HCA Florida Ocala Hospital

August 30, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
HCA Florida Ocala Hospital

HCA Florida Ocala HospitHCA Florida Ocala Hospital in Ocala, FL is the best hospital in the area for several reasons. First, it offers patients and their families a wide range of services and treatments from more than 200 medical staff members who specialize in various areas of care. This ensures that each patient receives superior quality care from top-notch doctors and other healthcare professionals. Additionally, the hospital goes above and beyond to ensure that patients are comfortable during their stay by providing amenities such as private rooms with flat screen TVs, wireless internet access, and dedicated concierge service.

The facility also prides itself on its commitment to safety, investing heavily in advanced equipment and technology such as digital X-ray machines that reduce radiation exposure to patients and the latest blood pressure monitors that make it easier to track a patient’s health. In addition, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is home to a seven-story, state-of-the-art tower featuring cutting edge technology and modern medical care.

Lastly, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital provides an outstanding experience for both inpatient and outpatient care with its emphasis on providing quality care combined with exceptional customer service. The hospital also awards its employees through initiatives such as its Magnet Recognition Program which honors the efforts of nurses and other healthcare professionals who strive to provide excellent patient care. All these qualities combine to make HCA Florida Ocala Hospital the best hospital in the area. It truly is the premier destination for high-quality, comprehensive healthcare services. For these reasons and more, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital stands out among its competitors as the premier hospital in the area. No other hospital can match its commitment to excellence or its dedication to providing top-notch care. Patients and their families are sure to receive quality care and comprehensive services at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital. It is truly an exceptional healthcare facility!


HCA Florida Ocala Hospital (formerly Munroe Regional Medical Center) is a 214-bed, acute-care hospital located in the heart of Ocala, FL. It has served Marion County and surrounding communities since opened its doors in 1952.

The history of HCA Florida Ocala began with the decision to build a hospital that could provide state-of-the-art medical care for patients in the city and surrounding area. Construction began in 1950 and two years later, on October 15th, 1952, Munroe Regional Medical Center officially opened its doors with 125 beds and new medical technology from around the world.

In 2009, under the leadership of Dr. David Tipton and Bernie De Souza, Munroe Regional Medical Center became a part of the HCA family. This change brought increased investment in technology, improved services and enhanced care for Ocala-area patients and families.

Today, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is home to a number of new state-of-the-art facilities including an accredited cardiovascular center, cancer clinical trial program, pediatric unit and more. The hospital is also dedicated to education through training programs such as its nursing residency program and emergency medical technician course.

HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is committed to providing compassionate care to the local community with expertise backed by national standards. With over six decades of service under its belt, HCA Florida Ocala continues its commitment to delivering the highest quality of healthcare.


HCA Florida Ocala Hospital in Ocala, FL offers a variety of services and facilities to its patients. The hospital has two main campuses: the main campus and an outpatient center located off-site.

The main campus is equipped with the latest technology in medical care, including a state-of-the-art surgical suite, operating rooms, intensive care units, imaging centers and diagnostic labs. There is also an Emergency Department that provides 24/7 care to patients who require immediate attention. In addition to these amenities, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital provides access to a range of specialty services such as Cardiology, Endocrinology and Oncology.

In addition to its onsite facilities, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital offers an extensive network of affiliated physicians, diagnostic centers and other outpatient facilities located throughout the greater Ocala area. This allows patients access to a wide range of specialty care services in their local community.

HCA Florida Ocala Hospital also provides a variety of support services including physical and occupational therapy, counseling, case management and social work. The hospital is dedicated to providing quality care through its patient-centered approach and commitment to compassionate care. Additionally, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital offers a variety of wellness programs that are designed to help individuals achieve optimal health.

At HCA Florida Ocala Hospital, the highest level of patient safety is maintained through state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. The hospital is also committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its patients, visitors and staff. HCA Florida Ocala Hospital strives to ensure that every patient receives the best possible care and experience during their stay.

Patient Focus

At HCA Florida Ocala Hospital, patients can expect the highest quality of care and outcomes. The hospital offers a wide range of treatment to meet individual patient needs including preventative care, emergency services, medical/surgical care, women’s health services and specialized programs such as heart and vascular care, orthopedics and spine care.

HCA Florida Ocala Hospital strives to provide exceptional patient outcomes by employing highly trained professionals who use evidence-based practice guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. The hospital has earned recognition from several national organizations for its quality achievements including being named among the Top 100 Hospitals in the nation. In addition to providing high quality clinical outcome measures such as reduced mortality rates, shorter lengths of stay and better patient satisfaction, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital also strives to provide patients with an overall positive experience.

The hospital has implemented the HCA Healthcare Quality Model, a program designed to enable clinicians and care teams to better coordinate care. The model emphasizes patient-centered care that is effective, safe and results in improved health outcomes. This approach to quality care focuses not only on treating disease but also on prevention and wellness. Patients can expect exceptional individualized care that is tailored to their needs throughout their stay.

The hospital’s commitment to providing outstanding patient outcomes is further demonstrated by its participation in several clinical registries including the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines Stroke Program, the STS National Database for Cardiac Surgery and the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program. Through these registries, HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is able to track patient outcomes and compare them to national benchmarks for quality assurance.


The staff at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital in Ocala, FL are highly experienced and dedicated professionals. The team consists of board certified physicians and registered nurses with years of experience providing exceptional care to patients. The hospital also employs other medical professionals such as therapists, technicians and specialists to ensure quality healthcare for all patients.

The technical team at HCA Florida is comprised of skilled radiologists, sonographers, laboratory technologists and specialized technicians who handle the sophisticated equipment necessary for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the hospital has an extensive support staff including environmental services personnel, dietary specialists, clerical workers and administrative support personnel who handle everything from patient paperwork to handling billing inquiries.

The nursing team at HCA Florida consists of nurses from all disciplines in order to provide the best care and support for every patient. The team includes medical-surgical, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency department, cardiac ICU and other specialties who are dedicated to providing patient-centered care.

The oversight at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is provided by a board of directors that lead the hospital’s strategic direction while also ensuring quality standards and regulatory compliance. Additionally, medical staff committees made up of physicians and community members evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments offered. Lastly, a dedicated team of volunteers help to support patients through various initiatives such as providing companionship during hospital stays or delivering meals after surgery.

Commute From Downtown Ocala

The commute from Downtown Ocala, FL to HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is approximately 5.3 miles and should take about 12 minutes if you are traveling at the speed limit. The most direct route to the hospital would be east on SE Watula Avenue, then left onto SE Osceola Avenue, and finally right onto SE 17th Street until you arrive at the hospital entrance. Along this route you will pass by such landmarks as Tuscawilla Park and Central Florida Community College. If traffic is light, it may take less than 10 minutes to make the trip.

Once you reach HCA Florida Ocala Hospital, there are several parking lots available for visitors and patients alike. There is a designated emergency entrance and drop-off area with available valet parking. For those staying overnight, there are also several nearby hotels that provide shuttles to the hospital.

No matter which route you take, your trip from Downtown Ocala, FL to HCA Florida Ocala Hospital should be a relatively quick and stress-free journey. Knowing the most direct route, however, will help ensure that you arrive at your destination in a timely manner. With a little planning and familiarizing yourself with the area beforehand, you should have no trouble making it to HCA Florida Ocala Hospital for any appointment or visit.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The area around HCA Florida Ocala Hospital is home to a variety of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. In the east, there’s the charming community of Belleview, well-known for its historic downtown district and sprawling green parks.

Just south of Belleview lies Silver Springs Shores, an up-and-coming neighborhood known for its lakefront views and numerous residential developments.

To the west, there’s the bustling city of Ocala, which features world-class shopping and entertainment options as well as plenty of outdoor activities like horseback riding and hiking in nearby parks.

Further north lies Summerfield, a tranquil rural community with picturesque scenery and inviting waterfront areas. From quaint historic homes to modern suburban living, the area around HCA Florida Ocala Hospital offers a variety of housing options that make it the perfect place to call home.

No matter what type of lifestyle you’re looking for, there’s something near HCA Florida Ocala Hospital that has something for everyone. Residents in the area enjoy easy access to excellent schools, plenty of recreational opportunities, and an abundance of restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and other attractions. From annual festivals to year-round trails, the neighborhoods surrounding this hospital provide a variety of activities for people of all ages. With its wide range of amenities and convenient location near major roads and highways, living near HCA Florida Ocala Hospital truly is a great choice!

What People are Saying

“Everyone from the doctors to the nurses to the support staff at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better care.” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

“The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the level of care was top-notch. I would definitely recommend this hospital.” – Google Reviewer

“I had a great experience at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and I felt like I received great care.” – Yelp Reviewer


HCA Florida Ocala hospital in Ocala, FL houses some of the best and most caring nurses and doctors in the state. Hospital staff go above and beyond to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. You can see that everyone cares about every patient from the moment you step through the door.

HCA Florida Ocala Hospital’s doctors are among the most highly-skilled in the industry. They constantly look for new ways to improve their care. They constantly look for new ways to care for their patients and ensure that they get the best out of their hospital stay.

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