Oakcrest Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Oakcrest Elementary School

Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is an excellent option for parents searching for schools that place a high value on academic excellence as well as strong connections between teachers and students. It is committed to providing high-quality education opportunities, the school provides students with the guidance they require to achieve their highest potential.

One of the advantages that come with Oakcrest Elementary School’s advantages is the commitment to helping every student reach success. The teachers at Oakcrest are committed to creating an environment that is safe and supportive for the learning environment in which everything can be accomplished. They have set the highest expectations for both academics as well as behavior and ensure that each student is responsible for his or her actions. This creates a culture that is respectful and inspires children to work for excellence in all they accomplish.

The Oakcrest teachers Oakcrest are knowledgeable and strive to ensure that students receive an engaging, diverse, and stimulating curriculum. With their dedication and application technologies, they make sure that each student has plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, they have built an excellent connection with parents and try to engage them in the education process.

Oakcrest Elementary School provides many additional activities for the students. From clubs and sports teams to art as well as field excursions, students are able to discover new hobbies outside of the traditional classroom environment. This helps them build friendships with their classmates and develop abilities to work in teams that will help their future.

In the end, Oakcrest Elementary school is an excellent option for parents who wish to provide their children with an excellent education that will help them prepare for the coming years. Through its dedication to academics, safe and secure learning environment, and other extracurricular programs, Oakcrest provides students with the assistance they require to achieve their potential to the fullest extent. Parents can be confident that their child will receive a top-quality education at this school.


Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida has had a long and rich time in its. It was established in 1965. Oakcrest quickly developed into one of the region’s most desired educational environments for students. The school is an important pillar of excellence in education throughout the region.

The original curriculum at Oakcrest was developed to support students from kindergarten to fifth grade, however, over time it grew to accommodate more advanced students. Alongside regular core classes, such as math sciences, science, language arts along with social science, this school offers physical education classes and foreign languages.

Over the course of its existence, Oakcrest has been dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. It has received recognition for its outstanding academic programs. In the year 2020, the school was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education in recognition of its dedication to excellence in education.

Oakcrest continues to provide pupils with an environment that is a safe and secure learning environment that is under the guidance of highly qualified teachers who are united by its goal to provide an outstanding educational experience for every student. The commitment to helping students reach their full potential is evident through its long-standing status as a shining light for education within Ocala, Florida. This means that it will remain an integral part of the community’s educational legacy long into the future.

Its Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida has been providing education to generations of children since the year 1965 and is still an extremely sought-after educational establishment in the region. Because of its dedication to academic excellence security, safety, and a nurturing learning environment, it has been awarded many awards throughout the decades. It is a vital element of Ocala’s education legacy for many more years to come.

Why Oakcrest Elementary School Is The Best

Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is the perfect educational institution for your child of yours. It is located in a secure and welcoming neighborhood It offers a stimulating educational environment for students of all different ages. Faculty and staff will provide the best education possible and focus on the potential of every pupil.

At Oakcrest every school is outfitted with the latest technology and online resources to assist students to be more engaged in their studies. Additionally to that, the school’s curriculum includes exercises that are hands-on to ensure that students master concepts and have fun. Small classes allow teachers to give individualized instruction for all grades and give students more individual attention.

The school’s focus is on developing character and academic performance. Activities such as Kids Care which is a program to build character, help students to build self-confidence, integrity, and respect for other students. The school also encourages volunteering and encourages parents to take part in the learning experiences of their children.

Oakcrest Elementary School is home to many amazing features that help it different from other elementary schools within the region. The school has a wide range of extracurricular activities that are enriching including an art club as well as choirs, coding classes, chess teams as well as foreign language courses, and many more. No matter if the child you have is interested in studying or sports there is plenty of opportunity for them to pursue their passions in the classroom at Oakcrest Elementary School.

It is committed to creating a positive learning environment for students as well as an emphasis on the development of the entire individual child Oakcrest Elementary School could be a perfect education for children of all ages. Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, FL provides a well-rounded and stimulating educational experience for students from all backgrounds and ages. With advanced technology and small class sizes, character-building programs, and other various extracurricular programs, it provides an ideal environment for development and learning. 

The staff and faculty are committed to helping every pupil reach their full potential through individualized guidance and support. If you’re searching for an exceptional school that will support your child’s academic development and social, Oakcrest Elementary School could be the ideal choice.


Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala FL is a renowned modern, contemporary educational institution with a variety of facilities that enrich the learning experiences that their children receive. One of them is their well-equipped computer lab that is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that is connected to a high-speed internet connection. Thanks to this technology, teachers are able to connect to educational applications, multimedia files, and other materials to aid in their teaching. Additionally, they can use modern smart boards in every classroom, allowing for engaging and interactive lessons using images.

The school also offers students a variety of extracurricular activities like arts and music classes as well as clubs and sports teams that aim to foster the imagination and encourage healthy competition among students. Additionally, there are two big playgrounds that are located on either side of the building complete with swings and slides. They offer children an opportunity to exercise their bodies exercise as well as get some fresh air in between classes.

Oakcrest Elementary School houses libraries that are stocked with magazines, books newspapers, and other reading materials that encourage students to discover their passions in the world of literature. The media center also provides access to audio and video recordings, as well as other digital resources that aid students gain comprehension and appreciation for various subjects. There’s even a learning area where children can play using scientific tools and learn about scientific concepts in a relaxed environment.

Additionally, the school has two large multipurpose rooms that are utilized for diverse events like performances, assemblies, or even presentations by guests. The auditorium which has been renovated recently is also accessible for concerts, performances as well as special events. The auditoriums are outfitted with the latest technology like lighting and sound systems that make them ideal for large gatherings. With these amenities, Oakcrest Elementary School ensures that students get the best learning environment possible.

All in all, Oakcrest Elementary School in Ocala Florida offers a state-of-the-art classroom with a variety of amenities designed to improve the education of every pupil. From their computer lab which is well-equipped to two playgrounds and multiple-purpose spaces, they make sure that students improve their skills in an engaging and fun environment.


Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala FL is dedicated to providing an extensive and rigorous program that guarantees students’ academic achievement. The school provides a comprehensive education, with a focus on writing, reading, sciences, math, and social science. In addition, the school offers instruction in enrichment classes for foreign language classes and advanced technology classes.

The Oakcrest Elementary School curriculum develops the development of critical thinking skills through engaging in discussions and activities. Through small-group instruction in each class, students are taught to answer questions and formulate opinions on a variety of topics. Additionally, teachers utilize activities that allow for hands-on learning to encourage cooperation among students. To help students to build the necessary abilities for successful postsecondary studies The school also offers programs like Student Success Strategies which focus on writing, reading, and math.

To ensure that student’s success within the new century of technology, Oakcrest Elementary School has implemented technology into its program of study. Tablets and computers are utilized to enhance instruction in the classroom and aid in engaging activities that stimulate the development of critical thinking. Teachers can also utilize online platforms, such as Google Classroom which allows them to communicate easily with parents regarding assignments as well as upcoming tests.

Oakcrest Elementary School offers enrichment classes for students of all ages. The classes cover music, art, and physical education, as well as literacy in library media. Students are able to discover their passions and express their creativity by engaging in diverse activities. The school is committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience for students by providing enriching activities that can aid them in their success both at school and later in their lives.

Oakcrest Elementary School is dedicated to providing an arduous education that pushes students and fosters their academic development. Through small-group instruction, the integration of technology, classes for enrichment, and other programs like Student Success Strategies, the school is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their academic potential.


Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is home to many of the most skilled and committed staff members in the. The administration team includes the principal Nicole Berndt along with Assistant Principals Dr. Jason Swanson and Mrs. Betsy Johnson. The three have a shared passion for the education of children and ensuring an environment of learning that is stimulating for every child.

The teachers at Oakcrest are one of the most dedicated educators in Marion County. Every classroom is filled with enthusiastic teachers who take an innate concern for the development that their pupils. Professionally trained, certified teachers have a variety of skills and specialties that range from Math and Science to Music, Art, and Physical Education as well as Technology. A team of highly skilled teachers and assistants is there to support the teachers by offering additional tutoring and academic assistance to students whenever they require it.

The guidance counselors of the school are an integral element of Oakcrest Elementary School’s staff, offering an invaluable service to parents, students, and faculty members as well. The team is led by Sue Sayre, the counseling team provides a range of services that include college planning support and social-emotional learning training. They also work closely with other school staff members to ensure that students receive the support they require to be successful academically.

Oakcrest Elementary School has the privilege to have many of the most committed school counselors, administrators, teachers, and experts in the region. Their dedication to education is impressive and visible within the classroom, helping to create a conducive learning atmosphere for every student. Through working as a team of experts They strive to make sure they ensure that Oakcrest Elementary School remains a top education institution for the years to be.

Student Outcomes

Oakcrest Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida is a public school serving students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school aims to provide the best education for all its students and provides a variety of educational activities. The cost to attend Oakcrest Elementary School varies based on a variety of factors, including the type of program you choose as well as the number of students who are enrolled.

If you are a family considering sending their kids to school at Oakcrest Elementary School the tuition cost varies according to the program they select. For instance, parents who opt for the traditional classroom model typically have to be charged an annual fee for each pupil enrolled in the school. This could be anywhere from $7000 to $9000 each year, based on the number of students in the program.

Families that opt for the option of homeschooling will have to pay an annual cost per child, but it’s usually less than traditional classrooms. The costs for homeschooling in Oakcrest Elementary School may be anywhere from $3000-$5000 per calendar year dependent on the number of children who are in the school. In addition to tuition costs, parents might have to pay for educational materials, such as textbooks as well as other educational resources for their kids.

If you have a family with several children who are enrolled in Oakcrest Elementary School There are special discounts for siblings. Families with at least three children in the school will be offered discounts of up to 10 percent off their tuition fees. Furthermore, if the family is eligible for discounts or complimentary meals offered by schools, then they could get additional discounts on their tuition expenses.

Whatever program parents select for their kids, Oakcrest Elementary School strives to offer a high-quality education that is affordably priced and available to families of all sizes. The cost to attend the school will differ based on a variety of factors, including the type of program you choose and the number of students

Nearby Neighborhoods

Oakcrest Elementary School can be found in Ocala, Florida, and provides an enlightening education for students in preschool age to fifth grade. The school is located in the communities of the bustling city and provides a myriad of opportunities for stimulating learning experiences. The neighborhoods that surround Oakcrest elementary include Belleview, Silver Springs Shores as well as Marion Oaks.

Belleview is among the most popular areas around Oakcrest elementary school. The area is characterized by rolling hills that offer stunning views of the nearby rivers and lakes. Residents can easily access eating establishments, shops, and leisure activities like tennis courts, golf courses, and parks as well as walking trails. Additionally, it is the convenience of I-75 makes getting to the remainder of Ocala and all its amenities an easy task.

Silver Springs Shores is an affordable choice for families seeking to move close to Oakcrest Elementary School. The area is home to many single-family homes, with large areas in addition to townhomes and condominiums. Silver Springs Shores has plenty of amenities in addition to playgrounds, parks for the public as well as walking trails. There are also golf courses and community pools. The nearby shopping malls are The Paddock Mall, plus there are plenty of eateries nearby!

Marion Oaks is a great alternative for those looking for rural living close to downtown Ocala. It is located just minutes away from Oakcrest elementary school, Marion Oaks is home to rolling hills that are dotted with farms for horses and agricultural fields. The homes here are varied in terms of size, style, and price to meet every budget. Marion Oaks residents Marion Oaks are able to get access to amenities nearby like golf courses, parks and restaurants, and recreational facilities. shopping centers.

Whatever neighborhood around Oakcrest Elementary School you decide to live in you’ll be welcomed into an exciting community with many opportunities for family members in Ocala. From outdoor recreational opportunities to excellent educational opportunities like Oakcrest Elementary School There’s something for all in this gorgeous region!

What People Are Saying

“Oakcrest Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students. My son has learned so much and grown so much since attending Oakcrest.” -Amber M.

“My daughter loves going to Oakcrest Elementary School! She has learned so much and made great friends. The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students.” -Jessica B. 

“Oakcrest Elementary School has been a great experience for my son. He has learned so much and made great friends. The teachers are top-notch and really care about the students.” -John D.

“We love Oakcrest Elementary School! The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students. Our son has learned so much and grown so much since attending Oakcrest.” -Amy and Matt W.

Locate at: 1112 NE 28th St Ocala FL 34470
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Tuesday: 7:30AM–3:45PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM–3:45PM
Thursday: 7:30AM–3:45PM
Friday: 7:30AM–3:45PM
Saturday: Closed
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