West Port High School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
West Port High School

West Port High School in Ocala, FL is an excellent school for anyone looking for a comprehensive and engaging education. The school offers a diverse curriculum encompassing traditional academic courses, career technical courses, and electives that give students the opportunity to explore their passions. With experienced teachers who are passionate about their subject matter, West Port High School provides an enriching learning environment full of vibrant ideas and supportive resources.

The school’s extracurricular activities also provide students with the chance to make connections and build friendships while exploring areas of interest beyond the classroom. From sports teams to clubs such as debate or robotics, there are plenty of ways for students to get involved at West Port High School. Additionally, West Port High School is committed to providing its students with challenging and meaningful internships and volunteer opportunities that help them gain valuable experience in their chosen field.

West Port High School also boasts an excellent support system for students, offering comprehensive mental health services, a variety of student organizations and activities, and guidance counseling to ensure each student has the support they need to succeed. The school’s commitment to the safety of all students is paramount, with strict policies on bullying, harassment and other forms of violence in place.

At West Port High School, everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential — from those who are striving for academic excellence to those who strive for personal growth. With a diverse curriculum, engaging extracurriculars and a supportive environment focused on success, West Port High School is the perfect place to make lasting memories and gain a top-notch education.


West Port High School in Ocala, Florida is part of the Marion County Public Schools system and was founded in 1997. It opened with just over 500 students, but it has grown substantially since then to a student body of nearly 1,900. West Port is located on a 30-acre campus on Southwest 80th Avenue with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities including a football stadium, gymnasium, auditorium, media center and an array of athletic fields.

The school offers a variety of advanced learning opportunities for its students such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes, career academies and dual enrollment options. The career academies focus on areas like health sciences, business/administrative technology and pre-engineering. Additionally, West Port provides a wide range of extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, softball and other sports teams, magnet clubs, theater and the marching band.

West Port High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and has consistently earned an “A” rating from the Florida Department of Education for its academic performance. In addition to its stellar academics, West Port also prides itself on providing a positive learning environment for all of its students. The school is committed to preparing students for success in college or career with challenging classes, strong leadership and exceptional support services.

Why West Port High School is the best

West Port High School in Ocala, Florida is the ideal school for your child to attend. With its award-winning curriculum and engaging staff, West Port High School provides students with an excellent academic environment where they can explore their interests and discover new talents. The school has a diverse population of students from all walks of life, making it a great place to learn and socialize.

West Port High School also offers a variety of extracurricular activities that appeal to both traditional and non-traditional learners. From sports teams to robotics clubs, there’s something for everyone at West Port High School. Students are able to participate in afterschool programs such as theater productions and art classes, where they can express themselves creatively and develop teamwork and problem-solving skills.

West Port High School is also dedicated to promoting a safe and secure learning environment for all students. The school has established a Code of Conduct that encourages respect from staff, students, and parents in order to maintain order and help foster positive relationships between those involved. Additionally, West Port High School offers counseling services to ensure the physical and mental wellness of its students.

Finally, West Port High School takes pride in its academic excellence. With rigorous courses such as advanced placement classes, honors English, science labs and more, your child can gain an edge on their college applications while receiving the necessary knowledge they need to succeed both academically and professionally.


West Port High School in Ocala, Florida is a world-class facility that offers students an exceptional educational experience. The school features an impressive 38-acre campus with state-of-the-art buildings and grounds. The school boasts of two gymnasiums, two cafeterias, four computer labs, three libraries, several courtyards, a dance studio, a student center and several art galleries.

The sports culture at West Port is strong with teams competing in football, basketball, baseball/softball and cross country. There are many athletic facilities on the grounds including tennis courts, soccer fields and running tracks. Athletic trainers are available to students who want to participate in interscholastic sports programs or just stay healthy.

West Port’s music and art departments are top-notch as well, with students having access to a wide range of instruments and materials. The school also features a 1,000-seat theater that is used year-round for concerts, plays and other events.

Finally, West Port has an excellent physical education program which offers classes such as aerobics, dance, martial arts and sports. There is also a gymnasium where students can practice their skills or just go play recreational sports. In addition, there is an outdoor pool with lap lanes, two weight rooms and plenty of other equipment to keep students in shape. All in all, the facilities at West Port High School make it one of the best in the Ocala area. With its excellent programs and facilities, it is no wonder that West Port High School stands out among other schools in the area.


West Port High School in Ocala, Florida offers a wide range of courses to meet the needs of its diverse student population. The school’s core curriculum includes English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. All students are required to take four credits in each of these areas as part of their graduation requirements. Additionally, students may choose from a variety of electives that include art, music, drama, physical education and foreign languages.

At West Port High School, all students must complete at least one semester of technology applications before graduating. This course covers basic computer skills such as word processing and spreadsheet software use as well as introducing online communication tools like email and instant messaging programs. Students also have an opportunity to explore careers with guest speakers from the business community.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available for students who wish to challenge themselves academically. These classes allow students to earn college credit for successful completion of a rigorous course of study. AP classes include topics in calculus, biology, chemistry and Spanish language.

West Port High School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports teams, clubs and other organizations that help foster student engagement and leadership skills. Students can join the National Honor Society or compete in athletics such as football, basketball, soccer and baseball. Other options available to students include theater arts, marching band and chorale singing groups. All of these activities help provide a well-rounded experience for West Port High School’s students.

West Port High School offers a comprehensive curriculum to help students achieve success in college and beyond. With rigorous academic courses, an excellent selection of electives and extracurricular activities, West Port High School is an ideal choice for students looking for the full high school experience.


The staff at West Port High School in Ocala, Florida, is comprised of highly dedicated and experienced educators. The teachers have a wide range of qualifications ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to advanced Master’s and Doctorate degrees. All faculty members are certified by the state of Florida. Each teacher brings with them their expertise in the subject they teach as well as an enthusiasm for learning that helps promote student success.

The administration team consists of knowledgeable professionals who understand the importance of creating an environment conducive to learning. They regularly evaluate school performance data and use it to generate plans that aim to improve student achievement. Additionally, they support teachers in providing engaging instruction and offer resources to help each individual student reach their highest potential.

Student Outcomes

West Port High School in Ocala, Fl, is part of the Marion County Public Schools system. The school offers a comprehensive education for students from grades 9-12. Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $7,210 per student. This tuition fee includes books and supplies, registration fees, lab fees, and other school related resources.

Students may also be required to pay additional fees depending on the courses they enroll in. A technology fee of $75 per year is charged to all students enrolled in an online course or classes that utilize specific technological equipment. Fees are also assessed based on extracurricular activities such as music, theater, sports and clubs.

Books and materials can range from $100 to $500 depending on the courses taken. In addition, students may need to purchase uniforms, instruments, or other supplies for certain activities.

In some cases, scholarships and financial aid are available to help offset the cost of attendance. Every student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for federal and state grants and loans. Additionally, there are also private scholarship opportunities available through organizations such as churches and community groups.

West Port High School is committed to providing high quality education at an affordable price. With its combination of competitive tuition costs and financial aid options, West Port can help make your student’s educational experience a success!

Nearby Neighborhoods

West Port High School is located in the heart of Ocala, Florida. The nearby neighborhoods are a mix of both old and new with something appealing to everyone. One popular area near West Port High School is the gated community of Oak Trace, which offers luxury living with amenities like lush landscaping, a sparkling lake, and plenty of recreational activities for residents. For those looking for more affordable housing options, there are several neighborhoods in close proximity to the school. These include: Pinehurst Estates, Deerwood Oaks, Rolling Hills Estates, Willowbrook Farms and Summerfield Crossing. Each of these areas provides access to great schools and shopping opportunities as well as parks and other outdoor attractions.

Pinehurst Estates is located just south of West Port High School and offers a variety of housing options from single-family homes to townhomes. The area is known for its rolling hills and open, tree-lined streets. It also features numerous amenities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, playgrounds, and walking trails. Deerwood Oaks is another popular neighborhood near the school with many single-family homes on large lots that back up to wooded areas. Rolling Hills Estates is a small community located northwest of West Port High School featuring traditional homes with spacious yards. Willowbrook Farms provides access to some of the best schools in the county while Summerfield Crossing boasts an active lifestyle with plenty of activities nearby.

What People Are Saying

“Best school in Marion County!” -Parent

“The teachers are so dedicated to their students’ success!” -Student

“West Port is truly a second family!” -Teacher

“I love the diversity at West Port!” -Community member

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