Barry University, ACE (At Ocala Fire College)

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Barry University, ACE (At Ocala Fire College)

Barry University, ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala FL is a good option for people who want to work in Fire science. It is located on the campus of Marion County Public Schools, Barry University offers comprehensive courses and training for novice and experienced firefighters. The school offers a range of programs for education that range from associate and certificate degrees to master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Furthermore, ACE offers specialized training like Advanced incident management and hazardous material operations urban firefighting in wildlands, crash fire rescue, and much more.

The college also has state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms that are equipped with the latest technologies and live burn facilities specifically designed for firefighters’ training. The college’s courses are taught by skilled instructors and subject matter experts who discuss their knowledge in areas like fire safety and strategies for combating the spread of fire, construction, and emergency medical services.

The school is recognized across the country for its outstanding training in fire science by organizations like The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Florida Department of Fire Safety. ACE is also awarded many grant awards through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to further support its mission to provide high-quality training for firefighters across the country.

In Barry University’s ACE students are able to gain access to an array of resources for education, including an extensive library that includes more than 2 million books on fire science and the online archive of journals that gives an access point to hundreds of publications covering topics like the prevention of fire, hazardous materials responses and medical emergency services and a simulation center which provides realistic scenarios for training. It is committed to providing high-quality education for firefighters, ACE is an ideal option for those looking to make a move in the field of fire science.


Barry University, ACE (At Ocala Fire College), Florida was established through the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in the year 1940. It was originally a women’s institution named Our Lady of Lourdes College and offered a wide range of graduate and undergraduate degrees. In 1993, the college was changed to Barry College after Bernard J. Barry Sr., an ex-chairman of the Board for Publix Super Markets Inc. and whose contribution during the year led to the purchase from Camp McConnell by the United States Air Force Reserve.

The Ocala Fire College (ACE) has its campus on the former military base on Barry University’s Ocala campus. ACE provides professional development opportunities for fire service professionals seeking to increase their skills and knowledge in emergency services. Alongside a variety of classes, ACE also offers specialized certificates in fields like arson investigation or hazardous materials, as well as Fire safety examination.

Since its founding, ACE has provided comprehensive education in leadership development and emergency management. The school is also instrumental in helping train the future generation of firefighters by partnering with Barry University’s Department of Fire Science program. The program gives students an understanding of the practical knowledge and theoretical expertise that is relevant to the fire service industry.

With a focus on the most cutting-edge training techniques and modern technology, ACE is one of the most reputable resources for personal development as well as ongoing education in the fire service industry. The school’s dedication to excellence and commitment to providing top-quality education opportunities for the fire service profession is recognized by national and local organizations, such as The Florida Fire Chiefs Association. This is why ACE is still playing a significant role in supplying the required abilities and information for firefighters of today.

Why Barry University, ACE (At Ocala Fire College) Is The Best

Barry University is an ideal school for anyone who is looking for an outstanding accredited, accredited educational experience. It is located in Florida’s Ocala Region, Barry offers students the chance to receive a top education and enjoy all this city Ocala offers. With small classes and knowledgeable instructors who are willing to receive the personal attention, they require to be successful academically and personally. Additionally, Barry is committed to offering its students access to the latest technologies, resources, and support services required in today’s highly competitive academic setting.

In ACE (the At Ocala Fire College) students are able to receive hands-on experience in firefighting in addition to professional instruction in other fields like hazardous materials such as search and rescue as well as emergency medical assistance. The college also offers students numerous academic programs, including public administration, fire science, and health sciences. Alongside courses in the classroom, ACE gives its students the opportunity to gain experience in the field through internships and job-based training opportunities.

Barry University is the perfect option for students seeking for an affordable and accredited institution of higher education. The tuition is one of the most affordable in Florida and with a wide array of scholarships available, Barry strives to make an excellent education available to everyone who wants it. Furthermore, the university’s firm commitment to diversity ensures that students of all backgrounds are accepted at Barry University.

Then, ACE (at Ocala Fire College) offers students a chance to gain experience in the field and earn a degree while earning their degree. With top-quality instructors as well as a wide range of courses that are specialized, and access to the latest technologies, ACE is the perfect option for students looking to pursue an occupation in firefighting or related fields.


Barry University’s ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, Florida offers an array of facilities and services for students to make use of. The campus is sprawling with lush vegetation The facility has multiple fire-fighting equipment and a classroom facility as well as two dormitory buildings, as well as an auditorium. The classrooms are fitted with interactive equipment, including whiteboards and projectors to assist instructors with their presentations. Alongside the standard lecture-style setting, ACE has several hands-on components like live fire burn props and the simulated areas of material response where students can practice how to safely respond under stress.

The dormitories offer safe accommodations for students attending classes at ACE. Rooms have private bathrooms and inviting living space. The apartments are equipped with security cameras and security systems that ensure the safety of the occupants. There is a cafeteria accessible for students to buy food or snacks.

This auditorium of ACE is an ideal location for hosting conferences or any other events of a large scale. It has modern audio/visual equipment, such as media screens and a stage which can be used to display presentations. It can seat more than 300 people, which makes it perfect for larger gatherings, such as workshops, seminars, and business gatherings.

ACE has a wide range of additional facilities like two gymnasiums, two outdoor sports fields with an outdoor pool, and more. With its vast facilities, Barry’s ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, Florida provides students with a comfortable, safe, and stimulating atmosphere to test their capabilities as emergency responders. It’s the ideal location for people who are interested in the safety of fire and emergency preparedness.

This ACE facility also houses its own library that includes a variety of books, articles, and other reference materials that deal with emergency preparedness and fire safety. The library staff is available to assist students to locate the information they require or answering any queries they might have. The library is situated close to the classrooms which allow students to use it for their study. In addition, computers are located on campus to offer additional resources for learning.


Barry’s AFC (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, FL offers students the chance to be certified as firefighters. The program focuses on offering the best of both worlds in terms of traditional and innovative courses which help students prepare for the demands of firefighters. From classroom classes to field-based training in the hands of an instructor, ACE has been designed to offer its students the most comprehensive instruction in the field of fire safety and emergency response.

The ACE program at Barry University emphasizes four core areas that include Leadership development and strategic planning, as well as involvement in the community, and skills training. Through classes and practical training, students learn to lead their teams during moments of crisis, with a focus on decision-making and critical thinking. They also acquire knowledge about the fundamentals of public management and strategic planning and gain an understanding of the importance of public participation in creating secure and healthy communities.

At ACE the students are given extensive technical instruction which covers the operations of fire services as well as incident command systems, hazardous materials handling, as well as emergency medical service protocols. Students are offered a range of opportunities for real-world field experience with OFD. Ocala Fire Department (OFD) where they are able to assist veteran firefighters on a range of emergency calls. The real-world experience provides students with an opportunity to put their knowledge from the classroom into practice and helps them develop the necessary skills to be successful as professional firefighters.

In addition to providing students with the necessary expertise and experience necessary for a career in firefighting Barry’s ACE program also offers different opportunities. Students can, for instance, participate in local internships as well as community engagement projects, and also apply for scholarships or other types of financial aid. With the help of committed staff and faculty members, ACE enrollees are well-equipped to become competent firefighters who can serve their communities with expertise and integrity.

Barry University’s ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, FL is a complete curriculum that provides students with the essential tools to be certified firefighters. The emphasis of the program is on the development of leadership along with strategic planning, public involvement, and technical training help graduates become skilled professionals who can help their communities effectively and safely.


Barry’s ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, Florida is staffed by a group of committed and skilled professionals. The faculty includes firefighters and emergency medical technicians and engineers that work together to provide top-quality training. Instructors are well-versed in their field and possess the required qualifications to be able to conduct courses within their area of expertise. Each instructor receives ongoing training to ensure that they are current on the most current trends and techniques for emergency management and firefighting. In addition, instructors are provided with the latest equipment, which permits them to offer realistic training exercises in class.

The staff of Barry University’s ACE is responsible for providing outstanding customer service as well as keeping the operations running smoothly. They make sure that classes are scheduled, tuition is completed, and all documentation is correct. In addition, they respond to questions from prospective students and provide information on the program’s offerings and requirements. Administrative staff can also help students with registration and financial aid applications and other inquiries that pertain to ACE student academic requirements.

The ACE service team is accountable for creating the safety of learning for every student. This team is composed of dedicated experts who conduct regular examinations of the campus facilities as well as outside the classrooms. The team also provides emergency services in the event of need. Alongside aiding injured people on the site of an accident or incident They are also equipped to handle fires as well as natural disasters that could happen.

In addition, the technical staff of Barry’s ACE is accountable for making sure of the proper operation of all equipment utilized in the course. They regularly examine and maintain medical, firefighting, and other safety equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly. In addition to their crucial job they also provide students with practical training on how to manage and maintain the latest equipment and techniques. This makes sure students that ACE students are adequately prepared for any emergency they might encounter throughout their careers.

Student Outcomes

Barry University’s ACE (At Ocala Fire College) located in Ocala, FL provides students with the opportunity to acquire important firefighting techniques at a reasonable cost. The tuition total for the course is $1,925 for each credit hour. Additionally, there are thirty credit hours to be completed to be able to graduate from the course. The total cost of tuition for the course to 57,750. Alongside the tuition fees, students are required to pay a once-only cost for labs of 200 dollars in addition to any other charges that might arise during their study.

It is important to note that the ACE program also requires that all students buy their own uniforms and safety gear prior to beginning their classes. This includes items like protective equipment, gloves, clothing helmets, boots, and other items. The cost of uniforms and safety gear could be anywhere from $1000 to $2,500, based on the caliber of the items you purchase.

In addition to the tuition and uniform expenses, ACE students must pay for their own accommodation and meals while taking classes in Ocala. There are numerous off-campus housing options close to Barry University’s campus, such as townhouses, apartments, and dormitories. The housing options vary in cost but generally range between $400 and $1200 per month, depending on the dimensions and the area of the apartment chosen.

In addition, ACE students will also have to consider costs of living such as transportation and food when calculating the total expenses for attending Barry University’s Ocala campus. The cost of food will vary widely based on one’s individual budgeting habits, however, students must budget up to $150-$450 each month for food items and other essentials. In addition, students might require a car to get through the region or utilize public transportation which comes with particular expenses.

In the end, Barry University’s ACE program is an enormous financial investment for anyone who wants to work in firefighting. Costs for tuition as well as uniforms, living costs along with other costs are all quickly taken all. Students must take into account these costs prior to making a decision about any college or university. If they budget well and do their advance planning, students are able to identify ways to ease their expenses and get high-quality firefighter training. 

This could include applying for grants and scholarships in addition to using credit for tax when filing taxes every year. With proper preparation and planning, college students are able to fulfill their goal of becoming an emergency responders by enrolling in Barry’s ACE training program located in Ocala,

Nearby Neighborhoods

Ocala is a bustling city situated near Barry University and ACE (At Ocala Fire College). The communities surrounding both institutions provide a range of facilities for residents.

The adjacent Highland Manor neighborhood, which is just 5 miles away from the University, is home to numerous stores and restaurants. The Highland Manor neighborhood is also renowned for its vast parks that include play areas and trails. Residents can benefit from the top public schools in the area, too.

Just to the south of ACE is Belleview which is a historic neighborhood that provides many activities for everyone of any age. It is home to a number of museums as well as distinctive stores, it’s an excellent place to explore the local history and enjoy some shopping. The park is a community space that offers opportunities to play basketball and tennis as well as the lake that is nearby is a serene place to relax.

Further to the south further south is Summerfield which is a tiny town that has its own distinctive appeal. There are many local restaurants and wineries that are local to try. The area is also renowned for its many golf courses and vast green areas. The residents of this region are able to enjoy a slower pace of life, while having access to numerous services like grocery stores, banks, and gas stations.

There are many neighborhoods close to Barry University and ACE (At Ocala Fire College) that offer a variety of entertainment for everyone of all different ages. From visiting historic places, shopping at local stores, or playing games in parks, these neighborhoods provide things for anyone. No matter if you’re seeking for an area to relax, or even an opportunity to get away You can find it in Ocala.

What People Are Saying

“I had a great experience at Barry University. The instructors were knowledgeable and really cared about their students. I would recommend this school to anyone.” -A.C.E. (At Ocala Fire College) in Ocala, FL

“The University of Central Florida is an amazing school! The faculty and staff are so caring and helpful. I highly recommend this school to anyone!” -A.C.E. (At Ocala Fire College) in Ocala, FL

“This is a great school! The instructors are knowledgeable and truly care about their students. I would recommend this university to anyone.” -A.C.E. (At Ocala Fire College) in Ocala, FL

Locate at: Florida State Fire College 11655 NW Gainesville Road Room 121 Ocala FL 34482     
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