including garbage collection and water and sewer service, and street maintenance, as well as programming for parks and recreation, in addition to community based events and activities offered by the Parks & Recreation Department. In addition, the city is home to its own Animal Control Division which provides animal rescue, adoption, as well as spay/neuter support for the pet owner. The post office in the local area is located in the middle of Sun Tree Ocala and provides postal delivery, as well as passport processing services.

The bus system that is public that is run through Marion County Transportation Department Marion County Transportation Department, offers transportation to all regions of the county, including Ocala, and Sun Tree. The bus routes offer transfers to the downtown area of Ocala and nearby cities like Gainesville as well as Tampa.

Alongside those services, Sun Tree Ocala is also served by a range of clinics, hospitals, and medical centers run by highly qualified doctors who provide quality treatment for both visitors and residents. Medical facilities offer urgent medical services, in addition to routine health examinations and treatments. There are numerous pharmacies in the region offering customers a broad variety of prescription drugs and OTC products.

Sun Tree Ocala FL-Things  To Do

Things To Do

There’s plenty for everyone to take advantage of at Sun Tree Ocala FL! If you’re searching for outdoor adventure or the indoors You’re bound to find something that suits your needs and budget. From the range of natural wonders that is Silver Springs State Park to the charming downtown Ocala, There’s plenty to see to enjoy in Sun Tree Ocala FL!


Sun Tree Ocala FL offers many outdoor activities for visitors to do, such as cycling and hiking trails as well as camping spots, fishing spots along with RV camping. A well-known spot in Ocala can be found at Silver Springs State Park, where visitors can enjoy exploring the springs or take an excursion on a glass-bottomed boat to observe the native wildlife. There are a number of golf courses within the region for those who wish to play several rounds. Bird watching is another very popular activity in the region with over 200 bird species that live in the area.


The city of Ocala has plenty of indoor entertainment options for guests to enjoy. For those who love art, there is the Brick City Center for the Arts which has exhibits that are rotating and permanent from both national and local artists. There’s also a wide array of museums within the region which include The Appleton Museum of Art, which houses collections of decorative arts, fine art, and antiquities. Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing is another favorite attraction that lets visitors discover the race’s history. People who love shopping can go to the Paddock Mall or shop in the many boutiques that are located in downtown Ocala. At night, visitors can dine at any of the numerous eateries in town, or take in performances in some of the live theaters or music venues.

Restaurants In Sun Tree

Restaurants In Sun Tree

Sun Tree Ocala FL is where you can find a wide range of eateries serving delicious cuisine and great ambiance. No matter if you’re seeking an informal meal or an elegant dining experience, Sun Tree Ocala has something for every person.

Restaurants In Sun Tree-Amrit Palace

Amrit Palace:

A popular restaurant located in Sun Tree, Ocala FL. The restaurant specializes in Indian food, with authentic dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Curries, Kabobs, and freshly made Naan bread. They also provide catering services as well as carry-out options for those looking to dine at home.

Restaurants In Sun Tree-Ipanema Brazilian Steak House

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House:

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House is an experience unlike any other located in Sun Tree, Ocala FL. The family owned restaurant provides the rodizio tradition of service. In this restaurant, your dinner is served with wooden skewers that are served to you at your table, served by their attentive and helpful waiters. The menu features items such as chicken and beef grilled fresh seafood, as well as numerous sides to pick from.

Restaurants In Sun Tree-Lakis Restaurant

Lakis Restaurant:

Lakis Restaurant is a Greek restaurant situated within Sun Tree, Ocala FL. They are a specialist in Mediterranean cuisine, with dishes like Gyro Sandwiches, Moussaka, and Falafel. Other popular items include their famous Baklava along with Galaktabouriko for dessert. Lakis also offers regular specials every weekend which include souvlaki and kabobs.

Whatever you desire, Sun Tree, Ocala FL offers a dining experience that will satisfy everyone’s taste. If you’re seeking tasty Indian dishes or a distinctive Brazilian eating experience, Sun Tree has something that will please all palates.

Sun Tree Ocala-Parks


Sun Tree Ocala FL is one of the most popular local parks within the region. If you’re searching for play areas or picnic pavilions or trails, nature areas, and nature parks as well as sports fields and courts, there’s an option for anyone.

Sun Tree Ocala-Parks-Polly Palmer Park

Polly Palmer Park:

Polly Palmer Park is a vast outdoor park that covers 50 acres. It is home to a wide array of trails that meander through lush forests and wetlands, which makes it ideal for people who like to experience the great outdoors. The park also includes a playground with picnic pavilions, sports fields, courts restrooms, as well as plenty of space for open spaces that makes it an ideal place for every kind of recreational activity outdoors and outdoors.

Sun Tree Ocala-Parks-Jervey Gantt Park

Jervey Gantt Park:

Jervey Gantt Park has become a well-known location for outdoor activities. The park offers a variety of amenities, such as an aquatics center that has heated pools and slides, play areas, fields for sports, courts, barbecues, picnic shelters, restrooms, and more. It also houses the famous Jervey Gantt Softball Complex, which is home to several of the top softball teams in the area.

Sun Tree Ocala-Parks-Clyatt Park

Clyatt Park:

Clyatt Park is a great location to walk around and breathe in the fresh air. It’s also home to a gorgeous lake with fishing, kayaking, and swimming. There are numerous trails for cycling and hiking as well as playgrounds as well as courts and sports fields as well as restrooms, picnic areas, and much more. The park also holds regular events and activities that make it a wonderful location for families.

Sun Tree Ocala-Parks-Scott Springs Park

Scott Springs Park:

Scott Springs Park is an excellent spot for an escape to nature. It covers 33 acres of open space, and many trails that wind through the. There are playgrounds, picnic pavilions, courts, and sports fields restrooms, as well as other facilities. The park has an amphitheater that is outdoor, meaning you can attend concerts in the park and other performances all through the year.

Is Sun Tree Safe To Live In

Is Sun Tree Safe To Live In

Sun Tree in Ocala FL is a safe area to reside. It is situated in the middle of Central Florida and offers strong security precautions for the residents. It has been rated as being among the safest areas in the United States, with an overall crime rate that is considerably lower than the State and national averages.

Local police strive to ensure that Sun Tree Ocala FL safe by swiftly responding to any reports of illegal or suspicious activities and offering protection measures, such as security systems for homes as well as surveillance cameras and neighborhood surveillance programs. Private security companies are accessible to those looking for additional security.

Sun Tree Ocala FL also provides a wide range of activities for the recreational crowd which makes it a desirable place to reside in. Residents can take advantage of a broad variety of parks, sports fields, and trails as well as other facilities. The city also has numerous cultural sites like those at the Florida Horse Park, Appleton Museum of Art as well as Silver River State Park.

In the end, Sun Tree Ocala FL is a great area to live in and build families. Its robust security measures ensure peace for people who reside there. With its numerous recreational events and activities, It’s not difficult to understand the reasons why Sun Tree Ocala FL is an excellent place to reside!

Sun Tree Ocala-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Sun Tree is a vibrant expanding neighborhood that is situated in the middle of Sun Tree. It is close to many services and attractions, making it a great place to reside.

One of the most appealing aspects of living at Sun Tree is its proximity to everything. Food, shopping, entertainment, parks, and even schools are all just a short walk or a quick drive. This makes it simple to travel around town without worrying about the cost of transportation or long hours spent driving.

The houses that are located within Sun Tree are also attractive and well maintained. The streets are kept clean while the yards are maintained for an attractive curb appeal. There’s ample green space around Sun Tree which adds beauty to the neighborhood while offering numerous recreational opportunities.

It is also a very welcoming community  Sun Tree community is also extremely friendly and welcoming. Residents are quick to help or provide advice when needed which makes the community feel like a home. Residents here are proud of their community and are committed to keeping it clean and safe.

Being a resident of Sun Tree is also cost efficient. Rents are available for a reasonable cost, and mortgages are much less expensive than in other locations in Sun Tree. This makes it a great location for people who wish to save money but not sacrifice their quality of life or convenience.

In the end, Sun Tree is a great place to live. Sun Tree has much more to offer than obvious facilities and activities. Sun Tree is a wonderful location to live in that offers security and peace of mind as well as provides lots of opportunities for fun and unwinding. All of these are reasons why the Sun Tree neighborhood is an ideal choice for those looking for an alternative place to reside in.