College of Central Florida Ocala Campus

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
College of Central Florida Ocala Campus

The College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala, FL offers students many options and resources that can aid them in reaching their educational goals. With modern facilities and academically strong programs to its top-quality faculty and caring staff, the school provides the ideal setting for learning. The campus houses numerous certificate and degree programs specifically designed to meet the requirements of local employment markets. If you’re seeking to earn an Associate’s or Certificate program, or even finish the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at CF Ocala, we have the ideal degree for you!

CF Ocala also prepares students for long-term success through practical career-related services like courses for building resumes as well as mock interviews, help with job searches. In addition, the school offers various student wellness programs, which include an all-inclusive health clinic as well as counseling services.

Its central location right in the middle of Ocala students can benefit from the numerous activities provided by the city’s lively community. From concerts to art exhibitions, CF Ocala offers students the opportunity to discover their passions and develop life skills beyond the classroom. In addition, students are able to access nearby activities as well as outdoor adventures like paddling, hiking and kayaking.

From its outstanding academic program to its welcoming atmosphere and numerous opportunities for long-term success, College of Central Florida Ocala Campus is a great option for people who are looking to further their education. With its ideal location and a variety of options, this college gives students the chance to learn and acquire capabilities that can help them attain their professional goals.

Why College of Central Florida Ocala Campus Is The Best

It is the College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala, FL is one of the top college campuses in the region. The college has plenty to offer its students , including its stunning campus, small classes, and a wide choice of degrees.

One of the primary reasons College of Central Florida Ocala Campus is so popular is due to its stunning campus. The lush, green lawns are surrounded by manicured grounds, this campus is an ideal environment for students seeking to improve their academic performance and learn. There are also numerous resources on-site like computers, libraries and student lounges that provide the perfect setting for learning. The college also provides a variety of leisure activities, including hiking along the nearby trails or swimming in the pool on campus.

In addition to its stunning location, College of Central Florida Ocala Campus also has smaller classes than other universities in the area. This means that students receive individual focus from their professors which allows them to learn more about concepts and be successful in their classes. This allows for an increased feeling of community for students since they can build connections with their instructors as well as their students.

The College of Central Florida Ocala Campus offers a variety of degrees for their students. No matter if you’re searching for an associate’s or a bachelor’s level degree there’s something for every student at this school. In addition, there are a lot of online classes available, which make it simpler for students to fit in their schedules while pursuing an education.


The College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala, FL is a friendly and lively learning atmosphere. The campus is equipped with modern amenities that help students excel in their studies. This includes:

Academic Buildings: The college has 19 academic buildings equipped with cutting-edge technologies and tools for different learning styles. The buildings include lecture halls, computer labs, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, and much more.

Student Center: In the center of campus, is the Student Center that provides a variety of services and resources for students like counseling centers, computers for public use as well as student government offices and many more.

Facilities for Athletics: CF provides its students with a thriving sports program, which includes top-of-the-line fields and facilities for students to participate in. This includes tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer courts, running track, gym and a swimming pool.

Food Facilities: The campus has two main dining areas which offer delicious food prepared by their award-winning culinary team. Alongside these dining areas, there are several cafés that are located on the campus, where students can grab a quick bite or just relax in between classes.

Students Housing CF provides off campus student housing options that can be adapted to any budget or lifestyle. There are a range of housing and apartments that are within walking distance of the campus. They are all equipped with the essentials like high-speed internet or basic cable.

Library: The college’s primary library contains hundreds of books as well as many other sources for students to use for their study. The library also has an ideal study area that can aid students in focusing on their studies and finish research assignments.

Health Center CF will be giving its students top-quality healthcare services. Therefore, they have a health center run by experienced medical professionals who provide primary treatment and mental health counseling, physical therapy, and lab testing.


The College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala FL has a broad range of education programs that include more than 100 degree and certificate choices for learners to choose from. The college is committed to offering an affordable, cost-effective and innovative education that prepares students for the success they will enjoy in their chosen field of study.

The college provides Associate of Arts (AA) degrees; Associate of Science (AS) degrees as well as Bachelor’s degrees offered through the University Center at CF; and Certificates of Achievement Apprenticeship Certificates, career Technical Certificates. The program covers a vast spectrum of disciplines that include sciences, humanities and business, as well as criminal justice and technology.

Students are able to choose from fields that include business, math as well as nursing, education, medical sciences. They also offer engineering technology, and computers and information technology. Additionally, the college offers a range of continuing education classes for professional growth.

For those who want to join work quickly, CF Ocala offers an assortment of technical and career certificates which can be obtained within a single semester. These programs help you develop capabilities in particular areas like automotive service technology and hospitality management.

In addition to the academic programs it offers In addition to its academic offerings, in addition to its academic offerings, the College of Central Florida Ocala Campus will provide complete student services like guidance, planning for careers help and financial aid assistance. It is committed to educational quality and access for everyone, CF Ocala provides an ideal opportunity for those who want to continue their education.


The faculty at the College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala, Florida comprises committed professionals who are dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals. The faculty members of the college typically have 15+ years of teaching experience and bring an abundance of knowledge in the classroom. The Office of Student Services provides assistance in financial aid and registration, career counseling and many other things.

In addition, the library on campus gives access to other materials like DVDs, books, and websites for research and studying. Counseling services for both academic and personal problems are provided by Disability Services or Mental Health Services. Additionally Campus Life Office Campus Life Office is dedicated to helping students join the campus’s activities, clubs and groups. With an experienced and knowledgeable personnel, College of Central Florida Ocala Campus located in Ocala, Florida offers an assortment of resources for students to aid them in their pursuit of academic excellence.

The college also offers faculty members with opportunities to develop their professional skills like workshops on methods of teaching as well as new technology and learning tools Research support services, and much more. Faculty who attend these seminars gain valuable insights on how they can better provide their students with better services and to improve the quality of education for everyone.

Student Outcomes

The cost to attend College of Central Florida (CF) in Ocala, FL varies depending on the status of a student’s residence and their course of study. For those who are “in-state” residents, tuition for the academic year 2019-2020 is approximately $105.21 per hour of credit for students who are in-state as well as $444.60 per hour of credit for students from outside the state. In addition to the tuition fees There are additional fees that are associated with enrolling at CF including applications, health science programs lab, materials/supplies technology, transportation, and other costs that range from $6 to $70 according to the student’s course of study.

CF also offers a wide range of grants and financial aid options to make college more affordable. They comprise Federal Pell Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG), Bright Futures Scholarship, College Credit Plus, and many other grants for certain studies like engineering and nursing. In addition, CF offers a payment plan option that allows students to spread the tuition payment across four months, at without additional cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The College of Central Florida Ocala campus is situated in the middle of Marion County, surrounded by numerous charming and vibrant neighborhoods. The surrounding area has various housing options, from single-family homes, apartments and condominiums.

The east side of the college is Silver Springs Shores, a tranquil neighborhood offering peaceful living in an environment brimming in natural beauty. There’s a variety of amenities , including golf courses as well as restaurants, parks and shops, as well as a variety of other activities for those looking for recreation or leisure.

The west side of the campus to the west is Belleview located in a sought-after residential community that has easy access to I-75 as well as Ocala International Airport. In Belleview, you can find traditional single-family homes , as well as modern townhouses and condos. This area is ideal for outdoor activities because of the proximity of Silver Springs State Park and close Florida Horse Park.

To the south of the campus is the historical Downtown Ocala, which offers an extensive selection of restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues, and much more. There are numerous beautiful Victorian-style homes located in this region as well as new condos and apartments with modern conveniences.

If you’re looking for an urban living experience near downtown Ocala, Southeast Ocala may be the ideal choice. The neighborhood is easily accessible to I-75 and a variety of local tourist attractions, including Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center, Tuscawilla Country Club and Wild Waters Park. There are traditional single-family homes as well as condos for sale in the neighborhood.

Whatever lifestyle you’re seeking for You can be sure that there’s something that is suitable for you close to the Central Florida College Ocala Campus. From tranquil suburban living to an urban area that offers a variety of activities and amenities nearby, the neighborhoods provide the most diverse housing options with different prices.

What People Are Saying

“The College of Central Florida is an affordable, high-quality college that offers a wide variety of programs and services to meet the needs of its students. I have been very pleased with the education I have received at CF, and would recommend it to anyone.” – Sarah, student

“CF has been a great experience for me! The professors are knowledgeable and care about their students’ success. I would definitely recommend CF to others!” – John, student

“I absolutely loved my experience at CF! The campus is beautiful, the faculty and staff are so helpful and friendly, and the academics are top-notch. I highly recommend CF to anyone!” – Emily, student

Located at: 3001 SW College Rd Ocala FL 34474       

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