Marion Technical Institute

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Marion Technical Institute

Marion Technical Institute (MTI) located in Ocala, FL is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their education. MTI offers comprehensive career education programs specifically designed to aid students in developing the knowledge and skills needed for successful employment in the current workforce. MTI offers certificate and degree programs in fields like Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Computer Programming, Culinary Arts, Health Information Technology nursing, welding, and more. In addition to the traditional academic classes offered on campus at MTI’s main facility located in Ocala, online courses are also offered through MTI’s Ed2Go course.

The faculty at MTI is made up of highly skilled professionals who offer individualized instruction and support that is specific to the specific needs of their learners. MTI also has an extensive career services department which assists students in securing jobs and resume writing as well as interviewing abilities. In addition, MTI offers financial aid counseling to ensure that students with the right qualifications can access the money needed to pay for the cost of tuition.

And lastly, Marion Technical Institute takes immense pride in its dedication to the success of students. The college strives to create an environment for learning that is supportive with programs that include tutoring and mentoring. Additionally, MTI provides workshops and workshops on topics that range from how to create an effective resume, to suggestions for managing money while in the classroom. The entire range of resources is created to ensure that every student is well-prepared for the path they want to pursue following the completion of MTI.


Marion Technical Institute (MTI) was established in 1970 to serve as an expansion of Marion County Schools Board’s vocational program. MTI initially served local high school students and offered technical and career education programs to prepare them for college as well as the job market. The school has seen many modifications over time before becoming the institution it is now.

It was in 1975 that MTI changed into an adult-focused vocational school following the passing of Florida House Bill 905 by Governor Reubin Askew. The legislation allowed public schools to offer post-secondary education options for adults, in addition to the regular secondary programs. The year 1982 was when MTI introduced occupational degree and certificate programs in response to increasing demand from businesses in the Ocala region.

In 1997, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 7051 in 1997. It declared MTI as one the first state-wide Regional Centers of Excellence. Students attending MTI could qualify for Federal financial assistance to finance the costs for their education and other costs.

In 2000, the college was changed to Marion Technical College (MTC) after it was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). MTC started offering Associate of Science degrees in different career-related programs.

In the following period of time, MTC continued to grow and broaden its offerings. It established a new campus located off Maricamp Road in 2008, with a library, as well as modernized classrooms. In 2012, it was granted the status of candidacy for the Bachelor of Science in Supervision and Management. Then, in 2016, it was named”the” MTI College of Advanced Technical Studies after it was granted the approval to offer their first bachelor’s degrees program.

In the present, MTI serves over 3,000 students across Florida via on-campus as well as online classes. The 11 Associate of Science degrees, one baccalaureate-level degree program and 25 certificates for career advancement will prepare students for success in the real world. As a leader in the industry with a strong presence in Ocala, MTI continues to offer advanced education and training that aids local professionals achieve their goals.

Why Marion Technical Institute Is The Best

Marion Technical Institute in Ocala, FL, stands out as an outstanding institution for your child. From the top-of-the-line educational programs and modern facilities, to the wide array of extracurricular activities and the warm, welcoming staff. MTI is a fantastic option for students who are driven for excellence.

MTI is an extensive and rigorous curriculum that is centered around STEM (science engineering, technology and mathematics). Students are able to discover new ideas through practical projects that build their thinking abilities. College prep courses at MTI provide students with the chance to earn college credits even while they are still attending high school. This can help them prepare themselves for success as they start their college career.

The school also provides an array of extracurricular activities which include clubs, sports teams, and other events. With so many choices children can discover their interests while forming solid relationships with their classmates. The helpful staff at MTI offer guidance and assistance to ensure that students have the best experience possible from their experiences.

Furthermore, the modern facilities at MTI enable students to study in an environment which encourages imagination and discovery. From cutting-edge technology labs, to the top of the line athletic fields, each aspect of the facility is designed to assist students achieve.


Marion Technical Institute in Ocala, FL offers a wide array of facilities and services for its students. The school is situated on a large campus within the city of Ocala and offers ample space for studying, socializing, and leisure.

Students are able to access modern classrooms that are equipped with computers as well as other technologies required to stay on top of their classes. There are numerous laboratories, ranging from science and engineering to medical, offering students the chance to acquire practical skills using practical applications.

The library at the Marion Technical Institute has a large collection of journals, books, magazines, and online sources that are available anytime. It also has video conferencing facilities for students who want to meet with their colleagues or instructors elsewhere.


Marion Technical Institute in Ocala, Florida offers a variety of opportunities for education for people who wish to enhance their education. The course offered by Marion Technical Institute provides students with the necessary skills and information needed to be successful in the ever-growing market for jobs.

The Associate of Science degree program is designed to provide students with the foundation they need to succeed in different fields like engineering technology, business administration and healthcare administration, management of information systems and many more. The focus of this degree is on developing analytical skills and understanding of the concepts that are involved in every field. The core courses are English composition as well as mathematics, physics, and the social sciences. Students must also complete general electives which can be anything in topics ranging from Spanish class to personal finance subjects.

Alongside the Associate of Science degree program, Marion Technical Institute also offers a wide range of certificate and diploma programs. These programs are designed to provide students with the necessary capabilities needed to succeed in specific fields or jobs market. Topics for certificate and diploma programs include fashion design, automotive technology and billing for healthcare, welding and many more. Based on the course chosen it is possible that general education courses or more specialized technical classes could be required as part of the program’s curriculum.

Marion Technical Institute also provides additional opportunities for education through it’s Continuing Education Department. The department provides short-term courses that are not credit-based, such as CPR certification, defensive driving, CPR certification, and other professional development classes to help students stay up-to-date in their field of study.


Marion Technical Institute in Ocala, FL is home to a group of highly trained and committed staff members. The staff consists of a variety of highly skilled personnel, such as instructors, career advisors, academic advisors, program coordinators counselors, administrative assistants and counselors.

The teachers at the Marion Technical Institute are experienced professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom. They have vast experience in their respective fields which range from technology and engineering to healthcare administration and business. The instructors aim to give students the most effective educational opportunities with innovative teaching techniques including hands-on learning and industry-specific certifications when they are available.

The Career Service Advisors will be present on campus at Marion Technical Institute to assist students with finding jobs which match their abilities and passions. They assist students create resumes, learn interview techniques, and offer advice on how to find work.

The Program Coordinators of Marion Technical Institute are responsible for the coordination of various activities that are related to student achievement. They track progress of students as well as monitor the performance of faculty members and create strategies that enhance their overall educational environment.

The Academic Advisers of Marion Technical Institute are available to assist and guide students throughout their time of studies. They assist students with establishing long-term and short-term plans that ensure they reach their academic objectives and complete their studies on time.

Professional counselors are on hand to help students deal with various problems, including the management of stress in conflict resolution, stress management, and personal growth. Counselors offer individual counseling sessions for students, and are available for consults with faculty.

The team of the Marion Technical Institute is committed to providing high-quality education possibilities for the students. With their extensive expertise and experience they are determined to ensure that every student has the best shot to succeed.

Student Outcomes

Marion Technical Institute (MTI) located in Ocala, FL offers an assortment of career-oriented and technical education options at a reasonable cost. MTI is an accredited public institution which offers diploma, certificate and associate degree courses with tuition costs that are some of the lowest rates in the entire state. The tuition for diploma and certificate programs range from $2450 to $10,830 based on the course selected.

Associate Degree programs are available between $3,400 and $20,040. In addition to the tuition, there are also fees associated with each program, which need to be paid prior to the time of enrollment. This includes application fees ($30) as well as technology charges ($45 for a semester) Student activity fee ($25 for each semester) as well as graduation fees ($50) as well as other costs. Financial aid is offered for those who are eligible as well as the MTI finance office is able to give more details about how to apply and eligibility.

The costs for all programs can be changed without notice. For the most up-to-date information on costs, students need to seek advice from an academic advisor, or consult the calculator for tuition available on the MTI website. The MTI also offers tuition waivers for active military members and their families as well as for members of some public service institutions. With a range of choices for payment, Marion Technical Institute makes it possible for anyone who is interested in technical education to pursue their goals at a low price.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Marion Technical Institute (MTI) located in Ocala, Florida is located in a range of appealing residential areas. A few miles to the south of MTI is Tuscawilla Park, a historic neighborhood. Tuscawilla Park. The charming neighborhood has a classical atmosphere with its charming brick houses and beautiful maintained streets.

Close to Kingsland Country Estates offers rural living that is close to city life. Residents can enjoy huge wooded lots with private swimming pools as well as trails for horses that run throughout the region.

Another enviable neighborhood is Bellechase which is home to luxurious residences with sprawling acres and top-quality schooling options for households with young children. There is a wide range of recreational opportunities outdoors, including golfing at some of the most well-known golf courses within Centsome most

Silver Springs Shores is a vast neighborhood that offers affordable housing, fantastic schools and vast open areas. It is also close to and from the Ocala National Forest for those who love to be outdoors and also places such as Silver River State Park where residents can canoe, paddle and walk in nature.

People who are looking for an urban feel might find it at Pine Oaks of Ocala. The small town-like community is home to clean, well-maintained houses and streets that are lined with vintage street lamps. Residents can take a short trip to the downtown area of Ocala with all the amenities and are near sufficient to MTI for short commutes.

For those who want to live an active living, it’s close to Eureka Road which is home to numerous restaurants and shops. It also offers an array of activities for recreation, such as fishing and hiking trails, biking trails and much more.

What People Are Saying

“Marion Technical Institute has been a great experience for me. I am able to get the education I need to succeed in my career, and the staff has been very supportive.” – A.D.

“The instructors at Marion Technical Institute are top notch and really care about their students’ success.” – K.F.

“I’m so glad I chose Marion Technical Institute! The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the education is excellent.” – M.M.

“I would recommend Marion Technical Institute to anyone seeking a quality education and career training.” – J.S.

Located at: 1614 E Fort King St, Ocala, FL 34471

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