Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing

Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing located in Ocala, FL is the ideal place for nurses who want to pursue an outstanding nursing education. With its convenient size, dedicated staff and faculty, and solid curriculum, Rasmussen University – Ocala is the perfect place to be a successful nurse.

The campus is situated near major medical centers and hospitals in the region, allowing students with access to work experiences that give them practical experience once they pursue their nursing degrees. Furthermore, the instructors at Rasmussen University – Ocala are not just experts in their area of expertise, but also enthusiastic about educating future healthcare professionals. The faculty members strive to provide an enjoyable learning environment in which students are able to develop their abilities and gain knowledge of the most recent developments knowledge and theories in nursing.

The course offered by Rasmussen University – Ocala is thorough and designed to offer students the education and the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen field. The school offers a variety of degrees, including an Associate’s degree in Nursing as well as a Bachelor Degree in Nursing as well as a Master’s degree in Nursing. The curriculum is taught through an array of hands-on exercises, lectures as well as learning tools online that permit students to study at any time connected to the internet.

In the end, Rasmussen University – Ocala is dedicated to helping its students long after graduation. It has strong alumni connections across the United States as well as career services that are on campus and offer individualized assistance to students who are looking for jobs. With ample scholarships and financial aid, Rasmussen University – Ocala can be a great option for students who want to cover the costs of nursing school.


Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing located in Ocala, FL has a long and rich tradition. It was established in 1997 and the school has provided high-quality nursing education for its students for more than two years. The school is among twenty Rasmussen University campuses located throughout the United States, serving students across the nation with particular attention to the local needs of the communities.

Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing has deep roots in the local community and an unwavering commitment to providing top-quality educational opportunities for its students. Its long-standing reputation for quality is evident through its highly regarded curriculum, top faculty, and hospitable staff. It is accredited through the Accreditation Council for Nursing Education (ACEN) and its courses are designed to meet the requirements of nurses of today.

This school provides a range of degree programs, ranging from Associate to Master’s levels in Nursing. Students may also opt to pursue diplomas and certificates in fields like medical Coding specialist. The school is proud of the flexibility in its degree programs that allow students to design their own course of study to meet their goals and needs.

Through many years, Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing has been acknowledged for its superior nursing education and dedication to the achievement of its students. The school’s graduates are desired by employers throughout the region as well as the institution is proud of its reputation for years in the local community. It is dedicated to providing students with the abilities and expertise they require to be professional nurses and health professionals. It is focused on providing high-quality education, Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is continuing to lead the way in the field of nursing education.

Why Rasmussen University – Ocala School Of Nursing Is The Best

Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing (RSON) located in Ocala FL is the best option for the child you want to help pursue an occupation in nursing. Through its extensive and hands-on method of learning, RSON offers an enriching and broad-based education that helps to prepare the child for the future job of their choice.

In the beginning, RSON has a great course that focuses on the essentials of nursing and healthcare. It is focused on best practices based on evidence while encouraging collaborative and team-based strategies for patient care. The courses are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge about, skills, and attitudes necessary for professional work as nurses. In addition, its instructors are highly skilled and have outstanding qualifications in the nursing field.

In addition, RSON is a leader in the field of clinical experiences. Students have the opportunity to work in real-world healthcare settings which will help them move from classroom learning to practice. They get to experience a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals clinics, long-term-care facilities, and even homes for care.

Third, RSON is committed to giving the best education to the students it teaches. It is equipped with labs with the latest technology as well as simulation mannequins, which can be used to improve techniques such as assessment of patients’ IV therapy and medication administration nutritional support, and wound management. Additionally, the students receive expert faculty advisors who provide assistance and guidance throughout their educational journey.

In the end, the combination of top-quality education and the rigorous clinical experience provided by RSON makes it a great option for your child’s career in nursing. With its modern facilities, skilled faculty members, as well as and extensive curriculum that will provide your child with the knowledge and experience that they require to succeed in their nursing profession. If you’re searching for the best school of nursing located in Ocala FL then look at Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing!


Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing located in Ocala, FL offers a modern educational environment for nursing students. The school of nursing is outfitted with the most modern technology and offers students various learning opportunities to ensure that they receive the most effective educational experience.

The lab for clinical simulation located at Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is among the most technologically advanced laboratories located in Central Florida. It features high-quality models which simulate real patient scenarios and provides students with an immersive experience for learning. Additionally, the school also features a fully-simulated surgical room as well as a birthing area for students to experience hands-on learning in both surgical and medical environments.

Another aspect of Nursing that is offered at Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is the online learning environment. Students can access an array of online resources like videos as well as Interactive simulations, games for education, and many other multimedia resources. It helps students stay engaged with their studies and comprehend complicated concepts in a simple format.

The staff in the Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing gives direct guidance and assistance throughout the duration of the program. Faculty members are available to answer any questions or offer critiques during clinical practice and discussions during classes. The aim is to ensure that students receive the best education they can get and become successful and compassionate nurses that can contribute to their communities. With the latest technology, expert instructors, and immersive learning surroundings, Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is the ideal place for hopeful nurses to begin their careers.


The Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing located in Ocala FL provides an innovative and extensive program to prepare students for their careers as nurses. The curriculum was designed to give students a superior learning experience that gives students the necessary skills and knowledge to be competent and successful nurses.

Rasmussen’s nursing school is built on the basis of four values that are fundamental to the program such as integrity, quality as well as accountability, and excellence. Each of these values is incorporated into the student’s educational learning experience throughout their entire educational journey. A high-quality education is offered with individualized instruction in small class environments with knowledgeable faculty. Smaller classes provide an environment of intimate education which allows for an open dialogue between students and teachers.

The academic program offered at Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing gives students a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences. Students take classes that cover both clinical and theoretical nursing. They also study the ethical, legal, and professional standards expected of nurses. These courses students become skilled nurses who can offer safe and efficient treatment for patients.

Alongside the main program, Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing offers various elective classes which allow students to pursue their interests in various areas that nursing practice. Through these elective courses, students are able to learn about specific areas like gerontology, pediatric nursing, mental health women’s health, and the role of a family nurse practitioner.


The dedicated and experienced personnel of Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing located in Ocala, FL strives to assist students in achieving their goals of becoming nurses. The faculty includes experienced nursing staff and teachers who are well-versed in the field they teach. They’re all dedicated to helping every student succeed by providing guidance, support, and guidance every step of the way to becoming a successful nurse.

The administration staff at the school manages daily operations including admissions and financial aid to keep up to date with changes in the curriculum’s contents. Furthermore, this staff is ready for any inquiries regarding tuition payment or any other issues that might arise during a student’s educational journey.

The career counselors and advisors on the campus of Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing are an essential element of your student’s experience. They are available to provide guidance, support, and resources for students who are pursuing their academic and professional goals. They can also provide advice for students as they begin to think about their careers or provide insight into future educational possibilities.

Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is also home to an outstanding staff committed to helping students learn practical skills by providing opportunities, such as externships simulations, and other activities that require hands-on. The team offers mentorship and guidance to ensure every student has the best opportunity to be successful in the nursing profession when they complete their degree.

Student Outcomes

Students attending Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing in Ocala, FL can be costly. The cost of tuition for an Associate of Science in Nursing is about $17,730 in the course of a single academic year. However, this doesn’t include costs for textbooks or other expenses. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is priced at around $18,942 over the course of a year. This does not include textbooks and other charges either. Furthermore, some courses outside of the nursing curriculum may be subject to additional charges based on the price of supplies required for courses.

Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing offers a wide range of opportunities for financial aid for those who are eligible. It includes scholarships, grants, work-study loans, and other programs that help students pay for a portion or the entire cost of tuition. Furthermore, the university provides discount rates for active military personnel and veterans and discounts for those who meet the criteria depending on their financial situation.

Alongside tuition fees, students should be aware of other expenses associated with the school, such as accommodation and transportation. For students who prefer to live near campus, there are many options such as on-campus dormitories as well as off-campus housing. Monthly rent is usually required, along with an initial security deposit. Costs for transportation may vary, such as the cost of public transportation or gas or parking passes, if required.

In the end, the experience of the process of attending Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing is expensive however, there are plenty of options to make it affordable for students who are eligible. It’s crucial to research the options available to you regarding the cost of tuition, financial aid, and other costs so that you can figure out what is most efficient for the budget you have set. If you have the right resources having the opportunity to attend the school at Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing could be financially feasible.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Ocala, Florida is a town of Ocala, Florida is the home of Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing in which students study nursing and healthcare. It is located in the middle of historic downtown Ocala The campus is home to many local attractions and facilities for students to take advantage of. The surrounding neighborhoods offer many residence options close to biking or walking distance from the campus.

Close to Marion Oaks can be described as a tranquil neighborhood surrounded by nature preserves and parks. The neighborhood has single-family homes with gardens, and apartment complexes are located close to major roads. Residents are pleased with the closeness of the Ocala Regional Medical Center located only a few miles from Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing.

Its Meadowood neighborhood is a favorite among families as well as students due to its central place. The Meadowood neighborhood has a range of single-family homes close to the city’s amenities, such as food and shopping malls. Residents have easy access to downtown which makes it a perfect area for students to discover when they are studying.

Then, Silver Springs Shores is an established residential area in the center of Ocala which offers a variety of attractions and amenities. Residents will find a variety of recreation options, including fishing or kayaking in the lake that is nearby, and food and retail establishments are just a short walk from Rasmussen University – Ocala School of Nursing. With its many housing options as well as access to nature reserves, Silver Springs Shores is the perfect spot for students at the school to reside and take pleasure in their classes.

What People Are Saying

“Rasmussen University-Ocala School of Nursing is one of the best nursing schools in Florida. The staff and faculty are amazing and they really care about their students. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for great nursing education.” -A. Duke

“I am so glad I chose Rasmussen University-Ocala School of Nursing! The faculty and staff are top-notch and truly care about their students. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for exceptional nursing education.” -M. Wilkerson

“Rasmussen University-Ocala School of Nursing is an excellent choice for those seeking a career in nursing. The faculty and staff are knowledgeable and supportive, and they make sure that each student has the tools they need to be successful. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in a nursing career.” -J. Johnson

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