Madison Street Academy Of Arts

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Madison Street Academy Of Arts

Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL is an ideal choice for students who want to improve their artistic talents. It is located in the middle of Ocala, Madison Street Academy provides an exceptional and nurturing environment that offers plenty of opportunities to develop and grow. With knowledgeable instructors that specialize in a variety of media like drawing, painting sculpture, as well as the use of digital technology, Madison Street Academy has something for each student.

At Madison Street Academy, creativity is encouraged from the beginning. In a setting designed to encourage creativity and expression Students are taught important abilities that they can use throughout their lives, both professionally and personally. The academy’s curriculum is an experience of learning that is immersive, with classes that cover topics such as design theory, art history as well as color theory, and drawing figures. Through this process of learning, students will create their personal style and style of creating art.

The academy also has a fully-equipped studio space that is well-equipped with lots of equipment for students to make use of. Students can access various resources and instructional videos and instructions on how to use them. In addition, the faculty of Madison Street Academy is incredibly helpful and willing to assist whenever needed. This makes it simple for pupils to discover the options which are offered by various methods without feeling scared or overwhelmed.

Alongside the academic opportunities Madison Street Academy provides, there are numerous social events such as artist meetings and gallery tours where students get together to share their ideas, as well as discuss theories of composition, design, and form. The faculty’s passion for teaching, in conjunction with their vast knowledge of the art world, is what makes Madison Street Academy a great opportunity to develop artistic abilities.


Madison Street Academy of Arts is a proud and long-running history dating all the way back to. It was founded by the late Ms. Nettie Stearns, an artist, as well as a teacher and mentor to a number of young artists from Ocala, Florida, Madison Street Academy of Arts, and was focused on bringing arts education to children and adults from the community. In the last 24 years, the school has taught over two thousand students, offering classes from painting and drawing for beginners classes, to advanced pottery, and metalsmithing.

Mrs. Stearns had a passion for the visual arts, which taught her pupils at the Madison Street Academy of Arts. Her passion for art inspired everyone around her, as she created requirements for enrollment that allowed the school to accommodate students of all abilities or financial statuses. Beyond academics, Ms. Stearns also focused on creating a sense of community within the school, by providing students with the necessary life skills to be successful in life beyond high school.

Nowadays, Madison Street Academy of Arts remains committed to the goal of creating artists-literate citizens. With an ever-growing curriculum and faculty members, The school offers classes for children from three years old to adult learners in drawing, painting ceramics, pottery metalsmithing, and more. The teaching staff at the school is comprised of professionals from across Florida that offer their knowledge to visiting students and teachers alike.

Madison Street Academy of Arts has grown into a vital part of the Ocala arts community, offering children of any age quality art instruction that is high-quality and a safe and welcoming space for exploring the creative process. The school provides more than classes – they provide a safe and secure environment for students to develop as artists and improve their skills in a safe and artistic environment. Thanks to Nettie Stearns’ idea, Madison Street Academy of Arts has grown into an essential part of Ocala’s vibrant art community. It’s now among the top art schools in Florida providing a high-quality education available only in this school.

Why Madison Street Academy Of Arts Is The Best

Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL is the perfect school for students who want to discover their creative side and discover passion for learning. The unique curriculum emphasizes the arts and focuses on educating the whole child by encouraging creative expression. Through its smaller class sizes, committed teachers, and extensive curriculum, Madison Street Academy of Arts gives students the opportunity to develop their full potential in art and academics.

The school offers a broad variety of classes that provide the opportunity to cater to each student’s interests and level of ability. No matter if your child would like to learn drawing, painting or photography, and even digital arts they can all be found in the Madison Street Academy of Arts! Each class focuses on building important skills such as observation and spatial organization while engaging in creative exploration and problem-solving.

The staff of Madison Street Academy of Arts is committed to the success of its students. They create a safe and supportive environment that encourages every student to achieve their maximum potential. The faculty collaborates closely with parents in helping students develop essential abilities and reach their full potential.

The students at Madison Street Academy of Arts Learning is a continuous process that doesn’t just inspire creativity, but also provides an actual application. Students are taught how to communicate through art and apply the ideas they have learned in class to scenarios outside the classroom. Through this type of experiential learning, students get the chance to gain knowledge of life around them and to explore subjects that are not covered in the traditional curriculum usually offers.


Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL is dedicated to offering students an unbeatable learning experience in the field of arts. Facilities at Madison Street are designed to allow students access to various equipment and materials for creativity. To accommodate this requirement the school provides three studios that include a drawing & Painting studio, Digital Art & Design studio as well as a Performing Arts studio.

The Drawing & Painting Studio provides students with plenty of space for creating art using a variety of tools like pencils, charcoal, pastels, paints, and many more. The studio offers classes in the use of different tools and techniques while creating or drawing. There’s plenty of space for students to lead projects, such as sculptures and murals.

The Digital Art & Design studio allows students to experience graphic and digital art using modern tools and software. The facility is state of the art and offers classes in games, animation and video production, web development, and much more. Students have access to an array of tools like 3D printers, sophisticated cameras, scanners, and more to assist them in their work.

The Performing Arts Studio provides an environment for learning abilities to perform in dancing, theatre, and music. The students here are taught by experienced instructors who help them to develop their talents in these areas. Students also get the chance to take part in community-based performances that the school puts on throughout the year, which provides them with real-world experiences within the performing arts industry.


Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL is a famous institution that gives students the chance to explore their love for artistic pursuits. The curriculum of the school was designed with the aim of helping students develop and develop their artistic abilities as well as instilling admiration for artistic expression and creative thinking.

The school’s primary focus is the visual arts and includes classes covering a range of media, such as drawing, painting photographs, sculpture, and much more. Students of all age groups are encouraged to investigate the possibilities that art can offer to them, while also learning different techniques that can improve their skills as artists. The courses cover everything from the basics of composition and drawing painting classes to exploring the concept of color theory and mastering art methods like collage making and painting on life.

Alongside the core lessons, Madison Street Academy of Arts offers a range of electives, including fashion design, digital art, or figure drawing. These classes are designed to expose students to the more advanced aspects of art that they might not have had the opportunity to explore in their regular education. Through these classes, the school hopes to give students an advantage when it’s time for them to submit for colleges or explore careers in the arts.

The academy also offers its students a variety of extracurricular activities like workshops and field trips, that allow them to get experiences that are hands-on beyond the classroom. Through these events, Madison Street Academy of Arts is determined to encourage an increase in artistic development and understanding in every student at their school. The curriculum at Madison Street Academy of Arts is designed to give students an exhilarating and complete education that molds young minds to become the future generation of art enthusiasts. A deep knowledge of the subject taught students to graduate from the academy with a greater appreciation for art and the confidence to pursue their own artistic expression.


Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL has a group of extremely committed and skilled personnel who place education at the top of their list. The school is run by its principal Steve Anderson, an experienced teacher who has decades of working experience within the educational field. The principal Mr. Anderson takes a personal concern for each student’s educational process and strives to provide an environment that is stimulating for growth and learning.

The instructors of Madison Street Academy of Arts are dedicated to giving students the best educational experience they can get. The faculty is comprised of professionals with certifications that have been carefully chosen according to their academic credentials as well as their teaching skills and their dedication to helping students achieve their full potential. Every teacher is dedicated to ensuring that their classes encourage a passion for learning and also prepare students for their future success.

The Madison Street Academy of Arts staff Madison Street Academy of Arts also comprises a dedicated group of advisors and counselors who are determined to help students excel in their academic pursuits. They provide individual academic guidance, assisting students to develop a plan for getting to their goals. They can also answer any questions or concerns students may have concerning the college application process, funding as well as other issues related in higher education.

The school’s administration team is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that each aspect of daily operations flows smoothly. From managing paperwork to organizing programs and other events specialists ensure a smooth and pleasant learning environment for every student. In providing support essential to students and maintaining a calm and orderly atmosphere they play a crucial part in the overall achievement of the Madison Street Academy of Arts.

Student Outcomes

Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, FL offers quality education and instruction in the field of arts for both adults and children. The cost of attending classes at the school depends on many variables, such as the type, of course, being taught, and the teacher who is teaching the class. Tuition costs are based upon an hourly rate that can range from $15 to $40 per hour based on the subject. Students may also have to buy materials for their projects. This cost varies depending on the project.

Along with tuition fees students are required to be required to pay a fee for the registration of $50 to $100 based on the course they select. It also demands students to be members of the parent organization for $25 annually. The membership gives access to extra events and activities and also discounts on dance attire as well as supplies and classes. It also lets parents be more active in their children’s education experience.

The school also provides financial assistance for those who are eligible on the basis of their need. Anyone who is interested in applying is able to access the application form online or collect them in the office of the school. The applicant must present proof of their family’s income as well as other expenses to be considered for aid.

Students in certain programs might also face extra costs related to events or contests they decide to take part in. These costs typically cover costume rental, travel costs, as well as any other expenses that could occur.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Madison Street Academy of Arts located in Ocala, Florida is located near a variety of residential communities. These communities are ideal for those who enjoy the arts and want the warmth and comfort of a home to reside in.

The first neighborhood close to Madison Street Academy is Tuscawilla Hills. The neighborhood is easily accessible to downtown Ocala but also offers plenty of space and tranquil surroundings. The homes in this area comprise single-family homes as well as townhomes which allow residents to select the one that best fits their needs and lifestyle. In addition, the neighborhood is home to several parks, sporting play areas, and fields for kids which makes it a great choice for families with children.

Another neighborhood that shares a border with Madison Street Academy is the Country Club of Ocala. The area is ideal for those looking to live an extravagant lifestyle. Residents can enjoy all the amenities offered by the Country Club, such as tennis courts, pools, and much much more. In addition, the area has numerous homes that have a stunning views of golf courses, as well as other natural areas close by.

In the final, and just outside of Madison Street Academy is Lake Weir Heights. The area has breathtaking views of the nearby Lake Weir and is known for its peaceful ambiance. The neighborhood is mostly single-family homes and condominiums which offer large living areas in a peaceful environment. Residents can go kayaking, fishing on the lake, or strolling through the numerous parks within the neighborhood.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter started at MSA last year in the Pre-K program and she absolutely loves it! She has learned so much and the teachers are great. I highly recommend this school.” – Jennifer S.

“Best decision we ever made for our son! The teachers and staff are top notch and treat each child as an individual. The school feels like family.” – Kim M.

“We love Madison Street Academy! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about each and every student. Our son has flourished since starting at MSA. We highly recommend this school!” – Sarah B.

“We love Madison Street Academy! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about each and every student. Our son has flourished since starting at MSA. We highly recommend this school!” – Sarah B.

Locate at: 401 NW Martin Luther King Jr Ave Ocala FL 34475
Hours: not available

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