Wyomina Park Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Wyomina Park Elementary School

Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala FL is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking for the best education. The school provides a secure and nurturing environment that promotes the pursuit of knowledge and curiosity. The teachers are extremely dedicated to the development of every student, giving them individualized education that meets the specific needs of each child. The curriculum is rigorous and based on standards that allows students to gain an understanding of key subjects like math, science and language arts, as well as social studies, and many more. 

Apart from studies, Wyomina Park also offers an array of extracurricular activities, such as clubs and music lessons. These opportunities provide students with the chance to explore their hobbies outside of school and still learn valuable lessons in teamwork and collaboration. The school also puts the greatest emphasis on emotional and social learning. The staff is committed to ensure that each pupil has the chance to establish strong relationships with classmates and their teachers. This creates a sense of respect and acceptance that improves academic performance.

Wyomina Park Elementary School is also dedicated to giving its students an enduring sense of community. Through special events like school assemblies for students, days of spirit and field excursions The school encourages students to work as one group. These activities foster positive interactions between students and staff alike, creating a space that makes every child feel welcome and appreciated for their uniqueness.

In the end, Wyomina Park Elementary School located in Ocala Florida is a great option for anyone looking for an outstanding education as well as an environment that is supportive of learning. Through its challenging curriculum, a variety of extracurricular opportunities, and an emphasis on emotional and social learning, Wyomina Park provides students with the best chance to be successful in and out of the school.


Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala Florida is a proud member of Marion County Public Schools. The school has been providing a high-quality education to children in the community for many years.

The school was open to students from 5th through Kindergarten and has a variety of programs that enrich the learning experience. The school is known for the school’s award-winning arts curriculum that lets students explore their creativity as they master the fundamental academic abilities. The school also offers music, physical education foreign language, music classes that help to create a holistic learning experience.

The school is a National Blue Ribbon School that recognizes outstanding quality of education and performance. The school also received the “A” grade from the Florida Department of Education for five consecutive years (2013-2017). Recently, Wyomina Elementary was chosen for this year’s U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award in 2019 for its commitment to sustainability of the environment.

Why Wyomina Park Elementary School is the Best

Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala, FL is an ideal choice for parents looking to give their children the best education possible. The school has a wide range of services and programs designed to inspire students and encourage continuous learning. Wyomina Park Elementary provides an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and critical thinking as well as enhancing problem-solving skills.

The program taught at Wyomina Park Elementary is focused upon standards from the Florida State Standards, which are created to provide students with an all-encompassing education, which includes science, mathematics as well as social studies as well as art, language arts and music, as well as physical education. The school also promotes the development of character through its focus on responsibility and respect throughout the student life. Students are able to access many different technology resources, including iPads and Smart Boards to keep them in touch and active.

The school at Wyomina Park Elementary School, there’s something for every child! From after-school activities such as the chess and band club to programs that are specialized like Spanish instruction and programming classes, from enrichment opportunities such as visits to the field and guest speakers, to vital services such as tutoring and counseling parents can rest assured they will get the attention and support required to flourish.


Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala, FL is an excellent educational facility. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology for learning and spacious classrooms that are flooded with natural light. They also provide their students with the right tools to achieve their academic objectives. The school is home to a computer lab, which is equipped with the most current software applications which include Microsoft Office Suite and Google Classroom. In addition, there are Interactive whiteboards for teachers to utilize for talks and presentations.

The school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as chess clubs, robotics club, debate team, student council, and more. These activities encourage collaboration among students and aid in helping students develop more social skills, while also forming bonds throughout the process.


Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala, FL offers a thorough and rigorous curriculum that is designed to meet the requirements of all students. The main academic subjects are English Language Arts, Mathematics Sciences, Science and Social Studies and Health, as well as Physical Education. The school also provides world languages, which include Spanish in addition to French. The arts are a part of the daily routine with every grade being able to access specialized art classes taught by qualified teachers. Technology is also taught as an element of the program, which includes computer classes that teach students how to use the latest technology effectively and responsibly.

The school is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its students by providing different methods of instruction that are used in large and small groups. Students receive instruction that is tailored to their own learning styles and requirements. Special education is available for those who want extra assistance. The school provides a range of enrichment opportunities, including physical education, music and even clubs like the Chess club. Additionally the school works with a variety of community groups to offer after-school activities including mentoring and tutoring programs.


Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala, FL is staffed by dedicated teachers and staff that strive to provide an academically enriching education atmosphere for everyone in the school. The school is run by a principal as well as an assistant director as well as three guidance counselors. Classroom teachers, two special educators and one reading specialist. There is also an education specialist in physical therapy as well as two paraprofessionals. Alongside the regular teaching staff, there are seven instructional assistants who provide assistance with the sciences, math and literacy classes, as well music and art classes.

The school also has four secretaries to run the front office, which helps to ensure that the school is functioning efficiently all through the entire year. In the media center, it is supervised by a qualified librarian who works with students and teachers to help promote literacy and love for reading. Additionally, the school has many custodians that provide maintenance and cleaning services to make sure that the space is secure and cozy for staff, students and guests.

Student Outcomes

The cost of attending Wyomina Park Elementary School is based on many aspects, including whether the student is a resident of Marion County, if they are qualified for free or reduced-priced lunch programs, and any other fees that might be applicable. Students who live within the borders of Marion County must pay a $35 application fee before they can be enrolled. After acceptance to the school system, there is an annual tuition fee of $150 for each student. This includes textbooks, classroom materials and other supplies.

To provide an environment of safety for every student, Wyomina Park Elementary School has a number of security and safety fees. This includes the Annual student ID card cost of $10 for each student, an accident insurance cost of $25 as well as a once-in-a-lifetime $15 background check for every student who is in the school.

In the end, the price of going to Wyomina Park Elementary school in Ocala, FL will depend on the specific student’s situation including whether they reside in Marion County or not, their status for free or reduced meals and any additional charges that are associated with their activities and the tuition cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The school is located in a thriving neighborhood that is with plenty of facilities and activities for everyone to delight in. Wyomina Park is a few blocks away from retail places along with restaurants, parks, and much more. The park is easily accessible for I-75 as well as Highway 40, making it an ideal location to commute to the town, or to take weekend trips.

Within walking distance from Wyomina Park Elementary School are many residential neighborhoods that have beautiful homes and tree-lined streets. They are Silver Springs Shores, Summerglen, Arbor Pointe and Belleview Acres Estates, all within close proximity of each other. Each neighborhood is distinct and has its own distinct style and character along with plenty of lakes, parks, and other amenities for residents to take advantage of.

Silver Springs Shores is a community that is family-friendly and located close to Wyomina Park Elementary School. This community offers single-family homes with large yards and lots of green spaces. Residents can enjoy the Silver Springs attraction or explore the numerous nature trails in Juniper Run State Park.

Summerglen is another area near Wyomina Park Elementary School that is popular for its beautiful landscaping and its easy connection to I-75. This neighborhood has a number of eateries and shopping centers which are ideal for families searching for accessible places to spend time after school or during weekends.

Whatever neighborhood you select close to Wyomina Park Elementary School in Ocala Florida there’s a good chance you’ll discover plenty of exciting activities for all the family members to delight in. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the nature trails in nearby Juniper Run State Park or shopping at close-by shopping centers, Wyomina Park Elementary School offers easy access to all that Ocala offers.

What People Are Saying

“The teachers at Wyomina Park Elementary School are top-notch! They really go above and beyond to make sure that each and every student succeeds.” – parent

“Wyomina Park Elementary School is a great school! The staff is very caring and they go out of their way to help the students.” – parent

“My child has attended Wyomina Park Elementary School for two years now and we have been very happy with the school. The teachers are great and they really seem to care about the students.” – parent

“I would highly recommend Wyomina Park Elementary School to any parent looking for a quality education for their child.” – Grandparent

“Wyomina Park Elementary School is a great school! The teachers and staff are very caring and they go out of their way to help the students.” – parent

“We have been very happy with our decision to send our child to Wyomina Park Elementary School. The teachers are great and the staff is very caring.” – parent

“The teachers and staff at Wyomina Park Elementary School are top-notch! They really go above and beyond to make sure that each and every student succeeds.” – parent

“Wyomina Park Elementary School is a great school! The staff is very caring and they go out of their way to help the students.” – parent

Located at: 511 NE 12th Ave Ocala FL 34470

Monday: 6AM–7:45PM
Tuesday: 6AM–7:45PM
Wednesday: 6AM–7:45PM
Thursday: 6AM–7:45PM
Friday: 6AM–7:45PM
Saturday: Closed
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