Liberty Middle School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Liberty Middle School

Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL is an excellent option for families who are looking for an outstanding Middle school experience. The school offers a broad variety of activities and courses that cater to students of varying skills and interests. The teachers of Liberty Middle School are friendly and committed to providing the most enjoyable learning atmosphere possible.

In Liberty Middle School, students are able to benefit from their superior academic options. There are classes for core subjects like math, science, English, social studies and language arts offered in honors and regular levels. Students can also take advantage of additional electives that include music, art as well as technology, physical education, Spanish and other world languages. With so many choices that are available at Liberty Middle School, Liberty Middle School campus it is simple for students to locate the courses that are most suitable for their requirements and interests.

In addition to its excellent learning opportunities Liberty Middle School also offers a wide range of additional activities for students to participate in. There are teams for sports including soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, and track along with a wide range of clubs and associations. Students are able to learn skills outside of school and develop relationships with their peers in a secure and supportive setting.

All in all, Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL is an excellent option for families searching for an excellent schooling for their children. With its diverse and challenging academics as well as numerous other activities Liberty Middle School has everything for everyone. The dedicated staff and a supportive atmosphere provide students with all the resources and resources needed to be successful in the classroom and beyond.


The school was first constructed in the area by Marion County Public Schools and has since expanded to become one of the biggest public schools within the district. The school was originally home to students in the seventh and eighth grades and a little over 1000 students.

Liberty went through a major renovation that included six new buildings on the campus. They also added an upgraded media center with art classes and science labs, as well as music rooms, and computer labs. In the past years Liberty Middle School has been committed to providing high-quality education for its students. Liberty Middle School has won numerous accolades, such as an A+ grade by the Florida Department of Education and recognition as an official National Blue Ribbon School. Additionally, Liberty Middle School is an innovator in offering rigorous academic programs like Advanced Placement (AP) courses and dual enrollment options, technical and career-related education classes and a host of extracurricular activities.

In the present day, Liberty Middle School continues to provide over 1,000 students in grades 6-8. They receive a quality education that helps students prepare for the success they will experience at high school as well as beyond. With its distinctive tradition and dedicated staff and faculty members, Liberty Middle School is bound to remain among the top Ocala educational opportunities for many years to come.

Why Liberty Middle School is the Best

Liberty Middle School in Ocala Florida is the ideal education for the child of yours. It provides a safe and stimulating learning environment where students are able to grow, learn and grow in all aspects. Teachers are highly skilled and caring professionals who work to establish a culture of respect and cooperation between their students. Liberty offers an array of extracurricular opportunities, like robotics, science clubs, teams, athletics as well as student-run organizations, and much more. In addition to its comprehensive education program, Liberty is committed to helping students reach high educational standards by providing individualized instruction and different learning opportunities. 

Liberty also places a heavy focus on community involvement and leadership opportunities that give students the opportunity to be active participants in the school community and to take on the responsibility for their own education. These programs promote character development and promote positive social interactions, and build leadership abilities which will benefit them throughout their life. With the focus on academic excellence as well as security and safety as well as a variety of enrichment opportunities for all different ages, Liberty Middle School in Ocala Florida is the ideal institution for the child you love. It’s a place where kids can flourish as they receive the assistance they need to be successful now and in the near future.


Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL is a modern school that offers students with high-quality amenities and resources. The school is spacious and equipped with the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards, projectors, and computers. There are also many spaces that are flexible for groups and collaborative activities.

The library is well-stocked with books and other materials that cover a wide range of topics to help support the research and learning needs of students. In addition, the school has two computer labs, which are accessible to students of all grades for groups or individual access at any time during school hours or after hours.

Alongside academics, Liberty Middle School offers numerous extracurricular activities like sports teams that play soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, choir, band and drama classes. There’s also a gym on site for classes in physical education and athletic events. nThe cafeteria at the school serves breakfast and lunch for faculty and students each day, along with various healthy snacks. The campus also has large outdoor areas with an expansive playing field as well as lots of shaded spaces for students to take advantage of when they have time off.


Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL, prides itself in providing a broad and challenging education for its students. The curriculum concentrates on the most important subjects: math and science, as well as sociology, English language arts and world languages. Math classes range from the basics of algebra and arithmetic, to more specific topics like geometry and precalculus. 

Science courses offer fundamentals such as physical science and earth science, but they also provide more advanced classes including biology and chemistry, as well as physics. Social studies classes cover American civics, history, and government. Concerning English classes in language arts, Liberty Middle School provides instruction that ranges from creative writing to strategies for reading comprehension. The world language options comprise Spanish and French However, additional foreign languages could be offered depending on the students’ enthusiasm.

Alongside the main program, Liberty Middle School also provides a range of elective classes that offer the opportunity for students to discover their passions and interests. The courses offered comprise music, art and drama, as well as technology, physical education and health classes. With all of the options available, it’s not a reason to be surprised; it is that Liberty Middle School is one of the most successful institutions in Ocala!


The faculty of Liberty Middle School in Ocala, Florida is made up of passionate educators who aim to give students an excellent education. The faculty comprises knowledgeable educators and administrative staff who’ve been instructing the students of Ocala for several years.

The school also has an administrator assistant and librarian, guidance counselor, media specialist Curriculum and Instruction Specialists Custodians, cafeteria workers and custodians. The staff are all extremely qualified and committed to helping every student achieve what they want to achieve in their studies. The faculty works as a group to ensure that each student receives a high-quality education and is able to access the highest quality resources and assistance.

Along with its faculty, Liberty Middle School also has an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which works to provide further assistance for its academic program. The PTA is involved in fundraising events, coordinates volunteer events and assists with various initiatives that help students achieve. The PTA plays a crucial role in ensuring that every student receives the assistance they require to achieve their maximum potential.

Student Outcomes

Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL is a public school that is located in Marion County. The cost to attend Liberty Middle School varies depending on the student’s status as a resident as well as other variables. Local students with a Florida address, Florida residents There is no tuition cost required to go to Liberty Middle School; however all students are required to pay the Student Activity Fee of $125 every year. The fee is for athletics, field trips, and extracurricular activities like music and clubs.

Apart from the student activity fee there could be additional charges related to specific classes or sports teams However, the fees will vary from year-to-year and are contingent upon what services are provided at Liberty Middle School during that specific time period. For example If a student enrolling in the AP or Honors grade course, they would have to shell out an extra cost typically between $50 and $150 per semester.

If the student has to buy textbooks or other materials for courses, then the cost could depend on the kind and amount of materials required. In general, families can keep the cost for textbooks and other supplies at a minimum of $100 each year. In the end, Liberty Middle School in Ocala FL provides a top-quality education at a low cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The communities around Liberty Middle School in Ocala, FL offer a diverse selection of housing options and amenities. The majority of homes in the neighborhood were constructed during the 1950s, providing residents with a unique blend of old-fashioned beauty and modern-day ease of living. The area is also renowned for the abundance of outdoor pursuits, such as trails, parks, golf courses, trails, and much more. There’s a range of single family homes to choose from which range from budget-friendly bungalows to luxury estates. There are also condominiums and townhouses that are available in varying price ranges and also.

Residents in these neighborhoods have access to top-quality schools like Liberty Middle School along with nearby Vanguard High School and Sunrise Elementary School, which are all accessible by walking from the majority of locations. Other amenities nearby include a wide range of eateries, supermarkets and banks as well as medical facilities. In addition, the area is accessible by public transportation services including shuttles and buses to travel to and from the city.

In the end, the communities around Liberty Middle School in Ocala FL are a great mix of charm, convenience and convenience for those who are looking for an ideal home to call their own. With its variety of housing options as well as the ease of access to schools, parks, shopping and much more, these communities provide a perfect base for experiencing everything that Ocala offers.

What People are Saying

“My son has been going to Liberty Middle School for a year and a half now, and we have had nothing but good experiences. The teachers are great, the principal is very accessible, and the school overall has a great sense of community. We feel like our son is getting a great education at this school.” -A parent

“I absolutely love Liberty Middle School! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about the students. I have never seen a school with such a strong sense of community. I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a great middle school experience for their child.” -A parent

“Our daughter is in her second year at Liberty Middle School, and we could not be happier! The teachers are top-notch and really care about the students. The school has a great sense of community, and we feel like our daughter is getting a great education.” -A parent

Located at: 4773 SW 95th St Ocala FL 34476

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