The Best Restaurants in Ocala Fl

October 17, 2022 | Sandra Fernandez
The Best Restaurants in Ocala Fl

Ocala, Florida is a great place for restaurants. The city offers an incredible variety of flavors from around the world and excellent dining experiences to boot. From Italian to Thai, Mexican to Greek, there’s something to please every palate in Ocala. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night spot or just want a delicious meal with friends and family, you’ll find exactly what you’re craving in Ocala.

The local ingredients available in Ocala make it possible for chefs to create one-of-a-kind dishes that are as fresh and flavorful as they come. With its close proximity to farms and ranches throughout Marion County, restaurant owners have access to the freshest produce, poultry, eggs and more. Plus, the temperate climate in Ocala allows for longer growing seasons throughout the year, ensuring that patrons receive the freshest ingredients money can buy.

Ocala’s downtown area is also home to a variety of restaurants with outdoor dining options and a thriving nightlife scene. From late-night bars and pubs to upscale restaurants, there are plenty of choices for an evening out on the town. Many popular eateries in this vibrant neighborhood offer live music, happy hour specials and other entertainment making it easy to enjoy an unforgettable night out in Ocala.

Mark’s Prime Steakhouse4.5
Ivy On The Square4.5
La Cuisine Restaurant4.7
Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille4.5
Ipanema Brazilian Steak House 4.7
Mesa de Notte4.6
Brick City Southern Kitchen4.5
Gator’s Dockside Ocala4.3
Bonefish Grill 4.4
Arthur’s An American Bistro4.0

Here Are Some Local Options

Mark’s Prime Steakhouse 

Mark's Prime Steakhouse 
Mark’s Prime Steakhouse 

Located at: 30 S Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34471  

Mark’s Prime Steakhouse in Ocala, Florida is the perfect place to indulge in a delicious steak dinner and experience world-class service. The restaurant has been providing high-quality steaks for nearly 20 years and is known as one of the best steakhouses in the area. The menu features USDA prime grade beef that is cooked over an open flame, giving guests a unique and flavorful dining experience. Each steak is expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection right onsite with fresh ingredients. Guests can also enjoy sharing appetizers, sides, desserts, and an extensive wine list with their meals.

At Mark’s Prime Steakhouse, guests can expect top-notch service from the moment they arrive. The knowledgeable staff is committed to providing a memorable dining experience, from helping guests select their perfect steak to recommending wines that pair perfectly with their meal. In addition, the restaurant offers private rooms for special occasions or meetings as well as an outdoor patio area for guests who want to dine under the stars.

Besides having delicious steaks and excellent customer service, Mark’s Prime Steakhouse also has some of the most affordable prices in Ocala. The restaurant strives to make its meals accessible to all guests without sacrificing quality or flavor. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a large group gathering, Mark’s Prime Steakhouse can provide an exquisite meal that won’t break the bank.

From delicious steaks cooked to perfection to attentive service and affordable prices, Mark’s Prime Steakhouse in Ocala, Florida is the perfect place for a steak dinner. Guests will be able to enjoy the flavors of high quality beef while surrounded by friendly staff and atmosphere that can’t be beat. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a large gathering with friends, Mark’s Prime Steakhouse is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Book your reservation today and get ready for an exquisite steak dinner!

Ivy On The Square 

Ivy On The Square 
Ivy On The Square 

Located at: 53 S Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34471 

Ivy On The Square in Ocala, Florida, is the perfect destination for travelers looking to explore a unique area full of outdoor activities, historic landmarks and interesting culture. This neighborhood offers something for everyone who visits, from the history buffs to nature lovers.

Outdoor Activities – With its close proximity to natural waterways and public parks, Ivy on the Square is an ideal spot for all kinds of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking and even kayaking! Take advantage of the lush terrain while admiring some of the local wildlife that can be found throughout this area.

Unique Culture – A big part of what makes this region so special is its unique culture and atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant farmers markets, art galleries and craft breweries that make up this quaint neighborhood. Make sure to take advantage of the many events that happen each month for a truly unforgettable experience.

Historical Landmarks – One of the most fascinating aspects of Ivy On The Square are its historical landmarks. Many buildings in the area were built during post-Civil War Reconstruction times, giving visitors a window into Florida’s past through preserved architecture, cemeteries and sculptures.

Delicious Cuisine – No visit to Ocala is complete without indulging in some delicious local cuisine! From classic Southern barbecue to fresh seafood dishes, there’s something for everyone at Ivy on the Square. Be sure to try some of the area’s most popular restaurants, like St. John’s Fine Dining or The Salt Life Food Shack, for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Visit Ivy On The Square in Ocala and have a chance to explore beautiful outdoor scenery, discover unique culture and take in historical landmarks while enjoying delicious local cuisine! This is one trip you won’t soon forget.

La Cuisine Restaurant 

La Cuisine Restaurant 
La Cuisine Restaurant 

Located at: 48 SW 1st Ave, Ocala, FL 34471 

La Cuisine Restaurant in Ocala FL offers an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant is known for its exquisite French cuisine, offering deliciously crafted dishes with a unique twist. The atmosphere is intimate and inviting, perfect for a romantic dinner or special occasion. Everything from the creative menu to the attentive staff ensures that every visit to La Cuisine will be memorable.

One of the most appealing aspects of La Cuisine is their commitment to using fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. They source locally and use seasonal produce to ensure that each dish has vibrant flavor and texture. The chefs also utilize several traditional cooking methods such as braising, roasting, stewing and poaching in order to bring out the best flavor of every ingredient.

La Cuisine Restaurant also has an impressive wine list, with an array of beverages to choose from. They have a knowledgeable staff that can help you pair your meal with the perfect glass or bottle. They also offer classic cocktails made from fresh juices and spirits as well as a selection of craft beers and ciders.

For a truly unique dining experience, visit La Cuisine Restaurant in Ocala FL. The restaurant is sure to delight all of your senses, from the delicious food to the cozy atmosphere and attentive service. There’s no better way to spend an evening than enjoying exquisite French cuisine at this charming establishment. Make sure to make reservations today to experience the magic of La Cuisine Restaurant.

Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille 

Harry's Seafood, Bar & Grille
Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille

Located at: 24 SE 1st Ave, Ocala, FL 34471  

Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille in Ocala Fl is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious seafood meal. Located in downtown Ocala, Harry’s offers an extensive menu of fresh seafood dishes and other delectable entrees. From their signature dishes like Fried Shrimp or Fresh Catch of the Day to specialty items like Lobster Mac and Cheese, there’s something for everyone at Harry’s.

The atmosphere at Harry’s is casual yet elegant, so you can feel comfortable while enjoying your meal. The restaurant is spacious with plenty of seating options, making it perfect for family gatherings or romantic dinners. Additionally, they offer outdoor seating options on their patio that overlooks the city’s downtown area.

Another great reason to visit Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille is their wide variety of drinks and craft beers on tap from local breweries. If that’s not enough, they also offer a full bar with daily drink specials. Whether you prefer an old-fashioned or something more sophisticated, Harry’s has you covered!

The staff at Harry’s are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their menu items. They take pride in providing excellent customer service and ensuring your meal is as enjoyable as possible. From appetizers to desserts, every dish is prepared with care and attention to detail so you can be assured that it will taste just as amazing as it looks.

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House 

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House 
Ipanema Brazilian Steak House 

Located at: 2023 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471 

Ipanema Brazilian Steak House in Ocala Fl is an amazing experience that should not be missed. From its delicious authentic Brazilian cuisine to its lively atmosphere, Ipanema offers something for everyone. Here’s why you should visit this one-of-a-kind steakhouse:

First, the food at Ipanema is truly unique. Their traditional churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue) menu will make your mouth water with juicy cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. As if that weren’t enough, they also serve a full selection of classic sides like rice and beans as well as savory appetizers like cheese bread and fried yucca. To round out your meal, be sure to try the house-made caipirinha cocktails.

Second, the atmosphere at Ipanema is a real treat. The restaurant has a vibrant and festive feel that will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into Brazil itself. You can also enjoy some live music on weekends and even join in on samba lessons if feeling brave enough!

Third, Ipanema offers outstanding customer service with friendly staff who are knowledgeable about the menu and eager to help you have the best possible experience. They’ll make sure your meal is cooked just how you like it and help you choose an unforgettable pairing of food and drinks.

Finally, this eatery is incredibly affordable for such high quality food. Prices are reasonable, and you’ll get a great value for your money.

If you haven’t been to Ipanema Brazilian Steak House in Ocala Fl yet, you’re missing out on a truly unique dining experience. From the delicious food to the lively atmosphere, this restaurant offers something for everyone—so don’t wait any longer and book your table today!

Mesa de Notte

Mesa de Notte 
Mesa de Notte 

Located at: 2436 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470 

Mesa de Notte is a must-see destination when visiting Ocala, Florida. Located in the heart of one of the most beautiful places in Florida, Mesa de Notte offers something for everyone. From its stunning landscapes to its historical significance and natural beauty, it is no wonder why so many come to experience this unique location.

First, Mesa de Notte is home to some of the best hiking trails around. With miles and miles of winding paths through lush forests and open meadows, there’s sure to be something for everyone here. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or more comfortable taking short strolls, Mesa de Notte has plenty of options that let you explore the area at your own pace.

Second, Mesa de Notte is surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you take the time to watch birds soar overhead or immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature, there’s something special here for all to enjoy. Plus, with its proximity to springs, lakes, and rivers, you can also experience some amazing aquatic activities too!

Finally, Mesa de Notte has plenty of cultural attractions as well. From historic sites like Fort King to unique art galleries and shops located throughout the area, this region offers an abundance of opportunities for learning about local history and culture. For those looking for an unforgettable experience in Ocala Florida, Mesa de Notte is a great place to start.

No matter what you’re looking for in your vacation, Mesa de Notte has something that will captivate and inspire you. With its stunning landscapes, natural beauty, and cultural attractions, there’s no wonder why so many people come here year after year. Make sure to add this unique destination to your next trip to Ocala Florida!

Brick City Southern Kitchen 

Brick City Southern Kitchen
Brick City Southern Kitchen

Located at: 10 S Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34471  

Brick City Southern Kitchen in Ocala, Florida is the perfect destination for a delicious and unique dining experience. From its mouth-watering comfort food to its cozy atmosphere, Brick City Southern Kitchen offers something for everyone.

One of the main attractions of Brick City Southern Kitchen is their scrumptious southern-style cuisine that is prepared with utmost care and attention to detail. Their signature dishes such as fried chicken, biscuits & gravy, and macaroni & cheese are all cooked to perfection and sure to satisfy even the most discerning diners. And if you’re looking for something new or different, they also offer weekly specials like shrimp & grits or crawfish etouffee.

The atmosphere at Brick City Southern Kitchen is just as inviting as the food. The restaurant’s decor and ambiance create an inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect place for a romantic evening out or a get-together with friends. With its exposed brick walls and warm lighting, Brick City Southern Kitchen looks like something right out of a storybook.

In addition to their delicious food and charming atmosphere, Brick City Southern Kitchen offers great customer service that will make your dining experience all the more enjoyable. The staff is friendly, attentive, and always willing to help with any questions you may have. All in all, Brick City Southern Kitchen is an excellent option for anyone looking to enjoy a unique dining experience in Ocala, Florida.

Gator’s Dockside Ocala 

Gator's Dockside Ocala
Gator’s Dockside Ocala

Located at: 3920 SW 42nd St #101, Ocala, FL 34474 

There are plenty of reasons to visit Gator’s Dockside Ocala in Ocala Fl. First, the food. Gator’s Dockside Ocala offers some of the finest seafood in town. You can enjoy fresh, local seafood, grilled to perfection. Other American favorites like fries and burgers are also available. Gator’s Dockside Ocala has a second reason. Its atmosphere. It has a relaxed, but refined atmosphere that is perfect for a night out with friends or family. The restaurant has a stunning view of the river and is the ideal place to enjoy a meal. Gator’s Dockside Ocala offers three reasons to visit. You will find the staff friendly and helpful, making sure you have all you need. You can also ask them any questions about the area or the menu. Gator’s Dockside Ocala, meanwhile, is a great spot to catch a game. A large TV is available in the restaurant that can be tuned to the most recent sporting event. Gator’s Dockside Ocala offers the ideal place to watch the latest sporting events, cheer on your favorite team, or simply enjoy the game. 

Bonefish Grill 

Bonefish Grill
Bonefish Grill

Located at: 4701 SW College Rd, Ocala, FL 34474

Bonefish Grill in Ocala, FL is a great place to dine out and enjoy delicious seafood-inspired dishes. From the always popular Bang Bang Shrimp to specialty dishes like their signature Parmesan Crusted Fish, there’s something for everyone on the menu. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list to complement your meal. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or want to treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience, Bonefish Grill has what you need.

At Bonefish Grill Ocala, they take pride in serving freshly prepared seafood with bold flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. Their expertly trained chefs use only top quality ingredients in every dish they create – from the freshest local seafood to the highest quality produce. This commitment to excellence allows them to serve some of the best seafood dishes in all of Florida.

In addition to their delicious food, Bonefish Grill Ocala has a great atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and enjoy themselves while they dine. With comfortable seating and an inviting bar with plenty of TVs and video games, it’s easy for customers to spend hours at this restaurant without ever getting bored. The staff is attentive and friendly, making sure guests feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door.

Last but not least, Bonefish Grill Ocala offers unbeatable value for money – you get more than your money’s worth when you dine here. From the generous portions of food to the great selection of drinks, customers can be sure they’re getting a great deal every time they visit this restaurant. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or an evening out with friends, Bonefish Grill Ocala is an excellent option that offers delicious seafood dishes without breaking the bank.

Arthur’s An American Bistro 

Arthur's An American Bistro
Arthur’s An American Bistro

Located at: 3600 SW 36th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474 

If you’re looking for a delicious American bistro experience in Ocala, Florida, look no further than Arthur’s An American Bistro. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is great for a night out with friends or family. There are four great reasons to visit Arthur’s An American bistro. First, the food is amazing. Everything is prepared to perfection and features American classics. There’s something for everyone, so you can find something that suits your tastes, such as a steak or a burger, or a lighter option like a soup or salad. Friendly and helpful staff ensure that you have a memorable dining experience. The atmosphere at Arthur’s An American Bistro makes it a great place to spend a night out. It has a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a great place to share a meal with friends or family. The price is very reasonable. Arthur’s An American Bistro is a great place to eat in Ocala.


If you’re looking for some great places to eat in Ocala, Florida, then you’ll definitely want to check out some local restaurants. There’s something for everyone, from American and Italian cuisines to seafood and barbecue. The prices are often very affordable and the service is always friendly. You can find it in any of the great restaurants in Ocala Florida, whether you are looking for something quick or a more substantial meal. 

People Also Aasked… 

What New Restaurants Are Coming To Ocala Florida?

Pita Pit is the first restaurant coming to Ocala. The restaurant will be a specialist in Mediterranean cuisine. The menu includes falafel, kebabs and gyros. The Burger Barn is the second restaurant. The burger joint will offer fresh burgers, fries and shakes. Sushi Station is the third restaurant. Sushi Station will be offering fresh sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri. Taco Republic, a Mexican restaurant, is the fourth and final new location. The restaurant will offer traditional Mexican cuisines like burritos and quesadillas as well as enchiladas.

What Is Ocala Best Known For?

Ocala is the horse capital in the world. Many horse races and farms can be found in this area. Ocala is known for its fresh seafood. There are many seafood restaurants in the city that are well-known for their delicious seafood dishes. Ocala is also known for its gorgeous weather. Ocala has a 72 degree average temperature, making it an ideal place to live and visit throughout the year.

What Is The Nicest Part Of Ocala FL?

It is undoubtedly its restaurants. There are many types of cuisines to choose from and each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere. There are many options for dining, from casual cafes to fine dining establishments. You’ll find what you need in Ocala FL, whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite or enjoy a full meal.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In On Top Of The World Ocala Florida?

Ocala Florida is a beautiful place to live. It is a beautiful area with friendly people. This area has many wonderful restaurants that serve a wide range of cuisines. It is very affordable to live in this area. You will find many activities in the area, including tennis, swimming and fishing. The area also has some of the most prestigious schools in Florida. Ocala Florida is the perfect place to retire, or simply to live in a beautiful location. 

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