Shady Hill Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Shady Hill Elementary School

Shady Hill Elementary School in Ocala, FL is an excellent educational establishment for students of all age groups. The school provides a broad array of enrichment and education activities that challenge students at all levels. The class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure that every child receives the attention and guidance they require to succeed in school. The staff and teachers are dedicated to excellence and offer a secure and safe learning environment for every child.

The school is also focused on offering extracurricular activities that provide students with the chance to discover their passions and learn new skills beyond the classroom. If it’s participating in any of the numerous sports teams, joining after-school clubs, or participating in community service activities There’s something for all students in Shady Hill.

Additionally there is a focus on emotional and social learning through programs that aid children in building their self-confidence, understand how to manage stress and build healthy relationships. This is accomplished through fun activities like mindfulness and yoga exercises such as role-playing, role-playing, and imaginative art projects.

Facilities at Shady Hill Elementary School are of the highest quality. The classrooms are light and modern and have plenty of space for pupils to sprawl out as they work or play. Outdoor areas offer plenty of space for breaks or other special events such as field trips or gardening days. There is also an auditorium in which large-scale gatherings can be held without disturbing other classes.

If you’re seeking an institution that offers an engaging and encouraging educational environment Shady Hill Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is the best option. From demanding classes, to extracurricular activities , to programs that focus on the health of social emotions, there’s something for every child. With dedicated staff and teachers, and excellent facilities, it’s not surprising why families flock to this school to give their children an excellent education.


Shady Hill Elementary School in Ocala, FL is a small rural school which has been serving the community since its inception. Shady Hill has grown and grew to become an one of the Marion County’s most prestigious elementary schools. With the advancement of technology through the decades, Shady Hill kept up with the times, and developed various high-tech applications like Interactive whiteboards and online textbooks as well as online tuition.

Faculty at Shady Hill is committed to giving their students an excellent education. The school is focused on solid basic academic abilities in Math and Reading/Language Arts as well as Science as well as Social Studies. In addition, they offer a variety of extracurricular activities for students. These include music classes, art classes and physical education classes, field trips, and much more. They also take advantage of the local community’s resources by inviting experts from the University of Florida and local businesses.

Why Shady Hill Elementary School is the Best

Shady Hill Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is the ideal place for children. It is a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that promotes exploring and learning. The school has a teacher-student ratio of just 15:1, which allows every student to receive individualized attention by teachers who are genuinely interested in their progress. Teachers offer instruction that is tailored to the individual’s requirements, and also encourage collaboration in the classroom.

Furthermore, Shady Hill provides a secure environment that focuses on the development of character traits, such as respect and accountability. Students are able to build social skills that will help them throughout their life. The school also provides extracurricular activities like music and drama, art in addition to physical-education classes that can enrich the students’ education experiences.

The school has also established connections with local organizations such as universities and businesses and universities, which offer additional chances for students to pursue their interests. From field trips to internships, Shady Hill helps prepare its students for the future with success. The staff is also ready and willing to put students in challenging academic environments in the event that they want to take advanced classes or participate in extracurricular activities, such as debate teams or sports teams.

All in all, Shady Hill Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is the best educational institution for the child you have. This school will provide your child with a great learning experience. From field trips and internships to physical and music classes, there’s something for all students to enjoy at Shady Hill Elementary School. Don’t be hesitant – give your child the assistance they require for the future of their child by enrolling them at Shady Hill Elementary School now!


Shady Hill Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is a high-quality educational facility. The school has numerous facilities that create a perfect educational setting for students. From modern classrooms to the latest technologies and science labs, Shady Hill has everything your child needs to excel. Classrooms are outfitted with the latest technology including interactive whiteboards , computers and interactive whiteboards. Each classroom is also equipped with the teacher’s desk, as well as workstations for students for both group and individual activities.

Additionally to that, in addition, the Science Lab at Shady Hill Elementary School is equipped with enough resources for teachers to instruct every aspect of science from biology, chemistry, and Physics. The lab also has high-end microscopes and telescopes and other instruments that give students practical experience.

To help with fitness, this school has an outdoor playground as well as a basketball court, as well as an indoor gym. The playground is equipped with slides, as well as other activities for youngsters to play during recess , or after school activities. Additionally, there is always a trained teacher at the gym, to offer direction and motivation for the physical activity.

In addition, Shady Hill Elementary School has a modern media center, which gives students access to a vast library of magazines, books and films. The library staff are available to assist students in finding what they need, and also answer any questions regarding media or books. The auditorium is also available where teachers can conduct assemblies or other school-related events throughout the year.


Shady Hill Elementary School in Ocala FL provides a rigorous, standards-based education that is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and abilities. Essential subjects such as mathematics, language arts sciences, music, and social studies art are a part of the curriculum that is taught daily. Students also participate in classes for physical education that encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy habits.

It is also enhanced with special programs, such as English Language Learner (ELL) assistance for students who require additional assistance in learning English as well as technology classes where students can learn programming languages; gifted students programs that test advanced learners, and accelerated reading classes to offer additional instruction for students who might be struggling to read. All of these activities help to develop a general comprehension and mastery of the subject.

The school also provides various extracurricular activities, clubs, and groups that give students the chance to explore their interests outside of school. Students are able to participate in teams of sports like football, basketball and track & field. They can also participate in clubs that promote education, such as drama or debate; or join community service projects with local charitable organizations.


Shady Hill Elementary School located in Ocala, FL is staffed by a talented and dedicated group of teachers. The school is staffed by a caring principal and assistant principal who are dedicated to providing the highest quality education for every student. The teaching staff comprises certified teachers from grades K-5 Special Education teachers, Math Interventionists, Reading Specialists, Scientist Enrichment Instructors, Art Instructors and Music Educators.

Every teacher is dedicated to creating a setting where learning happens in a fun and positive way. In addition to the core staff members listed above, Shady Hill also employs School Counselors, Media Specialists/Librarians and Instructional Assistants. Each of these staff members are essential to creating an environment of growth and learning for every student in Shady Hill. The programs, initiatives, and initiatives that have been successful and events conceived by the faculty have helped make Shady Hill Elementary School one of the top schools within Ocala, FL.

The Administration team is accountable for supervising the day-to-day operations of the school, including the development of curriculum, management of organizational structures as well as student discipline. They also provide advice for teachers on the best practices and provide assistance for parents/guardians in any concerns that may arise in the school. The administrative team works hard to ensure that each student receives a high-quality education, which helps to ensure academic success.

Student Outcomes

The cost for registration for new students is for the basics of services and programs like an initial assessment and access to the student records system as well as library materials and barcode costs including school photographs and barcodes. The fee ranges between $50 and $150 based on the level of the child and the number of students in the program.

Families also have to pay a transportation cost when they decide to let their children take the school bus. The cost depends on the grade of the student and ranges from $200 to $400 for the entire school year. Tech-related costs include laptop rental for students who don’t own their own devices and additional costs for specific software or programs that are used within the class. These costs can be varying according to the amount of pupils in the class and the kind of technology employed.

Nearby Neighborhoods

In the middle of the heart of Ocala, Florida, Shady Hill Elementary School is a component of the Marion County Public Schools system. The surrounding neighborhoods provide an array of housing options, ranging from townhouses and single family homes to retirement and apartment complexes. communities.

The community that is close to Chestnut Hill is conveniently located only a few minutes from the school’s elementary campus. The quiet neighborhood is home to numerous ranch homes with one story and a few two-story houses. Residents are able to take advantage of an energetic homeowners’ association which puts on activities for families all year round including Easter egg hunts, and festive celebrations for the holidays.

Moving east from Chestnut Hill lies Emerald Shores A luxurious subdivision that features custom built homes that are situated on large lot sizes. The neighborhood is family-friendly and has streets lighting, sidewalks and an outdoor pool for the community. The residents of Emerald Shores also have access to nearby golf courses, parks and other leisure activities.

Beyond Emerald Shores lies Lake Park Estates An established neighborhood consisting of single-family houses as in addition to townhouses and apartments. The community offers numerous amenities that are within walking distance including a grocery store restaurant, shops, restaurants and parks.

The last community close to Shady Hill Elementary School’s includes Country Club Estates, which offers residents larger plots and private gardens with large oak trees. The majority of homes in this exclusive gated community provide golf course views or their own swimming pools. In general, these communities near Shady Hill Elementary School have many choices for housing and amenities. Residents can easily access recreation, parks and other amenities, as well as the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure and family-friendly area.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter has attended Shady Hill Elementary School for two years now. I could not be happier with the education she is receiving. The teachers are passionate and truly care about each and every student in their classroom. They work diligently to ensure that each child reaches their potential. The staff is also amazing! They are always willing to help in any way possible. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful school for my daughter!” -A Satisfied Parent

“Shady Hill Elementary has been a great fit for my son! He has thrived academically and socially. The teachers and staff are top notch and truly care about each student. We feel so lucky to have found such a great school!” -A Proud Parent

“We love Shady Hill Elementary School! The teachers, staff and principal are amazing. They have all been so supportive and helpful. Our son has thrived academically and socially. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!” -A Happy Parent

“Shady Hill Elementary has been a great fit for my son! He has thrived academically and socially. The teachers and staff are top notch and truly care about each student. We feel so lucky to have found such a great school!” -A Proud Parent

Located at: 5959 S Magnolia Ave Ocala FL 34471
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