Ocala Health Emergency Room

August 23, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Ocala Health Emergency Room

If it’s an emergency Call 911!

Ocala Health Emergency Room is the top hospital in the region for many reasons. First, they provide all-encompassing health care services to provide all of your medical requirements. In emergency rooms to primary and specialty services Their team is ready to handle any circumstance with professionalism and experience. They also offer preventative health services, such as screenings and vaccinations to ensure you’re in good health. The facility also has the most advanced technology and equipment to provide the best quality of care available. It includes the latest imaging technology and digital records systems as well as sophisticated lab testing services.

The team of the Ocala Health Emergency Room is another reason they’re among the top in the region. They not only have experts who are highly trained and skilled medical professionals, but they also have a staff of highly trained professionals who are committed to giving the highest quality of healthcare that they can. They realize that each patient is different and work to give individual attention to each patient. The staff is welcoming, well-informed and caring for their patients.

The facilities at Ocala Health Emergency Center are also top of the line with spacious waiting areas that are comfortable and modern exam rooms as well as private consultation rooms. They also offer extended hours of operation so that you can get a quick appointment without waiting for too long. Their aim is to ensure that every patient receives high-quality medical care in a prompt time so that they are back to healthy health as quickly as they can.

All in all, Ocala Health Emergency Room is the top hospital in the region due to their extensive services, the latest technology, highly trained staff and a convenient location. They are dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare for their patients and work hard to do this with integrity and respect. When you have the Ocala Health Emergency Room by your side you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most effective medical treatment available.


Ocala Health Emergency Room opened its doors in 2004 and has provided top-quality emergency medical services to residents in Ocala, FL ever since. The ER was established through the amalgamation of two hospitals in the area–West Marion Hospital, and the Munroe Medical Center with the intention of providing more extensive services to the Ocala community.

The facility is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and diagnostic tools that includes computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ultrasound scanners, X Ray scanners as well as Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Holter monitors. It also includes an electronic medical record (EMR) system which permits for effective data recording and retrieval. Along with its emergency rooms and ERs, the ER has separate rooms for emergency treatment and discharge.

Since its inception it has been Ocala Health Emergency Room has always strived to offer the most superior quality of medical care. The staff is composed of an experienced team of medical experts who specialize in trauma, emergency medicine and critical treatment. The team is committed to providing quick, effective treatment, which includes the management of pain, infection control as well as wound healing treatments in a manner that respects the privacy of patients and respects their respect for dignity.

The year 2013 was the first time that Ocala Health Emergency Room was recognized by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) as a Level IV Trauma Center, the most prestigious level of accreditation to a state. This certification allows the hospital to provide specialized treatment for patients who suffer from major trauma or other life-threatening injuries like trauma to the brain. It is also home to the ER houses Ocala Wound Care Center. Ocala Wound Care Center which offers specialized treatment for those suffering from chronic wounds like diabetic ulcers.

Ocala Health Emergency Room remains the leader in providing high quality emergency medical treatment for people in Ocala, FL. Its dedication to innovation and excellence has won it numerous honors and awards from national and local organizations. Being one of just two Trauma centers that are Level IV in Florida – the highest level of designation available – the center is dedicated to providing top-quality treatment for patients through the use of cutting-edge technology, expert personnel, and caring services.


The Ocala Health Emergency Room located in Ocala Florida is an all-inclusive emergency medical facility that is equipped with most modern medical technology and staffed by highly qualified specialists. Its Emergency Room features multiple triage areas, each one designated for particular levels of medical attention ranging including minor accidents to heart emergencies. Patients are assessed at the time of arrival and given immediate treatment according to their medical condition.

The Emergency Room is also home to an imaging section, which uses cutting-edge imaging technology like digital X-rays, CT scanning, ultrasonic, and mammograms. The latest technology allows doctors to make fast diagnoses and deliver treatment promptly.

Ocala Health Emergency Room also is home to a laboratory that can perform rapid blood tests as well as other lab services. The lab is staffed with skilled medical technicians who are able to take samples and give the results in a short time.

The Emergency Room also houses pharmacies that provide medications that are prescribed for the treatment of the patient’s problem. The pharmacy team works with insurance providers and doctors in order to make sure that the patients get the medicine they require quickly.

In addition to the above services Ocala Health Emergency Room provides a range of support services like counseling and spiritual support. Counselors are on hand to assist people in coping with their ailments and provide emotional support during tough moments. Spiritual counselors offer support and comfort for those who seek spiritual nourishment following loss or trauma.

Ocala Health Emergency Room is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care for every patient who walks to our door. Our team is committed to providing the finest medical treatment and support to ensure that every patient gets the help they require at the time they need it. We are honored to be one of the most reputable emergency treatment centers located in Ocala, FL.

If you or your family member require medical attention in an emergency Do not hesitate to bring them to the Ocala Health Emergency Room. Our staff will provide the best healthcare that can be provided, and to ensure your health and well-being during situations of emergency.

Patient Focus

In the Ocala Health Emergency Room we work to provide the best treatment and outcomes for the patients we serve. Our highly experienced and skilled medical team is committed to providing high-quality healthcare and amazing outcomes. We are specialized in emergency medical care for both children and adults as well as diagnosis and treatment for injuries or illnesses. Our staff is equipped to deal with any emergency swiftly and efficiently.

We provide a variety of treatments that go beyond the treatment of injuries or acute illnesses. These include advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), trauma care, stroke evaluation, sepsis management, poison control, wound care/suturing/casting as well as laboratory testing and imaging (x-rays). Our mission is to make sure we provide our patients with the most complete and efficient care that is possible.

The Emergency Room team is committed to providing outstanding patient outcomes. We have a proven track history of successful treatment with numerous positive testimonials from our happy patients. To ensure that we’re providing high-quality care and results We regularly evaluate our outcomes using an independent assessment program. This helps us identify areas in which improvements could be made, and to make the necessary adjustments to meet or surpass our goals of delivering the highest quality outcomes for all our patients.

In the Ocala Health Emergency Center, we know that every medical emergency is identical, which is why we work hard to offer individualized treatments that are tailored to the individual’s specific needs and circumstances. Our commitment to care for each patient with the utmost respect and dignity enables us to provide consistently favorable outcomes for our patients.

We are very proud of our dedication to provide exceptional healthcare services. This guarantees that we will continue to offer top-quality care and exceptional outcomes for every patient who comes to us. With our primary focus on delivering the highest level of satisfaction to our patients with our Ocala Health Emergency Room you can be secure knowing that you’re receiving the best medical care available in a secure and relaxing location.


The team of the Ocala Health Emergency Room located in Ocala, FL is composed of a range of health professionals committed to providing high-quality care for their patients. The core of their staff are board-certified emergency medicine specialists who are experts in treating serious and urgent medical issues needing immediate care.

They are trained extensively in diagnosing, assessing, and stabilizing adults as well as children with life-threatening ailments. These ER doctors also collaborate with other specialists like orthopedics, cardiology and neurology, to ensure the highest quality of patient treatment.

In addition to emergency room doctors and staff, there are specially trained nurses that provide direct patient care as well as assistance services, including triage assessments as well as coordination of treatments respiratory therapists who evaluate and treat patients suffering from breathing problems Laboratory technicians conduct examinations and analyze samples to aid doctors in diagnosing radiology technicians who interpret diagnostic imaging techniques like ultrasounds, X-rays CT scans and MRIs Social professionals who offer emotional help for families and patients and chaplains who offer spiritual health when it is needed.

The team also comprises administrators who oversee the operations in the emergency department by making sure that all medical documentation is correct and current; staff in the billing office to manage insurance claims in a timely manner and ensure prompt payment of bills. Security employees to safeguard patients as well as family members.

Commute From Downtown Ocala FL

If you are in Downtown Ocala, FL, the fastest and most direct way to reach the Ocala Health Emergency room is through US-301S. Beginning from Downtown Ocala, head southeast along SE Watula Ave toward SE Osceola Ave. After 0.2 miles, turn left on SE Osceola Ave and then left to go onto SE Broadway St/US 301 S following 0.1 miles. Continue along US-301 S for 4.5 millimeters until you get to an intersection with SW 80th Avenue and US-301 S just in Ocala Health Emergency Room. Ocala Health Emergency Room.

The drive should take about 9 minutes, with no delays in traffic or any other disruptions. Parking is plentiful in the hospital’s parking lot as well as in several other parking garages located in the area. The hospital is available all day seven days a week for emergencies that could occur. Have fun at the Ocala Health Emergency Room! Ocala Health Emergency Center!

Nearby Neighborhoods

Ocala Health Emergency Room is located in the middle of Ocala, FL. The surrounding area around this emergency room is home to a variety of charming neighborhoods that offer a range of living options for residents.

Just to the south from Ocala Health, lies the small and intimate community located in Silver Springs Shores. The Silver Springs Shores community has convenient access to local shops as well as parks and recreation and also easy access to medical services at the close-by Ocala Health emergency room. The community is family-friendly and offers townhomes and single-family homes situated on large lot sizes. The area also has great schools, parks and other recreational facilities that make it the perfect spot to build a family or to make your home.

A few miles to the south are Meadowbrook Farms, an expansive neighborhood that is located in the center of Ocala. The community has a range of housing choices, from single-family homes, to lavish townhouses and condominiums. Families can take advantage of close shopping centers, parks, and recreational facilities, and easy access to medical facilities in the Ocala Health Emergency Center.

The street directly across from it just across the street is Summerfield Crossing – a charming gated community offering tranquil living spaces that includes a myriad of amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and walking trails. Residents have easy access to local shops, restaurants, entertainment and other venues and also have easy access to high-quality medical services from the Ocala Health Emergency Room.

In the end, Marion Oaks is another popular residential area close to an emergency department. This area is known for its gorgeous townhomes and single-family homes and also for its tranquil parks and large open spaces. Residents enjoy the convenience of the nearby shopping malls and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues, as well as easy access to medical facilities from Ocala Health Emergency Department.

What People Are Saying

“I went to the ER at Ocala Regional Medical Center for severe abdominal pain. The staff was very professional and caring. They did a great job of keeping me comfortable and informed throughout my stay. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone in need of emergency care.” -.J.

“The staff at Ocala Health Emergency Room was amazing. I came in with chest pain and they took great care of me. They ran tests and kept me informed of everything that was going on. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone in need of emergency care.” -M.D.

“I came to the ER at Ocala Regional Medical Center with severe chest pain. The staff was amazing! They ran tests and kept me informed of everything that was going on. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone in need of emergency care.” -A.

“I had to go to the ER at Ocala Regional Medical Center for severe abdominal pain. The staff was so professional and caring. They did a great job of keeping me comfortable and informed throughout my stay. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone in need of emergency care.” -K.M.

Located at: 1200 SE 30th Ave #405 Ocala FL 34470

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