Saddlewood Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Saddlewood Elementary School

Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is an ideal option for students and parents who are seeking the best education. The school provides a wide educational environment that is focused on academic excellence while providing pupils with challenging, exciting educational courses. Saddlewood Elementary School is committed to creating an atmosphere of safety and security in which all students are able to realize their maximum potential.

Saddlewood Elementary School uses the latest technology resources to aid in teaching. Students have access to Interactive whiteboards Chromebooks tablets, computers,, and other technology tools that aid in the learning process. This ensures that every student’s needs in the classroom are met, as well as allows them to experiment with new ways of learning. Additionally, every classroom is equipped with the latest technology that allows teachers to design engaging activities and lessons.

The staff of Saddlewood Elementary School is committed to providing an excellent education for every student. Teachers work tirelessly every day to guarantee that the students get the best instruction they can receive. In addition, the staff are warm and friendly and create a comfortable space where learning is able to take place. The school has an experienced guidance counselor that provides assistance for parents and students throughout their education.

Saddlewood Elementary School is proud of its dedication to community involvement, by providing various activities like family evenings, annual fundraising campaigns, and field trips, as well as other opportunities for education for both parents and students. In addition, the school cooperates closely with groups like the 4-H Club, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts to provide students with extracurricular activities.


Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida has a long and rich tradition. It was opened for students for the very first time in August 1982. Since that time, Saddlewood Elementary School has expanded from a tiny school to one of Marion County’s biggest elementary schools.

Under the guidance of its first principal Richard A. Johnson, Saddlewood Elementary School quickly became an outstanding institution. The school’s academic programs stressed the importance of writing and reading abilities, which resulted in an extremely high rate of success for students in all academic disciplines. The school also provided a variety of extracurricular activities, including music, choir, and art classes, in addition to fitness classes.

The years passed as Saddlewood Elementary continued to grow. In 1991, the school built two new classrooms and added an updated library, and renovated its computer lab using cutting-edge technology. These upgrades helped put the school at the forefront of technological use for Marion County schools. In that time frame, the student population had increased from 440 students in the 80s to a total of more than 800 students.

Saddlewood Elementary School carried on its legacy of excellence through this century. The principal at Saddlewood in 2006 was chosen as the semi-finalist for the Florida Principal of the Year award. The school also built a new media center and underwent numerous upgrades during the course of this decade. In present, Saddlewood Elementary School remains one of the top schools in Ocala that offers top-quality instruction from highly skilled faculty and staff. It truly is a place where children are able to develop and learn in a setting that inspires students to be productive citizens of their local community and across the globe.

Why Saddlewood Elementary School Is The Best

Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, FL, is the ideal educational institution for children. With its top-quality curriculum and committed faculty, Saddlewood provides an unparalleled learning experience. Saddlewood is home to students from all walks of life and students of different backgrounds coming together to study and grow. The teachers are highly educated and experienced, ensuring every student gets the education they require to be successful. In addition, there’s an array of extracurricular activities for students at Saddlewood that help academic success and encourage social growth.

The physical surroundings of Saddlewood are well-maintained and suitable for learning and teaching. The spacious classrooms are flooded with sunlight streaming through the windows so that students are able to concentrate on their academics. The school has a solid security system, which makes sure that staff and students are secure and protected throughout their time at Saddlewood School. In addition, Saddlewood also has a library on-site that includes textbooks, computers, and other reference materials that aid students in their studies.

Saddlewood Elementary School offers various programs that are specifically designed to improve students’ mental health and well-being. Through support services like counseling services, as well as extracurricular activities such as art classes or music classes, Saddlewood provides its students with opportunities to explore their interests and build both their physical and emotional resilience. Teachers are certified to address issues with mental health such as anxiety or depression and offer assistance when needed.

In the end, Saddlewood Elementary School has a significant emphasis on parent involvement. The school hosts activities like parent-teacher conferences as well as open houses to encourage dialogue between parents and faculty, which allows for productive discussions regarding the progress of students’ education. This fosters a setting where parents are able to have their voices heard giving them assurance that their child is receiving the best education they can get.

With all of these advantages, Saddlewood Elementary School could be the ideal educational institution for your kid. With its rigorous curriculum as well as support staff and faculty as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities Saddlewood offers a secure learning environment in which students can excel both academically as well as socially. Your child will be able to benefit from this amazing educational opportunity.


Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida has a variety of facilities to provide the best educational experience for the students. The school’s structure comprises 34 classrooms, which includes an in-house computer lab that allows students to take advantage of the latest technologies. The school also has an enormous library filled with books and other resources to assist students in their academic success.

The outdoor areas are as well-equipped and well-equipped as the indoor ones. There’s a huge playground that has a range of equipment including slides, swings, and climbing structures that ensure kids can engage in physical activities in the afternoon or at lunchtime. Additionally, there are a variety of sports fields for pupils with an interest in athletics, such as basketball or soccer.

The school has a cafeteria, where students can buy healthy food items and snacks throughout the course of the day. The cafeteria is supervised by a knowledgeable staff member who ensures the food items are cooked and served in accordance with the health guidelines. Additional amenities include a zone for special education and music rooms and an art studio as well as a large auditorium in which events and gatherings are scheduled all through the year.

There is also an on-campus clinic that is staffed by nurses with a degree in nursing who offer medical care to students who need it. The clinic also offers preventive services such as vaccinations and physicals that are required to take part in extracurricular activities at Saddlewood elementary school. The clinics combine to provide an overall learning experience for each student who attends Saddlewood Elementary School.


Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida offers a broad curriculum that meets the varied demands of its student population. The school’s staff is made up of highly skilled instructors who are committed to providing every student with personal attention and guidance. Their aim is to prepare students for their future successes by making them lifelong learners.

The primary curriculum at Saddlewood Elementary School is focused on math reading, language arts and reading sciences, and social studies. The courses are designed to provide a solid base for learning about more complicated subjects which will be explored at higher levels. Students are taught to develop their thinking skills and think imaginatively and develop the skills for communicating and problem-solving. Technologies-based learning opportunities like programming classes are also available to enhance the learning experience.

In addition to the standard classes, Saddlewood Elementary School also offers a wide range of electives. This includes classes in foreign languages arts and music classes as well as physical education, and outdoor adventure programs. The school also offers an extensive after-school program that includes both academic and extracurricular activities, such as robotics clubs as well as chess tournaments.

Saddlewood Elementary School is dedicated to providing its students with an education that is well-rounded and recognizes their individual desires and needs. Through its varied education program and engaging learning environment and committed staff, Saddlewood Elementary School strives to ensure that every one of its students is given the chance for achievement in all areas of their lives.


The faculty of Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for every student. The administration is headed by the principal Sue Campbell, who has been at the school since it was established 14 years ago. She collaborates closely together with assistant principals Michelle Smith and David Johnson to ensure that the school operates efficiently and provides constant assistance for every student. Each grade level is assisted by a specific guidance counselor and assistant principal.

The staff at Saddlewood is comprised of highly skilled instructors who are dedicated to helping students learn and develop academically. The curriculum is developed to test each student and allow students to discover new ideas in a secure setting. Through hands-on activities, interactive projects, and close relationships with their teacher students can acquire the capabilities and know-how to succeed.

Staff members who support Saddlewood are also a crucial part of providing a high-quality education for every student. The school’s librarians, paraprofessionals, media specialists, and office personnel collaborate to ensure that every student is provided with the tools they require to succeed. They provide extra instructions and support outside of the classroom to ensure that each student is able to achieve their full potential.

The staff at Saddlewood Elementary School strives every day to provide an excellent learning experience for all its students. With dedication and perseverance, they provide a friendly atmosphere where all students can develop academically as well as socially. With their hard work, Saddlewood is committed to keeping its word of providing a superior educational experience for every student.

Student Outcomes

Saddlewood Elementary School located in Ocala, Florida is a public school that offers students the best learning environment. The cost of attending Saddlewood Elementary School varies based on the student’s level and the family’s income. For instance, families that are eligible for discounted or free lunch programs could be ineligible for tuition for free for Saddlewood Elementary. Families with low incomes may also be able to get financial aid from the Marion County School District County’s Education Foundation.

While tuition fees vary based on class level and income of the family All students are required to pay the annual registration fee of $50 every year that the school they go to Saddlewood elementary school. This fee covers books as well as textbook covers, and other items that are required for the academic year. Students are expected to purchase their own uniforms for the school each year. The uniforms are made up of navy blue or khaki bottoms and white collared tops with school logos.

Alongside the cost of registration and uniform cost, parents are also required to contribute volunteer hours during the entire school year. Parents must commit to a minimum of eight hours each quarter for every student who is enrolled. Volunteer hours could be spent helping at events like book fairs, and school parties as well as other activities that require parental help.

Saddlewood Elementary School has numerous extracurricular activities, including music, chorus art club, and Flag football clubs for students looking to enhance their education beyond the classroom. Most of these clubs will require a fee for participation. Prices can also differ based on the type of activity and materials needed.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Saddlewood Elementary School in Ocala, Florida is surrounded by several distinct and vibrant neighborhoods. The most prominent of these is Hillcrest Park, a posh residential neighborhood that was constructed in the late 70s and early 80s and has a variety of large ponds as well as maintained homes. The quiet neighborhood provides the perfect balance of peace and convenience. There are numerous amenities within walking distance including food stores as well as restaurants and banks. It’s also within walking distance of Saddlewood Elementary School.

To the north of Hillcrest Park lies the popular Eastwood Subdivision: a family-oriented neighborhood populated by friendly residents who are known to host block parties in the summer! The neighborhood has well-maintained homes, numerous playgrounds and parks, and a pool that is shared by the community. The nearby amenities include the golf course, cinema, and shopping malls which make it a perfect area for those who wish to be within walking distance of Saddlewood Elementary School but not sacrifice the convenience.

Just to the east to the east of Eastwood to the east is the charming College Park neighborhood. This luxurious area has huge estate homes set on a large lot with lush landscaping and lots of natural splendor. It is renowned for its security and high living standards, in addition to its quick access to nearby college campuses. The best schools, like the well-known Saddlewood Elementary School, are just a stroll away or just a few minutes from the area.

The final location, which is just to the south of Saddlewood Elementary School, is located in the Silver Springs Shores neighborhood–a buzzing community that combines suburb and urban elements. It is home to parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, playgrounds tennis courts, as well as walking trails. The nearby amenities include supermarkets, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and more. It’s an ideal area to live for families who wish to be near the school, but still, take pleasure in the surrounding facilities.

What People Are Saying

“Saddlewood Elementary is a great school! My daughter has loved her time here and has made great friends. The teachers are top notch and really seem to care about each student. We’ve been very happy with our experience here.” -A Satisfied Parent

“We’ve had a great experience at Saddlewood Elementary! Our son is challenged academically and socially. He’s made great friends and the teachers are top notch. We highly recommend this school.” -A Proud Parent

“Our daughter has loved her time at Saddlewood Elementary! The teachers are amazing and she’s made great friends. We’ve been very pleased with our experience here.” -A Satisfied Parent

“We’ve been very happy with our experience at Saddlewood Elementary! Our daughter has loved her time here and has made great friends. The teachers are top notch and really seem to care about each student. We highly recommend this school.” -A Proud Parent

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