The Best Campgrounds Near Ocala, Florida

August 22, 2022 | Erika Klamt
The Best Campgrounds Near Ocala, Florida

Our website is the best source for finding campgrounds in Ocala Florida, because it has complete information on campgrounds in the area. The database has the full descriptions of every campsite, which includes their amenities as well as their costs and availability, along with nearby attractions. We also offer reviews and ratings from others who have stayed at the campsite prior to you to help you make an informed choice on the best location to camp at.

If you use our site to search for nearby camping locations in Ocala FL, you’re bound to find one that will meet your requirements. In addition, our website has maps that allow users to find nearby camping sites easily and quickly. Users can find directions to their preferred destination, or explore the surrounding areas like local tourist attractions as well as facilities. With the tools our website provides you will be able to locate the most popular camping spots close to Ocala Florida. Come take the time to browse our site, and we’ll guarantee you will not be dissatisfied!

Our website is not only excellent for finding campgrounds close to Ocala FL however, it also gives visitors additional information on the surrounding area. We offer detailed descriptions of the popular activities that are available in the area including kayaking, fishing, boating and hiking. In addition, to make planning your trip more simple, we have the contact information for local services and businesses that can assist you in your travel requirements. The website also provides general travel tips to ensure an enjoyable and safe trip. With all the information our site provides you will be able to get the most out of your time in Ocala Florida.

To summarize, our website is the most reliable source for finding a campground close to Ocala FL, as it offers extensive information on the campgrounds in the area, well-known activities within the region as well as helpful travel advice. It is easy for people to find the information they’re searching for using our easy map tool, as well as the thorough descriptions of each campground. 

Ocala RV Camp Resort3.7
Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC4.3
Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park3.8
Suburban MH & RV Park3.6
Silver Springs State Park, Campground, and Museum Entrance4.7
Holiday Trav-L-Park4.3
Santos Campground4.8
Oak Tree Village Apartments & Campground3.5
Ocala Sun RV Resort4.3
Wandering Oaks RV Park3.7

Ocala RV Camp Resort

Ocala RV Camp Resort
Ocala RV Camp Resort

Location: 3200 SW 38th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474

Distance from Ocala: 4.8 miles.

The perfect morning with your family at Ocala RV Camp in Ocala FL could begin with a relaxing breakfast. There are a variety of restaurants close by and you can pick from a range of freshly cooked dishes to enjoy while enjoying the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the region. After breakfast, you are able to go out and explore everything the amenities that the resort offers. Begin by soaking into one of two pools, or sitting on the deck or patio with the sparkling water. It is also possible to engage in a game of mini golf, or hire bikes and go on an excursion around the park.

As the sun sets and the sun is setting, you’ll want to go towards Lake Sumpter for some beachside relaxation. It is the home of a wide variety of fish and birds which means you can take time to enjoy the beauty of nature while soaking in some sunshine. After a couple of hours of fishing, swimming or relaxing on the beach then you’ll be prepared for dinner. The resort is home to several restaurants serving delicious food to satisfy every need.

After dinner, you can take advantage of the camp theater. It is possible to watch a film outside under the stars, or participate in any of the numerous events that are offered, such as sing-alongs or outdoor games. When the night turns to the morning, there are additional activities to try including kayaking, horseback riding as well as fire pit parties and more! And, when you’re ready to say goodbye to the day, you can unwind in your comfy RV and anticipate another wonderful day with your family at Ocala RV Camp Resort.

Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC

Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC
Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC

Location: 3101 NW 16th Ave, Ocala, FL 34775

Distance from Ocala: 2.8 miles.

A wonderful morning in the Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC in Ocala FL begins by taking a walk in the morning through the serene grounds. There, you can take in the beautiful lawns and lush vegetation that comprise this beautiful resort. Once a tranquil setting is established, it’s time to begin exploring everything the Wild Frontier offers! With two huge lakes, two pools, and a variety of tennis courts it’s sure to be a fun-filled day.

Enjoy a dip in one of the beautiful pools, or try your hand at fishing on either lake – both are filled with bass. You can also participate in a friendly game on one of the numerous courts for tennis or basketball. If golf is your thing the resort’s 18-hole course provides an exciting and challenging round.

If you’d prefer to relax and unwind, take your picnic on the lawn of the resort and take in the sunset over the gorgeous Florida landscape. In the evening, enjoy the latest film on one of Wild Frontier’s amphitheaters outdoors or enjoy live music on their stage outside. Relax afterwards with late-night drinks and conversations around one of the numerous fire pits that can be found throughout the grounds before heading to the bed for another wonderful day!

Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park

Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park
Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park

Location: 1720 NW 38 Ave, Ocala, FL 34882

Distance from Ocala: 3.9 miles.

The perfect morning at Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park in Ocala, FL starts off with a sunny and bright morning. The park is filled with lush greenery and gorgeous pine trees that provide an incredible panorama of the surrounding area. After waking up, you can have a cup of coffee in the morning while taking in the stunning landscapes of nature surrounding you. Explore the other possibilities available at Arrowhead Campsite. Enjoy a dip in any of the pools, or take a stroll along the beach adjacent to Big Lake Weir. If water activities are more your style, then rent kayaks or paddle boats for use on the lake. You can also participate in fishing for panfish and bass. Also, you can participate in archery, or walk the numerous trails at the campground for amazing hiking.

If lunchtime is approaching, take a bite to take at the restaurant in the campground or pull out your personal grill to cook up something you’ve made at one of the park’s picnic areas. Then, unwind by reading a good book about some of the rocking chairs situated throughout the grounds.As the evening draws near it is a good idea to take in the stunning sunset on Big Lake Weir before gathering around a campfire to enjoy the company of family and friends. Be sure to have the ingredients for s’mores on hand while you cook marshmallows and share stories until late into the night.

In the Arrowhead Campsites & Mobile Home Park located in Ocala, FL, you’re guaranteed to have a great day of adventure and rest. Be sure to make the most of everything these parks have to provide!Enjoy your final day of bliss by watching the stars from one of the numerous open fields that surround the campsite grounds. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sight that is the dazzling array of millions of starlights shimmering against a black and gloomy night sky.

Suburban MH & RV Park

Suburban MH RV Park
Suburban MH RV Park

Location: 3530 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 334771

Distance from Ocala: 2.9 miles.

A great day at the Suburban MH and RV Park in Ocala FL begins with a relaxing stroll along the park’s pathways that wind through it and admiring the lush flowers and trees. After taking in the beautiful sights of nature, guests are then able to go to the pool that is designed in a resort style for an energizing dip or a match of volleyball in the water. In the evening, guests can sit back and have a bite to take from one of the restaurants on site before venturing out for an unforgettable shopping experience.

The park also provides a range of activities like an arcade, mini golf course playgrounds, and more. There is an activity for all ages during their stay. After a day of fun then it’s time to relax in the starry sky and relax with family or friends. Take some time to take in the gorgeous evening landscapes of the park before returning for the night to sleep on your RV’s campsite and mobile house.

At Suburban MH and RV Park You can enjoy an unforgettable day of the sun and exciting activities making it a perfect getaway spot. With many things to explore and do and do, it’s no wonder that this Florida camping spot has become an extremely popular destination for vacation!

Silver Springs State Park, Campground, and Museum Entrance

Silver Springs State Park Campground and Museum Entrance
Silver Springs State Park Campground and Museum Entrance

Location: 1425 N.E. 58th Ave, Ocala, FL 34470

Distance from Ocala: 7.0 miles.

A perfect day in Silver Springs State Park, Campground as well as Museum Entrance in Ocala FL starts with a serene early morning stroll through the lush natural landscape that make up the park. The trails meander through the dense foliage and crystal clear water of the spring that comprise this breathtakingly gorgeous park. When you stroll through you’ll be surrounded by a variety of wildlife from birds to tiny mammals that reside in this area. After your hike of the day is completed, walk to the campground, where you can unwind and have your picnic lunch, or simply lay on the beach and enjoy stunning views.

When lunch is over, it’s time to explore some of the nearby tourist attractions. Go for a drive and discover the old downtown of Ocala. Explore unique restaurants, shops and historical structures in this vibrant city. When you’ve completed your tour, make sure to stop at Silver Springs State Park Museum Entryway for fascinating information on the culture and history of the park.

When you return to the camp, you can settle in your RV or tent for the evening of a peaceful sleep. The tranquility that is Silver Springs is perfect for relaxing and taking a break from the bustle and hustle of daily life. The next day, get up early to make the most of all that Silver Springs has to offer for one last time before heading to home. Enjoy a walk in nature or take a paddle through the crystal clear waters to admire the amazing natural landscapes.

When you have finished your ideal experience in Silver Springs State Park, Campground as well as Museum Entrance you will have been able to experience one of the most stunning landscapes in Florida, and lots of space for rest and relaxation!

Holiday Trav-L-Park

Holiday Trav-L-Park
Holiday Trav-L-Park

Located at: 4001 W Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 334882

Distance from Ocala: 3.0 miles.

An ideal day out spent at Holiday Trav-L-Park in Ocala, Florida could begin with a refreshing swim into the swimming pool. The park has an Olympic-sized pool that is surrounded by beautiful palm trees as well as comfortable lounge chairs. After enjoying a few hours enjoying the sun’s rays, visitors can enjoy the many activities that the campground has to offer, like horses, miniature golf tennis courts, shuffleboard and a variety of other recreational activities.

The park also offers easy access to nearby attractions such as Silver Springs State Park, Rainbow River and Appleton Museum of Art. At night the park is a great place to enjoy a fire pit for marshmallows or even rent an inflatable canoe or a boat for a trip around Lake Weir. Visitors can also have an intimate dinner in one of the numerous local eateries just a short drive away.

After an exhilarating day of exploring, guests can unwind in their spacious campsites or stay in one of the cabins that are fully equipped for overnight. With a multitude of RV parks and tent sites tucked away in the lush Florida foliage, visitors can be assured that they’re in the midst of natural beauty in the Holiday Trav-L-Park.

Santos Campground

Santos Campground
Santos Campground

Located at: 3080 SE 80th St, Ocala, FL 34448

Distance from Ocala: 7.0 miles.

The perfect morning in Santos Campground in Ocala, FL could begin by taking a stroll in the morning to take in nature’s beauty in the region. The campsite is located in an expansive forest that is dotted with large pine and oak trees, which provide ample shade for those who wish to soak in the outdoors. After admiring nature’s sights, sounds and environment the visitors can head to the Santos Campground’s various facilities. There are two areas, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, playgrounds and even a petting Zoo. Visitors can also hire kayaks and fishing boats at nearby rental outfitters for exploring the most beautiful rivers and lakes in Florida.

For lunch, visitors can make the option of eating at on-site places like the cafe, or the outdoor barbecue. After lunch, guests are able to lounge at one of the numerous hammocks scattered across the campsite or take an easy walk along the trails that meander through the forests.

At night, visitors are able to enjoy an open fire for S’mores and stargazing. It is particularly stunning here, with its clear, dark skies and numerous stars. The Santos Campground is a great place to spend the night. Santos Campground there are also numerous activities, including live music, movies and other performances on selected weekends during summer .

An ideal day spent in Santos Campground would come to its conclusion under an enveloping of stars with new friends that you made throughout the day, and while taking in the most stunning beauty of nature. If you’re looking to swim, fish or grilling out or lying in a hammock Santos Campground is the perfect location to enjoy some time outside.

With its numerous facilities and activities, Santos Campground supplies the ideal opportunity for guests of all ages to experience the great outdoors, without ever leaving their home in Florida!

Oak Tree Village Apartments & Campground

Oak Tree Village Apartments & Campground
Oak Tree Village Apartments & Campground

Located at: 4039 NW Blitchton Rd, Ocala, FL 34482

Distance from Ocala: 4.5 miles.

The perfect morning at Oak Tree Village Apartments & Campground in Ocala Florida would begin early by taking a swim in our pool that is refreshing. Then, guests can have a leisurely breakfast on their own terrace or balcony prior to walking through the grounds and taking in the oak trees surrounding them.

After that, visitors can visit local landmarks like Silver Springs State Park and Appleton Museum of Art. The park has a variety of recreation options, including kayaking, boating, swimming and hiking for those who want an outdoor experience. For those who appreciate art, The Appleton Museum of Art features art from all over the globe, and is within a few minutes of Oak Tree Village.

At the end of the day, guests can enjoy a dip inside our pool and take in the natural surroundings. After that, they can enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants in the vicinity or cook something delicious with the outdoor grills.

The evenings are best spent in the campfire creating s’mores and sharing stories with family and friends. People seeking for some entertainment should visit the local bowling club or watch a film on Ocala Cinema 8. Ocala Cinema 8 cinema.

In the evening, guests are able to warm up in their camper, tent or apartment, and fall asleep beneath the stars. The peace and tranquility in Oak Tree Village allows visitors to relax knowing they’re safe from troubles throughout their stay.

Ocala Sun RV Resort

Ocala Sun RV Resort
Ocala Sun RV Resort

Located at: 2559 SW Hwy 44, Ocala, FL 34473

Distance from Ocala: 15.0 miles.

The perfect morning in the Ocala Sun RV Park in Ocala, FL would start with a relaxing breakfast at the on-site restaurant of the resort. The cafe serves freshly prepared meals made with local ingredients, making sure that guests have the most satisfying beginning to the day. After breakfast, you can avail of the resort’s numerous facilities. Visitors can take a walk through the property, take an excursion on a kayak through the Rainbow River, or relax at the pool for relaxing in the sun. If you prefer to remain indoors, there’s an indoor fitness area and games room that offer a variety of things for all to enjoy.

At lunchtime, guests can take advantage of the resort’s numerous outdoor activities. The resort offers horseback riding tours along with guided walks through nature and wildlife. You can also hire bikes and ride the trails or relax at the indoor heated pools. For those who want to relax the spa is a perfect spa where guests can enjoy massages and body treatments.

When the sunset goes down over the horizon, guests can dine in one of the Ocala Sun RV Resort’s top eateries. With mouthwatering dishes of steak, seafood, Italian specialties and classic American dishes on the menu every guest will find something to love there. After dinner, guests can end their day with a film evening in the resort’s outdoor theater or sit around an open fire for the evening with story telling or singing beneath the starry sky. It’s time to get back to their cabin or RV and prepare for an exciting morning in the Ocala Sun RV Resort. If you like to keep up late, there’s an open bar and lounge until early in the morning, with live entertainment and music. With the possibility of something for all ages it’s not difficult to understand why this resort is the ideal day trip for those who live in Ocala, FL.

Wandering Oaks RV Park

Wandering Oaks RV Park
Wandering Oaks RV Park

Located at: 1860 FL-326, Ocala, FL 34755.

Distance from Ocala: 5.6 miles.

The perfect day spent at Wandering Oaks RV Park in Ocala FL could begin with a serene morning as the sun rises , and highlights the gorgeous landscape. It is an oasis of nature with large oak trees offering shade, and birds singing sweet melodies through the branches. After a cup of coffee or breakfast on the patio of your RV then it’s time to go out to explore everything the park offers.The first stop might be to walk around the outdoor pool area , which includes  plenty of loungers for taking in the Florida sunshine or soaking in the cool water. Nature trails can be found all over the parks, guiding visitors through lush forests brimming with wildlife such as armadillos, wild turkeys, and blue herons.

After a day of discovery, it’s now time for lunch. What is a better way to spend time outdoors than by having an outdoor picnic at one of the docks along the lake? Visitors can enjoy time with their families or with friends, while enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature as well as watching the fish leap from the water.The afternoon should be spent paddling or fishing in a canoe or kayak. The park is home to a variety of fishing vessels available for hire, as well as kayaks and paddleboards. If you’re looking for activities that are more vigorous there are horseshoe and volleyball pits nearby. Also, there’s a large playground which keeps children at all ages entertained!

When the evening is approaching the campground is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the sunset. The campers can sit around the fire pits in the community or cook dinner around the campfire, and gaze towards the night sky.A wonderful day spent at Wandering Oaks RV Park in Ocala Florida truly has something for anyone – regardless of what their passions are! It’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature and still get away from everything.

In the end, to finish with the day’s activities on a positive note, guests can go back to their campers or RVs and have a late-night chat with their loved ones or with family before retiring for the evening of tranquil sleeping under the stars. With its gorgeous surroundings, warm and welcoming atmosphere and numerous things to do, the Wandering Oaks RV Park located in Ocala Florida is bound to make your day an unforgettable one!

Things To Consider

When you’re thinking about camping located in Ocala, Florida, there are a variety of things to take into consideration. Most important of all is the fee structure for camping. A lot of campgrounds have weekly, daily, or monthly rates based on where you’ll be staying. It is also essential to find out the amenities that the campground has (e.g. Showers, toilets or laundry facilities, showers). It is essential to read testimonials from fellow travelers who have visited the campground to help you make an informed choice about the one that best suits your budget and needs.

In addition to the fees and facilities, it’s important to consider where you’ll be camping when choosing a campground in Ocala. Take into consideration the proximity to parks and attractions you’d like to go to when camping. If you’re planning on going fishing, often ensure that the campground is easily accessible to streams or lakes.

In the end, you must consider your needs for accommodation when you are choosing a campground near Ocala. Are you searching for full hookups, including power and water? Are you a fan of camping in a tent or RV camping? Knowing these things prior to time will help narrow your options to ensure you find the perfect campsite for your family and you.

If you take all of these aspects in consideration it will be easier to make an informed choice on a campground to choose from that is located in Ocala, Florida. By doing some thoughtful planning and study you’ll be able to locate the perfect camping spot for the next camp trip.

Go For It!

Ocala, Florida is a fantastic location to locate the ideal camping spot for the entire family. In the heart of Central Florida, Ocala’s vast area offers plenty of fantastic camping possibilities. You can choose a simple camping site or a fully-equipped one There are a variety of choices to choose from.

For those who are looking for something private and unspoiled There is plenty of unspoiled sites in the Ocala National Forest. With more than 300 miles of trail you can hike through the forest for hours and not see another soul. The region is home to some of the most exciting hunting and fishing spots along with numerous freshwater streams and lakes.

If you don’t like camping in the backcountry preferred style, then you should think about one of the more well-developed campgrounds in the area. Juniper Springs is a popular campground with more than 30 campsites that are equipped with barbecue pits, picnic tables and grills. There are many trails to discover and crystal clear springs to dip in.

Rainbow Springs State Park also offers some fantastic camping spots in the vicinity of its beautiful spring-fed river. The park is spread across nearly 4,500 acres and has many activities ranging including canoeing, wildlife watching and even canoeing. Cabins are readily available for hire in the park, as are many campsites close to showers and restrooms.

Whatever nature or camping adventure you’re seeking for, Ocala FL has something for all. If you’re looking for primitive camping or fully-equipped campgrounds You’ll find the ideal location for you and your loved ones to relax. From sparkling clear springs to huge National forests Ocala is home to a vast selection of camping options which are sure to delight all. Get your gear out and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with your family in Ocala Florida!

People Also Asked…

Does Ocala National Forest have free camping?

Yes, Ocala National forest offers free camping. Although there are some rules and regulations, you can camp free of charge in Ocala National Forest. These are some things to remember:
Before you can set up camp, you will need to get a permit from the ranger station. Only designated areas are allowed for campfires. Check with the ranger station to find out where these areas are. Please dispose of all trash and try to leave no trace. Ocala National forest is a wonderful place to camp. It is well worth visiting if you are looking for free camping. Grab your permit and pack your tent!

Are there bears in Ocala National Forest?

No, there are no bears in Ocala National Forest. The area was home to black bears in the past, but they were exterminated in the early 1900s.
Today, Florida’s only bears are American black bears. They are located in the panhandle area of the state. There are plenty of fake reports about bear sightings in the Forest.

Does Ocala National Forest allow dogs?

Yes, dogs are allowed in the Ocala National forest’s most areas. Some exceptions apply, such as the recreation areas surrounding Lake Waldena or the Juniper Prairie Wilderness. The forest is open to leashed dogs in all other areas. There are miles of trails that can be explored in the Ocala National Forest, making it a great place for your dog to go on a hike. You will need to ensure that your dog has plenty of water, and that you clean up after them. There are no trash cans along the trails.
You can also bring your dog to most campsites within the Ocala National forest. They must be on a leash and not allowed to enter the cabins or any other rental units. There are many lakes and ponds in the Ocala National forest that allow dogs to swim. Clearwater Lake is not a recreation site where dogs are allowed.

Does Ocala National Forest have cabins?

Yes, Ocala National forest has cabins available for rent. You have plenty of options to choose the perfect cabin for you to enjoy a vivid experience in the forest. You can also go fishing, hiking, and swimming from the cabins.

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