Horizon Academy

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy in Ocala, FL is a top education institution for students from all backgrounds and ages. With a quality educational program for the pre-K-8th class, Horizon Academy provides a safe and secure environment that promotes the pursuit of academic excellence as well as personal development.

In Horizon Academy, every student receives individual attention from skilled instructors who are committed to helping them achieve their potential to the fullest extent. The curriculum is focused on problem-solving in the real world and communication skills, as well as critical thinking as well as other skills required in the 21st century to succeed in today’s world. Small classes allow teachers to meet each student to give individualized instruction based on their individual needs.

Horizon Academy also offers a vast array of extracurricular opportunities including theater and music. It creates an inclusive atmosphere that promotes physical fitness as well as social skills and cooperation. The school also offers an afterschool program that is extensive and includes tutoring and mentoring opportunities for students in need of assistance or assistance.

In general, Horizon Academy is dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment for students that allows them to develop academically, emotionally and socially. With its caring staff, numerous extracurricular activities, superior instruction, and a commitment to individualized education, Horizon Academy located in Ocala Florida is the ideal option for families searching for the best education.


Horizon Academy in Ocala, Florida has been offering high-quality education for students since it was established. The school was opened in order to provide an alternative to education for families that were dissatisfied with the education system for public schools. Since then, Horizon Academy has grown from a modest private school to one of the biggest institutions located in Marion County, serving over two thousand students every year.

The academy started out as one-roomed and then slowly increased its curriculum as more students joined. Then, it was a fully accredited high school and was able to add additional classes up to 12th grade. The school today offers a variety of activities and courses designed to meet the varied needs of students. They offer lessons for Art, English, Math, Science, Social Studies and more.

The faculty at Horizon Academy consists of highly trained teachers who are committed to helping every student achieve academic success. Additionally, there is a range of support staff available, such as counselors, guidance staff psychologists, social workers and psychologists to ensure the students’ academic success and psychological well-being.

Why Horizon Academy is the Best

Horizon Academy in Ocala FL is the best option for parents who want to give their children an excellent education in an environment that promotes academic excellence. The school offers students-focused classes in small groups with skilled teachers who aim to develop individualized learning plans for each pupil. The academy also provides an interactive curriculum and exciting activities that keep students interested and engaged.

In Horizon Academy, the curriculum is focused on developing-appropriate methods that are tailored to each child’s specific needs. This allows teachers to evaluate and adjust instruction according to needs throughout the year, ensuring that every child develops academically, socially and emotionally. To further advance these goals of development the curriculum also includes trips to the field and extracurricular activities like athletics and clubs that provide an opportunity to have fun and be taught.

All in all, Horizon Academy in Ocala Florida is a fantastic choice for parents who wish for your children to get an excellent education in a welcoming environment. It is committed to excellence in academics with a focus on student-centered education, fun activities, the latest technology and a secure campus. It can give your child the best chance to realize their full potential.


Horizon Academy in Ocala FL provides a variety of amenities for students to make use of. The school has modern classrooms outfitted with the latest technologies and learning tools. The classrooms are large and well-maintained, offering students a pleasant learning environment. Students can also access laptops, tablets, and computers for personal use as well as group assignments.

The academy also houses a library, where students can do their own work or complete studies with assistance of librarians. The library is home to a variety of sources, including newspapers, magazines and books to aid their studies. Additionally to these facilities, Horizon Academy provides an assortment of activities for recreational purposes. These include sporting fields that allow students to engage in athletic pursuits such as basketball and soccer as well as a gym for physical exercise. For those who want moderate activities, there’s a recreation and pool space with games such as Ping-pong and basketball.


Horizon Academy in Ocala, FL provides a broad program that helps students prepare for academic success and beyond. The academic programs offered by the school are based on the FL State Curriculum Standards and also the guidelines set in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Social Studies. Classes that are fundamental like English, Math, Science and Social Studies are taught at all levels of schooling. Horizon Academy strives to provide an environment that is stimulating for learning. The focus is on critical thinking in problem-solving techniques and new methods of the teaching process and education.

There are also elective classes like Art History, Spanish Immersion and Computer Science. Specialized programs like Robotics & Engineering Club and Coding for Kids are available to help students build their abilities and discover new areas of interest. Horizon Academy also offers a range of extracurricular activities including cheerleading as well as student government, theater arts, music and band as well as community service and field excursions. Students are able to take part in athletics activities through volleyball, basketball, football and track and field.

Alongside its high-quality academic curriculum, Horizon Academy provides a variety range of assistance programs for students with special educational requirements. The school is staffed by skilled staff members who have been educated in the provision of individualized instruction for special disabilities or issues. The school also provides counseling services focused on helping students deal with mental, emotional, and social problems.


The employees at Horizon Academy in Ocala FL are committed professionals who strive to create an environment that is exemplary for students who have disabilities. The staff and teachers of Horizon Academy are highly qualified, skilled, certified, and knowledgeable teachers who specialize in teaching kids with a wide range of disabilities. The instructors strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment that fosters self-esteem, independence and life skills by providing individualized instruction.

The staff comprises a variety of professionals and specialists, like occupational therapists, speech pathologists and school psychologists, who conduct assessments and programs for students who have mental health or learning disability issues. Horizon Academy also employs experienced counselors, who have been specially trained to help families meet their education needs.

In addition to the highly trained staff in the Horizon Academy, there are a variety of consultants from outside and service providers from different agencies who work with the school to address the needs of students. They include nutrition experts as well as physical conditioning, tech experts, behavioral analysts, social workers, and other social services medical professionals, such as nurses and doctors as well as alcohol and drug counselors, employment attorneys, private tutors and other experts.

The Horizon Academy staff Horizon Academy in Ocala FL is dedicated to providing a secure and organized learning environment for students with special needs. They’re committed to helping students reach their full potential academically by offering individualized, compassionate instruction and building positive relationships with families and other community members. The staff at Horizon Academy works tirelessly to ensure that each pupil has access to a top-quality education and achieves their ambitions.

Student Outcomes

Horizon Academy in Ocala, FL provides an exclusive and unique education at a reasonable cost. The tuition for Horizon Academy includes the full-time teaching of qualified teachers in addition to access to a variety of extracurricular activities, including art and music classes and clubs, sports teams, as well as other enrichment activities. The cost of tuition for Horizon Academy is $7495 per year.

Alongside tuition fees, there are additional costs that come to attending Horizon Academy that parents should be aware of prior to enrolling their child into the program. These include registration costs ($100 for each child) as well as activities fees ($125 for each student), ASB membership/activity fee ($75 per student) and the technology charge ($50 for each student).

In general, the attendance at Horizon Academy in Ocala FL is a cost-effective option that lets parents give their child an excellent education, without spending a fortune. With a variety of options of paying for tuition and related costs in addition to the possibility of scholarships and other types that provide financial assistance, Horizon Academy makes it possible for families to reap the advantages of this school.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Horizon Academy Horizon Academy in Ocala, Florida is situated inside one of the region’s most sought-after areas. The area surrounding it offers various housing options, ranging from single-family houses to luxurious condos and apartments. There’s numerous eating and shopping options close by and include major food eateries, stores as well as cinemas. The area has the lowest crime rate and is generally quiet.

Another excellent feature of this area is the amount of green spaces. In close proximity are a variety of playgrounds, parks, trails as well as other leisure activities that permit for all-weather outdoor fun. There are several parks worth mentioning, including Silver Springs Park which has pathways for walking, picnic spots and many wildlife species to be observed Citizens’ Circle, which has stunning views of the city’s historic buildings and government offices, and Ocala National Forest, which gives the opportunity to hike miles of trails for hiking and camping spots as well as lakes and rivers.

The area around Horizon Academy is also home to numerous cultural and historical attractions. Downtown is home to numerous museums, galleries, performance venues , and other cultural institutions. There are several cinemas that show classic films and more contemporary blockbusters. Families can take a trip to the Appleton Museum of Art or join in any of the numerous festivals that are held throughout the season.

What People are Saying

“I am so grateful for Horizon Academy! They have been able to work with my son in a way that no other school has been able to. The staff is amazing and they really seem to care about each student. I highly recommend this school!” -Amber B.

“Horizon Academy has been such a blessing for our family! Our son was having a lot of trouble in school and we were at a loss of what to do. Horizon has been able to help him in so many ways and he is doing so much better. We are so thankful for everything they have done for us!” -Tiffany S.

“My son has been attending Horizon Academy for two years now and we could not be happier! He was struggling in school and we were at a loss of what to do. Horizon has been able to help him in so many ways and he is doing so much better. We are so thankful for everything they have done for us!” -Tiffany S.

“Horizon Academy has been such a blessing for our family! Our son was having a lot of trouble in school and we were at a loss of what to do. Horizon has been able to help him in so many ways and he is doing so much better. We are so thankful for everything they have done for us!” -Tiffany S.

Located at: 365 Marion Oaks Dr Ocala FL 34473

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