Ambleside School of Ocala

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Ambleside School of Ocala

Ambleside School of Ocala in Ocala FL is the ideal spot for students to receive an excellent education and to develop their talents. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, from musical theater and sports. It also offers a space in which students can pursue their passions, express themselves and develop in a safe and supportive environment.

The staff in the Ambleside School of Ocala is committed to helping every student achieve their potential. They offer academic as well as emotional support to ensure that students feel at ease expressing their authentic selves. Teachers are highly experienced using cutting-edge methods of teaching that engage students and aid them in developing both academically and emotionally.

Alongside the excellent education in the classroom, Ambleside School of Ocala offers a range of activities for students. This includes athletic teams, music and art classes, social service projects and other special events which allow students to discover their passions. These events give students the chance to establish connections with their peers in the outside world, learn leadership abilities and be more active in the school community.


Ambleside School of Ocala, located in Ocala Florida is a charter K-12 school that is committed to high-quality educational opportunities for students. It was established in the year 1999 by Pastor Gary as well as Faye Cottrell. The purpose of the school is to provide students with a quality education to assist them in becoming responsible citizens, who are academically ready for the future.

Since its beginning, Ambleside has been guided by the ideals of Christian leadership and excellence in academics. The program combines essential subjects like math and science , with courses on fine arts and foreign languages. Furthermore, Ambleside offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities like theater productions, sports teams as well as Bible study groups and camps for summer.

Ambleside’s dedication to the success of its students has earned it the respect of the Florida Department of Education, who awarded the school with an “A” rating in 2015 and in 2016. The school’s rating is determined by the school’s academic results as well as student outcomes and parents’ satisfaction. The school also provides numerous awards to its students each year, such as merit-based awards and need-based assistance.

Ambleside School of Ocala seeks to instill strong moral values and develop character within its students by implementing a leadership program. Students are able to speak with representatives from the student council who collaborate with staff and teachers to create an environment of learning that is safe for all students. The school also works with local businesses and other organizations in order to provide more possibilities for the students.

Presently, Ambleside School of Ocala has over 600 students and provides extraordinary education possibilities for their students. The school’s outstanding curriculum, leadership program and dedication to student achievement have made it one the top institutions for education in Ocala and across the country. Ambleside has a reputation for academic success and is looking ahead to helping students achieve their potential in the coming years.

Why Ambleside School of Ocala Is The Best

Ambleside School of Ocala in Ocala FL is a school that gives your child the opportunity to develop and learn in a secure, safe setting. With small classes as well as individualized education, children have the opportunity to explore their abilities in learning without feeling overwhelmed. Teachers at Ambleside provide a space that encourages children to take chances and try out new things and also build friendships with their peers.

The program at Ambleside School includes core classes that include Reading/Language Art, Math Sciences and Sociology, Music & Art, Physical Education and Technology. Every subject is taught according to Charlotte Mason’s method, which emphasizes practical experiences and the investigation of topics that are relevant to the real world. Students also have the chance to take part in enrichment activities like acting, Spanish language instruction, robotics, field trips and more.

The Ambleside School of Ocala, students are provided with an individualized learning plan that is adapted to their individual requirements and capabilities. Teachers at the school focus on helping every child realize their maximum potential by helping them be able to think for themselves and encouraging their creativity problem-solving. With the wide range of extracurricular activities for your child to participate in, they will gain the skills needed while having fun in the process.

Alongside providing top-quality educational instruction Ambleside School of Ocala gives its students many opportunities to connect with one another through a variety of groups and clubs. It doesn’t matter if it’s joining our school’s Student Council or joining one of the numerous athletic teams available, your child will build lasting friendships and gain important lessons in collaboration and cooperation.


Ambleside School of Ocala in Ocala, FL is a private K-8 school that is dedicated to providing a top-quality education for the students. Its buildings are specifically designed so that they enhance the learning and development opportunities for the students.

The classroom at Ambleside is equipped with the latest technology that includes Interactive whiteboards and projectors, laptops, tablets as well as other tools which make learning more engaging and enjoyable. Each classroom is equipped with its own library that is stocked with books that are specifically designed to meet the grade of the curriculum. Other classrooms have laboratories for science that are equipped with microscopes, and media centers, where students can investigate music, literature, and art. These features inspire creativity, while providing educational opportunities.

The campus has two playgrounds and an athletic field. The playgrounds provide an enjoyable, safe place for kids to enjoy and exercise all day. On the sports field , students can test their skills in flag football, soccer and basketball, as well as other outdoor sports.

In addition, Ambleside School of Ocala provides after-school programs such as cooking classes, music lessons, art classes, and Spanish language classes. These classes are designed to enhance the learning experience of students both in and out in the school.

In addition, parents are encouraged to stay involved with their child’s school activities by becoming a member of the PTA or by attending any of the many family-friendly activities Ambleside holds throughout the calendar. From movie nights to festivals or dinners, activities offer parents the opportunity to meet the school of their child and the staff.


Ambleside School of Ocala is an independent Christian school that is located within Ocala, Florida. The school is located in Ocala, Florida. Ambleside School of Ocala, we believe that the most effective program for pupils is that which integrates the academics of a faith-based school with a faith-based one. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop understanding and appreciation about the surrounding universe, while also teaching our students the importance of forming values that are based on biblical principles.

At Ambleside School of Ocala, we’re committed to giving our students an extensive education. We offer English/Language Arts Math, Science as well as Social Studies and physical education, Bible and Religion as in addition to Music and Art classes. Alongside these core academic courses, we also offer electives like Spanish acting, Computer Science, and Health & Safety.

We also put a heavy focus on character development in the Ambleside School of Ocala. Our focus is in helping students develop into responsible citizens with the capacity to make ethical choices and continue to serve their communities. Through our Bible-based lessons, we aim to help our students grasp God’s purposes for their lives in order that they are able to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

At Ambleside School of Ocala, we believe that high-quality education shouldn’t be limited only to religious and academic studies. It should include areas such as personality development, extracurricular and sports. We therefore offer an array of extracurricular activities like student clubs and field trips, sports teams and opportunities for service. Our aim is to give our students the resources and opportunities for their development into a rounded person.


The staff at Ambleside School of Ocala, is convinced that the caliber of our staff can make all the difference to a student’s learning experience. The teachers are highly skilled and professional experts who are dedicated to providing a top-quality education for each of the students they teach. The faculty comprises trained teachers with certifications who obtained the degrees they earned from recognized universities, along with experts with years of expertise in literacy instruction for children with disabilities and reading interventions, enrichment activities as well as world language instruction. 

They also have a group consisting of Learning Coaches made up of college-educated parents as well as volunteers to provide personalized help for the students. Alongside this faculty they also employ administrators and office workers in the schools to guarantee every day operations are run smoothly. The staff at the school is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages development and learning and to ensuring an atmosphere that is welcoming and safe for every student.

Student Outcomes

Ambleside School of Ocala is an independent private school situated within Ocala, Florida. Ambleside provides a distinctive and challenging education for students from Pre-K to eighth graders.

The cost for attending Ambleside School of Ocala for the school year 2020-2021 is approximately $7,000 per student. The tuition includes textbooks, materials and supplies and technology costs (for tablets or laptops) and other special educational classes, such as art and music appreciation.

Additionally, there are additional costs associated with the enrollment at Ambleside School of Ocala. Families are required to pay a registration fee of $100 when registering their child at the school. This will pay for your child’s placement test, admissions form and other administration costs. Families with more than one child that are registered at Ambleside will be offered a reduced cost for registration.

Other charges associated with going to Ambleside include the annual student activity fee of $150, which includes the cost of transportation between field trips as well as special events like assemblies. An annual technology fee of $125 per year to pay for expenses for computers and tablets and an athletic charge of $75 annually for the participation of athletic teams.

Families can also opt to purchase additional items like uniforms, school uniforms, and other school supplies at the schools. Costs for these items can be obtained on the request of. In addition, the aid for tuition is available for families who are eligible according to financial requirements.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The areas around Ambleside School of Ocala in Ocala Florida, are a blend of rural and urban life. The neighborhood is mostly filled with families who are moving to the region for its tranquility, natural beauty and a tight-knit community. The area is filled with suburban communities like Belleview Heights and Silver Springs Shores which have single-family homes on large plots with lush landscapes. These neighborhoods also have amenities such as golf courses, parks as well as walking paths.

In addition to these suburban communities, there are several urban areas which offer urban living experiences. Downtown Ocala is just five minutes from the campus of the school and is home to a wide array of restaurants, shopping centers, cafes, cafes, museums along with art and craft galleries. Within a short distance are the highly-rated neighborhood in Marion Oaks and Anthony. Both areas have many activities for families and those wanting to go out and explore the many things Ocala offers.

Ocala is a city that Ocala is also home to a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities like swimming in the pool that is open to the public and fishing at Rainbow Springs State Park, riding horses on the Cross Florida Greenway Trail System Canoeing along Silver River, and biking through the Withlacoochee State Trail. There are numerous local parks in the region with play areas, picnic spots as well as courts, sports fields and fields as well as dog parks. With so many things to do in and around Ambleside School it is easy to understand why this area is a very well-known location for people of all ages and their families.

What People Are Saying

“This is an amazing school! The teachers are so loving and nurturing. My child has learned so much and loves going to school.” -A.M.

“Ambleside is such a warm and inviting place. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure each child feels special.” -K.D.

“We love Ambleside! The teachers are top notch- they truly care about the whole child. We feel so blessed to have found this school.” -J.F.

“I am so grateful for Ambleside School of Ocala! They provide an excellent education in a caring environment.” -S.B.

Located at: 507 SE Broadway St Ocala FL 34471

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