College Park Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
College Park Elementary School

College Park Elementary School in Ocala Fl is a great choice for parents and students looking for an exceptional educational experience. The school offers high-quality education that meets the needs of all students, regardless of their background or learning style. The teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where every child can succeed.

At College Park Elementary School, each student receives individualized instruction tailored to their unique strengths and needs. The faculty strives to foster a sense of belonging by creating relationships with each student based on respect and trust. This promotes academic success as well as social emotional growth throughout the entire school community.

The curriculum at College Park Elementary School is rigorous yet engaging; it includes both core subjects such as reading, writing, math and science as well as electives such as art, music, and physical education. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities that provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests and develop new skills. From chess club to drama class, there is something for every student at College Park Elementary School.

Parents have access to excellent resources within the school community including a family resource center that provides support services and parent workshops. Additionally, College Park Elementary School has strong partnerships with local businesses and organizations which allow the school to offer even more educational opportunities.

Overall College Park Elementary School provides an outstanding learning experience for students in Ocala Fl. With dedicated teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and a wide range of extracurricular activities, it is the perfect place for students to learn and grow.


College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Florida has a rich and storied history. The school first opened its doors in 1981 as part of the Marion County Public School system. As the years passed, College Park enjoyed success and growth, becoming one of the most well-respected elementary schools in the county.

During its 35 year history, College Park has served thousands of students and their families with excellence. Each grade is equipped with highly qualified teachers and staff who strive to provide an excellent education for all enrolled students. From teaching math, reading and writing skills to providing enrichment activities such as art projects or plays, College Park focuses on developing a strong academic foundation and fostering creativity.

The faculty at College Park also places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs. Students have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities, including flag football, basketball, chess club and robotics team. The school also offers several cultural events throughout the year that celebrate diversity and help foster a sense of community.

Since its inception, College Park Elementary School has been dedicated to providing a quality education that prepares students for success in their future endeavors. The school continues to strive towards excellence in all areas and is committed to helping its students grow into productive citizens. College Park is truly one of Ocala’s jewels!

Why College Park Elementary School is the best

College Park Elementary School in Ocala, FL is a great option for your child’s education. This school is committed to providing students with an exceptional educational experience that includes quality instruction, engaging curriculum and activities, and a safe learning environment. The staff at College Park strive to create meaningful relationships with each student and their families in order to foster the best possible educational outcomes.

The teachers provide comprehensive instruction and differentiated instruction to ensure that the needs of all students are met. Additionally, they incorporate various instructional strategies such as project-based learning, technology integration, critical thinking skills development, and problem solving into their classes to promote academic achievement.

In addition to academics, College Park offers extracurricular activities such as art, music, and physical education classes. These activities are designed to develop students’ creativity and social skills while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. The school also offers an after-school program that focuses on providing students with additional support in academics, as well as providing a safe place to explore interests and learn new things.

College Park is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all its students. Security measures such as surveillance cameras, secure entrances, and background checks are implemented in order to keep the school’s campus safe and secure. A zero-tolerance policy for bullying is strictly enforced within the school so every child can feel comfortable and welcomed in their learning space.


College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Florida is a public school dedicated to providing students with an excellent education. The facility offers a variety of amenities designed to help students reach their full academic potential.

The school has three floors and is equipped with modern classrooms, interactive whiteboards, and projectors for student use. Classrooms are also stocked with textbooks, supplies, computers, and desks to provide students everything they need for learning. There are several science labs that house microscopes and other scientific equipment for hands-on learning opportunities.

College Park Elementary also features a library and media center with thousands of books available for both student borrowing and classroom research. Additionally, the school has art studio rooms where students can explore different forms of art and create their own works of art.

The school has a spacious cafeteria that serves hot and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the day. There is also an outdoor area with playgrounds, basketball courts, running tracks, and soccer fields that allow students to get exercise while having fun.

Finally, College Park Elementary offers afterschool programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). These activities provide students with real-world experiences in these disciplines to spark their interest in STEM-related careers. The school also provides counseling services to help students develop effective study habits and manage stress. With all these great features available at the school, College Park Elementary strives to provide its students with an excellent educational experience.


College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Fla., offers an exciting and enriching curriculum for students in grades K-5. The school focuses on providing a rigorous academic program that is designed to prepare students for success in high school, college and beyond.

The core curriculum consists of math, reading, science and social studies, with instruction delivered through a variety of modalities. Students receive direct instruction from teachers as well as access to technology-based learning experiences. Additionally, enrichment programs are available to further challenge students and promote 21st century skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Students also have the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as music lessons or field trips during their free time at College Park Elementary School.


College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Florida has a highly dedicated team of staff members that strive to provide students with the best education possible. The principal of the school is Mrs. Martha Roberts who has been at the helm since 2016. She is passionate about ensuring that all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities and she works hard to ensure that all students feel safe and supported throughout their academic journey.

The staff members are supportive and knowledgeable about every issue regarding student achievement and growth. They work together as a cohesive unit to foster an environment where learning can flourish. There is an administrative team that handles day-to-day operations from office management and data analysis, to special projects and events coordination. Teachers at College Park Elementary School are highly qualified and certified in their respective fields, from early childhood development to secondary education. They have experience teaching children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

The school also has a dedicated support staff that includes counselors, social workers, guidance specialists and psychologists who work with students individually or in group settings to assess academic performance, develop behavior plans and oversee emotional well-being of the student body. The school nurse works closely with parents and staff to ensure that all health needs are met while keeping immunization records up to date. College Park Elementary School also employs custodial personnel who maintain a safe learning environment through regular upkeep of the grounds and building maintenance.

Student Outcomes

College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Florida is part of the Marion County Public Schools district and operates on a traditional calendar. For the 2020-2021 school year, tuition costs are $7,200 for students who attend full-time and $3,600 for students who attend half-time. Additional fees may apply depending on the grade level or specific activities a child participates in such as field trips or after school clubs. All fees must be paid prior to attendance at College Park Elementary School and payment plans are available if needed. It is important to note that transportation services are not provided by the school and parents must arrange for their children to get to and from school each day. In addition to tuition costs, uniforms are required for every student and must be purchased separately. The school website provides information on uniform suppliers and prices for all uniforms. Lastly, there may be additional fees for extracurricular activities such as sports or music, but these are not mandatory. College Park Elementary School strives to provide an excellent education while keeping costs affordable for families in the Ocala area.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhood near College Park Elementary School in Ocala, Florida is a beautiful and picturesque area of town. The school itself sits in the middle of a quiet street surrounded by lush green trees and landscaping. Just south of the school lies a large park with plenty of open space for walking or playing sports, as well as a playground for children. To the north side you’ll find some nice residential streets that are home to many families living in this tranquil neighborhood. It’s not too far from downtown Ocala either, so there are also plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Other attractions such as Silver Springs State Park, Rainbow River State Park, and Appleton Museum are all within easy reach from here too! This peaceful community offers a safe and comfortable place to call home for those looking for the perfect balance between city life and country living.

The area has a lot of great amenities, including local schools, churches, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, parks and recreation areas. It also features easy access to US-441 and I-75 which makes commuting to other parts of town quick and convenient. Public transportation is easily accessible as well with bus stops located nearby. College Park Elementary School is an excellent educational institution that offers all kinds of extra-curricular activities for students. The surrounding neighborhood provides plenty of opportunity for families to enjoy time together in the outdoors too – from bike rides along sidewalks lined with trees to picnics in the park or day trips exploring the nearby area. All in all, College Park Elementary School offers its students a great place to learn and grow while living in a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood!

Overall, the College Park Elementary School neighborhood is an excellent choice for those looking for a safe and comfortable place to live that offers plenty of opportunities for leisure activities, educational excellence and easy access to surrounding attractions. The combination of city amenities with country charm makes this area one of the best places in Ocala for families or individuals looking for their ideal home. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why this neighborhood has become such a popular spot among residents!

What People are Saying

“The teachers and staff at College Park Elementary School are top-notch! They are so caring and truly want what is best for each and every student. My son has flourished since starting school here.” – Jennifer K.

“We have been so happy with College Park Elementary School! The teachers, staff, and principal are amazing and truly care about each student’s success. It is such a positive and nurturing environment.” – Sarah B.

“College Park Elementary is an amazing school! The teachers, staff, and principal are top-notch and truly care about each and every student. My son has flourished since starting school here.” – Jason K.

Address: 1330 SW 33rd Ave Ocala FL 34474

Monday: 8:20AM–4PM
Tuesday: 8:20AM–4PM
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Thursday: 8:20AM–4PM
Friday: 8:20AM–4PM
Saturday: Closed
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