Alexander Springs Recreational Area

August 31, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
Alexander Springs Recreational Area

Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, Florida is an excellent place for those seeking some outdoor adventures. The Springs offer visitors numerous trails as well as waters to explore, providing the chance for fishing, swimming paddling, hiking, and camping.

The park has access to the stunning Blue Run in Dunnellon State Forest which is known for its crystal clear, water-filled blue pools, which provide stunning views and peace. Alongside the natural beauty of the area, Alexander Springs also offers many other options like nature walks or bird-watching excursions. There is a variety of wildlife to be observed, including deer, wild turkeys, and bald eagles. Whatever your passions might be, there’s something for everyone to take pleasure in here at Alexander Springs Recreational Area.

A very well-known thing to do in this park is to swim. People can enjoy a dip in the springs, or simply relax on the beach and soak in the stunning views. There are numerous boat ramps within and within the park, allowing visitors to explore further using kayaks, canoes, or even motorboats. Fishing enthusiasts can particularly take pleasure in fishing in the calm waters as they are able to discover a variety of fish species, including catfish and bass.

The campgrounds within Alexander Springs Recreational Area offer visitors the opportunity to stay overnight and enjoy the many amenities this gorgeous park offers. The campsites have modern amenities like electric hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits. The park also has pavilions for large parties which makes it an ideal place for family reunions as well as corporate retreats. No matter if you’re searching for an afternoon of fun under the sun, or a nighttime camping trip under the stars, Alexander Springs Recreational Area is certainly worth a visit.

Why Alexander Springs Recreational Area Is The Best

Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, FL is the ideal spot for those who love the outdoors and are seeking an enjoyable time. It is located in the middle of the Ocala National Forest, Alexander Springs offers endless possibilities for excitement and fun. From fishing, swimming cycling, and canoeing, to hiking, camping, and bird watching, there’s something for all. The region also has the most beautiful natural attractions. Visitors can enjoy crystal-clear springs as well as rivers that are brimming with wildlife.

The area has one of the biggest swimming areas of the national forest, Alexander Springs Pool. Visitors are welcomed by sparkling waters that create a stunning area with lush greenery. The average temperature is 72 degrees which is perfect for taking a refreshing dip during the summer hot summer. Kayaking and canoeing trails offer an enjoyable trip through one of the most stunning landscapes. The numerous springs that are located throughout the region provide breathtaking views as well as numerous chances to see wildlife; visitors will see anything from river otters to bald eagles!

Campers have a variety of choices to pick from at Alexander Springs Recreational Area. Many campsites provide basic amenities like tables for picnics, fire rings, and grills, which are ideal for making delicious meals after a tiring day of outdoor activities. Backpackers can benefit from campsites that are primitive and located on the Juniper Creek Trail. Hikers can enjoy miles and miles of trails that vary in levels of difficulty. They range from beginner hikes to tough hikes.

In addition to the many recreation opportunities, Alexander Springs Recreational Area provides educational opportunities for people of all age groups. From the interpretive trails and guided tours to extensive seminars and workshops, the area is an ideal spot for exploring Florida’s unique surroundings. With its numerous nature-based activities, this particular area is among the top choices for the ultimate and memorable vacation located in Ocala, FL. No matter if you’re seeking an afternoon trip with your loved ones or a camping trip for the night The Alexander Springs Recreational Area has something for all!


Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Ocala, Florida is a beautiful and picturesque getaway for lovers of nature and families alike. This well-known recreation spot offers many recreational opportunities, like camping, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and much more. The area is situated in the gorgeous Ocala National Forest on the banks of Alexander Creek, this recreation area provides visitors with a variety of chances to take in the great outdoors.

The most popular attraction at Alexander Springs is its crystal clear spring. The swimmers are able to relax on tubes or utilize snorkels and masks to explore the deep waters that waters. Natural beauty in the shimmering waters that are surrounded by sandstone walls provides the perfect experience for all who visit. Kayakers consider the area the perfect location to explore. The springs host various species of freshwater fish like bluegill, bass, and sunfish. This makes it an ideal location for anglers.

If you prefer to camp, Alexander Springs offers several camping spots along the shores that runs along the shores of the Spring. Each campsite is equipped with a barbecue grill and picnic tables. There are a handful of RV campsites that provide full hookups. Showers and restrooms are available in both areas to ensure guests are able to stay in comfort throughout their stay.

Alexander Springs Recreation Area is an ideal location for families who are looking for recreational activities outdoors in Florida’s Ocala National Forest. If you’re searching for swimming or snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, or camping options, Alexander Springs has everything. With stunning landscapes and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, there’s no wonder that the area is so popular for travelers.


Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, FL is a stunning outdoor spot that is accessible all year. The area is situated within Ocala National Forest, which is surrounded by Ocala National Forest, the area offers visitors with miles of trails for biking and hiking trails that weave through lush greenery, and along tranquil streams. This recreation park also houses an extensive spring-fed pool that is perfect for cooling off during scorching summer afternoons.

The first thing people see when they arrive in Alexander Springs is the clear blue waters bubbling up from beneath the surface of the earth. The springs host numerous aquatic animals including turtles and manatees. Visitors can take the kayak or canoe out into the tranquil waters to be able to interact with these amazing creatures.

The region also has numerous trails that can be explored by bicycle, on foot, or by riding a horse. Anyone who chooses to walk the trails will discover themselves walking through tall pine trees and across vast open marshland, and beside tranquil streams. Wildflowers are blooming along the banks of these rivers in springtime and draw animals like ospreys as well as herons.

Alexander Springs Recreational Area is the perfect spot for people who want to escape from it everything. With stunning landscapes and plentiful nature, it’s simple to understand why this area is so loved by visitors and locals alike. From swimming and fishing to hiking and bird watching, Alexander Springs has something to offer anyone who is looking for an outdoor experience.

Things To Do

Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, FL is a fantastic spot for families with children of all age groups. This gorgeous park has a wide range of activities that are sure to keep kids and adults entertained. From fishing and swimming to kayaking, canoeing and hiking There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Alexander Springs Recreational Area.

Swimming is among the most sought-after activities in this area of recreation. The crystal clear spring-fed lake offers a wonderful location for swimming in addition to swimming and tubing. There are numerous designated swimming areas within the park which make it easy to find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the water safely with your loved ones.

Fishing is another popular sport in the Alexander Springs Recreational Area. The lake is brimming with sunfish, bass, bluegill, and catfish, meaning anglers of every age can take advantage of a day in the lake. There’s plenty of space for you to fish, and you may even see some wildlife as you go about your business!

Kayaking and canoeing are common activities in the park. It is possible to rent canoes as well as kayaks at the park or take your own boat. The lake can be a great place to paddle. the perfect way to get out and explore the area, observe wildlife, or just relax in the natural surroundings with your loved ones. The trails for hiking are ablaze throughout the park with breathtaking views that make any hike worthwhile.

No matter if you’re seeking an enjoyable day enjoying the lake or a relaxing afternoon of nature exploring, you’ll find something to do for all ages at the Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, FL. With its stunning spring-fed lake and a variety of activities that are sure to create memories that will last for a lifetime.


Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, Florida is a very popular spot for camping enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. It offers visitors many options, such as snorkeling, swimming fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. The cost of visiting the area for recreation varies based on what activities are selected.

The entry fee for access to Alexander Springs Recreation Area is $6 per car or $3 per person walking or bicycle. A year-long pass can be obtained for $60. It allows access for one carload of up to eight persons and also discounts on fees for camping as well as other facilities within the park.

Camping costs in the Alexander Springs Recreation Area vary according to the size of the campsite and the kind of accommodations desired. Camping tents are accessible for just $18 per night and full hook-up sites are available for $26 per night. Campgrounds that are primitive and without electricity or water hookups are offered for only $10 per day.

In addition, visitors to the area are able to enjoy amenities like playgrounds, picnic areas, and restrooms for free of cost. Alexander Springs Resort also offers rentals of equipment such as kayaks and canoes which cost from $20 to $50 per day. For those who want to take a dip in these springs, a day-long pass is required. It costs $3 for each person who is over six years of age.

Overall, a trip to Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, Florida is a cost-effective way to be outdoors and experience the outdoors. There is an entry fee of just $6 per vehicle, camping costs starting at only $10 per night, and an array of activities available The recreation area will surely delight anyone who enjoys the outdoors of any age.

Things To Consider

Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala, FL, is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor fans. With its crystal clear waters as well as lush vegetation and abundant animals, guests are sure to be able to enjoy plenty of opportunities for exploring and relaxing. Before heading towards Alexander Springs, there are some things to think about that can ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

The weather must be considered when planning an outdoor excursion. The weather in Alexander Springs can range from mild temperatures during the summer and spring months, to cold winters and potential snowfall. Being prepared for all weather conditions is crucial for security and comfort in such a remote spot. In addition, being aware of restrictions for the season or closures because of weather can save you from disappointment in the event that certain activities or areas become not accessible.

Another aspect to take into consideration before you visit Alexander Springs is the recreational options available. Swimming, snorkeling and canoeing, and kayaking are among the most common activities in the region, with numerous guided tours available for those who want to take part. Fishing is also permitted in specific zones of the spring. However, having a current Florida permit to fish is needed for anyone who is 16 years old or older. The hiking trails vary from simple one-mile loops to more strenuous multi-day trails regardless of what your experience or level there’s something for all.

In the end, it’s an excellent idea to carry essential items with you when embarking on an adventure like this. Sunscreen and bug repellents are essential along with lots of fluids and food items. A first-aid kit should be prepared in the event of minor injuries that could happen during the journey. Additionally, carrying an appropriate map or GPS device will ensure that travelers are able to locate their way back from the wilderness in a safe manner.

In the end, Alexander Springs Recreational Area is an ideal spot for those who love to be outdoors and seeking an adventure that is unique with breathtaking views and thrilling activities. If they plan and prepare properly visitors can relax in this beautiful natural setting without any stress or hassle.

What Are People Saying

“The spring is gorgeous and the diving is exceptional.” -AJ C.

“Best spot for swimming, relaxing, and enjoying nature.” -Sara D.

“Alexander Springs is one of our favorite places to visit when we come to Florida.” -John W.

“We love coming here! The kids had a blast swimming and playing in the sand.” -Stephanie B.

“This was our first time visiting Alexander Springs and we loved it!” -Tommy H.

“We’ve been coming here for years and it’s always a great time.” -Bill S.

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