Jervey Gantt Park

August 15, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Jervey Gantt Park

Jervey Gantt Park located in Ocala FL is the perfect location for families to enjoy a day out with plenty of entertainment and relaxation. Within the lush green expanse is an array of activities for all to take pleasure in, from peaceful walks on the nature trails, to exciting water sports in the lakes. The park also has numerous facilities, such as an outdoor playground, picnic areas, BBQ grills, boat ramps, and restrooms. Here are a few reasons to visit Jervey Gantt Park

Nature Trails Nearly the two-mile nature trail that winds through the forest area of the park it’s easy to experience the numerous wonders waiting within. No matter if you’re searching for an easy walk or outdoor experience that includes hiking, you’ll discover it here. It’s a chance to see all the splendor of natural surroundings that ranges from the flowering trees to local wildlife, including turtles and birds.

Aquatic Sports: Jervey Gantt Lake is one of the best spots for water sports like kayaking, fishing, and paddleboarding. With lots of space to explore around this lake, it’s simple to find a quiet area to relax and enjoy outdoor recreation. There are two boat ramps in the park, if you wish you can take your personal watercraft with you.

Amenities: The park provides various amenities for guests, including BBQ grills, picnic areas and playgrounds for children from all age groups, bathrooms, and even a shop on site where you can purchase snacks and other essentials.

Special Events Jervey Gantt Park holds a variety of events throughout the season, such as live music as well as fishing tournaments and festive celebrations for the holidays. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to meet with family or friends for outdoor activities in a gorgeous setting.

A visit to Jervey Gantt Park is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all those that are. With its variety of facilities and activities It’s an ideal spot for your next weekend getaway or family adventure!

Why Jervey Gantt Park Is The Best

Jervey Gantt The park in Ocala, Florida is one of the top parks in. It’s a sanctuary of lush greenery, large trees and trails which make you feel as if you’ve entered an imaginary world. The park offers things for all ages ranging from toddlers to the elderly. There’s plenty to be engaged in, such as biking, jogging trails, walking trails and much other. Alongside this, Jervey Gantt Park also includes playgrounds, picnic areas and basketball courts, volleyball courts, and disc golf.

The park has been designed with exotic flowers and plants that offer stunning views. Two lakes are in the park that are ideal for fishing, swimming , and other water-related activities. Jervey Gantt Park is home to many species of animals, including turtles, ducks and armadillos and many more.

The park is full of amenities, making it the ideal spot for couples and families to get together. It’s well-maintained, with clean bathrooms and plenty of trash bins scattered all over the park. There are many pavilions for hire if people want to host parties or events in the park.


Jervey Gantt Park located in Ocala, FL is a gorgeous natural oasis situated just to the north of Ocala’s downtown. The park comprises an area of 25 acres that is lush with greenery as well as long trails that meander through the picturesque landscape. The park is also home to a diverse wildlife species, including birds, turtles, as well as a variety of species of fish that are frequently found taking a dip in the lake.

The main draw of the park is its lake that is crystal clear waters that are surrounded by oak trees that are tall. Boats are permitted in the water for fishing, or for leisurely cruises around its perimeter. A wooden dock allows access for canoes and kayaks and also a wonderful location for admiring the stunning views of the lake and the surrounding terrain.

The park also provides additional amenities and activities. There are many playgrounds including picnic areas, trail trails, fitness equipment, as well as skateboard parks. A large , open-air pavilion offers an area of shade for families to have the meal or an event outdoors. It is the home of many species of ducks, turtles, geese, geese and others which can be observed by the water’s edge.


Jervey Gantt The park in Ocala, FL offers a diverse array of facilities to meet the requirements of visitors of all ages. It has two playgrounds including the pergola, picnic shelters, tables, barbecues as well as walking trails. There is also plenty of space for different activities. If you want to take advantage of the outdoors more there’s a huge lake with boat ramps and fishing spots.

The swimming pool at the park that is accessible for people with disabilities is a great place to relax for everyone of all ages during the summer. The public can hire kayaks or paddle boats for exploring the water in greater detail. There are also basketball outdoor courts and Sand volleyball courts for organized sports leagues or for casual games. Fitness facilities on the premises allow players to keep their fitness goals while enjoying the serene surroundings of Jervey Gantt Park.

Additionally, the park provides restrooms and a concession stand to make your visit easy and relaxing. There’s ample parking for free for guests. With all of these amenities, Jervey Gantt Park is certain to offer a memorable experience for family and friends alike.

Things To Do

Jervey Gantt Park located in Ocala, FL is an excellent spot for families to come and enjoy themselves. It has plenty of fun activities for children to enjoy, from outdoor play to learning opportunities. Here are a few activities you and your family can enjoy while visiting Jervey Gantt Park.

Take a stroll along The Nature Trails – Jervey Gantt Park is home to more than 3 miles of trail that weave through the park’s diverse habitats including streams, swamps forest, marshes, forests, and meadows. On these trails, visitors can see a wide diversity of wildlife such as amphibians, reptiles, and birds and also plants that are unique to the region.

Take a dip Get on the water Jervey Gantt Park also features an area of 20 acres that is perfect for youngsters to play and explore. The lake is filled with species of fish, including bluegill, bass, bream and catfish, so make sure to bring your fishing equipment!

Playground Fun – Children will enjoy playing on the playground equipment that is located close to an area to picnic. It has swings, slides and other activities for hours of enjoyment.

Grills and Picnic Areas Visitors are welcome to take their lunch items or barbecue food items to enjoy at Jervey Gantt Park’s two picnic spots that have grills for making delicious food outdoors.

Educational Programs: Jervey Gantt Park provides a range of educational programs throughout the year, including excursions with park rangers to inform children about the animals and plants who live within the park along with fishing classes and nature photography classes.


Jervey Gantt Park located in Ocala, FL is the ideal place to bring your pet to take advantage of the great outdoors. The park provides a wide range of different activities for both you and your furry companion to enjoy, such as walks as well as a dog-friendly area as well as areas for fishing as well as picnic areas, and more.

The most popular thing to do at Jervey Gantt Park is the 1 mile of paved trail that runs around the lake and includes numerous picturesque overlooks on the way. It is a perfect spot for walking around in peace with your pet while enjoying the beauty of the lake. Furthermore pets are allowed to walk to be off-leash within certain areas, as they remain in the control of their owners. There’s an additional designated dog park that has agility equipment as well as a splash pad, and areas that are fenced off.

The park also has many fishing access points so you can bring your pet along to test your luck at catching a few of the lake’s bass, bluegill catfish, and others. There are numerous picnic spots in the park so make sure to pack a lunch or snack to take out for an afternoon of enjoyment with your pet. You can also rent one of the kayaks to explore the lake more.

No matter what you choose to take part in, Jervey Gantt Park is guaranteed to be a memorable time for yourself and the dog. From relaxing walks along lakes to an enjoyable full day of kayaking or fishing There’s something for all ages at this gorgeous Ocala attraction. Take a trip out to explore everything Jervey Gantt Park has to offer!

Be sure to take care to clean off after the pet, and to keep them on a leash whenever necessary. Enjoy your time and the great outdoors!


Jervey Gantt Park located in Ocala, FL is known for its humid and hot summer temperatures. The average temperature in the summer months usually ranges from mid-80s to low 90s with high levels of humidity. The park is characterized by moderate winters with temperatures that vary between 40 and 65 degrees. It rains a lot all through the year and averages 53 inches of rain per year. The winters are brief but mild and warm, while the summers are long and pleasant.

The park is a great place to find shade in the shade of its many trees that are mature, which help keep the visitors cool during these summer seasons. Apart from being a refreshing escape from the heat, the park affords stunning landscapes of lakes and other natural beauty spots. Jervey Gantt Park offers an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Jervey Gantt Park is situated within Ocala, Florida. The beautiful park provides numerous recreational activities and facilities for guests to take advantage of. The neighborhoods around it are excellent places to visit with plenty to do and see nearby.

It is located in the Vanguard neighborhood just to the north. It is well-known for its huge lots with mature trees that offer lots of shade. The homes here are a variety of styles, from traditional single-family homes to luxurious estates. There are numerous parks that are within walking distance and include Outpost Park, which has trails for walking or biking and picnic areas. In close proximity, you can discover a variety of shops such as Walgreens and Publix that make it easy to pick up essentials while walking around.

The southwest corner of the park is the quaint community that is Silver Springs Shores. The neighborhood is mostly made up of single-family homes, each home having its own unique style. There are numerous parks also, including Stone Creek Park which offers tennis courts, a playground and lots of open space for outdoors activities. Additionally, you will find excellent restaurants such as Mi Tierrita Mexican Grill and Barbeque Pit serving delicious food in a relaxed setting.

When you travel east from Jervey Gantt Park, you’ll arrive at Belleview Heights. This neighborhood has bigger lots than other neighborhoods around Jervey Gantt Park, and many offer stunning views of the woods or access to the lake. These homes range from tiny townhomes to luxurious estates. There’s numerous amenities in the vicinity and include a variety of eateries and stores.

There is also the community in Marion Oaks which is located just to the south to the south of the park. The homes here are mostly single-family homes that have larger lots with outdoor pools that are private or large patios for outdoor entertainment. In close proximity, you’ll find stores including banks, shops, and other establishments that make it simple to find what you require while you’re out and out and about. There are several parks that are within walking distance, as well as many great restaurants such as Cezanne’s Cafe & Bakery that serve delicious breakfast choices every morning.

Whatever lifestyle you’re searching for, Jervey Gantt Park has plenty of fantastic areas to explore. With beautiful parks, an abundance of facilities and amenities as well as selection of houses that fit every budget There’s something for all people in the Ocala region. Take a look around and discover all this wonderful city offers!

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“The park is amazing and has a great playground.” -A. Duke

“This park is beautiful and offers many activities for children.” -T. Johnson

“Jervey Gantt Park makes a wonderful place for the whole family to enjoy.” -J. Smith

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