Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum

August 26, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum

Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida is an excellent place to go for those interested in the background of drag racing. The humble beginnings of drag racing began in 1954, when Don Garlits won his first race at what was known as “Goose Lake” and went on to become one the most successful drag racers of all time. The museum celebrates the remarkable story of Don Garlits.

The museum houses a vast collection of classic cars and replicas of famous vehicles that traveled across America in the golden age of speed. Other things like uniforms, trophies and other memorabilia are on display. There’s even a mini theater showing movies about drag racing.

What makes Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum unique is the fact that it’s not just an ideal place to experience the heritage of drag racing, but it also celebrates its ongoing achievement. Visitors can see the most recent technologies and advancements that push the limits for speed as well as safety.

Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum is also an education resource for students by providing presentations on the basics of drag racing as well as the way that physics is applied to this fascinating sport. There are also a variety of interactive games, such as simulators and virtual reality experiences as well as hands-on workshops that are designed to entertain visitors and inspire them to get involved in drag racing.

No matter if you’re into strip or street racing, Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum has something for all ages ranging from veteran drivers to those who just want to get started. It’s an excellent spot to explore the background of drag racing and to be aware of its ongoing growth, and to marvel at several of the most famous cars ever to be driven. Go to Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Florida today for an unforgettable experience.

Why Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum Is The Best

Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida is the most renowned attraction for drag racing fans. Founded by the late Don Garlits, a legendary drag racer and pioneer of the sport, the museum has a huge collection of memorabilia from his time and also from other notable drag racing pioneers.

The museum houses more than 100 vintage automobiles and race vehicles that are on display, as well as replicas of the most famous vehicles in drag racing’s time. Visitors can also see hundreds of images and artifacts that illustrate the development of drag racing over the years. A lot of interactive exhibits feature engaging activities that can be done by hand, such as creating the engine of a replica or even taking a drag racer on a virtual tour. Visitors can also discover more of the details of Don Garlits’ achievements, including creation of the rear engine digger and how it transformed the world of drag racing.

The museum also holds many educational activities throughout the year, with expert lectures in drag racing as well as classic automobiles. These talks give visitors an understanding of this thrilling sport as well as its long and rich heritage.


Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida was established by famous drag racing driver Don “Big Daddy” Garlits. The museum is located on the International Speedway Boulevard, just north from Ocala along with east Gainesville. The museum exhibits a wide array of drag racing automobiles as well as memorabilia, artifacts, and interactive exhibits that relate to the history and evolution in the race.

The museum covers more than 25000 square feet of exhibitions that span from vintage automobiles to the latest technology. Visitors can take a look at the historic race cars owned by Big Daddy and also those driven by other famous racers like Kenny Bernstein, Shirley Muldowney, Arnie Beswick and Joe Amato. Dragsters from the past are also displayed and there are replica shops that recreate the atmosphere of the Drag racing shop from the 1950s.

The museum also holds regular occasions throughout the year, such as races and car shows. Apart from automobiles, the museum has many drag racing-related objects like banners, helmets and trophies, photographs and autographs of the most famous and modern drivers. Visitors can also take part in interactive exhibits as well as activities such as virtual reality simulators or remote-controlled cars.


Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida houses a unique collection of memorabilia from drag racing. From vintage cars and engines to art and photographs from the past The museum provides an intimate look into the evolution and history in drag racing. Visitors can visit over 75 historical race cars dating the 1930s to today with each having an individual story to relate. The museum also houses an engaging Hall of Champions where visitors are able to get to know some of the most famous drag racing stars and learn about their experiences firsthand. There is also an extensive library that is filled with magazines and books about drag racing for fans to browse.

The main attraction of the museum lies in its one-eighth mile track that allows visitors to observe some of the most powerful cars around the globe speeding from 0 to 200 miles at an hour. Drag racing events of all kinds are organized on tracks throughout the year, and people can purchase tickets for admission. The museum also provides school tours that allow students to take part in an interactive history lesson on drag racing, as having hands-on experience using real race automobiles.


The Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, FL is a popular destination for fans of drag racing. It is a thrilling glimpse into the past and growth of this sport. The museum has a wide array of displays and artifacts from the most famous racers in the world. Visitors can visit exhibits that contain vintage dragsters, vintage engines and spare parts and memorabilia from auto racing and race car-related posters and even Big Daddy’s customized automobiles.

There are interactive exhibits which allow visitors to get a feel for what it’s like to experience the inside of a race car on the track as well as getting close to some of the famous drivers who have left their mark on the racetrack. In addition, visitors can get gifts from the shop or test their skills on the virtual drag track. No matter if you’re an avid fan of the sport , or simply interested in learning more about its past, The Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum will impress all visitors.


The employees of the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, FL are knowledgeable and enthusiastic regarding drag racing. The museum is staffed by experts with an extensive knowledge of the race, its history and the culture. They offer friendly customer support and are willing to assist visitors in finding the information they’re seeking for.

Alongside being well-informed on drag racing in general, the majority staff members are involved in drag racing. They are able to provide unique insights into the many aspects of drag racing which can only be gained through direct experiences. This makes the museum an enjoyable experience to go to because visitors can meet up close and personal with those who are a part of drag racing every single day.

The team is composed of experienced technicians, curators and archivists who ensure  the museum is functioning smoothly. They are accountable for keeping the museum’s artifacts in good condition and displays, as engaging with visitors and answering their questions about the sport. The staff includes an array of experts in various areas like the building of engines and auto body work, maintenance of vehicles, and so on.


The Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida is a spot of entertainment and learning for individuals of all ages. The museum has educational offerings which can help those seeking to expand their knowledge of drag racing and the sport. From interactive exhibits to informative talks given by members of the team, there’s plenty of ways to get a better understanding of this thrilling motorsport.

In the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum visitors are transported on a thrilling trip through the past of drag racing. Through engaging exhibits, visitors will learn about the race’s top car and driver and tracks, as well as its many tracks and the different techniques for driving. Interactive exhibits let visitors see what it’s like to speed down the track at speeds that exceed 300 mph. They also learn about the science behind the vehicles that allow these speeds.

Additionally, the museum offers educational workshops throughout the year, which dive into issues such as drag racing regulations and rules, advanced driving techniques and much more. Through interactive learning methods visitors are able to gain insights into the various elements of racing. Through exciting movies and live performances of racers who’ve been racing for many years, visitors are able to be immersed in the unique motorsports tradition.

The Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum is an excellent location to learn more regarding drag racing as well as its past. If you’re trying to learn the basics of drag racing or develop into an expert in advanced techniques there are plenty of learning opportunities available at this thrilling location. Take advantage of learning about one of the most exciting activities anywhere!

If you’re looking to extend their education beyond the museum’s walls, there are several educational camps and summer programs that are offered. Through these experiences that are interactive students will learn about drag racing basics as well as advanced techniques. With expert instruction and guidance by industry experts These courses offer an extensive learning experience.


The Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum located in Ocala, Florida offers visitors an educational and entertaining experience. It is accessible between 9am and 5pm, from Monday to Saturday. The admission fee is about 15 dollars for adults, and $10 for seniors (65 and up) and kids 6-14 and no charge for youngsters under 5 years old.

In addition to tickets for general admission The museum also offers VIP tickets, which give you the opportunity to take a tour conducted by Mr. Garlits as an additional souvenir t-shirt as well as unlimited soda throughout your visit. The tickets are $50 for each person and need to be purchased within 24 hours of advance of your scheduled visit. The museum also provides discounted group rates when attending with more than 10 more visitors.

The museum also hosts various occasions throughout the year which include drag racing and car shows exhibitions. The prices for these events can vary, and may include tickets at a discounted price for senior citizens or children and special packages that include drinks and food.

Then, Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum has a variety of merchandise, both in its gift shop and online. The items range from clothing to books, and other collectibles which makes it simple to bring home a piece of the museum’s past. Prices differ based on the object.

What People Are Saying

“Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing is a must see for anyone remotely interested in the history of drag racing or just cars in general. The place is run by one of the pioneers and legends of the sport and his family. You can’t help but be impressed by the amount of history and hardware on display.” -Benjamin S.

“This is a wonderful museum! If you are into drag racing at all, this is definitely the place to go. Don Garlits is such an amazing person with so much knowledge about drag racing. The museum itself is very well done and has tons of great information.” -Heather K.

“This was an excellent museum with a lot of interesting exhibits! We enjoyed learning about the history of drag racing and seeing all of the amazing cars. Don Garlits was a great host and made sure that we had a great experience.” -Matthew W.

“This is an absolute must see for anyone remotely interested in drag racing or cars in general! The place is run by one of the pioneers and legends of the sport and his family. You can’t help but be impressed by the amount of history and hardware on display. I highly recommend this museum to anyone!” -Tyler B.

“The Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing is a must-see attraction in Ocala Florida. This isn’t your typical stuffy museum; it’s interactive, educational, and just really cool! You can learn all about the history of drag racing, see some amazing cars, and even get your picture taken with a real-life dragster. This is a great place to spend an afternoon, and it’s perfect for both adults and kids.” -Molly K.

“This museum was so much fun! If you are into drag racing at all, this is definitely the place to go. Don Garlits is such an amazing person with so much knowledge about drag racing. The museum itself is very well done and has tons of great information. We will definitely be back!” -Brian K.

Located at: 13700 SW 16th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34473


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