Barry University

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Barry University

Barry University in Ocala, FL offers a wealth of academic opportunities for students. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and has been offering high-quality education since 1949.

At Barry University, students have the opportunity to experience small class sizes, personalized instruction and access to more than 90 undergraduate programs as well as professional development courses and graduate programs. With dedicated faculty members who are experts in their fields, Barry provides an intimate learning environment that encourages exploration, creativity and critical thinking.

The campus itself is located on over 180 acres of beautiful Florida wetlands featuring state-of-the-art classroom buildings with cutting edge technology. Outside of academics, there are also plenty of activities for students to take part in, such as clubs and organizations, intramural sports, volunteer opportunities and lively student life events.

At Barry University, students have access to financial aid options as well as career counseling services and job placement assistance. On top of that, there are also a variety of internships available to help students gain valuable experience while they complete their degree.

Why Barry University is the best

Barry University in Ocala Fl is the college for you if you are looking for a quality education, great student life and extensive resources available to help students reach their academic, personal and professional goals. With its small class sizes and faculty-student ratios, Barry provides an intimate learning environment that allows each student to receive personalized attention and guidance. The university offers over 50 undergraduate majors that range from business and accounting to nursing and health science. On top of this, Barry also features some of the best graduate programs in the area such as law, education and public administration.

Students of Barry University enjoy a rich campus life with events on campus all year round including sports competitions, lectures by notable guests, concerts at the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, and more. The university also provides numerous student organizations and clubs that are dedicated to helping students get involved in campus life as well as exploring their interests outside the classroom. Furthermore, Barry’s student services, such as its career center, provide students with comprehensive assistance in resume building, job placement and other important steps for their future success.

Barry University has a strong commitment to promoting diversity on campus and fostering an inclusive environment for everyone regardless of race or religion. With its emphasis on community engagement and social justice initiatives, Barry ensures that every student feels respected, appreciated and welcome at the university.


Barry University in Ocala, Florida boasts a wide range of facilities that make it a great place to study and live. The campus encompasses 82 acres of lush tropical landscape with plenty of outdoor space for students to enjoy, including a scenic lakefront gazebo and walking trails. On-campus housing is available in the form of one and two bedroom apartments located close to academic buildings. These are designed to provide comfortable living spaces for Barry’s students, faculty and staff.

The campus features several state-of-the-art academic buildings equipped with everything needed to support the university’s programs. There is also an impressive library system which includes more than 200,000 books along with research databases, digital collections and special collections. The library staff is available to help students, faculty and staff find the resources they need in order to complete their research.

Barry University also has an outstanding fitness center that offers a variety of exercise equipment, fitness classes and sports leagues for students. The center has several basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pools which are open all year round. There is also an outdoor track with a rubberized surface that allows students to run and train outdoors.

Technology is at the heart of Barry University’s campus, with several computer labs located throughout the academic buildings equipped with the latest technology and software applications. Wireless internet access is available in most locations, allowing students to take advantage of online learning opportunities from anywhere on campus.


Barry University in Ocala, FL offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Undergraduate students can choose from majors in business, engineering, education, nursing, social work, psychology and more. The university also offers accelerated bachelor’s degrees through its BOLD program.

At the graduate level, Barry University offers master’s degrees in multiple disciplines including accounting, public health administration and educational leadership. Doctoral degrees are available in psychology, physical therapy and other areas. All programs at Barry University offer rigorous coursework to equip students with the skills necessary for success after graduation.

In addition to completing courses within their discipline of choice, all undergraduate students must complete general education requirements such as Math & Sciences or Humanities & Social Sciences. Additionally, all students must complete the university’s core curriculum which covers topics such as writing, research, communication and technology. Students may also choose to participate in international study abroad programs or take part in an internship program for hands-on experience.

Barry University is committed to providing a quality education that prepares students for success both inside and outside of the classroom. With its strong academic offerings and diverse student body, it is no surprise that Barry University is one of the top universities in Florida.


Barry University in Ocala, Florida has a staff of highly qualified professionals that are dedicated to providing students with the best possible educational experience. The faculty is composed of experienced professors who bring years of expertise in their respective fields and have a deep commitment to teaching excellence. Many of the faculty members at Barry University also hold advanced degrees, giving them the ability to effectively teach complex topics.

The administrative staff at Barry University is devoted to making sure that all students have an enjoyable experience during their time on campus. They strive to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and respected, while also helping ensure that each student can reach their desired academic goals. The staff works hard to maintain a positive atmosphere for learning, and they do whatever it takes to help each individual student succeed.

The support staff at Barry University is comprised of counselors, librarians, and IT personnel who are passionate about providing students with the best possible learning opportunities. From helping students arrange for financial aid to coordinating library research sessions, this staff does whatever it takes to ensure that each individual has access to the resources necessary for academic success. Additionally, their helpful attitude and professional demeanor make them an integral part of the university community.

At Barry University in Ocala, Florida, all staff members work together as a team to create a supportive atmosphere that fosters lifelong learning and growth. From professors to support staff and administrators alike, everyone is dedicated to making sure that each student knows they have what it takes to reach their academic goals and achieve their dreams.

Student Outcomes

Barry University in Ocala, FL offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The cost to attend Barry University varies depending on the program chosen.

Undergraduate students attending full time pay $13,752 per semester for tuition and fees. This total includes the technology fee of $150, the activity fee of $100 and the health fee of $100 which are all required for all undergraduate students. Books are not included in this total and will add to the overall cost of attendance.

Graduate programs also have varying costs dependent upon the type of program chosen; however, most degree programs cost between $3,000 and $12,000 per semester with many requiring additional fees as well such as distance learning fees, late fees, and graduation fees. In addition to tuition and fees, students should also consider the cost of housing, meals, transportation and other personal expenses when calculating their total cost of attendance.

Financial aid is available to both undergraduate and graduate students in the form of grants, loans, scholarships and work-study programs. Students interested in applying for financial aid are encouraged to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible to increase their chances of being eligible for assistance.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods near Barry University in Ocala, Florida are mainly residential with quiet streets and plenty of green space. The main neighborhood surrounding the university is College Park, which contains several large apartment complexes and single-family homes. College Park also has a shopping center with grocery stores, restaurants, and other conveniences. Just north of the university is Silver Springs Shores, a peaceful community filled with single-family homes and condos that offer an ideal location for families seeking peace and quiet. Just south of the university is Belleview Heights, another tranquil neighborhood featuring townhomes and small apartments alongside larger single-family homes. There are several parks in Belleview Heights for residents to enjoy as well as easy access to nearby Lake Weir for fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. All of these neighborhoods are relatively safe and offer easy access to the university as well as local attractions like Silver Springs Nature Park, Appleton Museum of Art, Fort King National Historic Site, and much more. With so many great amenities nearby, it’s no wonder that the neighborhoods near Barry University in Ocala are a popular choice for students and families alike.

What People are Saying

“Barry University is a great school! The instructors are very knowledgeable and really care about the students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -A.J.

“The small class sizes at Barry University allow for more one-on-one attention from professors, which is extremely beneficial. I have enjoyed my time here and would recommend it to others.” -Matthew W.

“I am so happy that I chose Barry University for my education! The professors are excellent and really care about their students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -Sarah S.

“Barry University is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality education. The professors are top-notch and the campus is beautiful. I highly recommend this school!” -John D.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Barry University! The professors were incredibly intelligent and really cared about their students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -Jessica B.

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