Eighth Street Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Eighth Street Elementary School

Eighth Street Elementary School in Ocala FL is a fantastic option for every student. It offers a rich and diverse learning environment that allows students to improve their academic, social and emotional abilities. The school has teachers who are committed to helping every student achieve their potential to the fullest. The classrooms are well-maintained and modernized and equipped with modern technology, including interactive whiteboards, Google Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and much more. Eighth Street also encourages students to take part in the community through its broad selection of clubs and events like theater productions and team robotics and chess clubs programming classes, and more. 

The staff at the school is committed to the creation of a welcoming and safe learning environment that fosters respect for all religions and cultures. Eighth Street Elementary is an excellent option for parents looking for an outstanding education that gives their child the necessary tools to be successful in their lives. In addition, the staff and the teachers are enthusiastic in helping each student realize their full potential and become successful. With all of these attributes, Eighth Street Elementary School is definitely one of the top places to learn in Ocala Florida. There is something for all ages!


The school was in operation from 2nd to sixth grade.Since the beginning, the school had a focus on science and technology as part of an effort to increase education opportunities for students living in the community. Over the years, the school was expanded to accommodate 1st and 7th grade in a bigger district-wide effort to decrease school overcrowding in other schools within the area.

Presently, Eighth Street Elementary School continues to offer a high-quality education, with a focus on technology and science. The school has had impressive success in helping students succeed academically and with the majority of its graduates choosing to attend college or pursue technical education. It’s one of the most loved educational institutions.

Eighth Street Elementary School is an integral part of the wider Ocala community, and is an emblem of the progress made in education across Florida. Florida. It is a symbol that, with perseverance and determination it is possible to achieve anything. It will offer high-quality education for generations to come.

Why Eighth Street Elementary School is the Best

Eighth Street Elementary School in Ocala FL is the ideal educational institution for the child you have. It provides students from different backgrounds and levels of academic ability the chance to succeed in their academics. The attentive faculty, ingenuous curriculum and small class sizes and a strong dedication to the values of the community ensure that Eighth Street Elementary School is a secure haven for learning.

The school places a strong emphasis on the development of character and kindness as part of the daily activities to ensure the general well-being of each student. With individualized instruction that is tailored to the needs of each child, teachers work to develop students’ ability to think critically and help to make them successful citizens who are able to think for themselves and live their lives in a manner that is ethical. In the end, Eighth Street Elementary School offers an environment of learning that is positive and encourages healthy levels of involvement between the students and teachers.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. This aids them in developing their social skills, while also building connections and having enjoyable. With its dedication to offering a stimulating education the school has been acknowledged for results that include greater achievement in standardized tests as well as improved attendance rates.

In the end, Eighth Street Elementary School offers a safe and nurturing environment in which students are able to excel academically as well as explore their passions and become independent thinkers that can contribute to the global community. It is a school that focuses on developing character by fostering community values, and individual instruction that is tailored to every child’s individual needs, Eighth Street Elementary School is a great education for the child you love.


The school is equipped with modern amenities designed to offer education possibilities for every student. The school is home to two playgrounds and playgrounds for outdoor activities as well as two courts for basketball for organized sports as well as an indoor gym equipped with an auditorium. The library of the school offers access to books as well as digital tools like printers, computers as well as internet connections. Eighth Street Elementary also offers classrooms with projectors and digital whiteboards for use during instruction.

The school also has the cafeteria, which serves the requirements of its students. The menus are healthy and cooked by trained experts making use of fresh and local ingredients whenever feasible. The cafeteria also has various drinks and snacks for students. The school is dedicated to creating a secure and safe atmosphere for the students. To achieve this the school has 24 hour surveillance on the campus and cameras that are installed throughout the school. Furthermore the grounds of the school are constantly inspected by uniformed police officers and plainclothes security personnel to ensure that all students and visitors to the school are properly identifiers.

All in all, Eighth Street Elementary in Ocala Florida is a fantastic public school with modern facilities, nutritious food and extracurricular activities, as well as an environment that is safe and secure for all its students. The school is dedicated to providing every student with the best educational experience possible by providing individual instruction, ingenuous methods of teaching and community outreach programs.


Its curriculum for Eighth Street Elementary School in Ocala, FL is designed to develop 21st century skills among students. The main focus of the curriculum is reading, math, science along with social science. Reading instruction is based on diverse methods that include the use of phonics, word recognition, and strategies for comprehension. Math instruction focuses on problem-solving along with the ability to count and fluency. Social and science studies are taught through relevant projects that let students investigate their interests as well as think deeply about the subject they’re learning about.

In addition to the basic program, the school provides programmes to help students learn essential life skills like digital citizenship and communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Technology is integrated into all subjects with a focus on robotics and coding and other tech-related activities. Additionally, the school offers a range of electives, including performing and visual arts as well as physical education, music, health and other foreign languages, such as Spanish or French.

 Eighth Street Elementary School curriculum is designed to help create students with a broad perspective and equipped with the knowledge and skills they require to succeed for the next generation. Through the rigorous academic curriculum students learn skills that will enable them to become active citizens in the global community. They also learn essential life skills that can help them for the rest of their lives. By focusing on learning for the 21st century, Eighth Street Elementary School is also preparing its students for success in a rapidly changing world.


The faculty of Eighth Street Elementary School in Ocala Florida is made up of a dedicated and skilled team of experts who are dedicated to providing the top quality education for every student. The school is led by an outstanding principal Angela Smith. Angela Smith, who creates a positive atmosphere and does everything she can to ensure that every child is successful.

Teachers in Eighth Street Elementary School are enthusiastic about their work and aim to develop exciting courses that are challenging for students, while helping them remember the information they have learned. They work together and regularly attend professional development sessions so that they stay informed about the latest developments in education. Alongside the teachers, there’s an extensive staff of support at the elementary school, which includes social workers, guidance counselors and librarians. There are also school staff members who provide numerous options to help students realize their full potential.

Student Outcomes

Eighth Street Elementary School in Ocala, FL is part of the Marion County Public Schools district. The school is estimated to have the total cost of educating one student for one year, which is $7,845. This includes fees and tuition, along with educational materials and other materials required to provide an education for every student who is in the school. In addition, the funds are used for library books, equipment for physical education and uniforms, as well as technology support services like internet access, computer hardware and software maintenance and upgrades and field trips, as well as extracurricular activities like music and drama classes as well as general administrative costs, teacher salaries and benefits, including retirement plans and insurance for health. 

There could also be funds from grants or private donations that help create an educational environment that is of high quality for students at Eighth Street. In the event that your kid is currently enrolled at a school, be sure to include the cost of school uniforms as well as other expenses that are associated with it into your budget. It is essential to take into consideration both the present and future costs of giving a quality educational experience for the child. 

Nearby Neighborhoods

Eighth Street Elementary School is located in the city of Ocala, FL. The neighborhoods surrounding it are made up of residential areas that include condominiums and single-family homes and restaurants, retail stores, and many other companies.

The area that is directly next to the school is a predominantly residential area that is home to older ranch-style homes which have been meticulously maintained throughout the many years. Many of the homes have spacious front porches, as well as large yards that offer ample outdoors spaces for families to take advantage of. The neighborhood also has a number of parks that are close by, with playing areas along with walking tracks.

Just to the south from Eighth Street Elementary School is an area called Fowler’s Grove which gives residents access to numerous shopping options , including shops for groceries as well as banks, clothing stores, and pharmacies. There are numerous eateries within the neighborhood that offer all kinds of food from fast food to fine dining.

The east side of the school, there is a mainly residential area with large homes along trees-lined streets. The area is also home to numerous golf courses, parks, as well as other recreation facilities that offer many activities for families to take advantage of. After that, heading to the west, which is just west of the school, takes you into a commercial zone which is home to a number of shops and offices for real insurance and estate agents and a cinema. There are numerous eateries here, ranging from casual eateries, to fine dining establishments.

In general, Eighth Street Elementary School is located in a number of lively communities that have an array of activities for all. If you’re seeking for an area that is quiet with plenty of restaurants and shops or even a variety of recreational activities, this area offers it all.

What People are Saying

“Eighth Street Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are very caring and make sure that each student succeeds. The principal is also very involved in the school and makes sure that the students have what they need. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -A Parent

“My child has attended Eighth Street Elementary School for two years now, and we have had a great experience. The teachers are caring and really seem to want the students to learn. There is a good variety of extracurricular activities available, and the school provides a safe and nurturing environment.” -Another Parent

“We love Eighth Street Elementary! The teachers, staff, and principal are all so caring and truly have the students’ best interests at heart. There is a great sense of community and family here. We highly recommend this school!” – Another Parent

“Eighth Street Elementary is an amazing school! The teachers are so caring and really go above and beyond to make sure each student succeeds. The principal is also very involved in the school and makes sure that the students have what they need. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -A Parent

Located at: 513 SE 8th St Ocala FL 34471

Monday: 8AM–4PM
Tuesday: 8AM–4PM
Wednesday: 8AM–4PM
Thursday: 8AM–4PM
Friday: 8AM–4PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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