Polly Palmer Park

August 22, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Polly Palmer Park

Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL is a great place to go for those looking for the perfect outdoor experience. The park is spread over 10 acres and provides visitors with many activities like tennis courts, basketball courts and playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails , and much more. Apart from the many recreational activities offered at Polly Palmer Park, Polly Palmer Park also hosts a variety of community and cultural occasions throughout the year such as music festivals, art exhibits and educational seminars.

The park’s beauty is one of the main draw cards. It is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and crystal clear water that make it a great place for recreation or for exercise. The huge pond in the park provides plenty of opportunity for fishing and swimming during warm seasons. In addition, the park is near many other places in Ocala and makes it an ideal place to start for exploring Ocala’s city.

The park also houses an amphitheater that has recently been renovated. It is able to be used for performances and other events. The park’s flexible layout permits for events that are of any size or scope to be held in Polly Palmer Park which makes it a popular choice for gatherings for the community and corporate gatherings or team-building activities.

Apart from the recreational opportunities, Polly Palmer Park also offers visitors the chance to gain knowledge about the local wildlife and ecology. Educational programs are offered on-site which explore the tree species that are indigenous to the area, in addition to wildlife tracking and bird watching courses. Through these programs visitors will learn to appreciate the natural environment while having enjoyable.

In the end, Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL is a fantastic location for both individuals and families. With its numerous recreational activities and cultural events, breathtaking landscape and educational programs, the park will provide something for all to delight in. If you’re looking to unwind or discover the world around you, Polly Palmer Park has everything.

Why Polly Palmer Park Is The Best

Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL is one of the most popular parks in the region for various reasons. It has many things for all ages to appreciate, from its lush grassy lawns and the towering trees to the playground equipment, as well as many outdoor activities.

Park itself is well-maintained and maintained, which ensures that visitors enjoy themselves when they go. There are numerous things to do in Polly Palmer Park that make it a great place for families as well as those who want to be outdoors in the fresh air. Picnic tables are available throughout the park, making it ideal for family gatherings, or simply eating a meal outside. There’s plenty of free spaces for having fun, playing with games, or simply enjoying the surroundings.

The park also offers an excellent playground for youngsters of all ages. There are a variety of slides, swings as well as an old-fashioned merry-go-round that children can’t resist. It’s the perfect place for parents to relax and unwind while their children have fun at the playground.

In addition to its excellent facilities, Polly Palmer Park is filled with gorgeous landscapes and wildlife. The park is full of plants, trees, and other flora which provide ample shading away from sun. Florida sun. You might even be lucky enough to spot local birds flying about or deer roaming around the grassy areas close to the playgrounds.


Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, Florida is a picturesque getaway from the bustle and hustle of daily life. The park lies along the shores of Lake Lillinonah, a large lake surrounded by lush grassy hills dotted with trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. There are numerous trails that meander through the woods, leading to quiet spots that are perfect for enjoying the natural beauty. There are numerous benches scattered across for people to sit down and enjoy the beautiful views that overlook the lake.

The lake at Polly Palmer Park is crystal clear, allowing guests to see wildlife easily like ducks, turtles and birds swimming around sitting on lily pads that are floating in the lake’s water. For those who want to swim in a relaxing manner or go fishing, kayaks, paddle boats, and canoes can be rented for hire at the dock in the park.

The areas of Polly Palmer Park have something to provide all ages. The park has a large playground that includes slides, swings and a range of activities suitable for children of all ages. The picnic area is close by and includes tables, barbecues, and shelters for families. If you’re looking for a more vigorous sports, there are volleyball and basketball courts, as well as miles of trails for hiking which meander through more vigorous sports

Whatever way you decide the best way to enjoy your stay at Polly Palmer Park, it is certain to be a memorable moment filled with breathtaking landscapes and moments of rest and pleasure. Go visit and discover for yourself why this beautiful park is a top place for Ocala residents and tourists alike.


Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, Florida is a playground with plenty of facilities to take advantage of. The park offers a range of play equipment, including slides, swings, as well as a myriad of obstacles for children to play on. There are also table picnic areas for families to eat food together.

Alongside the amusing events for kids, Polly Palmer Park also has two trails for walking and one nature trail that is accompanied by interpretive signs. There are two big pavilions that are available for hire in case you’re searching for an ideal location to hold an event that is larger or a party. There’s also an amphitheater along the lake, where guests can enjoy live shows or even movies with the lights on!

For those looking to cool off during the summer hot weather, there’s an on-site water park and pool. The pool is accessible all year and provides swimming lessons for both adults and children.

Polly Palmer Park also has an excellently maintained disc golf course that offers 18 holes of challenging play. There are restrooms in the park, in addition to numerous outside seating areas to relax and listen to the sounds of the natural world. In addition, those who love sports will enjoy the tennis courts as well as two basketball courts in Polly Palmer Park.

Overall, Polly Palmer Park provides an excellent opportunity to spend high-quality family time while creating lasting memories. With its wide array of activities and amenities for all ages, it’s easy to see why this renowned park is attracting guests from far and near.

Things To Do

Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL offers a variety of thrilling and enjoyable activities for children. The playground is just one of them. walking trails, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained.

The playground in Polly Palmer Park contains a variety of play structures, including slides, swings, climbers, climbing walls, and many more. There’s also a smaller area that has benches and picnic tables where children can relax after a day of play.

The park also offers many grassy spaces for play and running around, or for games such as hide-and-seek or tag. Families are welcome to bring their own sporting equipment like footballs and Frisbees to take advantage of more outdoors activities.

Kids who are adventurous will enjoy exploring the trails of nature that run through the parks. These trails are perfect for nature walks and hikes as well as a variety of interesting wildlife that you can observe.

Families with young children can also enjoy the splash pad within Polly Palmer Park. This is a fantastic spot for kids to cool off during hot summer days and get wet without the need to go swimming.

The park also provides many benches with pavilions, benches, as well as picnic tables for taking a break or enjoying meals with your family. There’s also an ice fishing pond as well as several lakes that let visitors feed ducks and geese.


Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL is the perfect place for both you and your pet to enjoy the day enjoying the sunshine. There are plenty of things that can be enjoyed while enjoying the beauty Florida offers.

The most popular attraction at Polly Palmer Park is the walking path. The trail is roughly two miles long around a large lake. This path with a paved surface offers breathtaking views of lush vegetation, wildlife, and the occasional sighting of gators. It also offers the benefit of fitness centers along the way . So make sure to bring snacks for Fido! Dogs must be on a leash all times when out on the trails.

Fishing is also permitted in Polly Palmer Park. If you’re already an expert angler, or getting started it is possible to catch catfish, bass, or Bream on the water. For fishing in the park, anglers require a Florida Fishing License if they are aged 16 or older.

The playground located at Polly Palmer Park is the perfect place for your children to play while taking breaks from all the outdoors activities. The playground is equipped with a variety of play equipment like swings, monkey bars and slides. There’s plenty of space for running around and playing tag.

If you’re seeking some shade while you visit Polly Palmer Park, there is also a picnic area. Bring yourself food items and drinks or buy some food from one of the concession stands near the playground.


The conditions at Polly Palmer Park in Ocala, FL are usually warm and sunny all year. In summer the temperature could fluctuate between 75 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the daytime. It can be extremely humid at this time also, due to the significant levels of humidity within the air. In winter temperatures are typically less humid, and range between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime.

When it rains it usually doesn’t last long , but is usually massive when it does happen. The park is able to receive the average rain all through each year. However, frequent rain showers take place between May through October. The sun shines through the year because of the park’s location within an area of subtropical climate. All in all, Polly Palmer Park offers stunning weather all year round and is an ideal setting for outdoors activities.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Polly Palmer Park is situated in an easy Ocala, FL location. The neighborhood around it offers a variety of facilities and activities that will satisfy the needs of anyone. To the north Silver Springs Shores is located. Silver Springs Shores neighborhood features affordable housing as well as a well-known golf course that draws players from all across Central Florida. As you move east, residents can take advantage of the restaurants and shops along SW 27th Avenue while taking pleasure in the view of the historic Marion County Courthouse.

The west side in Polly Palmer Park lies an older residential area , known by the name of Westwood Hills, which has houses with bigger yards for those who want more space. To the south lies College Park, where students are able to easily access the close College of Central Florida campus as well as its recreation facilities, which include tennis courts and walking trails. With the many neighborhoods around Polly Palmer Park, there is something for every person.

Alongside the surrounding facilities in the park, it also offers many possibilities for outdoor play. Two playgrounds are available, a variety of picnic pavilions, as well as an expansive grassy area that is ideal for play of fetch or Frisbee with friends and family. It also has a 1.7-mile walking trail that weaves through the natural landscape and connects with Ocala’s bigger network of trails at different places along its route.

What People Are Saying

“Polly Palmer Park in Ocala is a beautiful and well-maintained park. The amenities and staff are excellent. The playground is clean and well-maintained. Anyone who lives in the area or visits this park, we highly recommend it!” -The Smith Family

“Polly Palmer Park is a wonderful place to be! The park is always clean and neat, and the staff are very friendly. The playground is a favorite of my children and they have fun every time we visit. Highly recommended!” -The Johnson Family

“It was a wonderful experience at Polly Palmer Park. The staff were so kind and the facilities were excellent. The playground was well-maintained and clean. This park is a must-see for anyone who lives in the area.” -The Williams Family

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