10 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Ocala FL

September 13, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
10 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Ocala FL

Our site is the most reliable resource for finding the best Assisted Living Facilities in Ocala FL, as we offer comprehensive and honest reviews of each facility. Our list is based on a comprehensive analysis of every establishment, taking into consideration elements like the high-quality of care, the amenities provided as well as safety, health standards, feedback from customers, among others. Furthermore, our website offers users easy access to pertinent information, including photos and videos, as well as maps so that visitors can make informed choices about the assisted living facility to select. 

We keep updating our database with fresh information so that our users have access to the most current details on Assisted Living Facilities in Ocala Florida. Our commitment to provide reliable and accurate information makes us the leading source of information for choosing the ideal assisted living facilities in Ocala Florida. If you’re searching for the most effective Assisted Care Facilities for seniors in Ocala Florida, our website is the best resource for information as well as help. With our thorough reviews, personalized recommendations along with up-to-date information, useful tools and resources to help people find the right facility to satisfy their requirements with confidence.

Assisted living facilitiesscore
The Windsor of Ocala4.4
Hampton Manor Assisted Living at 24th Road4.4
Brookdale Paddock Hills3.4
The Bridge at Ocala4.8
Camelot Chateau Assisted Living3.9
Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle4.5
Change of Pace Assisted Living4.8
Hampton Manor Deerwood4.3
Superior Residences at Cala Hills3.8
A Cottage Called Home, LLC.5.0

Here are some local options:

The Windsor of Ocala

The Windsor of Ocala

Located at: 2650 SE 18th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

For many reasons, The Windsor of Ocala is a respected local assisted living facility. The Windsor of Ocala is a local assisted living facility that has been serving Ocala for more than 20 years. Their staff is well-trained and experienced in providing high-quality care for their residents. 

Second, Windsor of Ocala continues to innovate and improve its services to better serve its residents. They provide a variety of amenities and services, including transportation and security, as well as daily activities and safety. 

Third, The Windsor at Ocala strives to provide a warm and inviting environment for all residents. They go the extra mile to ensure that everyone feels at home. The Windsor of Ocala is an assisted living facility you can trust.

Hampton Manor Assisted Living at 24th Road

Hampton Manor Assisted Living at 24th Road

Located at: 1500 SE 24th Rd, Ocala, FL 34471

Hampton Manor Assisted Living is a trusted local facility for assisted living. They are professional and work hard to make sure that their residents feel comfortable and happy.

You will find a wide range of amenities and services offered by them, such as laundry and housekeeping, transportation to appointments and outings, and a variety of social and recreational activities. The facility is also conveniently located near restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Hampton Manor Assisted Living at 24th Road is a great choice for anyone looking to find an assisted living facility.

Brookdale Paddock Hills

Brookdale Paddock Hills

Located at: 1601 SE 24th Rd, Ocala, FL 34471

Brookdale Paddock Hills is a respected local assisted living facility due to the high-quality care they provide its residents. Brookdale Paddock Hills’ staff is highly skilled and aware of providing senior care. 

Brookdale Paddock Hills has a reputation for being well-maintained and clean, as well as providing a comfortable and safe environment for residents. It has a lovely campus and is close to shopping, dining, entertainment, and other attractions.

It also provides a variety of services and amenities to residents. These include 24-hour security, laundry and cleaning services, transportation, and more. Brookdale Paddock Hills is an assisted living facility that will provide the best quality care and service.

The Bridge at Ocala

The Bridge at Ocala

Located at: 2800 SW 41st St, Ocala, FL 34474

Bridge at Ocala is an assisted living facility where you can trust your loved ones. Their staff is highly skilled and experienced in the care of the elderly and offers a variety of services to suit the needs of their residents. Their residents are provided with a safe environment and activities that keep them engaged and active. 

They offer transportation to and from the facility, which is conveniently located. They accept Medicare and Medicaid and offer financing options that make their services affordable to everyone. For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact them today.

Camelot Chateau Assisted Living

Best Neighborhoods in Ocala - camelot chateau assisted living

Located at: 1831 SE Lake Weir Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

Camelot Chateau Assisted Living is a local trusted facility that provides quality senior care. They have a dedicated staff that is skilled and committed to providing the best care possible for their residents. Camelot Chateau Assisted Living is accredited by The Joint Commission. This approval means the facility meets strict standards of quality and safety. Also, it offers a wide variety of services to its residents. These services include skilled nursing, occupational therapy, social services, and more. It is near to shops, restaurants, and many other amenities. 

Camelot Chateau Assisted Living is affordable, residents can choose from a range of payment options to make their care more affordable. Also, it provides a warm, welcoming environment for residents. It provides a beauty salon and a library.

Their staff is friendly and willing to assist residents with any issues they may have. For all these reasons Camelot Chateau Assisted Living is a local trusted facility that provides the highest quality care to its residents. 

Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle

Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle

Located at: 1801 SE 24th Rd, Ocala, FL 34471

Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle is the assisted living facility you want in Ocala, FL. There are many reasons why Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle is the right choice. They have a strong reputation for providing high-quality care to its residents. Its commitment to excellence is also evident in its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. 

Their staff are highly skilled and have years of experience in providing high-quality assisted living services. Their services are tailored to each resident’s needs. They offer assistance in daily living and social and recreational activities. Brookdale Chambrel Pinecastle is a local provider of high-quality care. Get in touch with them today to find out more about how they can help you or your loved ones. 

Change of Pace Assisted Living

Change of Pace Assisted Living
Change of Pace Assisted Living

Located at: 1715 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470

Change of Pace Assisted Living is a respected local facility for assisted living. Its compassionate staff, modern facilities, and commitment to quality care make it a reliable choice. Their staff has years of experience with seniors and is dedicated to ensuring that each resident lives a happy, healthy life. They offer many amenities and services that make seniors feel at home. 

They are dedicated to providing the best care possible for its residents and their families. They are sensitive to the needs of seniors and work hard to provide the best care possible. They hope that you’ll consider Change of Pace assisted living in Ocala FL if you’re looking for an established local facility. 

Hampton Manor Deerwood

Hampton Manor Deerwood

Located at: 1810 SE 16th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

Hampton Manor Deerwood, a local assisted living facility in Ocala Florida, has been providing high-quality care for seniors for many years. Hampton Manor Deerwood’s staff is caring and experienced. They work hard to make sure each resident gets the personalized care and attention that they require. It is comfortable and clean, with a wide range of services and amenities that make life easier for both residents and their families. 

Hampton Manor Deerwood takes pride in providing the highest quality care to its residents. This commitment is evident in all they do. Hampton Manor Deerwood is the right choice for you if you’re looking for assisted living facilities that will provide the care your loved one needs.

Superior Residences at Cala Hills

Superior Residences at Cala Hills

Located at: 2300 SW 21st Cir, Ocala, FL 34471

Superior Residences at Cala Hills, Ocala FL, is a trusted local assisted-living facility. Two reasons are why: Superior Residences at Cala Hills is a well-respected property. Locals know this is a place where loved ones are well-cared. The staff is known for being professional, kind, and compassionate. 

Second, is well-known for its high-quality amenities and services. The residents enjoy beautiful surroundings and comfortable accommodations as well as a variety of events and activities. It is a place where seniors can live their best years. Superior Residences at Cala Hills, an assisted living facility located in Ocala FL is a great choice.

A Cottage Called Home, LLC.

A Cottage Called Home, LLC.

Located at: 3509 SW 34th Ave Cir, Ocala, FL 34474

A Cottage Called Home, LLC. is a local trusted assisted living facility in Ocala FL. They have been providing high-quality care for their residents for many decades. They are compassionate and experienced and work hard to ensure that every resident is safe and comfortable in their home.

They provide a range of amenities and services that meet the needs of residents. They are available to answer questions and concerns. A Cottage Called Home, LLC. This is the ideal choice for people who want to provide a loving and supportive environment for their loved one.

Do I need an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities located in Ocala, FL provide seniors with the perfect balance of independence and care. If you can no longer be independent or require more help than friends and family can provide assisted living facilities can provide a safe and comfortable setting that can meet the needs of all residents. The skilled staff is available 24/7 for supervision and assistance in everyday activities like washing, dressing, grooming and medication management. Residents also enjoy meals that are customized to their individual dietary requirements and preferences. 

Furthermore, these communities offer numerous recreational activities, such as arts and crafts classes, outdoor activities as well as music as well as fitness programs. Additionally, they offer transportation for medical appointments as well as errands. Assisted living facilities located in Ocala, FL also provide an array of emotional and social assistance services, including counseling and activities for groups. This kind of environment provides seniors with the chance to develop connections with their peers and live a more fulfilling life. With all of these advantages assisted living facilities can be a valuable source for people who require help with their daily chores and still maintain their independence.

Things to Consider

If you’re thinking about moving to an assisted living facility in Ocala Florida There are a lot of important aspects to take into consideration.

Location: Take into consideration how close you are to your family members, friends, and medical services. A lot of assisted living facilities provide transportation services for people who require it, but it’s vital to consider how far the facility is from outside sources.

Amenities: Apart from the basic needs of housing, such as dishes, housekeeping, and laundry service, search for facilities that will make your life more pleasant, like on-site activities , transportation or even transportation.

Price: Make sure that you know all the costs associated with making an important decision. Find out about deposits and any additional costs that might be applicable.

Licensing: Search for the assisted-living facility that has been accredited from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). The AHCA is accountable for making sure that all facilities in the state comply with specific criteria and standards.

Staffing: Find out about the qualifications of staff and the number of caregivers working at any given moment. It is important to be aware that there are enough qualified specialists to help residents meet their everyday requirements.

Security: Check that security measures are in place, for instance cameras, alarm systems, or other devices that ensure the safety of residents.

It is also essential to visit the facility prior to making a final decision to have a feel for the setting. It should be the kind of place that you or someone you love will feel comfortable in. When you take the time to study and review senior living options located in Ocala, FL, you can make an educated decision which is the best for you and your loved ones.

Give Us A Call

Ocala, FL has a number of assisted living facilities that can meet the requirements of those in need of additional assistance and assistance in their everyday lives. From lavish living spaces with a variety of amenities to less expensive facilities that provide everything you need, Ocala has something for all.

This city’s home is to a variety of assisted living facilities that have been awarded with awards and provide modern comforts as well as traditional hospitality. These luxurious residences are designed to provide seniors with the best level of independence, while also providing assistance with medication and other tasks required. A lot of them also host regular events and outings to keep residents entertained and involved. Some even offer transportation services for excursions when needed.

The luxurious properties are run by caring caregivers who pride themselves on providing the best services. They are trained in providing high-quality care and can be reached to address any concerns or questions that might arise. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, Ocala also houses several less well-known but still quality assisted living centers. These facilities offer comfortable living that have access to all essential amenities for everyday life, while offering assistance to residents whenever needed.

Whatever your budget, Ocala FL has excellent Assisted Living Facilities to cater to your needs. From luxury settings with state of the technology to less expensively priced options that have all the essentials covered You’ll find everything you’re looking for in this town. With its top-of-the-line service and meticulous attention to detail You can rest assured that your loved ones are safe when you choose the assisted living facilities in Ocala.

If you or someone else in your family is looking for top-of-the-line Assisted Living Facilities within the Ocala region Look at no further. There is something for all, from lavish homes to affordable alternatives that offer the personal care and attention to your loved ones that you deserve. With caring staff and top quality services at every place, it’s easy to find the right fit for your requirements.

People Also Asked…

What is the average cost of assisted living in Ocala FL?

Ocala’s average cost for assisted living is $2,500 per month. This number may vary depending on which facility is used and what level of care is needed. Some assisted living facilities have private rooms, while others offer only shared rooms. The level of care needed can differ from one person to another.

You must speak to an assisted living facility to get a better idea of the cost of care. Many assisted living facilities provide a range of services and amenities that can make the cost of care more affordable. Many facilities provide transportation, meals, and other activities to help keep costs down. While assisted living costs will vary depending upon a variety of factors, it is generally less expensive than other long-term care. 

Does the state of Florida pay for assisted living?

The short answer to this question is that assisted living is not covered by the state of Florida. Although many programs offer financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay for assisted living, the state doesn’t have one.

One option is to contact the Department of Elder Affairs. They offer a variety of programs and services for seniors, including one that covers the cost of assisted living. The Area Agencies on Aging also offer financial assistance. Also, private institutions can provide financial assistance for assisted living.

Does Florida allow Medicaid to pay for assisted living?

Yes, Medicaid in Florida can pay for assisted living. This is through the Aged Disabled Adult Waiver. This waiver covers services that allow people to remain at home or return to their homes after they have been admitted to a nursing facility. 
The waiver covers personal care, homemaker, respite, and transportation services. 

The waiver is only available to people who are 65 years old or older or have a disability that makes it difficult for them to live independently. The Florida Department of Elder Affairs website has more information on the Aged and Disabled adult waiver.

How is most assisted living care usually paid for?

There are many ways to pay for assisted living. Private pay is a common way to pay for assisted living care. This involves the family paying out of their own pocket. Long-term care insurance can also be an option, which can cover some of the costs associated with assisted living.

Many states also have programs that provide financial assistance to those who are unable to pay for their care. Although Medicaid is one program that may be able to provide assistance, each state has its own eligibility requirements. The best way to pay for assisted living care is dependent on each individual’s situation. 

Private pay is the most popular method of payment. This means that either the person or their family pays for the care out of pocket. Private pay is preferred by many families because they have greater control over the care their loved ones receive. Private pay can also be used to cover extra costs not covered by insurance, such as transportation and activities. This insurance helps to cover long-term care costs, including assisted living. There are many policies that have a waiting period before benefits start, so plan ahead if this is something you might need.

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