The Best AC Repair Companies In Ocala, FL

September 14, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
The Best AC Repair Companies In Ocala, FL

It is important to find the best AC repair companies in Ocala, FL because it can be very frustrating when your AC stops working. When choosing an AC repair company, there are many things you should consider. You will want to ensure that the technicians have been trained and are familiar with your model of AC. You will also want to make sure that the company offers a warranty for their repairs. You should get estimates from multiple companies to compare prices.

Our site is the best resource for finding the most reliable AC Repair companies in Ocala Florida. Our extensive directory of local AC repair companies ensures you can choose from the most trustworthy and reputable AC Repair businesses within the region. We provide complete information on every AC repair service, such as their qualifications, experience reviews, contact info, and much more. This can help consumers make an informed choice in selecting the right AC company to service their AC.

AC Repair CompaniesScore
Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists4.7
Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.4.6
All Weather Heating & Cooling4.8
Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC5.0
Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration4.6
Air Pros – Ocala4.5
Max-Air Heating & Air Conditioning4.6
Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating4.7
Ponds Heating & Cooling4.9

Here Are Some Local Options:

Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists

Cook's Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists
Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists

Located at: 1713 E Silver Springs Blvd suite 1-a, Ocala, FL 34470

Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists located in Ocala FL provide high-quality service and superior quality for customers. With decades in the business, Cook’s experts are well-versed in every aspect of heating and air conditioning repair and installation. They provide outstanding customer service that is personalized with a personal service that makes their clients feel respected, confident, and relaxed.

The experts at Cook’s are knowledgeable about the latest technology in commercial and residential AC systems. The technicians at Cook’s have the experience to take care of all aspects of maintenance from simple to more complex repairs, making sure that each task is efficiently and correctly completed. In addition to having the most up-to-date information about HVAC technological advances, their technicians try to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the field so that they can provide the highest quality service that they can.

Cook’s always put safety first and uses the most modern equipment to ensure the safety of all of their clients. They also keep an eye check on the latest industry regulations and standards to ensure that they’re in compliance with local laws and rules and regulations. This level of attention to detail assures that their customers get top-quality service without putting their personal property in danger.

In the end, Cook’s Air conditioning and Heating Specialists in Ocala FL are dedicated to providing excellent value for the price. Their services are reasonably priced and are designed to meet budget requirements, without losing quality or efficiency. They also provide financing options, such as extended warranties as well as maintenance packages to allow customers to select the best plan of service for their specific needs. With Cook’s customers, you can be assured that they’re getting the most for their budget.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.
Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.

Located at: 530 NE 14th St, Ocala, FL 34470

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. located in Ocala Florida is a renowned air conditioning company that provides exceptional value and excellent customer service for any air conditioning requirements. With more than 30 years of expertise in the field, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. has gained the knowledge and experience to provide high-quality AC repairs and installations that provide top-quality customer service at affordable prices.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is a specialist in both commercial and residential HVAC systems of all kinds and complexity. The comprehensive AC service includes new installations and replacement parts, renovations, and maintenance services that are designed to the individual customer’s demands. The highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are specifically designed to provide the highest level of efficiency, safety, and customer service.

For those looking for quality AC services that are reliable in Ocala Florida, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is an excellent option. In addition to providing top-quality products and services that are priced competitively but they go above and beyond simply meeting customer expectations. They make sure that their employees are constantly learning about the most recent technologies in the market in order to better serve their clients. If you require repairs or the installation or replacement of your HVAC unit Sun Kool Air Conditioning Inc.’s team is able to provide complete solutions to meet your requirements and budgetary requirements.

Alongside their top-quality AC maintenance and repair services Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. also provides an array of indoor air top-quality solutions for indoor air quality. They include humidifiers, air purification systems dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and many more. Each product is specifically designed to keep your home’s air healthy and clean while eliminating airborne allergens and pollutants. Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. also offers customers assistance throughout the entire process to ensure that the services they offer meet with customer satisfaction.

Experienced for years in providing top-quality air conditioning services in Ocala Florida, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is the ideal option for anyone searching for trustworthy AC repairs and services at affordable costs. Their experienced technicians provide excellent customer service, as well as top-quality, professional HVAC services, as well as indoor air top-quality solutions. With a commitment to customer service, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is the ideal option for all of your cooling needs.

All Weather Heating & Cooling

All Weather Heating & Cooling
All Weather Heating & Cooling

Located at: 710 NE 17th Pl, Ocala, FL 34470

All Weather Heating & Cooling located in Ocala, Florida is an excellent heating and cooling supplier. Their skilled team of technicians provides reliable services to commercial and residential customers. They are able to repair, install or maintain any kind of HVAC system, including the most well-known brands which include Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Ruud, and more. All Weather Heating & Cooling can also provide installation for high-efficiency HVAC systems made to save consumers cash on their energy bills.

The staff of All Weather Heating & Cooling know how vital comfort is to their customers’ overall quality of life. So, each technician is required to complete intensive training and certification courses to ensure they’re equipped to offer the best level of service. They employ the most advanced technology and techniques to detect issues and offer effective solutions that last for many years. All Weather Heating & Cooling provides 24/7 emergency service so customers don’t need to wait for days or even weeks for assistance when their system fails during the summer or winter.

Another reason to consider hiring All Weather Heating & Cooling is that they provide affordable pricing and financing. The experts at All Weather Heating & Cooling can accommodate any budget, be it for the installation of a brand-new system or repair work. They also provide valuable maintenance contracts that keep the system operating efficiently throughout the year which can lessen the necessity for expensive repairs in the near future. In addition to this, the knowledgeable staff at the company is always on hand to help with any questions that customers may have regarding the HVAC system they use.

All Weather Heating and Cooling’s dedication to providing top-quality service is evident from the satisfaction of its current customers. Their staff members are highly educated professionals, knowledgeable and courteous constantly striving to deliver excellent customer service. That’s the reason why many Ocala residents turn to All Weather Heating & Cooling whenever they require assistance with their cooling or heating system. With reliable services at affordable prices, All Weather Heating & Cooling is the ideal option for anyone in need of efficient and affordable HVAC service within the Ocala region.

Coast To Coast Heating & Air, LLC

Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC
Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC

Located at: 3315 SW 13th St Unit 205, Ocala, FL 34474

Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC located in Ocala FL is the best company for all of your heating and air conditioning requirements. With top-quality customer service and high-end products, their staff is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are pleased with their work. Their aim is to offer reliable and effective solutions for every business or homeowner’s requirement.

The staff working at Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC is well-educated and skilled in the field. They are proud to stay up to date with the latest developments in technology while also providing excellent services. They also offer an array of energy-efficient cooling and heating units with long-lasting warranties so clients can rest in assurance when they make a decision.

Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC provides excellent customer service. They help clients with any budget to ensure that they have the most efficient system for their requirements. The staff is always on hand to answer any questions or provide valuable advice in regard to selecting the appropriate product. With a group of highly experienced experts, customers can be confident that they’re in the best hand with Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC.

The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in terms of security and quality assurance. They only employ certified technicians who have completed rigorous training to provide the finest service possible. Additionally, all of their products comply with or exceed the standards of the industry and ensure that the installation is safe and long-lastingly efficient.

If you’re searching for experienced and trustworthy HVAC services, Coast to Coast Heating & Air, LLC located in Ocala FL is the first option. Their skilled staff, high-quality products, and dedication to customer satisfaction make Coast to Coast Heating & Air the ideal partner for every home or business owner’s requirements.

Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration

Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration
Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration

Located at: 1619 N Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34475

Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration located in Ocala, Florida is a one-stop shop for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements. In the middle of Central Florida, the family-owned and operated company is providing top-quality HVAC services to customers since 1974. With a team of skilled engineers, technicians, and technicians, Allan & Rogers provides complete solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial customers to ensure longevity of comfort, and effectiveness.

Technicians at Allan & Rogers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience handling all aspects of HVAC repair and installation. They utilize the most recent technology to pinpoint issues quickly and precisely. This guarantees that repairs are completed right the first time and that any future issues can be prevented. Technicians also provide preventative maintenance services to ensure that HVAC systems are in good working order so that clients benefit from their investment.

Allan & Rogers A/C & Refrigeration provides the most excellent customer service within Ocala, Florida. The team is available 24 hours every day for emergencies and repairs. Additionally, they offer friendly and efficient assistance to customers with queries or require assistance with the latest HVAC projects. Customers can also enjoy affordable prices for repairs and services, in addition to discounts on certain items.

Air Pros

Air Pros - Ocala
Air Pros

Located at: 7355 SW 38th St Suite 803, Ocala, FL 34474

Air Pros in Ocala, FL is a leading provider of heating and air conditioning services. With years and years of expertise, the staff of Air Pros has been helping clients with their residential and commercial heating and air conditioning requirements for long periods of time. They have built relations with the most reliable manufacturers to ensure their customers receive the best quality products at affordable costs. Their technicians are well-trained in all kinds of HVAC systems. They are able to identify any problem and offer quick and efficient solutions.

In Air Pros, customer service is always the top priority. Staff members are knowledgeable about the various aspects of heating and air conditioning systems. They take pride in offering exceptional customer service and top-quality work every time. They provide free consultations to assist customers in making an informed decision about the best solution for their particular circumstances. Customers can also count upon Air Pros for maintenance and repair services to extend the lifespan of the HVAC unit, and keep it operating smoothly.

Air Pros specializes in energy-efficient upgrades like high-efficiency systems and thermostats that can be programmed to cut down on monthly utility costs, but also help the environment. In addition, Air Pros offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, meaning that if a customer is not happy with their new gadget it will be replaced or repaired it at no cost.

From installation to repair, Air Pros in Ocala, FL is a great option for those looking for high-quality heating and air conditioning services. Their staff is knowledgeable of their field and strives to offer the highest quality service to their customers. With a dedication to energy-efficient upgrades, competitive pricing, and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction, Air Pros is sure to meet your expectations each time.

Max-Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Max-Air Heating & Air Conditioning
Max-Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Located at: 2501 SW 57th Ave Suite #702, Ocala, FL 34474

Max-Air Heating & Air Conditioning in Ocala, FL is the best option for those looking to upgrade their heating or cooling systems. They provide top-quality services performed by highly skilled experts who are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. No matter if you’re searching for the complete replacement of your heating system or an easy repair, Max-Air can do everything!

Max-Air provides competitive rates on all of its services, to ensure that customers get the most value for their dollars. Whatever heating or cooling problem you are facing at your office or at home They have the expertise and know-how to resolve it swiftly and efficiently. Their technicians will spend the time to determine the cause of any issue and recommend the most suitable solution.

The commitment of the company to customer happiness is unparalleled. They do not reduce costs or sacrifice quality and will ensure that each job is done correctly every time. They also offer extended warranties on their services and products which means you can rest secure you’ll be able to rest assured that the HVAC unit will work correctly for the years to come.

Max-Air Heating and Air Conditioning located in Ocala, FL provides reliable service that is backed by the conveniences of home. Their skilled technicians are waiting to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your cooling and heating needs, regardless of the size or scope of the task may be. With reasonable rates, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a long-lasting guarantee on all of their items, be sure to know that the HVAC installation will be handled efficiently and efficient manner. If you want top-quality service and high-quality heating and cooling solutions choose Max-Air Heating and Air Conditioning.

Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating

Bill Duncan's Air Conditioning & Heating
Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating

Located at: 4025 SE 45th Ct, Ocala, FL 34480

Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating has been offering Ocala residents Ocala FL reliable and high-quality services since 2002. With an experience totaling more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Bill Duncan and his team of skilled technicians have earned the status of being among the top reliable names in heating and air conditioning repairs in Ocala. From installation to repairs and maintenance, Bill Duncan’s is top-quality services that guarantee their clients that their systems will continue to function in peak condition all year long.

Working in partnership with the Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating, customers can rest assured that they’ll receive the highest quality service and top-quality materials. Every employee is a certified HVAC technician who stays current on the most recent technology and advancements in the industry. The team is also dedicated to providing customized solutions to the particular requirements of each customer to ensure it can be sure that your AC or heating system functions at the highest efficiency possible.

Alongside providing top-quality service Bill Duncan’s also goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are safe throughout the process. The company is licensed insured, bonded, and bonded and provides guarantees on all parts and work performed. They also offer 24-hour emergency repair services to ensure that any issues are addressed efficiently and quickly.

For those seeking for an honest HVAC and air conditioning contractor in Ocala Florida Bill Duncan’s Air Conditioning & Heating is the best option. With their years of knowledge and commitment to top-quality work, clients can be certain they will operate smoothly and effectively for the years to be.

Ponds Heating & Cooling

Ponds Heating & Cooling
Ponds Heating & Cooling

Located at: 2130 SW 7th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

Ponds Heating & Cooling is a quality AC repair company in Ocala, FL, that has been serving the community for more than 25 years. Their family-owned and operated business takes pride in the quality of their work and customer service. They have a team of highly-trained and experienced technicians who are skilled in all aspects of AC maintenance and repair. They provide a variety of services, including AC repair and maintenance for residential and commercial properties, as well as ductwork cleaning and replacement. Ponds Heating & Cooling strives to provide the best service possible at the most reasonable prices.

Ponds Heating & Cooling offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all their services. They will fix any problem you have with their work if they don’t meet your expectations. You can also get a second opinion free of charge for any major repairs. This is another way they show their commitment to their customers. Ponds Heating & Cooling is available to repair your AC in Ocala, FL. Their customer service and quality work will not disappoint. Call them today for a complimentary consultation.

Climate Changer Air Conditioning

Climate Changer Air Conditioning LLC
Climate Changer Air Conditioning

Located at: 6571 NE 2nd St, Ocala, FL 34470

You want to be sure that you are working with a reliable and trustworthy company when it comes to AC repairs. Climate Changer Air Conditioning is a reputable company with over 10 years experience in the field. You can be sure they are knowledgeable. You can also expect great customer service and personal attention from them as they are a family-owned and operated business. You can get a free estimate so that you know what the cost of repairs will be before you commit to anything.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with the work. They are licensed and insured to protect you and they are available 24 hours a day for emergency calls. You can also get financing to make repairs more affordable. You can rest assured that the repair will be completed correctly the first time because they use the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

Do I Need A AC Repair Company

Ocala FL homes can get hot, particularly during the summer months. This is the reason why air conditioning repair services located in Ocala FL are essential for making your home comfortably cool. If they do not maintain their systems regularly, AC systems may not perform as they should and could be costly to fix.

There are numerous reasons why homeowners may need to contact an AC Repair Company in Ocala FL. The most common reason is that the AC unit isn’t functioning or isn’t operating like it once did. If the unit is leaky or making odd sounds, they may be indications of deeper problems that require expert attention. A trained technician will be able to identify and resolve the issue swiftly and efficiently so homeowners do not have to go through prolonged periods of uncomfortable temperatures.

Another reason that people contact AC Repair Companies in Ocala FL is to lower their energy consumption. A unit that isn’t efficient can use up an enormous amount of energy and cash in the event that it’s not maintained properly and maintained regularly. A skilled technician will inspect the system and ensure that it’s functioning as efficiently as it can and can help homeowners cut costs on their monthly bills.

In the end, many opt to contact an AC Repair Company in Ocala FL for preventative maintenance. Regularly scheduled inspections and cleanings can keep an AC running efficiently and help identify any potential issues before they get out of control. This will help prevent costly repairs in the future and makes sure that homeowners enjoy cool air when they require the most. Working with a reliable AC Repair Company in Ocala Florida, homeowners can be sure that the systems are operating smoothly and efficiently all through the year.

Things To Consider

In Ocala Florida, there are numerous AC repair firms that provide their services. Before you decide on which to fix your AC it is crucial to think about a few factors.

Before all else, verify the credibility of the company. It is best to select an AC repair service that is insured and licensed. This ensures that you’re covered from any damage or accidents caused during the repair. It’s recommended to read reviews from customers and request references from others who have had their services before.

Then, think about the price of the services. Different companies might have different prices, so it’s important to look at the costs before making a final decision. Be sure to inquire about any additional costs that could be added to your overall cost of the service. This will allow you to budget for the work and ensure that there aren’t any unexpected costs.

Thirdly, ask about the kind of service provided by the AC repair service. Certain companies specialize in different kinds of repairs, therefore it is crucial to make sure that they are able to handle the type of repair that you require. Also, inquire whether repairs will last, and what types of warranties they offer should something go wrong.

It is also important to get an estimate in writing prior to making a decision to hire an AC repair service located in Ocala FL. This will make sure that there aren’t any unanticipated costs or unexpected expenses in the repair process. Additionally having a written estimate can give you the peace of mind that the business is trustworthy and reliable. With all the necessary information in your possession, you will be secure in your choice to engage an AC repair service located in Ocala Florida.

Lets Get To Work

Ocala, Florida is home to some of the best AC repair businesses in the area. These experts offer a wide range of services to assist local residents in getting their AC back up and running quickly and efficiently. From simple maintenance to complicated repair and replacement, they’re equipped with the experience and equipment needed to maintain your AC unit running at peak performance throughout the year.

The skilled technicians of the Ocala AC repair businesses are highly knowledgeable of the latest technological advancements and standards which gives them an advantage when it comes to diagnosing and fixing all kinds of problems that might be a problem for your AC system. They are able to access an extensive supply of equipment, parts, and other equipment which means they are able to finish the job right the first time.

In addition to their knowledge and expertise, they also have a wealth of experience. AC repair businesses in Ocala are also known for offering top-quality customer service. They recognize that not all people are an expert in AC systems, which is why they make sure to explain the process in a manner that is simple for their customers to comprehend. They also provide flexible scheduling options and payment plans that make getting your AC system serviced as simple and as stress-free as possible. Here are the best AC repair companies in Ocala, FL

People Also Asked…

Why Do I Need To Repair My AC?

It could be that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. In high temperatures, a broken air conditioner can cause severe discomfort. Your home will feel uncomfortable due to the heat, and your air conditioner could be at risk.

You should repair your air conditioner instead of replacing it completely. Repairs are often cheaper than purchasing a new unit. If your AC is fairly new, you may still have a warranty. Many warranties include labor and parts for AC repairs. Even if your AC has an older model, a repair can extend its life expectancy.

There are situations where it is more practical to replace an air conditioner than repair it. Replacement is likely to be a better option if the unit is old and inefficient. If the AC requires major repairs that are prohibitively costly, replacement might be the best choice.

It’s a good idea for you to talk to a certified HVAC technician if you are unsure whether your air conditioner should be repaired or replaced. They will assess your unit’s condition and help you make the right decision for your home.

How Often Does My AC Require Maintenance?

You may notice your AC not working as well as before the heat. It’s possible to wonder if your AC needs to be repaired or if there are preventive maintenance steps you can take to ensure that your AC runs smoothly throughout the summer.

A few indicators that your AC unit needs maintenance or repair are:

1. The unit isn’t cooling the house as efficiently as it used too

2. The unit makes strange sounds

3. Leakage from the unit

4. The electric bill has risen suddenly

It is best to contact a professional AC repair service company immediately if you are experiencing any of these problems. They can diagnose the problem and recommend the best course.

Is It Okay To Have The AC On Throughout The Day?

As long as the AC is not turned too low, it’s fine. It might be worth turning up the temperature during the day and turning it down at night to get into bed. This will save you money on your energy bills while still keeping you comfortable. You should make sure that your AC unit and home are well-insulated. A professional AC repair company is the best option if you have concerns. They will inspect the unit and ensure that everything works properly.

Many people think that leaving the AC on 24/7 will cause an increase in their electricity bills. However, this is not the case. Setting the AC too low will cause your AC to use more energy, so it is important to find a balance. You can increase the temperature during the day to offset the cooling costs at night. A programmable thermostat is an option if you are still concerned about your energy bills. You can set different temperatures at different times of the day so that you aren’t wasting energy.

It is especially important to have your AC unit on 24/7 if you live in extreme heat or cold. This will ensure your home stays comfortable all year. You might consider installing a whole-house fan in certain cases. This will circulate the air, and help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It is always a good idea to speak with a professional before you make any major changes to your AC unit.

It’s fine to keep your AC on throughout the day. If you are concerned about your energy bills, make sure that the thermostat is set to the right temperature and get a programmable thermostat. Make sure that your AC unit and home are well-insulated. Don’t hesitate to call a professional AC repair service if you have any questions. They will be able to help you troubleshoot issues and make sure your AC unit runs properly.

When Is It Best To Call An AC Repair Company?

When it comes to your cooling system, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s best that you call an AC to repair professional immediately if your AC unit makes strange or unusual noises, or starts acting up in other ways. You can be sure that an AC repair company will be available to you at any hour of the day or night.

You might also want to contact an AC repair company if you see any other signs. If your AC unit is not cooling your home as efficiently as it used, this could indicate that something is wrong. If your energy bills keep rising even though your AC unit isn’t being used as much, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

It’s best to be cautious if you are unsure whether you should call an AC repair service. It’s better for someone to come and inspect your AC unit than to wait until there’s too much damage and your home becomes unbearably hot. You can prevent potential problems from happening and keep your AC unit in top condition for many years.

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