Trinity Catholic High School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Trinity Catholic High School

Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, FL is an excellent school to attend for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the faculty at Trinity are dedicated to providing an exceptional education. There is a commitment to excellence that starts with the teachers, who have created a challenging curriculum with high expectations for student achievement. In addition, the faculty are passionate about their roles as mentors and advocates for their students, giving them guidance and support both in the classroom and outside of it.

Beyond providing an excellent education, Trinity Catholic High School has a supportive atmosphere that can be felt throughout the entire school. From teachers to student body, there is a sense of camaraderie and respect that creates a positive environment for learning. The school also has an extensive range of extracurricular activities available, including sports teams, clubs and other activities to help foster social skills and a sense of belonging.

Finally, Trinity Catholic High School is located in the beautiful city of Ocala, Florida. It’s close proximity to nature trails and outdoor activities makes it a great place to spend time outdoors. Ocala is also home to a variety of cultural and performing arts events, giving students the opportunity to explore their creative sides in addition to their academic pursuits.


Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, FL has been a beacon of light for students seeking a quality education within the community since its inception in 1972. The school was established by Bishop Emilio de Sotto of the Diocese of St. Augustine to provide an opportunity for Catholic secondary education to residents of Marion and surrounding counties. Its first classes began in the fall of that year, with just over 100 students and 15 faculty members making up the student body.

The school has grown exponentially since then, and today it serves more than 800 students each year. Trinity Catholic High School offers a college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence and spiritual development. The school also seeks to provide its students with a comprehensive learning experience by offering extracurricular activities that include sports, fine arts, clubs and service organizations.

Trinity Catholic High School has achieved numerous accolades over the years and is currently ranked among the top 10 private high schools in Florida. In addition, it has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education and is a member of the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FANS).

The school remains committed to its mission of providing students with a quality education that follows Catholic teachings and values. Trinity Catholic High School strives to create an environment where students can develop their full potential academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. It looks forward to continuing to serve the Ocala community for many years to come.

Why Trinity Catholic High School is the Best

Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, FL provides an excellent education for its students. With a rigorous curriculum, small class sizes, and dedicated faculty members, Trinity Catholic High School offers a highly supportive learning environment that caters to the individual needs of each student. The school strives to foster an atmosphere of respect where everyone is appreciated and valued.

Trinity Catholic High School has an award-winning athletic program that allows students to take part in a variety of sports and activities, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis and baseball. The school also offers extracurricular clubs and activities such as band, choir, theater and robotics. These extra curriculars allow students to explore their interests and develop leadership skills.

The school also provides a variety of services, including counseling and guidance for students, as well as support from the school nurse. Trinity Catholic High School has an excellent track record of helping its graduates attend college or find meaningful employment after graduation. The school is dedicated to providing its students with the best education possible and helping them reach their full potential.

Trinity Catholic High School also has a strong commitment to community service and social justice, values which are reflected in its mission statement. The school works with local organizations to promote tolerance and understanding among students of all backgrounds. The faculty members at Trinity Catholic High School strive to ensure that all students are respected and that their individual needs are met.


Trinity Catholic High School (TCHS) in Ocala, FL is a college preparatory school serving grades 9-12. TCHS provides students with a rigorous academic curriculum and various opportunities for extracurricular activities.

The campus of Trinity Catholic includes well-maintained athletic fields, including baseball, softball, and soccer fields. There is also a weight room, training area, football stadium, and swimming pool.

The classrooms of TCHS are equipped with interactive white boards, projectors, computers and other technological devices to help facilitate learning. The school library houses an extensive collection of books as well as access to online research databases.

The school offers a variety of clubs and activities for their students. These include academic teams, social clubs, music and theatre groups, performing arts classes and more.

TCHS also provides its students with many services to support mental health and wellness. The school has counseling staff available to help with any personal issues or concerns, and the school offers a peer-mentoring program for struggling students.

Overall, Trinity Catholic High School provides its students with many excellent facilities designed to foster learning and promote physical activity and mental wellbeing. The staff is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment that also challenges each student to reach their highest potential.


Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, FL offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and an array of Advanced Placement classes. All students must complete six semesters of Theology and four semesters each of English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science for graduation.

In addition to core classes, Trinity Catholic offers numerous electives in the areas of Business, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Foreign Language and Technology. Dual-enrollment courses are also available for qualified juniors and seniors, allowing them to earn college credits while still in high school.

To help students develop a global perspective and gain an understanding of other cultures Trinity Catholic offers international travel experiences to destinations such as France, Italy and England.

Trinity Catholic High School also requires each student to participate in a minimum of 40 hours of community service before the end of their senior year. This helps students to become more involved in community activities and develop a greater appreciation for volunteer work.

Finally, Trinity Catholic offers an extensive extracurricular program which includes activities such as student government, drama, band, chorus and sports. Through these programs, students develop strength of character and learn the value of teamwork.


At Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, Florida, students are supported by a talented and dedicated faculty and staff. The Principal is the leader of the school, setting a positive tone for learning and providing guidance to all members of the community. All staff members embrace their roles as educators, working to create an environment where every student feels welcomed and can achieve their potential. The school has a committed faculty that creates engaging lessons and encourages students to ask questions, think critically, and explore new ideas. Teachers have master’s degrees or higher in their field of expertise and use innovative strategies to help each student excel academically.

The school is also supported by a talented administrative staff who handle the daily operations of the school. The administrative staff oversees activities such as communications, budgets, records, and student services. The guidance counselors offer students personalized support to help them succeed in their personal and academic endeavors. The librarians are dedicated to helping students access appropriate resources needed to complete assignments and research projects. The media specialist maintains an up-to-date collection of technology tools and materials that are used to enhance learning. The school also has dedicated custodial staff who keep the building safe, clean, and well maintained.

At Trinity Catholic High School, every team member plays a critical role in helping students reach their highest potential. From the principal to the custodians, everyone is committed to creating a positive learning environment and supporting each student’s academic and personal development. The school is committed to providing its students with the best possible education, and all staff members are dedicated to this mission.

At Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, Florida, everyone works together to create an environment where students can reach their fullest potential. All staff members are passionate about learning and strive to provide the best possible education for each student. The faculty, administrators, guidance counselors, librarians, media specialists, and custodians work together to ensure that Trinity Catholic High School is a place of excellence in academics and character development.

Student Outcomes

The cost of attending Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, FL is dependent on the choice of tuition plan. There are three payment plans to choose from: The Semester Payment Plan, The Annual Payment Plan, and The Monthly Payment Plan. The Semester Payment Plan requires that all semester payments be made before August 10th for the fall semester and before January 10th for the spring semester. The cost for this plan is $4,400 per semester or $8,800 for both semesters.

The Annual Payment Plan requires that all payments be made by August 10th each year. The cost of this plan is $7,500 annually. The Monthly Payment Plan requires that payments be made each month beginning May 1st and ending April 15th. The cost of this plan is $395 per month or a total of $4,740 annually.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Trinity Catholic High School is located in the beautiful city of Ocala, Florida. The surrounding neighborhoods offer a variety of housing options, from charming historic homes to luxurious modern developments.

One popular neighborhood near Trinity Catholic High School is Silver Springs Shores. This community has been carefully planned and developed with lots of green space and winding roads. Residents enjoy a range of amenities including a community center, parks, playgrounds, walking trails and lakes. The homes in this area vary greatly in style and size, making it perfect for those looking to find their dream home.

The downtown district of Ocala is another popular neighborhood near Trinity Catholic High School. This historic area is home to many restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Residents can enjoy the city’s many cultural attractions and events, as well as its convenient access to public transportation.

The exclusive gated community of On Top of The World is another popular area near Trinity Catholic High School. This 55+ community features a large selection of single-family homes and condominiums, all with access to a range of amenities including golf courses, tennis courts, and multiple swimming pools.

No matter what type of home or neighborhood you are looking for, Trinity Catholic High School offers something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a quiet family-friendly area or an active adult community, you’ll find what you need in beautiful Ocala, Florida.

What People Are Saying

“Trinity Catholic High School is an excellent school. The teachers are top notch and the students are great.” -Brian H.

“Trinity Catholic High School is a great place for kids to learn. The environment is nurturing and the staff is caring.” -Mary G.

“My son has been attending Trinity Catholic High School for two years now and we couldn’t be happier. He has made great friends and loves his teachers.” -John S.

“My daughter transferred to Trinity Catholic High School this year and she loves it! The academics are challenging and she feels very supported by her teachers.” -Amy W.

Address: 2600 SW 42nd St, Ocala, FL 34471

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