West Ocala Ocala FL

January 17, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
West Ocala Ocala FL

West Ocala is located in the center of Marion County, Florida. The city is located in the northern central portion of the state. It is situated north of Gainesville and approximately an hour away from either Tampa or Orlando. West Ocala is primarily a residential zone, with borders that include Silver Springs to the east, Reddick to the west along with Dunnellon to the south. It also has a connection to I-75 for short trips to the state or St. Petersburg along with easy shopping at Paddock Mall and other local stores. The region is home to green hills and lush forests full of natural beauty. Makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or hiking, biking, hunting, and canoeing, as well as kayaking. The region has a variety of local lakes, parks, and springs, such as Silver Springs State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park, and Volusia Blue Spring. In addition, the city of Ocala has a variety of activities for guests, from historical places like The Appleton Museum of Art to theme parks that are popular such as Wild Waters. West Ocala is an ideal location to relax and enjoy everything Florida’s natural beauty has to provide.

West Ocala History

West Ocala History

West Ocala is a predominantly African American neighborhood that has been around since the end of the 1800s. It was home to sharecroppers and freed slaves who were brought to the region by railroads. As the industry grew to Ocala, West Ocala became an important hub for those looking for employment opportunities. In time, the town prospered as businesses expanded and numerous schools, churches and other establishments were set up.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Today

West Ocala Today:

Presently, West Ocala remains an active community in which generations of families remain. While certain areas in West Ocala have experienced an economic decline in recent years, however, recent investments have begun to rejuvenate parts of the historical neighborhood. New developments in housing have brought new life into the neighborhood, with better infrastructure and better accessibility to facilities. Furthermore, West Ocala is home to numerous small businesses, which include retail stores, restaurants, and services for the local community.

Despite changes to its surroundings, West Ocala still embodies the same sense of pride and identity that has been a part of it since its inception more than one century ago. It is a significant aspect of the history of Ocala and remains an active community for people who reside there.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Cost of Living

Cost Of Living

The cost of living within West Ocala FL is relatively inexpensive compared with other towns in Florida and across the nation. Residents are expected to pay approximately monthly for electricity, housing, food, transportation, and other expenses which is usually reasonable for the majority of budgets. With its connection to downtown Ocala and its enticing geographical location, West Ocala is the ideal city to live in.


West Ocala is located in the middle of Marion County and is close to downtown Ocala, making it an ideal location for prospective homeowners. The median property value for homes in West Ocala is around $155,000 and rents range between $800 and $1,200 per month.


In terms of travel, West Ocala has several choices for traveling around town. The bus system in the area is an excellent option that provides fares beginning at around $1. Taxis for public transportation are also readily available all over the region with prices that range from $5 to $10 per trip. Other means of transport within West Ocala include biking, walking, and car rental which vary from $20 to $50 per day.

General Goods & Services:

The cost of electricity for West Ocala varies depending on the amount of power you use in a month. On average, residents pay a monthly bill of between $90-$150. Shopping for groceries at West Ocala can be done in local stores for groceries like Aldi as well as Walmart Supercenter with an average cost of between $50 and $70. Prices can vary based on the products purchased.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Local Economy

Local Economy

The city has experienced significant growth in the last couple of years due to its proximity to metropolitan areas such as Orlando and Tampa and the incentives provided by the government of Florida. With such a strong economy there’s no reason to wonder why more and more people choose to call West Ocala home.

Job Opportunities:

West Ocala, FL is the location of a wide range of employment opportunities. It has become more popular for companies seeking to relocate or hire employees within the region because of the accessibility to major highways as well as its proximity to metropolitan areas such as Orlando or Tampa. Furthermore, Florida’s state Florida provides tax incentives that help create West Ocala an ideal destination for expanding or relocating businesses. The most popular sectors in the region are manufacturing, healthcare, technology tourism, retail, and hospitality.

Household Income:

Household incomes within West Ocala vary depending on the region you reside in. In general, people living in rural areas of the county are likely to be less wealthy than those who live in urban regions. Median household earnings in the region range between $50,000 and $70,000 per year. This is considerably less than the average of Orlando and Tampa however, it is still more than the median for Florida.

Local Investments:

The economic activity of West Ocala is largely driven by the investments of local companies and those who want to invest outside of the region. The city has put forth an effort to draw new businesses by offering incentives such as tax breaks and loans with low-interest rates to aid in the beginning or to expand their existing operations. In addition, many companies within the region have decided to invest in their own operations by conducting research and development initiatives designed to improve their products and services so that they are globally competitive. The local economy is thriving because of investment. has been a major factor in the continuing expansion and development of West Ocala.

The overall business climate of West Ocala FL offers a range of employment opportunities as well as households earning incomes that are more than the average for Florida and a wide range of investment opportunities for firms big and small. All of these factors have resulted in making West Ocala an attractive destination for those who are looking to relocate and work within the region.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

Whatever your transportation requirements are within West Ocala FL, there’s certain to find a solution that suits your budget and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you prefer taxis, public transportation, rides sharing, bikes, or cars, getting around the vibrant region is easier than ever before!

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Transportation Options For The Commute-Public Transportation

Public Transportation:

West Ocala FL has several public transportation options for residents and tourists. One of the most used options for moving around the area is to use the bus services provided by Marion County Transit (MCT). The MCT provides fixed route as well as paratransit services in West Ocala, providing access to retail stores, medical facilities, business districts as well as schools, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. Its MCT buses are fitted with bike racks that are located at the front of every bus and accept cash-based fares along with a variety of fare payment options.

Furthermore, the City of Ocala also partners with TRAX Transportation to provide a Dial Ride Service for citizens who require assistance getting to their destination within the city’s limits. The service is at no cost and is based on an online reservation system.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Transportation Options For The Commute-Taxi


If you’re seeking an easier method to travel to West Ocala, there are various ride-sharing services and taxis that are available in the region. The most well-known option is Uber which allows you to download the application and make an inquiry for an Uber ride any time you need it. Other companies such as Yellow Cab, Airport Taxi, as well as Supreme Car Service, also provide transportation services across West Ocala.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Transportation Options For The Commute-Bicycle


West Ocala is also very bicycle friendly and has bike trails all over the place to allow cyclists to travel around the city without worrying about traffic. In addition, because of its small area and layout, a lot of cyclists choose to use cycling as a method of transportation within the city’s boundaries as well.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Transportation Options For The Commute-Cars


There are many alternatives for those who want to travel all over West Ocala in their own vehicle. It is well connected with major highways and routes which makes it simple to move from one area to another with ease. You can also hire cars from any of the hundreds of rental agencies in case you don’t have your car or wish to save on gas.

Whichever method of transportation you decide to use, West Ocala FL has something for everyone. There are so many choices it is certain that you will find the solution that best meets your needs, whether it’s public transport taxis, cars, or bicycles.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

West Ocala typically has warm temperatures for the majority of the year, with occasional periods of rain or storms. Summer can be particularly humid and hot, while winter is warmer with a few frigid nights. The fall and spring months are moderately warm, with rainy periods. Whatever the season, West Ocala FL has plenty to offer all the time!

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather-Summer


The summer In West Ocala, Florida is hot and humid, with temperatures that can rise into the 90s. The average temperature for the day for June to August is 95 degrees F (34 Celsius). There are occasions when the heat index rises higher due to excessive humidity levels. The storms can also be frequent at this time of the year, typically during the afternoons or evenings.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather-Winter


The winter season In West Ocala, Florida typically commences in November and lasts in March. It is a warm winter, with temperatures that rarely fall lower than 50°F (10 Celsius). The average daily high is the 61-73 degrees Fahrenheit range through the winter months. The coldest month is likely to be January, with an average temperature of 45°F (7 Celsius). It is rare to see snow but there could be a few nights of freezing temperatures.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather-Fall


The fall season of the year in West Ocala, Florida usually is in September and finishes in November. The temperature during this period tends to be moderate and varies from the mid-70s to the low 80s Fahrenheit (23 27-27 Celsius). The average temperature for a day for this season is 80 degrees F (26 Celsius). The possibility of thunderstorms and rain is present in the fall months, but they are not as common as they are during other seasons. The leaves on trees change color gradually before they begin to fade toward the end of autumn.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather-Spring


The spring season of the year in West Ocala, Florida starts in the latter part of March and continues until May. The weather is hot with temperatures that can range from the upper 70s to the low 80s Fahrenheit (25 – 29 C.). The average daily temperature for this season is 80 degrees F (26 Celsius). Thunderstorms and rain are frequent in this period because warm air rises over cooler air close to the surface.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Average Annual Weather-Local Tip

Local Tip: 

West Ocala is the perfect place to take advantage of outdoor activities all year long! The best time to visit is generally during the spring and autumn months when temperatures are cooler. Take an extra sweater or jacket when visiting during winter because the nights can be quite cool. Whichever season you choose to visit West Ocala in, make sure you’re well-prepared for any weather!

Whatever time of the season you’re in West Ocala, Florida, there’s something fun for all to enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming in any of the lakes or hiking the nearby nature trails area, it offers many possibilities for enjoyment and adventure.

Education System of West Ocala

Education System Of West Ocala

West Ocala offers a wide selection of educational opportunities for students. These include charter schools, public schools, private institutions, religious schools, and homeschooling. Each school type offers distinct possibilities for students to discover their interests and achieve excellence in a setting that is tailored to their preferences and needs. Whichever option you select for your children, West Ocala will provide the best educational base.

Public Schools:

Public schools located in West Ocala, FL are part of the Marion County Public Schools system. The district comprises more than 40 elementary, high, and middle schools. They offer various educational programs for pupils from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. Every public school offers basic curriculums and special academics, such as advanced courses and honors as well as career and technical education tracks as well as opportunities to study foreign languages as well as virtual learning options, and support for special needs.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools located in West Ocala are tuition-free public schools that are run by the director’s board or a group that is appointed to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). They provide innovative educational environments and flexible curriculum which allow students to participate in service related projects, as well as other hands-on based activities. Charter schools usually have smaller students than traditional public schools, and are accessible to all Florida students, regardless of residency.

Private Schools:

West Ocala is also home to numerous private schools. They include independent day schools, Catholic and Christian schools, Montessori programs, special needs academies, and many others. Private schools generally provide religiously based as well as advanced educational programs for their students along with extracurricular programs like courses in art, foreign language lessons, and sports teams or clubs. The tuition costs vary based on the curriculum offered by the school however, they can be affordable to extremely expensive.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools located in West Ocala, FL offer an education based on faith that is centered on religious beliefs or theology. Certain of these schools are affiliated with specific denominations of church and other schools are accessible to pupils from any faith. Many religious schools provide an extensive curriculum that incorporates fundamental academics, along with religious studies and other enrichment activities. The tuition fees for religious schools usually vary according to the nature and size of the school’s curriculum.


In the end, there is a homeschool option within West Ocala for students whose parents want to have complete control of their child’s education route. The regulation of homeschooling is set under the Florida Department of Education, which sets the guidelines and guidelines for families who choose to homeschool. It could include filling out an affidavit of registration for the child’s status as a student at home with the school district, establishing an individual education plan, taking part in the state required standardized tests and many more. Homeschoolers are also able to take part in other activities and classes that are not in their home, which they might want to take part in.

West Ocala Local Government And Infrastructure

West Ocala Local Government And Infrastructure

West Ocala FL provides many public amenities and services, from fire and police departments to school libraries as well as. With a top school district, a flourishing system, and a variety of other amenities, West Ocala FL is the perfect place to live for people with children or looking for an active, safe community.

Police Department:

The West Ocala FL Police Department is accountable for the security of the residents, offering traditional law enforcement as well as public safety outreach programs. The department is an administration department that includes a chief of police as well as four divisions, including patrol services, investigations, public information, and support services. This Patrol Services Bureau is responsible for responding to 911 calls as well as enforcing traffic law as well as investigating suspicious activities and deploying additional patrols when required by the citizens. In addition, the Investigative Services Bureau conducts criminal investigations and offers to follow up investigations into the most serious crimes discovered within West Ocala FL.

The Public Information Bureau disseminates news releases and coordinates interviews with media as well as promotes awareness about crime prevention efforts through outreach programs for education like Neighborhood Watch. The Support Services Bureau is responsible for keeping documents and property, as well as providing more resources to division officers performing background checks in addition to managing any evidence.

Fire Department:

The West Ocala FL Fire Department is a 24-hour emergency response agency that has an experienced team of firefighters that are prepared to respond to any type of fire and medical emergencies. The department comprises three departments which include fire prevention, operations, and administration.

The Operations Bureau is staffed by professionals who are educated in the latest methods of fire suppression and dangerous material response. The bureau also houses an EMS unit that offers advanced life support and basic first-aid treatments. This Fire Prevention Bureau works to lower the risk of fires via public education programs and code enforcement, as well as inspections for fire prevention and investigations into arson. The Administration Bureau is responsible for running the day-to-day activities of the Department, such as budgeting, management of personnel recording, and maintenance of equipment.


West Ocala FL is served by the Marion County School District which manages eight elementary schools and three middle schools. There are also two high schools and an alternative school located in the city. The district also offers a range of services, including classes in special education as well as an Adult Education Program as well as career centers that provide help with job searching. In addition, there are a number of private schools within West Ocala FL offering instruction in all levels, from pre-kindergarten up to 12th grade.

The district also offers various extracurricular opportunities including musical programs, sports teams as well as student councils, and academic clubs. The city is also home to an outstanding higher education institution within Ocala University which offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs across many disciplines.


West Ocala FL has a public library system that includes four branches scattered across the city. The main branch located at Central Library offers traditional services like the circulation of books and assistance with references and innovative programs like discussions about books, computer classes, children’s stories, and reading programs for the summer months. Each branch also has an extensive selection of magazines, books newspapers, audiovisuals, and books that are available for borrowing or use in the library.

Central Library also houses the West Ocala Children’s Library which is a specialist in children’s books and includes a puppet theater with a story time area, as well as computers for youngsters. The four branches offer the internet via wireless and computer labs that have high speed internet, allowing patrons to search through the library catalog or browse the internet for research.

West Ocala FL is an ideal spot to live for those looking for a safe and lively community that has lots of services and amenities for the public. The police station, the fire department, and city hall, to the schools and libraries. The city has many things to offer those who live there. With its top quality education options and the wide range of options offered by the public institutions of the city, West Ocala FL provides residents with everything they need to live a healthy life.

West Ocala Ocala,FL-Things To Do

Things To Do

West Ocala is the perfect area for every kind of sport both indoors and out. From shopping to horseback riding there’s something for all to enjoy. Plan your trip now and make the most of everything there is to offer in West Ocala has to offer!


The Horseback Trail: With more than 1.200 miles of trails West Ocala is the perfect spot for the horseback ride! Many local stables provide guided trails and riding instruction for every level.

Camping: There are a lot of camping options within West Ocala with varying levels of amenities ranging from primitive all the way to complete hookups. No matter if you’re looking for a camp or rough it there’s something for everyone in this stunning region!

Fishing Nearby: The Rainbow River and Lake Weir offer great fishing opportunities. From largemouth bass to crappie catfish, and many other species, anglers will be able to find an item here!

Hiking with many miles of trail and beautiful nature, West Ocala is an ideal spot for an outing. The most popular trails are those on the Florida Trail, the Rainbow River Park Trails, and much more.

Biking West Ocala has several bike trails, including those at the Santos Trailhead and the Florida Greenways Trail System which has over 75 miles of bike trails.


Museums: The Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala features interactive exhibits that feature works from all over the world, as well as many educational events and programs throughout the entire year.

Shop: From old fashioned stores and outlet stores, you’ll find lots of shopping options to choose from within West Ocala. The most popular spots are Paddock Mall, the Shops at Belleview Station, and many other places.

Food: West Ocala has a diverse selection of restaurants that have something for every taste bud! from local favorites to chains that are nationally known there’s bound to be something to satisfy your every desire!

Cinema: Catch the latest films in any or more of the West Ocalas movie theaters such as Regal Cinemas or the Premiere Oaks 10 Cinema. Experience the latest releases in a relaxed setting with excellent sound and quality of the picture!

West Ocala is a great destination for both outdoor and indoor activities. From shopping to horseback riding there’s something for everyone! Plan your trip now and make the most of everything there is to offer that West Ocala has to offer!

Restaurants In West Ocala

Restaurants In West Ocala

West Ocala, FL is home to some of the most renowned eateries in the region. The menus range from American cuisine to Mexican cuisine, and everything between there’s something for anyone. Here are a few of the most popular local dishes:

Restaurants in West Ocala, Ocala FL-Brick City Southern Kitchen

Brick City Southern Kitchen:

If you’re in the mood for Southern comfort food, Brick City Southern Kitchen is the place to go. This charming restaurant offers traditional favorites like fried chicken and collard greens, as well as sandwiches and burgers as well as more modern fare such as smoked wings and shrimp etouffee. There’s also an extensive drink menu featuring craft beers, ciders, and wines. Be sure to save room for homemade desserts like peach cobbler and sweet potato pie.

Restaurants In West Ocala-Ivy on the Square

Wayne´s Kitchen:

Wayne´s Kitchen is a cozy diner-style restaurant in West Ocala. It serves up classic American fare such as burgers, fries, and milkshakes, plus daily specials like pot roast and meatloaf. They also have vegan and vegetarian options such as veggie burgers and veggie chili. Don’t miss out on house made desserts like peach cobbler and banana cream pie. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Restaurants In West Ocala-La Cuisine Restaurant

Harry´s Seafood, Bar & Grille:

Harry´s Seafood is a must-visit restaurant in West Ocala. With its combination of fresh seafood, classic American fare, and a lively bar atmosphere, it makes for an ideal spot to enjoy dinner with friends or family. The menu features local favorites like steamed clams, crab cakes, and oysters on the half shell, as well as classic seafood dishes like lobster tail, baked salmon, and shrimp scampi. There’s also an extensive selection of steaks, burgers, and sandwiches to choose from, plus a variety of sides and desserts.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, West Ocala has a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings. If you’re looking for Italian, French, or Neapolitan style pizzas there’s something for all to enjoy. Come out and discover all the wonderful restaurants West Ocala has to offer. You’ll be delighted!

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks


West Ocala is home to many stunning parks, offering numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the outdoors. There are many popular parks that offer modern amenities like playgrounds as well as hiking trails, picnic pavilions, sporting fields, and even an amphitheater.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Legacy Park

Legacy Park:

Legacy Park is located in the center of West Ocala, FL. It covers 4 acres and has numerous recreational facilities for people to take advantage of. It has two basketball courts that are lit up as well as two sand volleyball courts and an open grass field for sporting activities and playground equipment for youngsters. There’s also a big pavilion that is available to rent out for celebrations and events.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Tuscawilla Park

Tuscawilla Park:

Tuscawilla Park is located in the southern region of West Ocala, FL, and offers a range of outdoor activities. The park offers trails that include exercise stations in all directions and an aquatic center complete with pools, two lighted tennis courts, 4 baseball fields, as well as an outdoor playground. Parks also host numerous occasions throughout the year, like events and concerts in the park.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Toms Park

Toms Park:

Toms Park is located in the northern region of West Ocala, FL. It is spread over six acres and has a range of facilities for guests to enjoy. It has two basketball courts with lighting as well as two tennis courts with lighting as well as sand volleyball courts and two playgrounds that have swings and slides and an open field that is ideal for picnics, as well as different outdoor pursuits.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Lilian Bryant Park

Lilian Bryant Park:

It covers an area of 8 acres and offers numerous recreational facilities for people to take advantage of. The park has two baseball fields that are lit up and three playgrounds that have slides and swings and an amphitheater that is outdoor, an outdoor splash pad for people to cool off in the summer heat, and a huge pavilion with tables that can be rented for special occasions. The park also holds a variety of community occasions all through the season.

With the variety of parks within West Ocala, FL there is something for everyone to take pleasure in! The parks range from Legacy Park which offers two courts with lighting and two volleyball courts with sand up to Toms Park which features two tennis courts with lighting. There are many activities to entertain everyone. Lilian Bryant Park is also an excellent location for families, with three play areas, an amphitheater for the outdoors, and a splash pad. Whatever you are looking for, West Ocala has something to provide.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Is West Ocala Safe To Live In

Is West Ocala Safe To Live In

West Ocala is a safe and peaceful place to reside in. It is a place with historically low crime rates and is among the most secure areas within the City. Its residential neighborhoods are well maintained, providing an appealing and tranquil environment for families. Residents can participate in a variety of activities near home, such as golfing, cycling, fishing, and even hiking. The community is near local malls and schools, medical facilities, as well as other facilities.

Residents of West Ocala can take advantage of the low crime rate by taking steps to protect themselves like locking their windows and doors at night, keeping valuables away from possible burglars, and remaining conscious about their surroundings. The local police department offers a variety of services to ensure the safety of residents including neighborhood watch gatherings and self-defense classes.

In the end, West Ocala is a safe neighborhood for people searching for an idyllic place to be a part of. With its high feeling of belonging, its low rates of crime, and its close access to facilities, West Ocala is an ideal location to live in. Residents feel secure at home while taking part in the many recreation opportunities that residents can enjoy.

All in all, West Ocala is a well-secure and safe location to call home. There are numerous opportunities for people seeking a tranquil and secure community. Residents can be assured that they are safe within their homes and can enjoy all the recreational amenities available in West Ocala.

West Ocala Ocala, FL-Parks-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

West Ocala is a great area to live in. It is a neighborhood with many amenities and activities which make it a great place for residents. There are many trails, parks, and recreation areas including Greenway Park, the West Ocala Linear Trail System, and Greenway Park which offer entertainment and outdoor activities for both adults and children. There are also many different eating, shopping, and entertainment options. Because of its proximity to I-75, the residents are able to connect to the city center of Ocala or travel out to explore the other areas in the town.

The area also houses many excellent schools for youngsters in the region. It is located in three school districts namely Marion County Public School System, St. Johns River State College, and the University of Florida Marion County Campus. The schools provide an excellent education, they also provide additional activities and after-school programs that offer students enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom.

West Ocala is a safe community to reside in. This area has strong community bonds and houses many retired families, professionals and even working individuals. The area is well lit in the evening and security guards ensure residents are secure whenever they venture out in the evening.

In the end, West Ocala has something for everybody. With its fantastic amenities, shopping centers, schools, parks, and trails, it’s an ideal location for couples, families as well as retirees looking for an active and safe place to reside. It’s no wonder that thousands of people choose to make West Ocala their home.