Hillcrest Public School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Hillcrest Public School

Hillcrest Public School in Ocala Fl is an excellent choice for students seeking a top-notch educational experience. Offering both traditional and advanced learning programs, Hillcrest allows students to receive the best of both worlds – rigorous academics and creative exploration.

At Hillcrest, students are treated with respect regardless of background or ability level. The school fosters an open-minded atmosphere that encourages creativity and embraces differences among its diverse student body. Additionally, the dedicated faculty strive to provide each student with personalized attention tailored to his or her needs. This level of individual care ensures that every student is given an optimal opportunity for growth and success.

Furthermore, Hillcrest offers innovative programs such as robotics, coding, and engineering. These courses allow students to develop skills that are highly sought after in the modern job market. Furthermore, Hillcrest encourages its students to get involved in extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports teams in order to explore their interests and learn more about their peers.

In addition to a well-rounded educational experience, Hillcrest prides itself on providing a safe environment for learning. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems including cameras, door locks, and an emergency alert system. This ensures that Hillcrest remains an oasis of safety where parents can rest assured knowing their children are secure while they’re away at school.


Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida has been a fixture of the community since it was established over 100 years ago. It started as a one-room schoolhouse in 1919, with only 6 students. Over time, the school grew to become a respected institution and eventually evolved into what is today Hillcrest Public School.

In 1962, Hillcrest became an official public school when it was consolidated with other schools in the area and began offering grades K-12 for its students. Since then, the school has continued to grow and evolve with the times; additional buildings have been added on campus and educational innovations have brought the curriculum up to date with modern standards.

Throughout its long history, Hillcrest has been a leader in the Ocala community. It hosts several events throughout the year that are well-attended by local families and students, such as the annual Hillcrest Homecoming Parade and the School’s Got Talent competition. Its athletic teams also compete in state championships each year, adding to its reputation as one of the top schools in Florida.

Today, Hillcrest continues to be an integral part of Ocala’s educational system. With its long history of excellence and commitment to providing high quality education for all students, it is no wonder that Hillcrest Public School remains a beloved fixture in the city of Ocala.

Why Hillcrest Public School is the best

Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Fl provides an outstanding education experience for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where children can develop academically, socially and emotionally.

At Hillcrest Public School, the curriculum focuses on developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Every student has access to high-quality technology with personalized instruction that allows them to learn at their own pace. The school also offers exciting elective courses such as robotics, debate team and a computer coding club. This provides students with unique opportunities to explore new interests outside of the traditional academic subjects.

The dedicated faculty and staff are passionate about helping each student reach their full potential. The school provides a strong focus on character development and social emotional learning to ensure that students have the confidence and self-discipline to succeed in life.

Hillcrest Public School also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including art classes, sports teams, drama clubs and outdoor education programs. This gives children an opportunity to explore their interests while making friends with peers from different backgrounds.


Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida offers a variety of amenities and facilities to aid in the learning and development of its students. The school has multiple buildings on campus that house classrooms, administrative offices, and other specialized areas. Its grounds are expansive, with plenty of open space for outdoor activities.

The main building houses a library, computer lab, science labs, art room, music room, special education classrooms as well as traditional classrooms for different age groups. It also features an auditorium for performances and assemblies. There is an athletic field where students can practice sports skills such as baseball or football. Nearby there is a gymnasium where physical education classes take place.

Outside the main building is a playground with a sandbox, slides, and swings. There are several outdoor classrooms for students to use when the weather permits. The school also has a cafeteria where hot meals are served daily and there is a cafeteria courtyard where students can eat lunch outside in nice weather.

Hillcrest Public School also offers extracurricular activities such as after-school clubs, sports teams, and other programs designed to promote learning through fun activities. In addition, the school provides guidance counseling services for students who need additional support or resources.

At Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida, the staff strives to provide an environment that is safe and nurturing while allowing each student to reach his/her full potential. With its modern facilities and wide range of activities, Hillcrest Public School is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals.

The school also provides parents and community members with the opportunity to get involved in the school’s events and programs. Through these efforts, Hillcrest Public School serves as a bridge between the home and school, creating an even stronger learning environment for its students. This makes it a great choice for families looking for quality education in Ocala, Florida.


Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida offers a comprehensive curriculum for grades K-8. The school follows the standards set by the State of Florida, incorporating both core and elective classes tailored to each student’s skill level and interests. Hillcrest also offers engaging enrichment activities to challenge students further.

The core classes are math, science, social studies, English/language arts, physical education and health. Each subject is divided into courses according to grade level. Math includes courses in algebra, geometry and calculus; science covers life science, earth science and physics; social studies focuses on American history as well as world cultures; English/language arts include literature and composition skills; physical education incorporates physical fitness with team-building activities; and health education covers nutrition, mental wellness and disease prevention.

Hillcrest also offers a full array of elective courses that span the arts, technology and language studies. Art classes include drawing, painting, photography and 3D design; music courses cover theory as well as vocal and instrumental performance; technology includes digital media production and web development; foreign languages offered include French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

The enrichment program at Hillcrest provides additional activities for students outside of their core classes. These can include clubs such as chess club or afterschool programs designed to engage different interests in art, science or history. Additionally, Hillcrest has an extensive sports program with teams for basketball, volleyball, soccer and cross country.

Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida provides a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for academic success as they move through elementary and middle school. The core courses are complemented by elective classes such as art, music and technology, while enrichment activities give students the opportunity to pursue their passions in more depth. With its strong academic programs, Hillcrest ensures that its students have all the tools they need to be successful in their future studies.


Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida is proud to have a staff of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing an education that meets the individual needs of each student. The faculty at Hillcrest consists of teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff.

The teachers at Hillcrest come from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. They use innovative strategies to engage students in learning and foster positive relationships between students and faculty. Each teacher is responsible for planning engaging lessons and activities for their students as well as assessing their progress throughout the school year. There are also special education teachers available for those who require additional assistance or specialized instruction.

The counselors at Hillcrest provide guidance services that extend beyond academics. They help students develop problem-solving strategies, healthy relationships, and sound decision making skills. The counselors also provide individual counseling when needed and they coordinate activities to promote positive social interactions among the student body.

The school administrators at Hillcrest are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the school. This includes managing staff and resources, developing policies and procedures, coordinating special events such as field trips, and monitoring student progress.

The support staff at Hillcrest consists of paraprofessionals who assist teachers in their classrooms; custodial staff who maintain a safe and clean learning environment; office personnel who manage paperwork and records; cafeteria workers who serve meals to students; bus drivers who transport students safely to school every day; and maintenance staff who keep the campus in top condition.

With such a diverse and dedicated staff, Hillcrest Public School is able to provide students with an education that meets their individual needs. The commitment of each member of the staff is evident in the success of its students. Hillcrest is proud to have such a talented and hardworking faculty.

Student Outcomes

Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida offers a comprehensive and affordable education option for families. The cost of attending Hillcrest is determined by the number of students enrolled in each grade level. For tuition, preschool through fifth-grade costs $5,700 per year while sixth through eighth-grade costs $6,400 per year. Tuition also includes fees for books, supplies and technology.

In addition to tuition, there are other associated costs when enrolling at Hillcrest. Parents must purchase uniforms for their children as part of the school’s dress code policy. Additionally, family memberships are required for all parents and/or guardians who wish to attend parent-teacher conferences or any other school functions. These memberships cost $25 per family and are renewable annually.

Finally, there is a yearly fee of $150 for each student to cover the costs associated with extracurricular activities like field trips, special assemblies, art projects and other fun events.

In summary, the total annual cost for attending Hillcrest Public School in Ocala, Florida depends on the number of students enrolled in each grade level but typically ranges from approximately $6,000 – $7000 per year. This includes tuition, uniforms, family memberships and extracurricular fees. With affordable options available to families seeking an excellent education for their children, Hillcrest Public School remains one of the best educational choices in Ocala, Florida.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Hillcrest Public School neighborhood is located in a residential area of Ocala, Florida. The neighborhood is home to many older homes as well as a mix of newer construction. Many of the homes are single-family detached dwellings and feature lush landscaping, with plenty of trees providing shade from the hot Florida sun. The streets in this area are lined with sidewalks and there are plenty of parks and green spaces for residents to enjoy. Neighboring communities include Silver Springs Shores, Belleview Acres, Pine Run Estates, Golden Hills West, Meadow Wood Manor, Emerald Glen IV, and Foxwood Farms.

The nearby Silver Springs Shores community is one popular destination for Hillcrest Public School families seeking shopping and entertainment options. Here shoppers can find a variety of stores including Walmart, Publix and more. The area also includes a bowling alley, movie theatre, and other recreational activities.

Belleview Acres is another nearby community that offers residents plenty of amenities. This neighborhood has plenty of restaurants, shopping options, banks, and other businesses within walking distance. Residents here can enjoy the public library, parks and playgrounds, as well as access to arts and entertainment venues such as the Ocala Civic Theater or Appleton Museum of Art.

Pine Run Estates is a gated community located in western Ocala off of US 441/SW 27th Avenue. Pine Run Estates features plenty of amenities including tennis courts, swimming pools with waterslides, fitness centers, and a club house. Homes in this area range from single-family dwellings to larger estate homes, all with manicured landscaping and plenty of outdoor living space.

Golden Hills West is located near the southwestern part of Ocala and features many beautiful homes as well as a golf course for residents to enjoy. Here you can find fine dining restaurants, local grocery stores, pharmacies, and other shopping options. The area also offers access to parks, playgrounds, trails, sports fields and more.

Meadow Wood Manor is another neighborhood located near Hillcrest Public School that features large family homes on generous lots. Residents here are able to take advantage of the nearby Meadow Wood Golf Course as well as numerous recreational activities and parks.

Emerald Glen IV is located near the eastern part of Ocala and features many single-family homes with large lots and established landscaping. The area is close to shopping and entertainment options, as well as access to plenty of public parks and recreational activities.

Foxwood Farms offers residents a quiet neighborhood setting with larger homes on spacious lots. Homes here have lush landscaping, providing plenty of privacy for the homeowner, along with plenty of mature trees offering shade from the hot Florida sun. Foxwood Farms also has access to local schools, parks, golf courses and other amenities that make it an ideal place for families looking for a peaceful home. All these neighborhoods are conveniently located close to Hillcrest Public School and offer families a variety of amenities and attractions to enjoy.

What People Are Saying

“Hillcrest is a great school! The staff is so caring and the curriculum is top notch. My children have thrived here and I am so grateful.” -Jessica G.

“We love Hillcrest! The teachers are amazing and my kids have learned so much. We highly recommend this school.”-Karen B.

“Hillcrest is an excellent school! The teachers are passionate about their students’ success and go above and beyond to ensure that they reach their fullest potential. My children have excelled academically, socially, and emotionally since attending Hillcrest.”-Tracey W.

Address: 3143 SE 17th St Ocala FL 34471

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