10 Best Bathroom Remodeling Companies In Ocala FL

September 20, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
10 Best Bathroom Remodeling Companies In Ocala FL

Our website is the best place to find information on the best bathroom remodeling companies in Ocala FL. We take the time to vet every company we feature on this website. We only feature the best of the best. We provide detailed information on each company as well as thorough research. You will find a brief overview of the company as well as a list of services and easy access to client reviews. This will allow you to make an educated decision about which company is best for you.

We also offer access to reviews and customer ratings so customers can read the honest reviews from former customers. It allows clients to view what other customers have said about their experience with a remodeling business and help them make more informed choices about the contractor they choose to work with. Our website also includes an estimate tool for costs which gives users an estimate of how much their project will cost and assists to budget according to their needs.

Our website is the most reliable source of data for finding the best bathroom remodeling companies in Ocala FL since it has detailed information about every contractor as well as cost estimation tools and reviews from customers. This makes it easier for customers to locate skilled professionals at reasonable costs who are capable of providing exceptional results. Furthermore, we ensure that the contractors  on our list are insured and licensed to ensure that customers know they’ll receive the highest quality service. With all of these advantages you’ll see why our website is the best source for the best bathroom remodelers in Ocala FL.

Bathroom Remodeling CompanyScore
Ocala Baths, LLC5.0
Renew Kitchen & Bath Design LLC4.4
FL Bath & Remodel LLC4.8
Bath Fitter Ocala4.4
Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala)4.6
Cove Construction Inc.4.7
West Shore Home4.6
Refinishing Surface Sparkle4.4
Excalibur Kitchen & Bath3.9
Stone Rise Renovations4.9

These are some local options:

Ocala Baths, LLC

Ocala Baths, LLC
Ocala Baths, LLC

Located at: 237 NE 9th St UNIT101, Ocala FL 34470

Ocala Baths, LLC in Ocala FL is the best option for those who want to upgrade their bathroom. With more than thirty years experience, and desire for giving top-quality customer service and quality, you can be assured that your renovation will be finished with top quality. They provide a variety of services, from complete bathroom remodels as well as custom tile work to more basic improvements like vanity and shower replacements. Their experienced staff will help you choose fixtures that are both visually appealing and practical so that you have a stunning bathroom that will meet the requirements of.

Alongside excellent service and top-quality craftsmanship, Ocala Baths also offers affordable prices for all budgets. They realize that cost is a significant aspect when it comes to home renovation projects and work to give their customers the most value for their budget. They also provide a range of financing options to allow you to have the bathroom you’ve always wanted without having to spend a lot of money.

When you partner with Ocala Baths LLC located in Ocala FL and you’ll be able to rest assured that your bathroom renovation will be finished quickly and professionally. The team’s experience is committed to ensuring that each project is completed correctly first time, ensuring that you can have a stunning and functional bathroom that you can be proud of for many years to remain. If you’re seeking for the complete renovation or just a few changes, you can be sure Ocala Baths will deliver.

Renew Kitchen & Bath Design LLC

Renew Kitchen & Bath Design LLC
Renew Kitchen & Bath Design LLC

Located at: 1301 SW 37th Ave #09, Ocala FL 34474

Renew Kitchen & Bath Design LLC is a local trusted bathroom remodeling company. They have provided high-quality bathroom remodeling services for homeowners in the region for a long time. They strive to provide the best service possible. Their expertise and experience set them apart from other businesses.

They offer many services including bathroom remodels, custom tubs and showers, tile work and countertops as well as cabinets, cabinets, and fixtures. They will create a space you love and will work hard to make it a reality.

FL Bath & Remodel LLC

FL Bath & Remodel LLC
FL Bath & Remodel LLC

Locate at: not available

FL Bath & Remodel LLC take great pride in their work and customer service. They provide a variety of services to suit your needs. They will work with your budget to create a design that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Their experienced technicians will ensure that your bathroom looks great and is done correctly.

Although bathroom remodeling can seem daunting, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. FL Bath & Remodel LLC will ensure that every detail is taken care of. They will only use high-quality materials to ensure your bathroom looks great.

Bath Fitter Ocala

Bath Fitter Ocala
Bath Fitter Ocala

Located at: 2600 SE 1st Ave., Ocala FL 34471

Bath Fitter Ocala located in Ocala Florida is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to revamp their bathroom. They not only specialize in bathroom renovations, the staff of Bath Fitter can also provide many services like bathtub replacement shower installation, tub to shower conversions, and so on. With more than thirty years experience in the field, their expertly skilled professionals are committed to providing customers with top quality services and products that are guaranteed to last for many years to come.

When you pick Bath Fitter Ocala, you are guaranteed to be receiving the most effective results from your bathroom remodel project. The team is well-versed about every aspect of bathroom design and construction to ensure that each project is executed with precision and attention to detail. Bath Fitter Ocala also offers various products from some of the top manufacturers, such as Acryline, Delta, American Standard and other brands. The top-quality products are made to be durable and elegant, so your bathroom will look great for many years to remain.

Alongside their excellent service and high-quality product, rest assured they will Bath Fitter Ocala will always provide what they say. With a long-standing track record of happy clients, your project will be completed in time and on budget. In addition, the team is always available if there are any issues that arise either during or after the remodeling process. So, if you’re in search of a reliable bathroom remodel service within Ocala FL, then go with Bath Fitter Ocala and let them help you design the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala)

Straight Line Construction - Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala)
Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala)

Located at: 3101 SW 34th Ave #101 Ocala FL 34474

Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala) located in Ocala FL is the ideal option for those looking to upgrade or renovate their kitchen or bathroom. With a team of experienced skilled contractors, they are experts in every aspect of bathroom and kitchen remodeling. From customizing cabinets, countertops and fixtures to create a unique design that expresses your individual design and preferences, Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala) will assist you all the way to ensure you’re satisfied. They’re committed to providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

The company provides free estimates for each project so that you can evaluate costs prior to the project and be aware of what you can expect from beginning to end. They also assure the highest quality of their materials and craftsmanship in every project, which means you’ll be able to rest assured that your bathroom or kitchen will look stunning and last for decades to remain. With their remodel specialists along with designers and builders with years of experience in the industry, Straight Line Construction – Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Ocala) will ensure that you receive a flawless final result each time.

Cove Construction Inc

Cove Construction Inc
Cove Construction Inc

Located at: 1325 SE 18th Pl. Ocala FL 34471

Cove Construction Inc in Ocala FL is the best option for every construction job. With their dedication to quality and meticulousness they make sure that every task is completed on time and on budget. Their team of experts will assist you in choosing the most cost-effective and efficient way to implement your plans for construction. They aim to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations by providing a broad array of services, including home additions, remodeling, renovations, new builds and many more.

The company uses only the finest materials in the process of completing projects, so you can be sure that your results will be lasting and attractive. Their staff of experts are committed to providing outstanding customer service through every step of the process from the initial consultation until the end of the job. Cove Construction Inc in Ocala FL also provides a range of services that are expertly designed, including engineering and design assistance and project management. They can be involved in all aspects of the project which gives you the assurance that the project will be completed in a timely manner and within your budget. Furthermore, they offer the full warranty for all of their work, to ensure that you are at ease knowing that your investment is secure.

West Shore Home

West Shore Home
West Shore Home

Located at: 1720 NW 4th Ave Suite 101, Ocala FL 34475

The work of West Shore Home in Ocala FL is an excellent choice for anyone seeking for the best home improvements. Their experienced and licensed professionals are committed to helping their customers increase the value of their homes, as well as energy efficiency, comfort and much more. With West Shore Home, they provide a range of services ranging from windows and doors to energy-efficient bathtub and siding. All projects are executed by skilled technicians who use the finest materials to ensure high-quality results each time. From beginning to end customers can count on top customer service that is customized to their specific requirements.

Furthermore, West Shore Home in Ocala FL provides competitive prices for all projects, and offers full warranty on labor and products so that customers can be confident that their investment is secure. In all, West Shore Home in Ocala FL offers exceptional home improvements that are backed by top quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. With their commitment to quality, clients are assured to receive the most price for their hard-earned cash. When they choose West Shore Home, customers can be confident that their home will be upgraded to the highest standard and will look stunning for many years to come.

For those seeking high-quality home renovation services in Ocala FL choosing West Shore Home is the best option. Their commitment to excellence as well as commitment to customer satisfaction make the perfect partner for every project, large or small. If you’re looking to remodel your home and energy efficient siding or just want to freshen your kitchen or bathroom, West Shore Home has something for all. With their staff of experts and affordable prices, it’s easy to see why so many opt for West Shore Home for their home remodeling requirements.

Refinishing Surface Sparkle

Refinishing Surface Sparkle
Refinishing Surface Sparkle

Located at: 57780 SW 20th St. Ocala, FL 34474

Surface Spark Refinishing is a local trusted bathroom remodeling company. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all their work so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the results. Surface Spark Refinishing can help you get your bathroom remodel started by scheduling a free consultation.

Surface Spark Refinishing is the best choice for bathroom remodeling. Surface Spark Refinishing has a track record of success. You can rest assured that they will deliver a high-quality product and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Excalibur Kitchen & Bath

Excalibur Kitchen & Bath
Excalibur Kitchen & Bath

Located at: 27 Ne 10th Ave. Ocala FL 34470

Excalibur Kitchen & Bath in Ocala FL is the leading service provider of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services for homeowners in the local area. In addition to offering high-quality products and services, their staff of skilled professionals will ensure you have the best possible experience during the entire process.

From custom cabinets as well as countertops, to full kitchen renovations, Excalibur Kitchen & Bath is a reliable and durable company that builds quality work that lasts. They only use the finest materials, which means no matter the project you’re working on, you can be sure you’ll be able to make your purchase appear gorgeous for many years to come. With a wide selection of finishes, colors and hardware to pick from it is possible to create your perfect bathroom or kitchen that will meet your requirements.

In addition, Excalibur Kitchen & Bath is committed to ensuring that customers are satisfied. Their knowledgeable design consultants will collaborate with you to ensure that your needs are satisfied through the whole process. They recognize that every project is different, which is why they will go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely satisfied. If you want the best quality and service for bathroom and kitchen renovation, you can count on Excalibur Kitchen & Bath in Ocala Florida.

Stone Rise Renovations

Stone Rise Renovations
Stone Rise Renovations

Located at: 381 SW 60th Ave., Ocala FL 34474

Stone Rise Renovations provides quality bathroom remodeling services in the Ocala region for many years. Because they put customers first, Stone Rise Renovations is a trusted local business. They listen to what you want and need for your project and work within your budget. They offer many services so that you can be certain they can meet all your remodeling needs.

Every customer is unique, so they offer customized solutions to each project. They can create a plan to fit your specific needs, whether you need a complete bathroom remodel or simple updates. High-quality materials are used and the most recent techniques are employed to ensure your bathroom looks great for many years.

Do I need a Bathroom Remodeler

There are a variety of reasons why someone living in Ocala, FL may need to employ a bathroom remodeling contractor. From updating old fixtures and finishes to transform the space to something completely new, reworking bathrooms can be crucial for improving the value of the home as well as providing a more appealing appearance. A skilled bathroom remodeler from Ocala, FL can take care of every aspect of your renovation from beginning to the end. They will provide assessments and recommendations on what elements need to be upgraded or replaced along with full installation services for toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, as well as flooring and countertops.

 Apart from selecting high grade materials which are long-lasting and attractive They will also be conscious of local safety and building codes and will ensure that the work is done in accordance with the highest standards. If you are looking for a bathroom remodeler located in Ocala, FL it is crucial to select a contractor who is experienced in both installation and design. A skilled professional with decades of experience will be able to offer creative solutions for making bathrooms that are small appear bigger, and can design efficient storage solutions, or maximizing sunlight. 

In addition to offering high-quality materials and professional construction, they should be able to provide the timeframe for completion and any guarantees that are associated with their work. Employing a skilled remodeling contractor for your bathroom in Ocala, FL will ensure that the work is completed correctly the first time around and will increase the value of your home for many years to come.

Things to Consider

Before you call a bathroom remodeling contractor in Ocala FL There are a few aspects to take into consideration. It is crucial to have a clear vision of what you would like to achieve for the remodel. Consider what you would like the final outcome to look like, along with any specific aspects you’d like to include. This will make sure that when you meet with potential contractors, they are able to give you a precise estimate according to your specific requirements.

Then, look up reviews or comments from previous clients of the remodeling company you’re thinking of working with. It’s a good idea to ensure they have an established track record of delivering outstanding results in time and on budget before you commit to them. Make sure you read the reviews of their customers and look through their portfolio of projects completed and request for references.

Make sure you have a budget. Before you talk to potential contractors, you should create an outline of the things you’d like to be done and the amount you can pay for each project. Remember that bathroom remodels can be costly and frequently require special materials or services that might not fit within your budget. Make sure you talk about any concerns with the contractor to ensure you can create an arrangement that is beneficial for both of you.

When you take these essential steps prior to calling the bathroom remodeler who is located in Ocala Florida, you will be able to be sure your project will be finished to the highest standard in a timely manner and to your desired budget. By planning with care you can transform your dream bathroom reality.

Let’s Get to Work

Ocala, FL is home to some of the top bathroom remodelers in the nation. With their experience and skills they can transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa-like oasis. Because of their outstanding skills and knowledge of design, Ocala remodelers can create beautiful bathrooms that are attractive and practical. If you’re looking for an entire remodel or simply wish to modernize your existing space, the skilled professionals at Ocala are here to help.

From custom-designed cabinets and tilework to brand new lights and fixtures, the skilled craftsmen will not just create your dream home but will also ensure that the work is done in a safe and efficient manner. They’ll create a room that is aesthetically designed around your lifestyle, while paying careful attention to the little factors that make all the difference. The experienced Ocala remodelers are able to create a sophisticated appearance without costing a fortune. 

Because of their outstanding workmanship, they’ll be able transform your bathroom into a luxury space that you’ll never want to leave. No matter if it’s a massive remodel or small tweaks they have the expertise and knowledge required to deliver outstanding results every time. If you’re looking for affordable and reliable renovation services for your bathroom in Ocala FL, take a look at the local experts.

People Also Asked…

What do you pick first when designing a bathroom?

When designing a bathroom, there are many things to take into consideration. Functionality is the most important thing for some people. Some may place more importance on aesthetics. Others may prefer a relaxing spa-like environment, while others might want an efficient and simple space. Whatever your priorities, there are some key points to remember when designing a bathroom.

First, consider the layout of your room. It is important to determine where the fixtures will be placed and how much space each one will take up. Once you have an idea of the layout you can begin to think about individual elements such as cabinets, countertops, or flooring.

Storage is another important consideration. Bathrooms can get quite cluttered. It’s important to have enough space to move freely around without feeling cramped. Lighting is an important element of any bathroom design. Ambient lighting is needed to create a relaxed atmosphere. The best lighting is natural light, so make sure you use any windows in your bathroom.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost in South Florida?

A bathroom remodel could cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on its scope. A basic bathroom remodel will cost you around $5,000. You will need to replace fixtures and flooring as well as minor adjustments to the layout. You can expect to spend closer to $10,000 if you are looking to remodel the entire bathroom. You might need to make major changes to your layout or install new plumbing.

The labor cost for your bathroom remodel will also affect the final price. You can expect to pay $50 an hour for labor. However, this can change depending on the complexity of your project and the contractor’s experience.

Which direction should a bathtub face?

It is a matter of debate which direction a bathtub should face. Many people believe the tub should face the door so bathers can see who comes in and out of the room. Some believe the tub should be in a corner to save space and create a more intimate bathing experience.

There are some things you should remember, regardless of how you face your bathtub. First, ensure that the tub can be accessed from all sides. The second thing to consider is the location of any other fixtures in your bathroom such as the sink and toilet. It is important to ensure that the tub has enough space for all fixtures and storage.

You should also consider how much natural light is required in your bathroom. If you need a lot of sunlight, it may be a good idea to position the tub near a window.

What is the average cost of a shower remodel?

A shower remodel could cost from several hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on its scope. A shower remodel costs about $1,500 on average.

The final cost of your project will depend on many factors such as the size and complexity of the job, the materials used, and the person who is hired to complete it. For a more accurate estimate of the cost of a shower remodel, get in touch with a local contractor.

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