Osceola Middle School

August 24, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Osceola Middle School

Osceola Middle School located in Ocala, FL is an exceptional educational institution that offers students a safe and secure setting for learning. The school offers a broad array of academic options, including honors classes as well as advanced placement classes. Alongside rigorous courses, Osceola Middle School also is proud of its many extracurricular activities. From student clubs to sports teams, Osceola Middle School offers something for all ages.

The teachers from Osceola Middle School who will do their best to help students reach their maximum potential. When they’re teaching math, science, or language arts, teachers work to create engaging and fun lessons that keep students engaged and engaged in their studies. Teachers are also available during after-school hours for assistance and guidance in case of need. Osceola Middle School also has an emphasis on technology and the arts. From theater to music there are many possibilities for learners to display their creativity. With their modern computers, students can explore the world of technology within the safety of a secure and safe environment.

All in all, Osceola Middle School is an excellent educational institution that aims to create a positive learning experience for every student. With outstanding teachers and a variety of extracurricular opportunities, it’s not a surprise that so many parents select Osceola Middle School for their kids. If you’re searching for the best education available in Ocala Florida, Osceola Middle School should be on the most prominent of the list!


Osceola Middle School is situated in Ocala Florida and has a long and long-running story. When it was first established, it was a school for grades 7-9, with the capacity of 600 students.

Over the years, Osceola experienced significant expansion, and significant increase in size to meet the demands of the expanding students. It became a junior-senior high, adding 10th grade as a part of its curriculum and retaining its 7th-9th grade curriculum. Then, Osceola’s student body was now more than 1,000 students. There were also changes in the focus of students, as it became more college-ready and less vocational. It was at this period the Osceola Middle School began offering advanced class placement for juniors and sophomores as well with classes in career education for every grade.

In the present day, Osceola Middle School is in good shape and has an enrollment of about 1,000 students in the 6th-8th grades. It is committed to excellence in academics and extracurricular activities, while providing students with an array of classes and programs designed to help prepare students for academic and professional success. With its record of academic excellence, Osceola Middle School remains an icon of quality education located in Ocala, Florida. Into the next decade, Osceola remains committed to keeping its tradition of offering students an excellent education and an unforgettable High School experience.

Why Osceola Middle School is the best

Osceola Middle School in Ocala, FL is an exceptional school for your child to go to. The school offers an environment that is safe and secure which allows students to concentrate on their studies and appreciate the process of learning. The staff at the middle school are highly skilled and knowledgeable in teaching students of all ages, providing high-quality instruction both inside and out of the classroom. Teachers are committed to helping each child reach their full potential. They provide help when needed and challenge every student to be a hard worker and succeed academically.

Alongside high-quality education, Osceola Middle School offers numerous extracurricular activities, including arts classes, sports teams, drama productions, and many more. These opportunities allow students to discover their interests while enhancing their interpersonal and social abilities in a safe and nurturing environment. Additionally, the school has a lively and active parent group that gives parents the chance to be a part of their child’s education.

Osceola Middle School is also committed to helping children to prepare for college. The school offers college-preparatory classes to help students acquire the essential academic skills and critical thinking abilities needed to be successful in college. Additionally, Osceola Middle School offers student services that support students, such as after-school tutoring, guidance counseling and much more. These programs will ensure every student feels secure throughout their middle school years and beyond.

In the end, Osceola Middle School in Ocala FL is a fantastic option for the education of your children. With high-quality education, activities for kids and college-preparatory classes, Osceola Middle School is sure to assist your child in achieving the academic targets they have set for themselves. It also offers an environment that is safe and secure with a lively parent group that makes the educational journey more pleasurable for all who are. Because of this, Osceola Middle School is definitely the right school for the child in your life!


Osceola Middle School in Ocala, FL is a comprehensive middle school that has state-of-the-art facilities specifically designed to meet the academic demands of all students. The school is home to an extensive campus that includes numerous structures for sports, academics, and extracurricular activities. The Academic Building contains 27 classrooms, comprising two computer labs as well as two science labs, and three rooms for special education. The library is also a media center which gives the ability to access books and other materials from print and electronic sources, as in addition to computers for students’ use.

The Athletic Building located on campus includes the gymnasium, which has tennis courts, basketball courts, wrestling room, and aerobic studio. There are also fields for outdoor sports, which include softball diamonds, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and more. The Extracurricular Building located at Osceola Middle School provides students with numerous possibilities for after-school activities. The building is home to two rooms for art, an auditorium, a stage, as well as a practice room and a music room for instruments for band. These rooms are used for students’ performances, stage productions and other special events like holidays and concerts.

Osceola Middle School offers students in Ocala FL an extensive learning environment that includes all the facilities needed for an enjoyable learning experience. From classes to sports fields and music rooms to outdoor activities, there’s something for each student at the school. It’s truly an all-in-one resource for learning!


Osceola Middle School located in Ocala, FL offers a broad academic curriculum that helps students achieve their potential to the fullest extent. The school’s core curriculum is built on a strict set of national and state standards. This includes classes in math, language arts sciences and social studies, health and physical education. Additionally, electives are available to allow students to have more opportunities for exploration and imagination.

The program for language arts in the Osceola Middle School focuses on the development of writing, reading and communication skills by utilizing traditional classroom instruction as well as technological advancements, including online resources. Students are taught grammar and usage , as well as the study of literary texts and writing. Students also have the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures through books from all over the globe. Students who are enrolled at the mathematical program will benefit from a well created curriculum that encourages the ability to solve problems, think critically and higher-order thinking. The curriculum covers everything from basic arithmetic through more advanced math concepts like geometry and algebra. Technology is an essential element in the mathematics curriculum students are given hands-on training using graphing calculators as well as other devices.

The science classes offered in the Osceola Middle School are inquiry-based that allow students to investigate subjects in physical sciences, life sciences technology, earth science and more in relevant ways. Alongside the classroom students can also take advantage of excursions and labs which allow them to get hands-on experience with the scientific ideas. The social studies courses taught at Osceola Middle school focus on the creation of global citizenship through investigation of geography, history, economics and culture. Students are taught to develop critical thinking skills and gain an understanding of the notions of geography, democracy, and history. In general, Osceola Middle School provides its students with an extensive curriculum that stresses both academic abilities as well as personal development.


Osceola Middle School in Ocala, FL is proud to boast a group of dedicated and committed teachers who are dedicated to giving students the best education they can get. The school’s administration includes principal Christopher Eichenberger, Assistant Principals Edie Boxer and JoAnne Abels, as the Curriculum Specialist Tammy Warman Smith. They’re supported by an amazing team of instructors and support staff.

Teachers at Osceola Middle School work diligently to ensure that every pupil receives the highest quality of instruction. Alongside the regular lessons, they also offer various enrichment opportunities like classes in art, foreign language classes, debate teams or robotics teams for students to pursue their interests within a safe, comfortable and caring setting. The staff who support students of Osceola Middle School are also an essential part of the school and offer students all the tools to aid them in their education. The guidance counselors of the school are dedicated to creating individual plans for every student, assisting students achieve their goals. Social specialists as well as mental health specialists are there to provide counseling as well as other types of assistance in the event of need.

The teachers and staff of Osceola Middle School understand that education is more than just academics, it’s about creating a space in which all students are able to excel. They do their best everyday to guarantee every student feels welcome as well as supported and encouraged throughout their journey of learning. With the support of this team of experts, Osceola Middle School is an environment that is safe and welcoming that allows every student to flourish.

Student Outcomes

Osceola Middle School located in Ocala, FL offers a wide range of educational options for students. It is part of the Marion County Public Schools system and offers both traditional classes as well as online learning opportunities. The tuition for Osceola Middle School is reasonable and has an annual cost of $7,827. The fee covers the cost of school materials, instructional equipment, and technology fees. Additionally, there may be additional costs such as the cost of student activities and the cost of renting textbooks.

 A lot of families can be granted reduced tuition via scholarships, grants or other need-based programs which may be offered by local organizations or subsidized through the district’s own school. In addition, certain families could be eligible for free breakfast and lunch programs offered through the district in order to lower tuition costs.

All in all, Osceola Middle School offers an excellent education at a low cost for families living in Ocala, FL. With scholarships, grants, and free lunch programs tuition rates can be cut by even more for families who require financial aid. The cost of attending is lower than Middle schools within the region and offers a great value for families looking for a high-quality education at a reasonable price.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Osceola Middle School can be found in the historical city in Ocala, Florida. The school is located in a range of neighborhoods with something for every student. To the east is Silver Springs Park, an unincorporated community that is surrounded by green spaces and natural habitats. Silver Springs Park is a favorite among families who are looking for some peace and tranquility far from the hustle and bustle that is downtown Ocala. Residents can enjoy the playgrounds, walking trails and access to the lakefront on the nearby Lake Weir.

To the north lies Magnolia Park, a mix of commercial and residential properties. The neighborhood has easy access to I-75 as well as US Highway 27 as well as numerous restaurants. The perfect location makes it a favorite among commuters that require a quick place to stay. Just to the south from Osceola Middle School is the popular College Park Estates, an exclusive gated community. You’ll find lavish houses on huge lots that come with numerous amenities like the clubhouse, fitness center and a golf course. The neighborhood is home to an elementary school that is within walking distance , making it perfect for families, too.

Finally, just to the east is the historical neighborhood in Ocala Hills. The area is famous for its charming appeal, mature trees and breathtaking panoramas of hills. The residents here are able to enjoy everything downtown Ocala has to offer , such as unique shops and art galleries. Osceola Middle School offers students the opportunity to grow in a vibrant, thriving community with diverse neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an oasis of peace or an easy commute to highways or luxurious homes that have facilities, Osceola Middle School and the surrounding area offer something for all.

What People are Saying

“My son went to Osceola and loved it. The teachers are awesome.” – A Parent

“Osceola is a great school! The staff is amazing and the students are great.” – A Student

“I love Osceola Middle School! The teachers are so caring and the students are wonderful.” – A Teacher

Located at: 526 SE Tuscawilla Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

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Thursday 8:30AM–1:55PM
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