Fort King Middle School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Fort King Middle School

The students at Fort King Middle School in Ocala FL have access to numerous educational opportunities that range from rigorous academics to exploring careers. The school is also dedicated to giving its students the best education they can get and has been acknowledged for outstanding performance.

Fort King Middle School offers specific programs, including Advanced Placement classes, which let students test themselves and be successful academically. Students are able to take advantage of small-group instruction and work with their teachers to complete projects which push them beyond what they are taught in a classroom environment. Furthermore, the school provides personalized attention to students with an academic adviser who works in a one-on-one manner with students throughout the school’s entire year.

In Fort King Middle School, extracurricular activities play an important part in the educational process of the students. Through activities like theatre and music groups, and clubs students are able to discover their passions while acquiring abilities that help them develop holistically. The school also offers a variety of opportunities for careers available to students such as medical and international business.

Fort King Middle School is an open and welcoming school that encourages collaboration among staff, faculty, and parents. Everyone works together to create the safety and health of our learning environment for every student. The school also has an organized parent group that provides support for the parents or guardians looking for sources for their child’s academic success.

All of these reasons are why Fort King Middle School in Ocala FL is a great option for students looking for a high-quality education. The school is rigorous in its academics and has plenty of extracurricular activities, as well as an ambiance that is welcoming it’s the ideal setting for students to improve in their academics, socially and emotionally. Fort King Middle School provides every student the chance to grow to be a person and maximize their potential for higher education. Fort King Middle School is a fantastic school to study and excel in!


Fort King Middle School in Ocala, Florida, is a middle school for children of the public, first established in 1872. It has experienced numerous changes throughout the years, but it remains in the ranks of one of the most prestigious schools located in Marion County. The history of Fort King Middle School began when it was called the Ocala Grammar and High School. The school was established in 1890 and was located on the present location of NW 2nd Street and NW 3rd Avenue. 

The students were taught subjects in the academic realm including writing, reading math, geography, and mathematics as well as other things like making clothes for girls. The first building was home to classes 1-12 with four teachers on staff to instruct the students who attended. The name of the school changed many times during the course of the years until it was renamed Fort King Junior High in 1929. The school was relocated to its present address located at 1215 S.E. 17th Street and the original school was destroyed in 1938 in order to make room for the construction of a bigger structure that could accommodate the growing amount of students.

The school was undergoing numerous improvements, including new science labs, classrooms as well as an auditorium, and a library. In 1973 The school was renamed for the last time, changing it and was renamed Fort King Middle School when it started serving students in grades 6-8. The time was marked by another round of upgrades that comprised air conditioners for every classroom, as well as other improvements throughout the campus. In 1988, more repairs were completed, including the addition of classes, computer labs, and athletic fields.

Presently, Fort King Middle School is a recognizable emblem of the town’s past and a beacon for the quality of education. It has a long-standing dedication to academic excellence and a variety of extracurricular activities, as well as an overall environment that is nurturing, Fort King Middle School provides students with the highest quality education possible. It is obvious that Fort King Middle School will be an integral part of Ocala’s rich cultural tradition for the foreseeable future.

Why Fort King Middle School Is The Best

Fort King Middle School in Ocala Florida is the perfect place for parents who want a top-quality education for their children of theirs. The school is renowned for its assortment of classes, including advanced placement classes as well as dual enrollment programs that enable students to start early in their college plans. The teachers are highly educated and are driven for helping students to succeed. The curriculum offers a broad education; there are courses that require a lot of effort to make students ready for academic success and beyond.

It is renowned for its commitment to building positive connections with its students and their families. Parents are encouraged to take part in open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and much more. There are many events throughout the year, including art classes, sports teams, and community service initiatives. These activities help build a sense of and encourage support for students, which is crucial to create an enjoyable learning environment.

The school also supports students to develop their leadership skills through their “Be More” program which gives students the opportunity for students to be involved with their peers and as adults when making decisions regarding their educational future. Additionally, Fort King Middle School offers a music program that has been awarded which allows students to discover their musical talents. There are a variety of activities and clubs available to students so that they can discover something they’re interested in.

All in all, Fort King Middle School located in Ocala Florida is an ideal location for youngsters who are looking for excellent education and lots of extracurricular opportunities. It’s a secure and supportive place that allows students to achieve academically and socially. The staff and faculty are committed to helping every student reach their potential and strive for achievement. With its outstanding academic program with a wide range of activities and a strong involvement in the community, Fort King Middle School is the best option for parents looking to provide only the finest education for the child they love.


Fort King Middle School in Ocala, Florida is a comprehensive school for students in sixth to eighth grade. The school strives to create an environment that encourages and improves the performance of students. Excellent facilities, attentive staff, and a top-quality education are all essential components of the vision of Fort King Middle School.

The facility provides a vast array of facilities and resources to foster learning and innovation. Classrooms are equipped with projectors, computers interactive whiteboards, and other devices of technology that in making teaching more efficient. SmartBoards across the campus permit teachers to present exciting digital content while enhancing teaching skills like comprehension of reading or math concepts. Additionally, there is internet access wireless across the campus, so students can use their own devices if they wish.

The school also provides a cafeteria for meals and breakfast, and a nutrition center, which provides balanced snacks during the course of each day. The library is filled with magazines, books newspapers, newspapers, as well as audio-visual material to help students with their learning. There are also six science labs as well as five computer labs in which students can take part in activities that are hands-on and investigate technology options.

Additionally, Fort King Middle School has an athletic field that is large that includes football and track that are accessible to teams as well as residents of the community. There’s also a gym equipped with cutting-edge equipment that is used for physical education classes as well as other extracurricular activities like volleyball or basketball. With such a vast array of facilities, Fort King Middle School provides the ideal setting for students to develop and learn.


Fort King Middle School in Ocala, Florida offers a broad curriculum that meets the requirements of students of all ages. It follows the standard-based academic model and has college preparation programs for students who plan to attend college. Students are able to take many classes like math, language arts sciences and physical education, social studies as well as music, art, and foreign languages. In addition, Fort King Middle School provides other classes, such as computer programming that helps students to learn capabilities for the future.

In Fort King Middle School, the student’s success is encouraged by rigorous learning activities and opportunities for critical thinking. Each class comprises distinct instruction based on levels of education and personalized learning plans based on each student’s individual strengths. This ensures that the student’s academic needs are met and they are actively engaged in their education.

In addition to the requirements for academics, Fort King Middle School provides a range of extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams and after-school enrichment classes, and other initiatives designed to create an enjoyable environment for students. These activities provide students with opportunities to discover their interests as well as develop leadership abilities. The school also offers guidance counselors for specific support for the student’s emotional and social needs.

Fort King Middle School is committed to providing each student with an excellent education that prepares students for the success they will experience in and out of the classroom. With its broad curriculum and a focus on the achievement of students, Fort King Middle School is a top option for students from Ocala, Florida.


Fort King Middle School in Ocala, FL is known for its hardworking and friendly staff. It is comprised of more than 100 teachers, 19 administrators as well as six guidance counselors, and 25 support staff members. The principal of the school Mrs. Diane Attaway has been in charge for the past two years and she is committed to providing the most excellent educational experience that is possible. She has a great sense of direction and vision which has helped the school achieve its current level of success.

The instructors in Fort King are passionate about their work. They create stimulating lesson plans that stimulate students’ interest and keep them interested in their learning throughout class. Teachers also serve as an advisor for tiny groups of students that participate in extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams, or student governments. They ensure that every student is in a secure and secure environment to grow and develop as an individual.

Guidance counselors are extremely active in the life of students. they provide one-on-one support for all issues or concerns that might arise. It doesn’t matter if it’s helping students to navigate college applications or offering emotional support during stressful times The counselors are available to give students the support they require.

Support staff members in Fort King Middle School are what distinguishes it from other schools in the region. The staff members are responsible for everything from maintaining phones and computer systems as well as organizing field excursions for students, and even cooking food items for after-school activities. In the absence of them, Fort King would not be the same. From the dedicated staff to the enthusiastic teachers, it’s easy to comprehend the reason Fort King Middle School is one of Ocala’s top schools of education.

In Fort King Middle School, everyone works hard to create a warm and welcoming environment and ensure that every student is provided with a high-quality education. Through their dedication and passion, they have created a place where students are able to thrive and be successful in their lives. Every staff member is a key player in helping students realize their potential to the fullest extent.

Together, the staff and faculty of Fort King Middle School are committed to creating a secure and comfortable learning environment for every student. They are constantly striving to ensure that every student feels a part member of the community of Fort King Middle School. With their tireless work and dedication, the team of Fort King Middle School in Ocala, FL is truly making an impact in the lives of the students.

Student Outcomes

Fort King Middle School in Ocala, FL is a public school that provides an excellent education to students from grades 6-8. The cost to attend Fort King Middle School is quite affordable compared to similar schools within the region. The tuition for the school year 2020-2021 is $5,400 for each student. This covers textbooks as well as instructional equipment as well as field trips along with extracurricular and other activities. Additional charges may be charged based on the particular courses that are taken by each student.

Alongside tuition fees, in addition, there are a variety of extra costs associated with going to Fort King Middle School. This includes transportation costs for the bus or carpooling, if necessary, and meal costs for students who don’t take a meal packed at home. Students also have to buy their own uniforms for school which can cost between $50 and $100 based on the design they select.

Students who attend Fort King Middle School may need to contribute to extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, or special events. The fees for these activities vary based on the event and are usually in addition to tuition fees. Parents must budget accordingly before registering their child at Fort King Middle School.

Students who are eligible for discounted or free meals for lunch at Fort King Middle School will not be required to pay extra charges beyond tuition. Students who aren’t eligible could be eligible for financial aid from the school to cover the costs that are associated with enrollment as well as other associated costs. Working closely with the teachers at Fort King Middle School, parents can make sure their child gets a high-quality education at a price they can manage to afford.

All in all, Fort King Middle School located in Ocala, FL provides students with a high-quality education. It is fairly affordable compared to similar schools within the region. The tuition fees cover the majority of the essential school equipment and activities, with any other expenses like transportation and other after-school activities becoming the responsibility of parents. With the help of financial aid programs, parents can be sure that their children receive an excellent education, without breaking the bank.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Fort King Middle School is located within the town of Ocala situated in Central Florida. The school is surrounded by a range of residential communities that offer many possibilities for people who want to live close to the school. Here are the four most well-known neighborhoods around Fort King Middle School:

It is the College Park neighborhood is one of the most convenient neighborhoods to be close to the school. It’s just a few blocks away and offers plenty of opportunities for eating out shopping and entertainment. There are many single-family houses here and apartment complexes, meaning there’s something for every budget.

The adjacent Silver Springs Shores neighborhood also provides a wide range of homes right there. The neighborhood is located near Marion County Public Library. Marion County Public Library and many other places of interest and attractions, meaning you don’t have to worry about becoming bored. There are many single-family homes, townhomes, and apartment buildings, making it an ideal area for those looking to live close to Fort King Middle School.

The adjacent Shady Hill neighborhood provides a quieter atmosphere, free of the bustle and noise in downtown Ocala. These homes neighborhood are typically larger and more lavish than the homes in other neighborhoods which makes it a great area for families seeking additional space. It also provides easy access to trails, parks as well as golf courses as well as other outdoor activities.

Then, Whispering Pines is another excellent neighborhood close to Fort King Middle School. This is a little more out of the city but is still close enough to be an accessible alternative. The homes here are single-family dwellings as well as townhomes and condos which makes it ideal for those who are looking for something that is convenient and affordable. The area also has many outdoor activities and close shopping and dining options.

What People Are Saying

“Fort King Middle School is an excellent school. The teachers are so caring and go above and beyond to help the students.” – Mrs. Nguyen, parent

“The staff at Fort King Middle School is amazing! They are always willing to help and make sure the students are successful.” – Mr. Johnson, parent

“Fort King Middle School is an excellent school. The teachers are very caring and go above and beyond to help the students.” – Mrs. Nguyen, parent

“The staff at Fort King Middle School is amazing! They always make sure the students are successful.” – Mr. Johnson, parent

Locate at: 545 NE 17th Ave Ocala FL 34470
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