Hammett Bowen Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Hammett Bowen Elementary School

Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala FL is a fantastic school for anyone seeking an outstanding education with incredible faculty and students. The school offers students an extensive curriculum that incorporates both traditional and experiential learning to help every student realize their full potential. Hammett Bowen has served its local community with a high-quality education for more than 60 years, and is still an outstanding elementary school within the area.

The education programs offered in Hammett Bowen are top-of-the-line providing challenging courses for all grades as well as specialized education for gifted students as well as those who require extra help. The school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities, including after school groups, sports teams and many other special occasions.

The staff and teachers at Hammett Bowen do their best to ensure that students get the best education that they can receive. The faculty is committed to helping each student achieve their goals, and provide qualified assistance in both academics as well as life lessons. The range of activities includes Parents-Teachers Association meetings to open night at the home, Hammett Bowen always encourages parents to participate in the education of their children.


Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala, Florida was established in 1997, as a public elementary school that serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s name is a tribute to the former Marion County Sheriff Hammett Bowen Jr. who was sheriff from 1969 until 1979 and served as the very first African American sheriff of Marion County.

The goal of the school at the time it first opened was to create an environment for learning that could accommodate every student, regardless of background. The school adopted a broad program that aimed to provide the highest level of learning for each student, with special emphasis on academic excellence and diversity of culture. This goal has been carried on to the present and even today Hammett Bowen has over 500 kids every year.

In addition to its fundamental course, Hammett Bowen has become well-known for its prestigious Fine Arts program. Through the years, students of Hammett Bowen have received many awards in both musical and vocal competitions and also performed in several stage productions. The school has capitalized on its success by creating numerous after-school programs that nurture the students’ creative abilities.

The educational objectives at Hammett Bowen are based on the belief that each student must be striving for the highest standards and no student should be left in the dust. This is the reason why Hammett Bowen focuses on not just academic excellence, but also community responsibility and involvement. The focus is on creating an environment that allows students to develop and learn. Hammett Bowen strives to provide each student with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in society.

In recent times, Hammett Bowen has become an integral part of the Ocala community, and has formed strong relationships with local organizations. These partnerships have allowed Hammett Bowen to provide additional programs and resources for students, such as arts classes, after-school activities and mentorship programs. These initiatives have further emphasized Hammett Bowen’s goal to provide a broad education that is stimulating and challenging for all students who attend.

Presently, Hammett Bowen Elementary School continues to provide its students with dedication and dedication to providing an education of the highest quality that will help every child achieve their maximum potential. The school is dedicated to ensuring that every child has the chance to experience achievement in school and beyond. Hammett Bowen Elementary School’s legacy Hammett Bowen Elementary School is sure to influence children’s lives for many years to come.

Why Hammett Bowen Elementary School Is The Best

Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala Florida is a great school for students from all backgrounds and ages. The teachers of Hammett Bowen Elementary are committed to creating an exciting learning environment that encourages imagination, critical thinking, and emotional growth. They aim to provide their students with a secure and supportive learning environment where they can succeed academically as well as grow socially.

At Hammett Bowen students’ group is composed of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which creates a welcoming community where everyone is welcome. Every classroom is equipped with modern technology, as well as specialized programmes designed for each grade level in order to aid students in reaching their own academic objectives. Furthermore, Hammett Bowen offers extracurricular activities, such as drama groups, sports teams as well as art lessons.

Hammett Bowen Elementary committed to ensuring that every student gets the best possible education. They offer a range of services including tutoring at no cost, individual instruction, one-on-one tutoring and a variety of enrichment programs that are designed to assist every student in reaching their maximum potential. The school also offers meals and breakfast for every child regardless of income and family size. This makes it much easier for parents to feed their children healthy meals throughout the day.

Alongside a high-quality education and excellent facilities, Hammett Bowen Elementary also offers a range of additional services to help families who are in need. This includes assistance with housing accessibility to food banks, and counseling services for mental illness. It is obvious the Hammett Bowen Elementary School located in Ocala Florida strives for the very best for every student and is the perfect school for every child.


Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala, FL is an outstanding school that provides numerous facilities and facilities for students. The campus is a large outdoor playground as well as four computer labs, two rooms for art, room for music and several classrooms with interactive whiteboards.

The main library was recently renovated and is an inviting space with lots of resources for students to study areas. Apart from this library’s main location, there’s special libraries that are devoted to science, language arts, technology , and engineering.

The school also has an auditorium that can be used for multiple purposes in which students gather for assemblies or for special events. On campus, there’s also a cafeteria, which serves healthy meals throughout the day and vending machines for refreshments and snacks during breaks.

The school also offers numerous activities and clubs for students to take part in such as chess clubs and robotics club, as well as student council, and many others. Hammett Bowen Elementary School offers an environment that promotes academic excellence and social development. It’s a wonderful spot for students to discover, grow and expand!


Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala, FL is committed to providing students with a superior academic experience. The school provides a broad academic program that focuses on proficiency in Florida Sunshine State Standards and Common Core State Standards. Florida Sunshine State Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Alongside the core subjects like reading, math, science and social studies, writing and foreign languages, Hammett Bowen provides specialized instruction in physical and musical education. Technology is included in the daily program through the use of the internet, computers for research projects, online learning platforms, as well as multimedia presentations.

To ensure students succeed at every grade Teachers create Individual Learning Plans (ILP) that are specifically designed to each student’s specific requirements. The educators work alongside parents, guardians, and other parents in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student to ensure that each student receives individualized instruction. The school also provides an array of enrichment programs like band, chorus drama, sports teams designed to help develop leadership and creativity.


Hammett Bowen Elementary School located in Ocala Florida is home to a committed and committed staff and faculty. The educators at Hammett Bowen are on a task to ensure that every student is able to succeed in their academic endeavors. Teachers are certified professionals with an extensive understanding of the curriculum. They strive to create a learning environment in which students can develop and grow confidently.

Alongside these dedicated personnel, Hammett Bowen Elementary School has also formed partnerships with a variety of local groups, such as Kids Town USA, Woodland Community Church, Ocala Symphony Orchestra and The Marion County Public Library System. These partnerships offer additional services for parents and students alike. All of this is what makes Hammett Bowen a great option for elementary school throughout central Florida.

Student Outcomes

Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala, FL is part of the Marion County Public Schools system and is tuition-free. The school’s budget for operating expenses for the school year 2020-2021 is approximately $8,426,785. This includes all the costs related to operations, such as salary of staff, material and office equipment, office expenses, tech support services, and much more.

In addition to the operating costs, Hammett Bowen also receives additional funds from federal and state grant programs to ensure high-quality education experience for the students. This additional funding is used to pay the costs of courses like art classes and field trips that otherwise would not be possible because of limited financial resources.

In addition, the funds are utilized to purchase the latest books for libraries, improve the computer equipment in the school, and also provide other tools for students. Hammett Bowen takes pride in offering a high-quality education for its students without the need for tuition or parents to pay additional fees. As such Hammett Bowen strives to ensure that all of its students are able to access high-quality instruction, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Hammett Bowen Elementary School in Ocala, Florida is located on the western edge of the city. It’s located in a variety of communities. Its Lillian’s Place subdivision is directly to the south of the school and includes lots that range between one-third and one-half acres in dimensions. These homes generally consist of three or two bedroom townhouses or family homes. The neighborhood is home to an active homeowners’ association which helps to maintain its tranquil atmosphere.

Near the north end to Hammett Bowen Elementary is just north of Hammett Bowen Elementary is the Timber Springs community, which was established in 2010. It has spacious floor plans with big home designs that range between 1,500 and more than 2900 sq feet. The neighborhood also has an outdoor pool for the community with cabanas as well as a playground for youngsters.

Moving to the east towards the east of Hammett Bowen elementary, you will find the friendly Acres subdivision. The quiet neighborhood has many houses, ranging from single-family homes to townhouses offering plenty of space for families to play. A pool for the community and a playground are open to all residents.

If you continue to the east, you’ll come across this sprawling Huntington Estates community. The gated community is affluent and has large estate-style homes set with lots that range from 1/3 to an acre. The neighborhood is also home to several parks, as well as a tree-lined boulevard that runs through it, where kids can ride bikes safely or play in nearby woods.

Just south of Hammett Bowen Elementary, is The Reserve located at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club. This exclusive community features grand estate villas and estate homes, with world-class facilities like an elite tennis course, an equestrian center and spa. Residents benefit from the Olympic size swimming court, tennis pool, and many miles of trails for walking.

What People Are Saying

“Hammett Bowen Elementary school is an excellent school. The teachers are great and the curriculum is top notch. My kids have really thrived here.”-A Satisfied Parent

“This is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff are all so caring and truly want what’s best for the students.”-A Parent

“My child has only been attending Hammett Bowen Elementary school for a short time, but I have already seen such a difference in her confidence and ability to learn. The teachers are amazing and truly care about each and every student. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!”-A Satisfied Parent

“This is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff are all so caring and truly want what’s best for the students.” – Fred S.

“This is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff are all so caring and truly want what’s best for the students.”-A Satisfied Parent

Located at: 4397 SW 95th St Ocala FL 34476

Monday: 7AM–3:30PM
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