Timberwood Ocala FL

January 17, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Timberwood Ocala FL

Timberwood is located in stunning Ocala, Florida. It is just a short drive from the city’s center, Timberwood is surrounded by beautiful natural beauty and lush greenery. It is conveniently located off the US-27 highway, providing the convenience of accessing Central Florida’s most popular tourist attractions and also offering residents a serene life. With its close proximity to waterways along with state parks, recreation areas, shopping centers, and much more it offers numerous possibilities for exploring the outdoors. If you’re looking for the sport of fishing, paddle boarding in the lake, or strolling on one of the gardens or trails, Timberwood provides everything you require for an ideal getaway from the bustle and craziness of city life. It is also close to I-75 There is no location too distant. Be prepared to discover the secrets of Ocala in Timberwood!

Timberwood History

Timberwood History

The Timberwood neighborhood located in Ocala, FL has a long and varied history. The area was initially established by pioneer families in the 1800s who were drawn towards the naturally occurring springs which provided plenty of fresh water. The area soon became famous for its superb fishing and hunting opportunities as well as unique habitats for wildlife. As time passed more people moved into the area and later established homes and businesses as well as churches, schools, and other establishments that became the basis of today’s Timberwood.

The timber industry offered a variety of jobs to the local population in this period and also brought economic development to Ocala. In World War II approximately 12,000 soldiers from Camp Blanding trained at nearby places like Silver Springs or Belleview Biltmore. This presence of military personnel contributed to the expansion of the area around it.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Today

Timberwood Today:

At present, Timberwood is a vibrant and diverse community located in Ocala with many appealing features for residents. The close Silver Springs Nature Park offers numerous outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, canoeing, bird watching, and hiking. The area also enjoys the connection to downtown Ocala which allows the convenience of entertainment and shopping. Residents appreciate the distinct charm which is only available in a town with a rich history like this one. They feel proud of their hometown roots. Alongside being a wonderful area to live in and work, it’s also home to many excellent businesses and restaurants that offer residents plenty to do all through the year.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

Timberwood is a great place to live. Timberwood is less expensive than other towns in Florida and provides a wide range of low cost housing and transportation choices. If you’re seeking an affordable location to live, with easy access to facilities and other activities close by, Timberwood may be an excellent choice!


Timberwood neighborhood located in Ocala, FL offers a range of housing choices. The median home price is about $157,000. The median monthly rent is $1300-1500. There are also condos as well as townhomes for rent that start at $1800 monthly. The property market in Timberwood is quite affordable in comparison to the other major cities of Florida.


In Timberwood, There are several transport options. The bus service that is local runs through the entire city and offers easy access to the majority of important sites. A one way ticket typically is between $2 and $3. Taxis can also be a viable alternative, with prices beginning at $10 for shorter journeys within the vicinity. If you own a car the gas prices are typically between $2-3 per gallon.

General Goods & Services:

The electricity bill in Timberwood generally ranges from $90-120 per month, based on the amount of usage and the dimensions of the home. The price can vary based on the service you select and the kind of plan you have. The price of groceries in Timberwood is comparable with other towns in Florida. The average price for essential items like bread and milk ranges from $4-5. Prices will vary depending on the store you go to and the kinds of goods you buy.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Local Economy

Local Economy

Timberwood in Ocala FL is an ideal area to live and work, offering numerous investment opportunities. With its robust economic growth and an expanding labor market, this is a perfect location for those seeking secure jobs or an ideal location to put money into local companies.

Job Opportunities:

Timberwood Ocala, FL is an excellent location for job opportunities. The city offers a variety of employment opportunities across a variety of industries, that range from small businesses to large corporations as well as government offices. The most well-known employers are: the Marion County Public Schools, Walmart, Publix Super Markets, AdventHealth Ocala, the City of Ocala, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. Other notable companies are Shands Healthcare System, SunTrust Bank as well as the Health Science Center at Florida University, Center-Jacksonville along with Munroe Regional Medical Center.

Household Income:

The median family income of Timberwood Ocala FL is $51,746 which is significantly higher than the average national income of $61,937. This places it within the upper quartile for the highest earnings within Marion County. The majority of households earn between $35,000 to $75,000 annually The majority of households fall in the middle of the range, between $45,000 to $65,000.

Local Investments:

Timberwood Ocala FL is also an excellent location for local business owners to make investments. There is a variety of locally owned and run businesses in the region that provide employment to the residents and help boost the economy. This includes retail stores, restaurants, banks, insurance companies, banks and auto repair services, gasoline stations, and many more. There are also many small businesses, such as coffee shops, boutiques, and bookstores, as well as service providers that support our local economy. In recent times, Timberwood Ocala FL has seen an influx of investors which has helped generate new opportunities and boost economic growth.

Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

There’s no doubt there is no doubt that Timberwood Ocala FL has plenty of transportation options for its residents. If you’re looking for public transportation, taxis, or bikes, there are plenty of options to satisfy all needs. With a little planning and study it’s easy to select the most suitable choice for moving around the vibrant city.

Transportation Options For The Commute

Public Transportation:

Timberwood Ocala FL offers a range of public transportation choices for residents. The main mode of transport is a bus service that is operated by the local government which has several routes that operate all over the town. All buses are accessible for wheelchairs. There are also discounts for seniors and students. for seniors and students. There’s an additional Shuttle service that connects Timberwood Ocala with nearby towns. The routes and stops are available on the website of city or through apps such as Google Maps.

Transportation Options For The Commute-Taxi


Taxis are a popular way for getting around Timberwood Ocala FL. There are numerous taxi firms operating in the region that provide a variety of services at reasonable rates. Taxi services are available via the internet or over the phone, and can be utilized for shorter term trips within the town, or for longer journeys to cities nearby.

Transportation Options For The Commute-Bicycles


Cycling is another excellent way to explore Timberwood Ocala FL. The city is home to a few designated bike paths on major roads and quieter roads that are ideal for slow riding. Bicycles can be rented from a number of stores in the city, or through apps such as Mobike or Ofo.

Transportation Options For The Commute-Cars


If you’re not looking to take the taxi or bus, driving your own car is an alternative for you in Timberwood Ocala FL. There are several major routes that link it to the surrounding areas, and parking is accessible in many places. There are a variety of car rental firms operating within the city offering cars at affordable prices.

Timberwood Ocala, Florida offers an extensive range of transportation options for residents and tourists alike. The public bus service gives easy and cheap accessibility to many parts of the city, and taxis and car rental firms provide greater flexibility. Cycling is also an excellent way to discover Timberwood Ocala, FL at your individual pace. Given the variety of options, it’s easy to choose the ideal mode of transportation for any trip.

Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Timberwood Ocala FL offers pleasant conditions all year round with humid and hot warm summers and mild winters warm, wet springs, and a comfortable fall. There are storms that happen in the local climate, but it is the riskiest season of the year. But, Timberwood Ocala FL remains an ideal location to live in and take advantage of all seasons!

Timberwood Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Summer


The summertime in Timberwood Ocala Florida is extremely humid and hot. June, July, and August are the most humid months of the year, with temperatures as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35degC). The weather is often ablaze in these months, bringing torrential downpours that reduce the temperatures. The levels of humidity can make it appear warmer than it really is.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Winter


The winter season in Timberwood Ocala Florida is generally mild, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degF (10-21degC). A few cold snaps may result in temperatures dropping below freezing but they rarely last for longer than a day or two. It is rare to see snowfall in this region, however, due to its proximity to the Gulf Coast, there can be some sporadic flurry or dusting.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Fall


The autumn in Timberwood Ocala, FL is very mild with temperatures ranging between 60 and 80 degrees (15-26degC). The humidity levels drop dramatically during this time, which makes it more pleasant than the summertime. The hurricane season usually lasts from October to November, which means there is the possibility for intense downpours and powerful winds. October is usually the driest month, with warmer temperatures and sunny days.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Spring


The spring of Timberwood Ocala FL is humid and warm. April, May, and June are generally moderate, but temperatures can increase fast due to high humidity levels. Showers of rain are commonplace during this time of year, which helps to provide some respite from the scorching heat. The strongest storms typically are closer to the close of spring, with tornado events occasionally happening too.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Average Annual Weather-Local Tip

Local Tip:

If you’re planning to visit Timberwood Ocala FL during the summer, be sure to dress in light colored and loose fitting clothes so that you can stay cool. Make sure you are on the lookout for storms and do not leave the house if there is a threat of a storm. Also, don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!

Education System Of Timberwood

Education System Of Timberwood

Timberwood Ocala FL offers a wide range of education choices for students from all backgrounds and ages. If you’re seeking for schools are public schools, charter, private, or religious schools, or want to explore the option of homeschooling, there’s something that will meet your requirements. The city’s dedication to education makes sure that each student has access to the highest quality learning experience.

Public Schools:

The public schools located in Timberwood Ocala are managed through the Marion County School District, which serves more than 47,000 students. The district has 42 primary schools as well as seven middle schools, six high schools, and two alternative education centers. The public school system provides an intense curriculum that incorporates essential classes like math sciences, science, social studies, language arts, and foreign language, in addition to special courses such as music and art. Sports clubs and teams for students to be involved in their local community.

Charter Schools:

Apart from traditional public school options, Timberwood Ocala FL also provides a variety of charter schools. These private, independent schools that are funded by the public provide innovative education programs designed to meet the requirements of every child and family. Some examples of charter schools in the region are Discovery Academy, which emphasizes interactive learning that is based on discovery; Achievers Academy, which concentrates on improving academic performance by engaging students in project based learning and Timberwood Preparatory Academy, which provides an international Baccalaureate curriculum.

Private Schools:

The city of Timberwood Ocala FL is home to numerous private schools that offer instruction for students in grades PreKindergarten to grade 12. These schools are generally religiously affiliated and usually require tuition fees. Private schools that are located in the region comprise St John’s Lutheran Academy, Holy Trinity Catholic School, First Christian Church School, and Hope International Christian Academy.

Religious Schools:

Within Timberwood Ocala FL, there are many religious schools for students who want a religious education. They are open to students of all ages and offer education that is infused with religious teachings. The most notable religious schools located in the area comprise Temple Beth Shalom, St. Joseph Catholic School, and Reformation Lutheran Academy.


For families who want to adopt an individual approach toward their children’s learning the option of homeschooling is available to them in Timberwood Ocala FL. Parents have the option of choosing among online programs that provide instruction and guidance as well as the option of creating their own program that is according to their child’s specific preferences and learning style. Homeschoolers must adhere to specific rules that are set by the state and must provide an annual assessment report to the district every year.

Timberwood Local Government And Infrastructure

Timberwood Local Government And Infrastructure

Timberwood Ocala FL has a strong local government and infrastructure that delivers high quality services to its residents. The police department and fire departments, libraries, schools, libraries, and public services cooperate for the protection and security of Timberwood Ocala’s residents. These agencies strive to provide the best possible service to ensure that everyone is able to live in this lively city.


The Timberwood Ocala Police Department (TOPD) is committed to keeping the community secure by providing high quality police services and ensuring the safety of its citizens. For residents to work, live, and play. TOPD employs more than 125 sworn officers and civilians who patrol the city on a daily basis. TOPD is accountable for responding to emergencies and investigations as well as providing traffic control and providing crime prevention programs.

Fire Departments:

The Timberwood Ocala Fire Rescue Department offers emergency medical assistance to the residents in Timberwood Ocala FL. The department comprises six stations, with more than 85 firefighters positioned all over the city. They are on call all day, every day to respond swiftly to emergencies. Additionally, the department is accountable for the prevention of fire as well as public education, and dangerous materials incidents.


Timberwood Ocala FL has numerous public schools within the city, including elementary middle, high school, and post secondary schools. They provide high-quality educational experiences to students of all different ages. There are private schools throughout the metropolis for students who want the opportunity to have a completely different education.


Timberwood Ocala Public Library Timberwood Ocala Public Library serves the community by offering various sources and services, including magazines, books, newspapers, and DVDs. The library also provides access to research tools as well as other online resources such as eBooks and databases. The library also provides programming including classes and special activities for teenagers, children, and adults.

Timberwood Ocala FL has a number of public services that are available to the citizens of the city including those provided by the Parks and Recreation Department, Solid Waste Management Division, and Human Services Agency. These departments offer essential services that keep the city operating smoothly and offer a quality of life activities for everyone. The city also has a wide range of artistic activities like festivals, museums, and galleries of art. In addition, Timberwood Ocala FL also offers transportation services, including taxi cabs, bus routes, and car rentals. The local government departments work to satisfy the needs of their citizens so that they can live within Timberwood Ocala FL.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Things To Do

Things To Do

No matter if you’re searching for the outdoors, or indoor pursuit, Timberwood Ocala FL has many things to give anyone! The rich heritage, gorgeous landscapes, and a variety of options, it’s evident why this popular location keeps attracting tourists each year.


The outdoor area of Timberwood Ocala, FL is full of enjoyable activities. From biking and hiking to fishing, bird watching, and kayaking, there’s something for all.

Hiking: A well known leisure activity outdoors that can be found in Timberwood Ocala FL is hiking. There are numerous trails that weave through the region’s lush landscapes that wind through lush forests as well as along beautiful streams and rivers. The 6 mile long Appleton Museum Nature Trail offers stunning panoramas of the scenery. Eight miles of Silver River State Park Trails are a more strenuous hike, with its unique landscape and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Biking: For those who are looking for an exciting and thrilling experience biking is a great option! The numerous trails in the area offer miles of stunning routes that meander through the forests, streams, and rivers, as well as historic landmarks. Its Big Scrub Mountain Bike Trail is particularly popular with cyclists because of its steep slopes and sharp curves.

Bird Watching: The act of watching birds is an excellent method to see the region’s numerous species of wildlife. Silver River State Park is very well known for its abundance of birds which include ospreys and the bald eagle, hawks, herons, ibises as well as vultures, among other species. There are numerous bird-watching tours offered throughout the year, which will guide you to the most beautiful spots within the area.

Fishing: This is a very well known sport at Timberwood Ocala FL. The numerous streams, rivers, and lakes are home to a wide range of fish species, including catfish, bass crappie, sunfish, and bass. Licenses to fish are available at a variety of locations in the region.

Kayaking: Kayaking can be an ideal way to experience the waterways of the region. There are a variety of kayak rental options available within the area. There are numerous well known kayak routes that weave through the surrounding forests along scenic islands and through tranquil waters.


Alongside its outdoors activities, Timberwood Ocala FL also offers many entertainment alternatives for people that prefer staying indoors. From theaters to museums and farmers’ markets, there is something for all ages.

Museums: If you’re looking to find out more about the region’s history and cultural heritage Timberwood Ocala FL has a variety of museums to visit. The Appleton Museum of Art offers an extensive collection of artwork from all over the world and also guides and unique exhibits. It’s Silver River State Park museum has a range of exhibits and artifacts that focus on local wildlife. The Marion County Historical Society provides visitors with an insight into the past of the region.

Theaters: there are plenty of theaters in the region that provide live shows all throughout the entire year. From plays and musicals to stand-up comedy events and film screenings, there’s always something to do in one of the theaters.

Farmers’ Markets region has numerous farmers’ markets that sell local products, fresh seafood, homemade baked goods, and much more. It’s a great way to stock up on food items while helping the local small scale businesses.

Restaurants In Timberwood

Restaurants In Timberwood

Timberwood Ocala FL is home to a variety of wonderful restaurants that offer various different cuisines. No matter if you’re searching for Italian or seafood or Mexican cuisine, you’ll locate it in Timberwood Ocala FL. Three restaurants are only one of the many wonderful dining options that are available in the vibrant city.

Restaurants In Timberwood-Milano Italian Grille

Milano Italian Grille:

It is a well known Italian restaurant located in Timberwood Ocala FL. It serves traditional Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, and Calzones. They also have a large variety of salads and side dishes such as breadcrumbs, garlic knots and eggplant parmigiana, and veal marsala. The restaurant has an open kitchen where patrons are able to watch their meals being cooked fresh to take home.

Restaurants In Timberwood-Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill:

They have an extensive menu of sustainable, fresh seafood, including seafood like grilled salmon, and shrimp along with sea bass. Other items that are well-loved are seafood appetizers like the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer and Lobster Mac and Cheese. The restaurant also has different wines that pair well with the food.

Restaurants In Timberwood-Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant & Gallery

Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant & Gallery:

It’s a Mexican restaurant located in Timberwood Ocala FL. The menu offers a selection of burritos, tacos, Fajitas, and enchiladas. You can also find an extensive menu of tequilas and local beer options to go with the food. Las Margaritas also offers regular concerts and art shows for guests to enjoy.

Timberwood Ocala FL_Parks


Timberwood Ocala, FL is the home of numerous parks which offer unique opportunities for recreation for both children and adults. They all have a wide array of facilities like play areas, walking paths, and courts, as well as grills, so people can take advantage of the great outdoors in a secure and fun atmosphere. No matter if you’re seeking lunchtime picnics or a friendly basketball game, Timberwood Ocala has something for all.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Parks-Ritterhoff Park

Ritterhoff Park:

This park has a wide range of outdoor activities. There are two playgrounds that include swings, slides as well as monkey bars along with other playground equipment. There are tables for picnics and an open space that is ideal for playing catch or throwing frisbees. The park is a trail for walking that is ideal for taking a walk and enjoying nature’s beauty. 

Timberwood Ocala FL-Parks-Legacy Park

Legacy Park:

Legacy Park is a great spot for families to have fun and spend quality time. The park has a huge pavilion that is ideal for organizing special occasions or gatherings at Timberwood Ocala. There are also tennis courts and a basketball court for players. There are tables, benches, and grills all over the park, and toilets for convenience.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Parks-Scott Springs Park

Scott Springs Park:

This is a wonderful spot for outdoor activities. It has a walking trail as well as horseshoe pits, tennis courts, barbecue grills, and picnic tables. It also features playgrounds with slides, swings, and a variety of other play equipment for youngsters while parents unwind. There are restrooms as well as an ice cream stand in the park.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Parks-Lillian Bryant Park

Lillian Bryant Park:

It’s a fantastic location for outdoor activities. There are plenty of tables for picnics with benches, grills, and benches throughout the park that allows visitors to enjoy their lunch or snack outside. There are two tennis courts, two basketball courts, a walk as well as a playground complete with slides and swings. There are restrooms as well as concession stands within the park, too.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Is Timberwood Safe To Live In

Is Timberwood Safe To Live In

The area has consistently low crime rates, top schools, and a wide range of activities for recreation. There are many parks and outdoor areas to enjoy, along with excellent biking trails and walking trails. Additionally, the police department of the area is constantly on guard to ensure that the residents are protected.

The neighborhood is also focused on community, and there are many volunteer opportunities as well as community events that bring neighbors together. The homeowners’ association assists to maintain the properties and ensures that residents are adhering to the rules and regulations of their community. Moreover, volunteers are encouraged to keep the neighborhood neat and tidy.

Timberwood Ocala FL also offers various amenities, including food stores, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers, and even churches. It’s a perfect place for those who want to relax in a serene setting, with plenty of things to do close by. There are also numerous doctor offices and medical centers within walking distance, allowing you to manage any health issues easily.

All in all Timberwood Ocala FL is a fantastic place to reside and is among the safest communities within the area. It provides everything you require to build a home that is comfortable as well as a wide range of entertainment options nearby so you’re never bored. It has low rates of crime, and a lively neighborhood, it’s not hard to understand the reason Timberwood Ocala FL is such an enticing area to reside in.

Timberwood Ocala FL-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Living in the Timberwood community in Timberwood is a great option for numerous reasons. The neighborhood is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, offering peace and tranquility. There are numerous outdoor activities to take part in like biking and hiking trails as well as kayaking, fishing, swimming, as well as camping. The parks in the vicinity offer excellent recreation opportunities for everyone in the family.

Timberwood is also home to fantastic schools with low teacher-student ratios. Parents are able to be confident that their children get the highest quality education they can get. There are also numerous local businesses that offer exceptional dining and shopping experiences. From shopping to entertainment venues to top-quality dining establishments whatever your preference or budget, there’s something in Timberwood that will meet your requirements.

The area also boasts high levels of security, including low rates of crime and a thriving community that encourages neighbors to watch out for one another. There are numerous alternatives for transportation options, making it convenient to move around without the need for an automobile.

Many residents enjoy Timberwood for its gorgeous homes which include traditional single-family designs to contemporary townhouses and lofts. With many parks with playgrounds, pools, and sports facilities close by there’s something for all in this fantastic neighborhood.