College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus

August 23, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus

The College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus located in Ocala Florida is a great option for students who are looking for an excellent education. Because of its compact campus and intimate atmosphere. The school offers an intimate learning environment which provides for personalized instruction and guidance. The school offers a range of academic programs that allow students to make the most from their education. There are programs to meet every need in education including associate’s degrees, certificates, and much other.

The instructors of The Vintage Farm Campus offer outstanding student services in an environment that is supportive. Professors with experience are well-known for taking time to spend with their students and offering individual feedback whenever required. Additionally, advisors are there to guide students through the selection of courses and help ensure that they achieve their academic goals.

In addition to the academic opportunities In addition to the educational opportunities, in addition to the educational opportunities, Vintage Farm Campus also is also home to a vibrant student culture. The campus is home to a myriad of opportunities and occasions throughout the calendar, which include events for socializing, culture programming and community service initiatives. Numerous student-run organizations are also on hand and provide an avenue for students’ imagination and leadership abilities.

The college also has modern amenities, including on-campus housing, athletic facilities and technological tools. These facilities give students access to the entire set of equipment they require to reach their goals of success. With its dedication to academic excellence and a high standard of living its clear how this College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus located in Ocala Florida is a great option for students of all ages.

Why College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus Is The Best

The college’s Vintage Farm Campus in Ocala, FL is the college’s top-of-the-line. The campus is a stunning and peaceful setting, with the rolling hills, lush vegetation and serene lakes with majestic oaks covered with Spanish Moss. It is a peaceful place that students can be away from the bustle and noise of the city and concentrate upon their academics in a serene environment that is serene and beautiful.

A major and distinctive feature of the campus is the historic architecture based on one of the oldest farms in Florida in the mid-1800s. The main structure was constructed as a huge plantation house, surrounded by other buildings spread across the land of 20 acres which had previously formed part of the larger farmstead. The historic structures have been renovated, and the surrounding land has been transformed into a beautiful and lush garden.

The campus also has modern amenities, including an on-campus library as well as a computer lab, lounges for students that are furnished with comfortable seating for study and to socialize, and classrooms outfitted with the modern technology for videoconferencing and digital learning. The campus also has recreation activities that range from outdoor activities to sports within the local state parks.

Alongside its charming setting, Vintage Farm Campus is well-known for its outstanding academic programs that span from associate degrees through doctoral studies. Students can enjoy the opportunity to learn in small classes taught by skilled instructors who provide individualized attention. With a variety of minors, majors, and certificates, students are able to modify their studies to meet their goals in the workplace.


The University of Central Florida’s Vintage Farm Campus in Ocala, FL offers a wide variety of facilities designed to give students the most effective educational experience. The campus is outfitted with cutting-edge computers, classrooms along with multi-purpose lecture halls that permit instructors to impart their knowledge in fresh and creative methods. The campus also gives students access to libraries with journals, books and other resources for research and study purposes. There are numerous outdoor spaces for study groups , or just taking a break on sunny days.

Vintage Farm Campus has various labs, including labs for science and media studios, where students can discover topics such as audio/video recording and photography. In addition, there are computer labs that are available for use during the day as well as at evening that are equipped with the most recent technology. Students can discover digital media and develop their abilities.

The campus also houses the Health Sciences Center, which houses classrooms and labs in which future health professionals can study anatomy and the science of. There’s also an outdoor pool equipped with the ability to dive boards as well as lap lanes along with two additional outdoor courts for athletics that are used for tennis, basketball Volleyball, Badminton, Volleyball Soccer, and many more. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and weight-training equipment.

Additionally, students can use the childcare center of the college, which is located on campus at the Vintage Farm Campus. The cafeteria is on site and offers hot and nutritious meals all day long, and offers snacks between classes. The college also provides students with accommodation, which includes double and single rooms, and one-bedroom apartments.


The College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus located in Ocala, FL offers a wide range of academic courses for students looking to earn the Associate of Arts degree or A.S. The curriculum on This campus is intended to help students prepare for the successful transition into four-year institutions and universities and to provide students with the skills and knowledge relevant to their career choices.

The College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus, students are able to select from a variety of subjects such as accounting, biology, criminal justice, chemistry economics, English writing, historical as well as mathematics, philosophy and political science, as well as Spanish. There are also courses available in the field of music theories and technologies. The specialization of these degrees is in fields like management of turf grass and agriculture, or business administration in the field of management.

The College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus also provides an array of professional development classes and workshops that help students build their abilities. These include workshops about leadership, management and communication, problem-solving as well as financial literacy. The college also provides the “introduction to law” course that gives an outline of the system for law as well as typical legal issues in modern society.

In addition to its standard academic programs in addition to its traditional academic offerings, the College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus offers students the opportunity for experience-based learning through study abroad programs , and other volunteering activities. In addition, the school offers a variety of student clubs and associations where students can pursue new interests and develop as individuals. Through these opportunities students can gain valuable experience which will be beneficial in their careers to the future.


The team at the College of Central Florida (CF) Vintage Farm Campus in Ocala, FL comprises highly educated faculty and staff who collaborate to ensure that every student achieves. The instructors are specialists in their respective fields and have a passion for the teaching process and for learning into the classroom. Academic advisors are committed to provide students with individualized advice, whether in navigating degree requirements or preparing for transfer.

Other campus experts like librarians, financial aid counselors and technology specialists, career service providers, and many more are available 24/7 to provide assistance in any manner they are able to. CF Vintage Farm Campus also has a robust student Life department that hosts programs and events that are designed to bring together the entire community of students. From organizations and clubs to intramural sports there’s something for all. All the staff members of CF Vintage Farm Campus truly are committed to each student working to create an environment where every student is able to reach their personal and academic goals.

Student Outcomes

The College of Central Florida Vintage Farm Campus located in Ocala, FL offers a variety of opportunities for education for students who want to enhance their education and enhance their lives. The tuition cost at the college is contingent on the kind and quantity of courses that are taken by students.

For instance, undergraduate courses at Vintage Farm Campus. Vintage Farm Campus can be priced according to the following General Education Classes: $106 for each credit hour; Vocational Non-Credit Programs: $99 per course Basic Professional Courses that cost $111 per credit hour. The Applied Professional Courses that cost $122 per credit hour Healthcare Sciences courses (including Nursing) 132 credits per hour; graduate level courses at $191 per credit-hour. Additionally, there is an annual $45 New Student Fee and the $41.50 Technology Fee, and another $14.25 Cost for Distance-Learning for online courses.

Students could also be required to pay additional charges when they enroll in specific programs, such as for instance the College of Central Florida nursing program or another specialty program. Students may also be required to pay laboratory costs if they are taking certain classes in science or an art studio cost in certain instances. The cost of tuition varies based on the type of course and its duration and therefore it is essential that students research the fees applicable prior to taking a class at The Vintage Farm Campus.

In addition, students must be aware that there are other possibilities for financial aid that will help to reduce tuition costs for the College of Central Florida. Scholarships and grants are provided to certain students in accordance with academic achievements, financial need and other requirements. In addition, federal student loans can be accessed to assist in paying for the costs of college. It is essential that students investigate their options before signing up for a course of study to make sure they’re making an informed choice about their studies.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The University of Central Florida’s Vintage Farm Campus is located in Ocala, Florida. In the city, Ocala has a wide range of communities for students to look at when looking for accommodation close to the campus.

One neighborhood that is popular close to the campus is Kingsland Country Estates. The neighborhood offers residents an enviable and tranquil environment that is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes with mature and lush trees. The houses in the community are single-family dwellings and massive estates that make it ideal for all budgets and lifestyles. Residents have access to facilities like tennis courts, and playgrounds that are in walking distance to the majority of homes.

Another option that is close to the college is Pine Oaks Golf Course Community. This community features large townhouses, single-family homes as well as villas for residents to select from. The community also offers access to an elite golf course that has nine holes as well as two practice greens for putting. Other amenities within this community are a court, basketball court, and playgrounds. This makes it perfect for anyone of any age.

College Park is another desirable neighborhood close to the university. The neighborhood has a range of housing options, including single-family homes, duplexes, condos, townhomes, and apartments. Residents have access to nearby financial institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo and also many restaurants and stores which are located within walking distance. College Park also has an array of activities for recreation like playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, and many other activities.

Cherrywood Golf and Country Club is a well-known area near the university. The community offers luxury single-family homes that have access to an 18-hole tennis court, a golf course as well as a fitness center. Residents also have access to features like walking trails, play areas, picnic areas and views of lakes for more pleasure.

What People Are Saying

“Best college in Central Florida! This school has everything you need to succeed. The professors are amazing and really care about their students, the campus is beautiful, and the student body is so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -Alyson M.

“The College of Central Florida is an excellent school! The professors go above and beyond to help their students succeed. They offer a variety of courses that are interesting and challenging, and they also have a great selection of extracurricular activities. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!” -Katie H.

“I absolutely loved my time at the College of Central Florida! The campus is gorgeous, the professors are amazing, and the student body is so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -Sarah S.

Located at: 4020 SE 3rd Ave Ocala FL 34480        

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