Ocali Charter Middle School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Ocali Charter Middle School

Ocali Charter Middle School (OCMS) located in Ocala, FL is an excellent choice for an uplifting and welcoming academic setting. With knowledgeable teachers, a large student population, and an incredibly strong sense of community, OCMS offers students the chance to pursue their passions and receive an excellent education.

At OCMS Students benefit from small classes that permit teachers to give individualized attention to each child. The teachers are highly skilled professionals who are committed to creating a learning environment that fosters imagination and encourages the development of their minds. Whatever the subject or grade level, students feel at ease in the classroom knowing their teacher will assist them in their journey to success.

Alongside its outstanding academic program, OCMS offers students a variety of extracurricular activities. Students are able to participate in various clubs and sports teams, such as Chorus, Robotics Drama, drama, and Chess. These opportunities give students the opportunity to pursue new areas of interest that they might have not had exposure to prior. Participation in these activities helps create friendships among classmates as well as enhance important personal skills such as teamwork and communication.

OCMS has a strong sense of community, where everyone is welcome and valued. Staff members work hard to create an environment that promotes diversity and encourages acceptance of various views and cultures. Additionally, parents are active in their child’s learning by helping out through volunteering programs and PTA meetings.


Ocali Charter Middle School located in Ocala, Florida is a public school for students from grades 6-8. It was established in 2003. The school has grown to become a major part of the local community and is an excellent illustration of what is created when staff, students, and parents come together to support the development of their children and grow.

The school was founded by local parents who desired more choices for their children’s educational needs, Ocali Charter Middle School offers a secure learning environment, with a challenging curriculum that is tailored to each student’s needs individually. The school offers classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Sociological Studies as well as Physical Education, as well as optional subjects like Music and Art Appreciation as well as computer Science and Technology education. The classes are taught by qualified instructors and staff who have a passion for providing students with a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience.

A significant emphasis is put on student performance through ongoing assessments and tests that are standardized taking place throughout the year to track the progress of students. The school also has specific programs and activities to take students’ education beyond the classroom, such as field excursions as well as community service projects, clubs, and sports teams as well as after-school activities.

It is Ocali Charter Middle School that has grown significantly since its beginnings 15 years ago. It is still an example of excellence for public schools across the world, providing a superior education that focuses on maximizing each child’s unique potential while providing a nurturing atmosphere where all children can flourish. The school’s dedication to excellence and commitment to satisfying the requirements of its students have been a huge contribution to Ocala.  It’s a place where everybody is welcome and can achieve their full potential.

Why Ocali Charter Middle School Is The Best

Ocali Charter Middle School in Ocala, FL is an ideal school for anyone who wants to be a star in their academics. Faculty and staff are experts who are dedicated to the achievement of every student. They provide a wide-ranging program that is challenging and inspires students and gives them the necessary knowledge to succeed in their lives.

The small classes at Ocali allow for personal attention and instruction to help each child reach their maximum potential. Individualized instruction provides every student the chance for them to be proficient in their field and perform well academically and socially. It also lets teachers establish relationships with every student within a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Alongside the studies, Ocali offers a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. From music to sports and the arts, there’s something for each student’s passions. Students can develop their talents while having amusement. They also develop leadership skills and establish connections with friends in a positive environment.

And lastly, Ocali Charter Middle School is a top safety school with highly trained security personnel on staff. The school is outfitted with the most modern technology and the emergency procedures are constantly revised in order to protect students, faculty, and staff. Parents can relax knowing that their children are taken by this top-of-the-line school.

Ocali Charter Middle school located in Ocala, FL offers an excellent education for students seeking an enjoyable, secure learning environment. With a rigorous course and small class sizes and a variety of activities for kids, it’s the perfect school for anyone who is looking to realize their full potential. It’s no wonder that this exceptional school consistently receives top grades from students and parents alike.


Ocali Charter Middle School in Ocala, Florida offers students an array of facilities that are excellent. The school is outfitted with libraries that are well-stocked, providing pupils with physical and digital tools that will aid their education. There are also music and art rooms that have all the tools to create stunning artwork or music. These classrooms are a great area for creativity.

Additionally, Ocali Charter Middle School offers a large cafeteria where students can have lunch and discuss their classes as they eat delicious meals cooked by expert chefs. The school also has numerous computer labs that are equipped with the most recent technology, offering students the opportunity to conduct research and make use of advanced tools for their research projects. Every computer has internet connectivity as well as the campus is also equipped with a wireless internet connection so students can connect to the internet from any part of the building.

Ocali Charter Middle School also offers students a range of sporting activities which include volleyball, basketball as well as track and field softball, soccer, and baseball. The school also has its own gymnasium that is equipped with the latest equipment for classes in physical education. In addition, there are grassy fields that provide ample space for outdoor sports like flag football or kickball.

Additionally, Ocali Charter Middle School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including students’ government and debate teams’ dances, pep rallies, and other occasions throughout the calendar. Every program is designed to promote unity among students while encouraging positive growth and a sense that there is a community. It’s clear the reasons Ocali Charter Middle School is an ideal place for students to grow and learn.

In general, Ocali Charter Middle School gives students an array of facilities designed to encourage the development of creativity, growth, and curiosity. With its art rooms, library and computer labs, gym fields, and other extracurricular activities, it’s the ideal spot for students to grow and become well-rounded individuals.


Ocala Charter Middle School located in Ocala, FL provides an exciting, comprehensive learning experience for students. The school’s curriculum is focused on fundamental disciplines like math, science, and language arts while focusing on social studies and fine arts. Alongside the core topics, the program offers an array of electives designed to help students prepare for higher education and careers.

The fundamental academic classes are designed in order to assist each student to achieve their potential to the fullest extent. Mathematics classes cover algebra, geometry, precalculus, and calculus which focus on problem-solving skills. Science classes cover subjects ranging from biology to chemistry, to help students comprehend the physical world. Language arts help develop the ability to read, write, and oral communication abilities, which includes public speaking.

Social studies classes help students with a better appreciation of the environment that surrounds them. Students are taught civics, geography, and history and think critically about the world’s current issues. Fine arts courses enable students to discover their creative side through music, art, and drama. Electives like fitness and health are also available by Ocali Charter Middle School to ensure that every student is educated and physically.

The curriculum of Ocali Charter Middle School is designed to meet the requirements of all students, from students in need of extra assistance to those searching for advanced classes. The school offers a safe and nurturing environment in which students will acquire essential skills to help them be prepared for their future. With its extensive program, Ocala Charter Middle School is an ideal location for students to discover their interests and become competent adults.


Ocali Charter Middle school located in Ocala, FL is renowned for its outstanding staff. The administrators and teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping students achieve. They are determined to make the best of their students by providing a secure and safe learning environment. Every day, they strive to ensure that every student is given individualized attention, to ensure that every child at Ocali is able to reach their maximum potential.

The school’s teachers are committed and possess an abundance of experience and experience in a variety of subjects. From science and math to the language arts and social studies They are well-informed in all subject areas. They also make sure to develop imagination and critical thinking in their students through interactive lectures, engaging hands-on exercises, and meaningful projects.

The Ocali Charter Middle School staff Ocali Charter Middle School also goes above and beyond to provide support for the students in different ways. If it’s helping with schoolwork or arranging enjoyable additional curricular events, they know that it’s important to let children develop their interests and build positive bonds with their peers. Their commitment to helping children develop is evident in every aspect of their lives, from the everyday greetings that greet each student when they arrive at the school to the spontaneous basketball games in recess.

Also, it’s important to note the fact that Ocali Charter Middle School has an administrative team that is extremely supportive. From the director who is a model for the students to counselors who are accessible for assistance, this team strives to ensure that every child has the chance to be successful. If it’s organizing for students to receive additional support with their studies, or figuring out new ways to get students involved in learning and learning, they will always keep the greatest interests of their pupils in their minds.

In short, the team at Ocali Charter Middle School is committed to helping each of its students achieve their potential to the fullest. From enthusiastic administrators and teachers to supportive counselors, the staff is working hard each day to create a space where students can excel academically as well as socially. It’s easy to see why many parents pick Ocali Charter Middle School as the ideal school for their children to develop and grow.

Student Outcomes

Ocali Charter Middle School in Ocala Florida is a reasonable alternative for families who want to invest money in their child’s education. The school provides a comprehensive program, with classes that range from the most fundamental academic subjects like English mathematics, science, math, and social studies to optional subjects like music, art, and PE. The tuition costs are reasonable given the high excellent quality of the school.

The tuition price currently for students who enroll in the Ocali Charter Middle School is $7,200 per year for students which includes all materials for the course and other supplies. Important to remember that this amount doesn’t include additional activities or any personal items that a student could require during the course of the year. Apart from tuition fees, there are additional school-related costs that need to be considered when preparing budgets for the school year.

Ocali Charter Middle School requires an unrefundable one-time registration fee that is $200 for every new pupil. This fee helps pay for the cost of registering and enrolling students in classes, in addition to the administrative expenses associated with the process of enrollment. There are also fees for technology that are due each year These fees can range from $50-$100 based on the level of the child.

Families should also be aware of the fact that Ocali Charter Middle School does not charge an annual activity fee or athletics fee, but students participating in extracurricular activities might have to cover additional expenses based on the sport. These additional costs could include membership fees for clubs or groups along with costs for transportation to and from games or competitions.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Ocali Charter Middle School can be found in the vibrant region of Ocala, Florida. The school is located in a diverse neighborhood packed with local amenities and culture. The neighborhoods provide parents with children at the school with plenty of choices for eating out, shopping as well as entertainment.

The adjacent Shady Hill neighborhood is located just west of the schools, along East Silver Springs Boulevard. With its charming small-town vibe and gorgeous landscapes, this neighborhood provides youngsters and the elderly alike with plenty of things to do. From diverse places to eat to quirky shops, to family-friendly parks and activities, there are plenty of things to do. If you’re seeking additional entertainment options, the busy downtown area is within walking distance of Shady Hill as well.

As you move to the east, along East Silver Springs Boulevard, families will come across an enchanting neighborhood called Kingsland Acres. This neighborhood is renowned for its tranquil streets lined with old-fashioned homes with white picket fences as well as lush vegetation. It’s a favorite among young professionals and those who want some respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. With a variety of local cafes, boutiques, and outdoor activities close by, this area offers a relaxed atmosphere that is sure to attract every one of all ages.

Just to the south of the school is Marion Landing, a small but quaint enclave that is populated with townhouses and homes for sale. The rural location offers residents plenty of spaces to relax while giving them access to the amenities of urban living. In close proximity, one can find eateries and other places for families, such as parks and recreational facilities. Marion Landing is also known for its exceptional school system including the best schools in the country is situated only a few minutes from Marion Landing.

What People Are Saying

“The school is great. The staff is amazing and the academics are wonderful. My daughter has been here for two years and she has loved it.” – Stephanie K., Google review

“This is a great school! The teachers are awesome and the curriculum is great. My son has been here for 3 years and he loves it.” – Jennifer W., Google review

“My son has been attending Ocali Charter Middle School for the past two years and we have been so happy with the school. The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is top-notch. We would highly recommend this school to any family looking for a great education for their child.” – Sarah H., Google review

Locate at:  3233 SE Maricamp Rd #106, Ocala, FL 34471
Hours: not available

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